Art Exhibition - 2024
Visit to Old Age Home - 2024
Parivartan Drive - 2024
Visit to JNCASR 'Grade 9' - 2024
Culminating Event 'Significant People' - 2024
Karnataka State Athletes Meet 2023-2024
The Valedictory Ceremony 'Nakshatramadala' - 2024

Podar International School, Kalkere is proud to be a sculptor who takes in every year, a group of untutored minds and sends out a batch of refined individuals each with a unique character and ambition for his/her life ahead. The day January 20, 2024 was specially marked as the "The Valedictory Ceremony-Nakshatramadala-2024" to bless Grade X students who are leaving their second home and are all set to face the outside world.

The program began with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony by the honorable chief guest Mr.Pradeep Janardhan accompanied by the respected GM of Karnataka Hub ,K.Surendranath and Principal Ms.Jayalakshmi KS. This was followed by the reception and the felicitation ceremony by the dignitaries. The sound of laughter,cheers and claps made the ambience more lively.

The eye catching moment of the event was when students opened up their jar of memories and shared their emotions and gratitude towards the school and teachers.

The motivational speech by the chief guest added more charm to the eve which will surely help them to steer through all the challenges.The principal and the teachers bade farewell to the dear students by igniting the lamp of knowledge, and passing it to the students encouraging them to tread on the path of truth and humanity in every walk of their life.Our honorable Principal ma'am also added that,of course, leaving a place where you grew, learned, laughed, and cried is difficult, but you shall always be grateful to the institution where you spend the most formative years of your lives. The event came to an end with the vote of thanks.

Mythbusters 'Believe it or not' - 2024
Podar International School, Kalkere organized the culminating event of the theme- “Mythbusters - Believe it or Not” on Saturday, 6th January,2024. The event brought forward a few legendary people, favorite superheroes and the mythical characters alive. Students also enacted Harry Potter, Voldemort, Batman and Lord Hanuman. They also conducted interesting games and puzzles to check the understanding of myths and legends.
Annual Day Celebration 'Kalakshitij' 2023-2024

India is the home of diversity yet unified with oneness.

The incredible diversity exists in India with varied people, customs, topography, culture, and language, which itself perfectly suits the slogan ‘Incredible India’. Podar International School,Kalkere proudly celebrated the Annual Day-Kalakshitij with the theme Nrityatarang on December 2,2023. The evening was vibrantly lit with the different hues of achievements. The program was graced by Ms. Sheeba Vasu,Professor at JNCASR. The Eve began with an auspicious lamp lighting ceremony with a soulful welcome song. The event was more adorned with shining medals and trophies awarded for the legacy of excellence carried forward with pride and dignity. The Principal along with the Chief guest honoured the School Topper of CBSE Grade X 2022-23 Mst.Shakyo Deb Choudhury with a certificate and a trophy. They also awarded Mst. Garik Goyal and Ms.Anvi Goyal for the 100% attendance throughout the academic year 2022-23. Mr.Kasi Rao was felicitated for the most popular teacher of the academic year 2023-’24.To add more charm to the evening the school cheered for the Ventus House for being the Best House of the year 2023-24. Besides the award ceremony,the show presented a musical skit which speaks for the rich cultural heritage of our country,India.

It showcased the prominent features of each state. Each class presented a vibrant and rhythmic performance showcasing the famous dance forms of the state. It was such a mesmerising event which was the proper amalgamation of rich cultural heritage that the audience were captivated till the grand finale that brought all the participants and the staff on the stage syncing with the tune of "Mile sur mera tumhara,.'

