Achievement in Inter School Events - 2023

12 Dec 2023

Podar International School, Kalkere is proud to announce that in a recent interschool event held in Gurukul School,Kanakpura Road from 4th December to 8th December 2023 ,Podar International School,Kalkere has achieved the following:

  1. Master Gatik Goyal’s Gold in 100m sprint - 11 min 45 seconds (tournament record)
    Silver medal in 200m sprint
  2. Master Sai Kaushal Gold in 400m sprint 1min 23s (tournament record)
    Silver in 100m sprint
    Bronze in 200m sprint
  3. Relay Team consisting of Master Gatik Goyal, Master Ratan, Master Sai Kaushal, and Master Shashank secured Gold Medal.

Congratulations to all winners and the PE master Mr. Kasi Rao!