A few of the strategies and programs that are currently implemented at Podar International Schools are focused on giving the ownership of learning to our students:

Synthetic Phonics

“The Read Write Inc.” a synthetic English language phonics program developed by Ruth Miskin along with “Jolly Phonics” developed by Jolly Learning Publishers (UK) have been introduced in all our network schools.

Synthetic phonic programs taught with a multi-sensory approach are a fun way to teach reading to a child. They focus on practice, building concentration and enhancing motivation. Both the programs help students establish a foundation in literacy and have proved to bring about drastic improvements in a short period of time.

Creative Learning

The objective of our Creative Learning Program is to equip students with 21st century skills like problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and communication by exploring beyond the curriculum topics such as financial literacy, citizenship, health & nutrition, disaster management, etc.

We help students to become active and responsible world citizens with strong moral values while moving beyond rote learning and assessments. This method reinforces the Podar approach to learning of Explore – Experience – Implement.

Quality Circle Time

Quality Circle time (QCT) is an effective tool to build a secure and supportive environment in the classroom. A QCT involves carrying out activities, games and the practice of speaking and listening skills, often in a round circle. QCT promotes better relationships and builds positive behaviour. This in turn improves learning and creates a harmonious work environment at school.

Beyond Chalk-Talk

‘Beyond Chalk-Talk’ explores the culture of India and stimulates students to greater understanding of their own existence as individuals and as members of a community. The students will be led into discussions on socially and culturally relevant topics and recognize the efforts of enterprises to reduce poverty, increase employment and bring a renewal in society.