Careerium - 2024
A career guidance session was organized for grade IX and X on December 15, 2023 at Podar International School, Kalkere. The school welcomed Sriranga A U, Trainee officer, Indian Navy, as the resource person of the day. He gave a brief insight about the Indian Navy,the eligibility,scope and various missions being carried out. He also explained about the Indian Navy heritage and how it is expanding its reach over the years. He talked about how to prepare for the exams. It was an informative session. Children have interacted with him with a lot of queries.
Constitution Day - 2023
The constitution day was celebrated in the school on 28 November,2023. The programs were organized to create awareness on the Indian Constitution. Various competitions namely quiz on Indian Constitution, poster making,essay writing and elocution were organized for grade VI-X. Students participated with full pride and showcased their creativity through posters. The elocution competition also ignited the young minds about their rights and duties as an Indian citizen. Quiz also witnessed an active participation by the students on the important aspects of the Indian Constitution. The day was truly enjoyed and celebrated at school level.
Podarthon - 2023
‘I run because I CAN’ Podar International School.Kalkere organised Podarthon for parents ,students and its staff to emphasise the importance of fitness and good health in this race of life on25th November 2023. The participants ran 5 km and made the event a huge success with the whole hearted support and participation from the parents.
Children's Day Celebration - 2023

Let us make friends with the sun and work in the light and do nothing secretly. And if you do so, you will grow up being a child of the light, unafraid and serene and unruffled whatever may happen. - Letter from Jawaharlal Nehru

Podar International School, Kalkere had a joyous celebration on the occasion of Children's Day. On this special day, students came dressed in their colorful attires and it was observed as a bagless day which added more charm to the celebration. Teachers made greeting cards and bookmarks for each student to tell how special and unique they are. Besides this, the day was filled with a plethora of competitions which encouraged each child to showcase his talents.

The competitions were fancy dress, word building, picture coloring, poem recitation for primary grades and pick and speak, best out of waste, cooking without fire, solo singing/dance for middle and high school children. These events had helped to bring out the hidden talents of the students and they were full of the day's spirits.

The school also ensured that every child should enjoy this day in the best manner, allowing them to grow, explore oneself and gave away the message of reflecting upon oneself.

Kannada Rajyotsava Celebration - 2023

Podar International School,Kalkere celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava day on 09.11.2023 in the school premises with great enthusiasm. The students from grade I-X hosted a meaningful program in honor of the occasion. The program began by lighting the lamp by the respected Principal and coordinators followed with the prayer service. The significance of the day was highlighted by the students in the form of speech,role play like Sangoli rayanna, Akkamahadevi, Rani Abbakka,Onake obavva,C.N.R.Rao,Sarvajna,skit Kempegowda song and dance.

They portrayed the eminent personalities in the history of Karnataka whose unwavering determination and valor is providing remarkable life to the minions of people in the different parts of the state. Finally the programme concluded with Nada Geethe.

Dandiya Nights - 2023

In the dance of the garba and the twirl of the dandiya sticks, we find the rhythm of life itself.

On the occasion of Navratri, Dandiya Utsav was organized by Podar International School #Bengaluru, Kalkere on 12th October 2023 . It was an electrifying and colorful evening for all the parents, teachers and children. The program started with the lighting of the lamp by Principal Ms. Jayalakshmi K S and dance performances by teachers and students. Many fun filled games on the theme were conducted for parents like Treasure hunt .Certificates as a token of appreciation were distributed for the best dressed couple based on dandiya theme,the best decorated dandiya, the most energetic couple, the most energetic dancer(in children and senior citizen category) The crowd including staff,parents and children synchronized perfectly to tap their feet on rhythmically in the occasion.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great fun time. Principal Ms. Jayalakshmi K S lauded all the parents, teachers and children for their enthusiastic participation and extended her greetings and best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra.

Blood Donation Drive - 2023

The gift of blood is a gift to someone's life.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti,Podar International School,Kalkere organized Blood Donation Camp on October 2nd 2023 as an act of service to the society.

The school collaborated with Lions Blood Centre, a part of Lions Club for this noble cause. The club has partnered with Mahaveer Jain Hospital to donate blood for the social cause. The day witnessed active participation from teaching, non teaching staff as well as a wholehearted participation from the parents from Nursery to Grade X. The day was celebrated in its true color by spreading smiles and making a difference in the lives of people.

Careerium - 2023

An interactive session on career guidance 'Careerium' was held on September 23, 2023, at Podar International School,Kalkere for the students of Grade IX and X.Mr.Sunil Ragh was the guest speaker of the session. He is a solution architect with 16 years of experience.

