It has been close to a century that Podar has spent perfecting its teaching methods to ensure education is as pervasive, as holistic and as uplifting as possible. During this course, Podar has developed a few novel methods that have yielded stellar results across the spectrum of learners that have come to call Podar their School. These include:

The English Lab

The English Lab helps students get the grasp of pronunciation, spelling, sentence structure, and understand the idioms and expressions from all parts of the English speaking world.

It is in essence the convergence of text, images, audio, video, web and collaboration, brought together in a seamlessly integrated learning platform. The English Lab thus uses technology and international phonic programs to guide our young learners towards a future where they are never lost for words.The English Lab is equipped with:

  • Computer-based learning modules.
  • Digital pens to make sure learning is easy and fun.
  • Audio books and audio-based learning tools for better pronunciation.
  • A vast library of audio and video media.

The Math Lab

This is where our students are able to visually and practically learn the concepts of mathematics, while learning to apply them in real life situations. The Math Lab lets our students explore and have adventures with numbers, equations and formulas, giving them the much needed experience and perspective to view mathematics not just as a subject but as a tool for success. Some of the primary benefits of the Mathematics lab include:

  • Practical application of math theory and concepts.
  • Part of the weekly timetable.
  • Use of state of the art software and instruments.
  • Partnerships with leading math research groups.

The Science Lab

The best way to learn is through action and at Podar International Schools the approach to teaching sciences is a practical one. Right from watching experiments to conducting them, from seeing to understanding forms and structures, our students are inculcated with the scientific temper that is of utmost importance in today’s world.

Podar schools are equipped with ‘Cyber Science’software that allows interactive exploration of the world of science. Students can observe and interact with high fidelity models of structure constructing their own learning experience. Additionally, our laboratories are equipped with the necessary equipment, reagents, specimens and highly experienced and trained staff that ensure the safety of students while allowing the students to explore the world of science.

The Computer Lab

Our computer lab is where our students not only learn computers and get familiarised with technology but It is also where we use technology to teach and our students exploit the true potential of the learning methods available to them.

From using the internet to doing research, building models and using the tools they would use all throughout as professionals, to students of Podar International Schools the computer lab is where they are transformed into versatile future achievers. Our lab is equipped with computers of the latest generation along with the modern tools and software that can be learnt, right from basic office automation products to design and animation.

The Library

At Podar International Schools, the library is not a sanctum of silence but a world of adventure. With an expansive collection of books on every facet of every subject, Podar International Schools take a no-expense-spared approach to stocking the library. Since we train our students to ask questions, we also inculcate in them the curiosity for research and give them the perfect playground for finding out more about everything.

Golden Hour

Students look forward to the “Golden Hour” every week where art and craft, puppet making or a nature walk light up the young minds raring to experiment and explore.

Student Exchange Programme

The student exchange programme within the Podar International Schools is a unique initiative in fostering bonding and collaboration. By leveraging the scale of our school network, Podar students are given the opportunity to attend classes at any our locations. This gives them an immersive environment in which they learn from other cultures and traditions.