Continuous and Uninterrupted Quality Education in the times of a Pandemic - Virtual School Plans

17 Apr 2021
Virtual School during Covid 19 :

The School has taken a number of steps through virtual classroom learning to ensure that the Covid-19 pandemic has limited impact as far as the learning requirements of our students are concerned. The efforts of the School and teachers have been appreciated by many Parents and we are thankful to them.

The initiatives taken by the School include preparation of video lectures for flipped classes, enhanced student teacher interface of our school portal with PPT’s, worksheets, student resources, more than 500+ YouTube lessons, school blog with pdf of lessons, easy access to downloadable worksheets and provision for students to upload notes and answer scripts, online weekly assessments, etc.

The School has been working hard to provide the best Student resources and interactive platform for learning through our School- Parent platform ‘BetweenUs’.

Wherever allowed by the State Government, the School has been simultaneously running both virtual & physical exams for the higher grades at the school location.

To prepare for the School re-opening, entire premises is being sanitised at regular intervals to ensure safety of the kids and staff members.

The School has spent significant amounts on teacher training and curriculum delivery to enhance virtual classroom experience of the students and ensure that learning outcomes are achieved.

As 100’s of hours of classroom teaching are delivered virtually to kids, investments have been made by the School in information technology infrastructure and internet bandwidth.

All the above steps enabled our students to continue their learning journey over the Academic Year 2020-21 and we are continuously adding to these resources for the Academic Year 2021-22.