The session started with a welcome address and introduction of the guest speaker. He asked students to sit according to their field of interest(mainly science,commerce,arts,entrepreneurship).He spoke about strategies to plan their small and big goals and assured them that failure is the stepping stone of success. He spoke about the actual scenario in this competitive world and gave his own insights on how to choose a career path. Along with this, he addressed students with the preparation key that will help them to grow as a professional and build a good future.

Lastly, he spoke on how teachers and parents had a great influence on his journey to success. The session concluded with the vote of thanks and the guidance from the principal.

Hindi diwas celebration - 2023

Hindi Language-just as its name is as jingling as a music to the ears when heard, powerful, mighty and having a sense of belongingness when spoken and as mesmerising when written. The Constitution of India adopted and gave the status of the 'Official Language to Hindi, on 14 September 1949. From that day onwards - 14 September is celebrated every year as the HINDI DIWAS'. Podar International School, Kalkere celebrated the day in a very authentic way by conducting the special assembly. Students from grade 1 to grade 10 presented the basics of Hindi language. Students spoke about the Hindi alphabets (varnmala), sanyukt vyanjan, months in Hindi calendar, seasons and also presented a few famous couplets of Rahim Das. Students also gave short speeches on the 7 truths of life in Hindi which was followed by a powerful group dance presented by the students of grade 9 and 10. The celebration concluded by addressing and thanking the gathering by the school Head Girl.

Eco Friendly Ganesh Idol Making Competition - 2023
As Ganesh Chaturthi all around the corner, we have organized an eco-friendly Ganesha Idol making competition for Students of Podar International school, Kalkere on September 12,2023. It's time to put their artistic skills to promote sustainability and to save our environment. Enthusiasm among the students was so high that the entire atmosphere transformed into real old Indian Culture. Children made Ganesh idols from clay , vegetables, clothes, jute , grains and natural colors with devotion, passion and creativity. Students showcased their creativity and artistic skills at the best.
Biz Kids Bazaar - 2023

Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital so that you can do more of it and move forward with it.

Bizkids Bazar was introduced by Podar International Schools across the country where the young podarites came forward to be entrepreneurs. As part of the culminating event of the theme-Young Entrepreneurs, on 2 September 2023, we at Podar International School,Kalkere also had the young and smart entrepreneurs at the stalls selling their creative product. The school choir presented a beautiful rendition of music synching rhythmically with the orchestra.The classrooms were turned into vibrant and radiant stalls selling artefacts made from the waste materials,and paintings bringing in awareness about Indian art forms and its artists as well as promoting the local artists.Students had made different things namely pen stand,painting,earrings,pottery,keychain,paper cup painting,tile calligraphy and handicrafts and earned a marginal profit by selling them in the bazar. The Haunted House from grade X was highly sought of place for visitors. Each classroom was the favourite spot for all the foodies as it served a delicious treat to their taste buds with Pani puri,bhel puri,samosa,sandwich,kesari and what not. The school turned into a bazaar and was flooded with visitors,parents and students walking through the corridors with contented hearts and a smiling face. Few parents had also put up different attractive displays and stalls to promote the handicrafts,food and art of different places.

The main objective of such an event is to gain knowledge about the cycle of business and about the right financial literacy. It also laid more emphasis on identifying their potentials and turning their passion into productive way.

The event was a grand success and children enjoyed learning by doing in its true essence.

Bank Visit - 2023

Podar International School ,Kalkere organized a field trip to IDBI Bank 22nd August,2023 for the students of grade VII to X as part of the theme Young Entrepreneurs. The purpose of the visit was to gain first hand knowledge about how a bank functions and to understand the various services offered to customers.

The bank branch had a clean and an organized layout with designated areas for different banking services such as cash transactions, customer service, and loan consultations. The conduct was professional yet welcoming, with well-dressed staff members ready to assist customers.

Students observed bank employees engaging with customers at various service counters. They were helping customers with tasks such as depositing money, withdrawing cash, and inquiring about account balances. The staff members were polite and professional while dealing with customers.

