Continuous and Uninterrupted Quality Education in the times of a Pandemic - Virtual School Plans

28 Oct 2020
Virtual School during Covid 19 :

According to Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, it is not the smartest or the most intelligent species that survive but the fastest to change and adapt. With the outbreak of the pandemic of Covid-19 the world was faced with a situation where only those who adapted survived.

Podar Education Network was quick at adapting to the situation. In the short transition period from pre-lockdown to lockdown the Podar Innovation Centre created a Virtual School Plan (VSP) that went live on the 2nd of April, 2020 - the scheduled day for the start of the new academic session.

The Virtual School Plan (VSP) was a threefold plan with creation of content to support synchronous and asynchronous virtual classroom teaching in the form of resources like lesson plans and student support documents amongst others, creation of a support system to guide teachers, students and parents alike, to transition smoothly onto a platform for teaching that many of them had never experienced before; and thirdly the creation of a system to continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of schools - despite the odds.

All verticals of the Podar Innovation Centre worked in synergy to create and execute the plan effectively.