Dear Friends,

Welcome to Podar family.

“All great things begin with a commitment to the future. Vision and mission give us the impulse to make the picture our own.”

First of all thank you for being with us as a part of Podar family. It's my pleasure to welcome you all to PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, AKOLA.

Education has always been a cornerstone of society the pillar on which the bulwark of human existence rests, the leading light as mankind made his way in quest of unknown. We at PODAR strive to instil in every student a sense of virtue and wisdom, sensitivity to the needs of others, the skills, the attitudes and habits that would help them explore and excel, a quest for knowledge and the power of action. All of these would propel each one to an important goal i.e. - Excellence.

We at Podar facilitate holistic education for one who has just stepped into this world and begun to toddle the journey of life, falling, getting up and again faltering every moment is a startling experience of awe, wonder and endless curiosity. The kind of education we impart to the child at PODAR lays the foundation of life and shapes its destiny. Based on the experience and approach we want our Podarites to be independent thinkers, communicators, adaptators, modern citizens and at last good human beings.

There are challenges ahead of us, together we can truly make a great difference. Keeping this in mind, PODAR Akola family continues to remain committed to achieve both our vision to be regarded as the best and most sought after school in the city and mission of providing the education by which character is formed ,strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet.

I wish all the stake holders of PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, AKOLA a safe, healthy and pro-active environment for continuous learning. I feel proud to have long association with the organization and invite you to have such a thrilling experience.

May Lord Bless!


Mrs.Neeta Talreja
M.A.(Eng),B.Ed, M.Phil(Eng)