The bank had a specific area that provided customers with 24/7 access to the basic banking services. This area was equipped with multiple ATMs for cash deposits and withdrawals and for other self-service transactions.

The bank staff also explained the eligibility & process of opening a bank account to the group. They highlighted the importance of providing necessary identification documents and discussed the different types of accounts available, such as savings and current accounts.

The bank staff demonstrated the bank's online and mobile banking services. They explained how customers could use these platforms to check account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and perform other transactions conveniently.

Overall, the bank visit was an enriching experience that helped bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world banking operations.

Plantation Drive - 2023

Breathing can't be stopped but we can change & purify the quality of air we breathe.

Podar International School,Kalkere united as a team with one of the reputed and world fame companies Larsen & Turbo to organize a plantation drive in the school premises on 17 August 2023.

The representatives of the company along with the students of each grade planted several plants and trees in the school. With this plantation we held our hands firmly and vowed to nurture the plants and provide the essentials to it.

The activity itself was one among the best innovative practices to connect the students with mother Earth. They played with the soil,felt it and embraced the natural resources available to us. Students were ecstatic to see and learn how to plant a seed or a sapling. The day witnessed many hands-on experience which made the learning fun-filled and concrete.

The Plantation Drive was successful in planting saplings in the school campus giving students the opportunity to lead the way and nurture the planet. Every small initiative on everyone's part will contribute immensely for the protection of our environment.

Let us stand together to save our planet and save our very own existence on this beautiful planet.

Independence Day Celebration - 2023

Podar International School, Kalkere celebrated the 77th Independence Day with unprecedented patriotic fervour on August 15,2023 in school. The programme commenced by welcoming the Chief Guest Mrs.Vanita Chengappa with a sapling as a token of love, by our respected Principal. The school Head Boy Mst. Gatik Goyal welcomed everyone with his speech to keep the flame of patriotism shining brightly in our hearts. The school choir team presented a melodious rendition of the patriotic song.

The programme presented an array of spectacular events by the Podarites. The students presented dynamic aerobic, dumbbells, pom-pom, ribbon and Lezimes drills to enthuse the audience with patriotism. The students of grade 9 and 10 presented a thought provoking and informative skit about what patriotism is! The Pyramid presentation displayed the skill of balancing and making a pyramid. The gamut of celebration was befitting for the occasion showcasing the true patriotism. On this joyous occasion, the school felicitated the employee who rendered their whole hearted and relentless support and loyalty towards the organization for the past five years. The day was brimming with the sense of pride and dignity and the school celebrated its one of the integral ceremonies-The Investiture Ceremony. The newly elected school council members were bedecked with badges and the flags were given to discharge their duties sincerely and to uplift the school values with proud and dignity. With a sense of great pride and gratitude, students also shared their views on the journey of India's freedom from the past and highlighting the evolving India.

The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by the Head Girl of the school. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect for our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience peace and unity in diversity.

House Competition 'Theme - Young Entrepreneurs' - 2023

"Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice."

There isn't any one formula that will work every time, and it isn't about getting every little detail perfect on the first try. Plan, execute, evaluate, and reevaluate. Practice makes progress--you'll learn by doing.

With this thought,Podar International School,Kalkere organised an Inter House Advertisement Competition on 5 August 2023 on the theme" Young Entrepreneurs".

Each house was brimming with innovative ideas and practical approaches.

Each house presented and marketed their unique product to the best of their knowledge. They presented the advertisement which highlighted the Unique Selling Point, affordability, capital income, expenses and Profit & loss incurred. The teams brought up their different ideas and things to sell namely smart shoes ,healthy drinks.

The house competition apprised students about the challenges and the need of good communication to be a successful entrepreneur.

Field Trip 'Grade 1 and 2' - 2023
Podar International School,Kalkere believes in the overall development of children. The school encourages experiential learning to make the learning concrete and effective. Accordingly, the school had organized a field trip under the theme”Young Entrepreneurs’ to the supermarket - Brigade Mart at Kalkere on 4 August 2023 for the students of grade 1 and 2. They explored the market and learnt about the products and their pricing, discounts and different sections. This has definitely added new learning about entrepreneurship.
CBSE Workshop 'Day 2' - 2023

Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of knowledge.

