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Beanstalk Olympiads

Beanstalk Olympiad for Students is a benchmark test in English, Mathematics and Science. The Olympiad emanates with a goal to bring academic competition to a level of excellence from where we can measure the strengths of our students and work towards the direction of improvisation. It envisions enhancing the education and knowledge of the learners by promoting a competitive platform thus alleviating the teaching – learning process. Learning happens when the students are engaged and occupied in real academic sense, and this is what our Olympiad is all about.

Salient Features

  • For classes 4 to 7
  • Based on CBSE and ICSE syllabus
  • No special preparation is required for the tests
  • Participation is voluntary


  • provides detailed skill based feedback focusing on student’s performance
  • provides an insight to the teachers to gauge their students’ weaknesses in comparison to other students across his or her school and across all Podar International Schools
  • allows schools to initiate academic guidance for students to elevate their knowledge

Results and Reports

Beanstalk Olympiad provides the following to each participating student--

  • a test summary showing student’s performance on each question and his or her ranking at school, state and national level
  • an average analysis at school and national level
  • a consolidated compartive report with peers across all Podar International Schools

Awards and Recognitions

Students are rewarded based on their performance at the state and national level.


The Podar Review System

As the Podar Group of Schools grew, designing the curriculum alone was not sufficient to ensure quality education in all the schools. This need gave birth to the Podar Review System in the year 2015 with the mission to reach the pinnacle of academic success through quality assurance, continuous strategic improvement, trust and respect, evaluation and innovation, professional competence with commitment to excellence, thus laying a platform for our students to become successful global citizens.

A team was formed selecting highly skilled individuals who are keen on raising the quality of education from amongst the PIC members. This team guarantees that all the Podar International Schools provide high quality education, leading to high standards and the best outcomes in a safe environment for all our students.

This System is implemented to find out the strengths and challenges faced. The team engages the schools themselves in the processes of self-evaluation and self-improvement.Strengths are shared. The causes of weaknesses are analyzed. The areas requiring improvement are prioritized. The schools are given a unique School Development Plan (SDP).

This plan details the improvements a school needs to make in five areas (outcomes for students, behavior, personal development, welfare, quality of teaching, learning and assessment, leadership and management of school). Schools are expected to sustain the goals reached to ensure constant progress of students.

The Podar Review System ensures the standardization of schools across the Podar Network.



Leadership Training: WEnergise:

Two days leadership training is organised mainly for the Principals, Vice Principals and experienced coordinators to equip them to perform their roles in a more competitive manner.

Subject Specific Training

Subject specific trainings are conducted each year so as to hone and polish the skills of the teachers. A variety of modules for specific subjects are developed for our teachers.

The modules are as follows:

  • ‘Enspire’ for English Training
  • ‘Aarohan’ for Hindi Training
  • ‘Mathadalogy’ for Maths Training
  • ‘Sociologic’ for Social Studies Training
  • ‘Scienctifica’ for Science Training

First Leap: In It to Win It

First Leap programme aims at helping the new schools to start on a right path.
The modules aim at developing both technical skills and soft skills that are required to create a good working culture.


Special Programmes

i Lead

iLead is an Action Research Project based development program for school principals. As a part of the project, every year one problem area is identified. Learning material and literature on the identified area are developed and shared with the principals. The project is run across all schools in phases where data is collected on the identified problem area, customized action plans and decisions are made based on the data by the Principals. These plans are then implemented, executed, monitored and thereby improvised in schools until targets are achieved.

Ed Speak

Ed Speak is a common platform created for Podar School Leaders.
Principals share their ideas in a video format that is shared on the portal.
The platform gives Principals an opportunity to share their ideas and views on changes and advancements in education, skills, student development, and best practices carried out in their school.

Leadership Meet

PIC organizes an Annual Conference ‘Energy to Synergy’ (E2S) for all Principals of Podar Education Network. This is a great platform for sharing best practices and exchanging ideas and learning.