“By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit”
- Mahatma Gandhi.

On behalf of Podar International School, Sundarwadi, Aurangabad, I welcome you all.

Schools ensure the holistic development of the child. At Podar International School, we not only develop the child academically but also make sure the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. I congratulate all the parents as they have chosen the best school for their child.

Education is a systematic process through which a student acquires knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. Podar follows child centric teaching methodology that focuses on an explore- experience – implement model of learning. Thus we provide an appealing and stimulating curriculum that is flexible and tailored to the needs of each and every student, as we strive for high educational outcomes and personal bests for all of our students to achieve success in their life.

Our passionate teachers at PIS Sundarwadi ensure our students grow in confidence and competencies also teachers sharpen the students’ skills and equip them for the challenges of the 21st century.

As a principal and pedagogical leader of the school, I strongly promote innovative teaching technique which will connect the topic with real life situation, use of creative and digital resources, proven instructional strategies and student engagement program for the best leaning outcomes. This will enable to see them the multidisciplinary links between subjects, topics and life.

Through the assemblies, co-curricular activities, event and volunteer program, Podar students develop values of respect, cooperation, persistence; develop healthy and respectful tolerance for others. Also the school environment creates a passion to strive for the excellence underpinning all that they do.

Podar International School Sundarwadi, Aurangabad branch always put students first. We are very keen to involve our community in our learning. The school create multiple opportunities for parental and community involvement. Parents are our partners in education; this partnership is strongly encouraged and highly valued. We look forward to their strong collaboration and cooperation.

As a pedagogical leader of the school I ensure the all-round development of our students.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Stay blessed, safe and connected!

Mrs. Vaishali Joshi
Principal, Podar International School - Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar (Sundarwadi)