With the advancement of technology, education is just a click away. The online platforms are flooded with huge resources yet the knowledge of using resources efficiently lies in the hands of an efficient educator. To equip the educators with 21st century teaching skills is the need of the hour and keeping this in mind, Podar International School, Kalkere organized the Capacity Building workshop on ‘Experiential Learning’ for two days on 7th and 8th July 2023, conducted by CBSE. It was conducted by two eminent personalities in the field of education Ms.Jyotsna Iyenger and Ms.Ritu Chauhan.They apprised about various ways and strategies to make the learning fun-filled and concrete. The workshop explained about framing S.M.A.R.T learning outcomes which should cater to all kinds of learners and also focussed on including the multiple intelligences in the lesson plan. The workshop introduced numerous activities to integrate all disciplines in a subject which enriches not only the subject knowledge but also enriches a life long learning.

The active participation of all the teachers from various CBSE schools made the learning more fruitful.

CBSE Workshop 'Day 1' - 2023

Arts are a diverse form of expression and learning. It encourages students to learn better and connect to the challenging world with much confidence. To equip the educators with various strategies that can be incorporated to make the teaching-learning more joyful,Podar International School, Kalkere organised the Capacity Building workshop on 'Art Integration'. The school welcomed Ms Chumki Nath,the Principal of Air Force School, Murugeshpalya,Bangalore and Ms.Vanita Chengappa,the retired Principal of Mother Theresa Public School, Bangalore as the resource persons of the day.

The workshop focussed on the relevance of integrating art with an interdisciplinary approach in the classroom so that the learning can be deep rooted within each student. It also highlighted various strategies to encourage different types of learners and allow them to think creatively and open-mindedly. The workshop encouraged the educators to involve in an array of activities which made it more evident that arts always make the classroom lively and joyful. The session was successful as the educators learnt,evolved and carried a bag full of positive takeaways.

Informative Session on the wonders of Science - 2023

As rightly said by Albert Einstein,

We at Podar International School,Kalkere strongly believes that a curious mind is always on the track of learning and provides a platform to explore. On Tuesday 4th July,2023 the students of grade VI-X had a great privilege to attend a very informative session on the wonders of science. The session was conducted by the two eminent personalities in the field of science, Prof. N.S.Vidhyadhiraja and Prof.Vinayaka Pattar. The session had a plethora of experiments demonstrating science in our daily life.

The challenge of lifting the leg while pushing the wall or to get up from the chair not only caught the students' attention but also aroused their curiosity. They also demonstrated the scientific principle behind the illusion of rolling down or up . They also explained about the concepts of balancing the air pressure in an airplane. Students elicited a lot of questions and assumptions watching these experiments. They also demonstrated that the light travels in a line with the help of laser light,water and powder and the most interesting were the experiments using liquid nitrogen. They also explained about the properties of liquid nitrogen by crushing down a flower to expand and blast a small bottle.

The session has definitely helped students to connect their textbook knowledge to the real world application which infused a lot of enthusiasm and made the learning fun and concrete.

Culminating Event 'Tech-O-Mania' - 2023

Most people cannot imagine a world without communication technology. Before this revolution in communication technology, the amount of time and energy spent on sending the simplest messages was greater than what can be described in 140 characters or less.

Things have changed now. The incorporation of technology into various forms has made lives sharing easier than ever. The fact that there are a plethora of gadgets, software, and tools associated with technology, it is not uncommon for the modern human to be an expert in all of them.

The future generation should be wide-awake as to trap themselves in the digital web. To create more awareness and how to use these gadgets safely,Podar International School,Kalkere organised the culminating Event,'Tech-it-up' of the theme Tech-o-mania. The theme focussed on teaching the children about Cyber security,apps,social media and thereby leaving a positive digital footprint. Students of grade 1 & 2 prepared models of robots and spoke about the future robot . Grade 3 brought out their dream smart home,grade 4 exhibited about 'the inventors who changed the world',Grade 5 presented robotic dance and skits conveying about digital footprints and the effects of negative digital footprints.Grade 6 took us to the time when things which are unavoidable nowadays were invented. They threw more light on the 'Evolution of Technology as well as its history'. Grade 7 and 8 had put their creative brains to develop apps and websites to make their lives easier. The event was a great success where the ideas and creativity were pouring abundantly and witnessed the collaborative efforts of students as well as teachers.

