Dear Students and parents,

Welcome you all to PIS Ambejogai!

As the Principal, I feel privileged to be part of an educational institution, which is a community of learners including our teachers, parents, guardians and staff where every day is an opportunity to learn and discover our true potential.

It’s rightly said by Stephen Hawking - "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change".

Undoubtedly, the teachers and the students at Ambejogai have shown a paradigm shift in education during this pandemic. Teachers could shift gears immediately in response to school closures and switch to new modalities of online teaching.

There is a light at the end of every tunnel’- with this belief, the present and the next academic years dawn on us with hopes as life slowly gets back to its normal rhythm.

It is our priority at PIS Ambejogai to help these children to rebound from the past both academically and emotionally. To identify the learning gaps and bridge the same to help them cope with the desired standard will be of prime importance across all classes.

In the 21st century, the Digital Revolution has paved the way to the new opportunity for us all. We go with the notion that "Every Child is unique." Our goal at PIS Ambejogai is to provide an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that will prepare students for success at school and also in the years to follow.

We aim to provide sufficient opportunities to each student to discover and understand themselves and face and overcome challenges presented to them. Teaching and learning process is mainly child centered and targets to prepare every individual to enter a competitive and interconnected world by building their capacity to collaborate, take intellectual risks and turn their ideas and passions into something original and valuable.

The school curricular, co-curricular & sports activities are planned and prepared meticulously, giving equal importance to both scholastic & co-scholastic activities as suggested by CBSE. Children learn a lot of values when they are involved in Hobbies, Sports & Games. PIS Ambejogai provides enough opportunities for the children to participate in Sports & games.

These activities are strategically implemented to ensure the overall development of the students. The school is well equipped with the state of the art facilities and an excellent infrastructure, which provides an ideal and safe environment for teaching and learning.

We want our students to leave School ready to engage with and contribute to any team or situations they find themselves a member of.

"Excellence is not simply an objective but a fulfilling journey." As we open our doors to each new generation of students, expectations run high. We provide the young minds the environment to take wings and scale new heights. Finally, I convey my best wishes to all existing parents, students along with parents of aspiring and prospective applicants for a bright future ahead!

Mr. Kirtikumar Deshmukh
Principal, Podar International School - Ambejogai.