International Yoga Day and World Music Day Celebration 2023-24

“Yoga adds years to life and life to years. It makes life more melodious.”

Podar International School, Kalkere celebrated the International Yoga Day and World Music Day on 21 June 2023 in its true essence by emphasizing on the influence of yoga and music in our life.

Students from Grade 1- 10 participated in various events organized as part of the on-going celebration.

The program started with the yoga prayer followed by a group performance of Yogic Dance by the students of Grade 4,6,7, 8 and 9. The balance and endurance of the students grabbed the attention of the audience till the end. The events also demonstrated various yoga asanas signifying the benefits of Yoga. The session not only witnessed the mass participation of students but also of the teachers.

To add more harmony to the day, students showcased their talents in music. The program brought a few new and interesting instruments onto the stage and were played by the students. Students played a few trending and popular tunes.

The event concluded with the yoga prayer and the motivation by the Principal.

Environmental Day - 2023

Breathing can't be stopped but we can change & purify the quality of air we breathe.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Podar International School, Kalkere united as a team to celebrate the day with much zeal and vigor. On 3.6.2023 students from Grade 1- 10 were an integral part of the celebration. The day began with an informative speech which urged every individual of the Earth to save the environment. The little ones also dressed up as trees, water, flower, sunflower to throw more light on the importance of these on this Earth. To make the gathering more lively, grade 6 presented the welcome song voicing out the concerns of water and trees to Mother Earth. Following this the students sang a melodious group song on the theme environment and Grade IV and V children presented their posters and slogans on how and why to conserve our beautiful nature. To make the audience aware about how we humans are responsible for the bad environment around us, Grade 8 and 9 presented a Mime act and they also apprised us about the good practices we should use.

The events concluded with the skit competition of all four houses. Each house has brought forward a different concern and its consequences which was truly remarkable.

Every small initiative on everyone's part will contribute immensely for the protection of our environment.

Let us stand together to save our planet and save our very own existence on this beautiful planet.

Jumpstart Activity 'Tech It Up' - 2023

"Dreams about the future are always filled with Gadgets."

Most people cannot imagine a world without communication technology. Before communication technology, the amount of time and energy spent on sending the simplest messages was much greater.

Things have changed a little. The incorporation of technology into various fields has made our lives easier than ever. Despite the fact that there are a plethora of gadgets, software, and tools associated with technology, it is not uncommon for the modern people to be an expert in all of them.

Apprising the children about the fast growing world has become the need of the hour. Keeping this in view, Podar International School, Kalkere conducted the Jump Start Activity for Grade 1-8 on the theme "TECH-IT UP-A world of Gadgets and Gizmos" on 27 May 2023. The objective behind this theme is to help children explore and learn beyond their textbooks and mould them as Future Ready Children.

In this activity, Students were engaged in various activities like 'My Favorite Gadget and Why?', 'Robo Dance' and 'Future Inventions'. Students had great fun and shared their ideas and knowledge with their peers. The day witnessed many inventors and presented many inquisitive minds.

Student Council 2023-2024
First Day of the Academic Session 2023-2024

Welcome back! School has begun.
Time for work.
Time for fun.
Smile brightly, on your way. School has started, just today!

The start of the new academic session, 2023-24, at Podar International School,Kalkere, seemed more overwhelming than ever before. The feelings of joy and excitement was palpable in the students, teachers and the parents alike. The academic year for Pre Primary and Grade 1 to 10 began on 25th May,2023. The students were welcomed by the teachers, with a warm smile, as they entered the portals of the school. The teachers were seen making students comfortable. The school began with the traditional prayer and Principal's address. Thereafter,the Class Teachers welcomed each student with a token of love and appreciation. All the students were engaged in various productive and fun-filled activities. They had a lot of fun interacting with the new teachers and classmates. The classes resumed, as planned. The last slot was utilized for explaining the procedure for the children to get on board their respective buses in a disciplined manner. Students were happy and were eager to come back to school the next day.

English communication skills & Professional Ethics - 2023

Continuous personal and professional development is the only key to the future.

A workshop on "English Communication Skills and Professional Ethics” was conducted by the veteran educator Mr.K Narayana Joisa on 19 May 2023 at Podar International School,Kalkere. It was a one-day workshop and attended by all staff members under the guidance of Principal Ms. Jayalakshmi K S.

The session started with the importance of correct communication in real life. Moving ahead he explained about the enhancement skills of English listening,Speaking, Reading, and Writing. He also explained and discussed innovative methods that are used to make the teaching- learning process effective for a language. The second half of the session focussed on developing our professional ethics. The overall session was very informative and knowledgeable.

Teacher's Workshop on Implementing and Delivering Outstanding Lessons - 2023

On 15th April 2023, a workshop on ‘Implementing and Delivering Outstanding Lessons’ was organized at Podar International School, Kalkere to upskill and upgrade teachers with the techniques and tools to change their classes from a fair classroom to an outstanding one. It was presented by Mr. Sukesh Serigara, Principal, PIS Shivamogga, Ms. Pratiksha Johri, Principal, PIS Hayathnagar, Hyderabad and was attended by teachers of the school. Chief Guest Ms. Archana Awade, Deputy General Manager of PIC (Podar Innovation Center) and Ms. Jayalakshmi K S, Principal of Podar International School, Kalkere were also present as mentors.

The workshop started with an ice-breaker activity which immediately made everyone feel comfortable and got them acquainted with the course content. The trainers laid emphasis on the importance of understanding the objective of observation forms for teachers and how to use these to modify their lessons in order to address areas of improvement, such as incorporating more interactive activities or providing more opportunities for student engagement, thus leading to a student-centric learning. The trainers emphasized that outstanding teaching involves creating a positive learning environment, engaging students in meaningful activities and providing timely feedback.

The session ended with a thank you note for the organizers for giving teachers the opportunity to learn about the principles of lesson planning to meet the requirements of observation forms. It gave a platform to all the teachers to share their ideas and develop goals for the Academic Year 2023-2024.

Class photo of the Academic Session 2022-2023
Culminating Event 'Eco-Warriors Eco warrior - Sustainable You and I' - 2023
Podar International School,Kalkere presented a culminating event ”Eco warrior Sustainable You & I” on 4th March 2023 in which our students were involved in making items out of reused fabrics. Our donations from this event have amounted to Rs. 13,500/ - and the sum was handed over to Ms. Pooja Sharma,working in the communication team of Tsunamika Organization, by our Principal Ms.Jayalakshmi KS. Tsunamika organisations continuously strive to support the people who were affected by Tsunami and help them to earn their livelihood. The event ended with the following promise and great learning by each and every individual present during the occasion. "Our goal is to decrease the use of plastic and the motto is to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle" and save the planet from land and water pollution”.
Parivarthan Drive and Culminating event 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2023

On 25th February 2023,Podar international school, Kalkere conducted a special drive on generating awareness about fast fashion and the need to adopt sustainable clothing and to talk about the importance of recycling clothes to reduce waste and to save the environment. The students of grade 6-9 participated in” PARIVATAN DRIVE ‘ activity. The students participated in a walkathon, while creating awareness about the detrimental facts of fast fashion. They drew the importance of “We are the Ecowarriors” through a skit and a dance performance.

The audience also joined with the students in oath taking to protect our environment . Amidst the crowd , the students and the school teachers met a non governmental organisation member, ‘Tsunamika’, that supported fisherwomen in reusing waste fabrics for a sustainable earth which added a charm to the entire process of walkathon done by the school.

On the very same day, our students in Podar International school , Kalkere welcomed parents to a home of various states sporting different attires / fabric and articles to sell which were made by the children with used materials. The theme of Pleat by pleat was depicted . It displayed the ‘Sustainable You and I’ , motto with clarity. Every class from 1-9 had a state and performances related to them. Students wore the attire for the culminating event in tribute to their state. The money collected would be donated to an NGO supporting sustainable fabric development.

Valedictory Function - 2023

Podar International School,Kalkere organised a bid adieu ‘The Nakshatramandala of the Podarites’ for the first batch of Grade X on 10.2.2023 in the school premises and wished them all the very best for their upcoming Board Examination.

Mr Jayasimha, renowned motivational speaker was the chief guest who addressed the students,parents and teachers. The program started with the lighting of the lamp followed by Saraswati vandana and motivational songs by Gr X children. On the basis of confidence,talent,intelligence, certificate with titles and memento were conferred to the outgoing students. Principal Ms Jayalakshmi K S shared some important tips for the upcoming exam. Students of Gr IX and X shared their heart touching memories about each other during this program. The parents of Gr X also came forward and spoke some words about their experience during these years of schooling of their children at PIS,Kalkere.

3D Printing Competition - 2023

Podar International School,Kalkere participated in an inter-school 3D printing competition on 6 Feb. 2023. Four Podar school including ours participated in this competition at PIS,Bannerghatta branch under four categories.The themes for the competition and the details of prizes are as follows:

Grade 5:Toy arena - 2nd Runner-up
Grade 6:Automotive Modeling - 1st Runner-up
Grade 7:Architectural Model- 1st Runner-up
Grade 8:Modern Farm- 1st Runner-up

Republic Day Celebration and Annual Sports Day Celebration 2022-2023
Podar International School,Kalkere celebrated 74th Republic Day and Kreeda Utsav(Annual Sports Day) on 26th January 2023.The ceremony began with the unfurling of the tricolour flag by our Principal, Ms Jayalakshmi KS followed by the national anthem to pay tribute to the motherland. The cultural celebrations included patriotic speech,thought provoking skit, display of Taekwondo moves, yoga asanas,pyramid formation,dance and drills by students from various grades. The winners in the various sport events were awarded with medals and certificates by the Principal and teachers.The school awarded with medals and certificates to ancillary staff for the sport event conducted on 22nd December. The celebration concluded with awarding the House Championship trophy in sports for 2022-23 (Terra House) and a vote of thanks.
Field Trip 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2023
As a part of the IE theme ‘ Pleat by pleat ‘, the students from Grade 5 to Grade 10 of our Podar International school Kalkere visited the Sai Spoorthy Powerlooms on 23 January 2023. The students were accompanied by their class teachers along with the school staff nurse They visited two different power looms in the locality of Weavers in Yelahanka. The working of the looms and making of sarees were witnessed by the students. They also enquired about different aspects of working in the power looms.They returned with learnings about the industry viz., working, hardships, logistics involved and also the commercial aspects included in it. Some children also expressed their empathy towards the workers who were into a lot of hardships yet giving beautiful weaves to the society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Podar Education Network, as the pioneer in the field of education, offers the best CBSE board school in Kalkere, that instructs its students in the English language. Being one of the most advanced schools in Kalkere, we not only tend to academic excellence but the holistic development of your child. Thus, Podar CBSE School in Kalkere is considered one of the best English medium schools in Kalkere, Maharashtra.

Podar CBSE school in Kalkere is considered one of the best schools in the region for students pursuing globally-acclaimed education in 11th and 12th classes. It offers an end-to-end schooling system enhanced with a globalized curriculum, sports and extracurricular development, and step-by-step guidance to enable students to pave their paths to a bright and successful future.

The detailed fee structure for Podar CBSE school in Kalkere is available on our website.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Kalkere, our infrastructure has been designed to incorporate the principles of ergonomics at all levels. With spacious and comfortable classrooms, innovative well-equipped labs, a fully-equipped medical center, state-of-the-art libraries, expansive playgrounds, and extra-curricular activity rooms, Podar CBSE school in Kalkere offers some of the best modern facilities for students.

Here is a list of the documents you will require for admission to the Podar CBSE school in Kalkere:
  • Student’s Birth Certificate.
  • Student’s Aadhaar Card.
  • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
  • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
  • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
  • Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
  • Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
  • Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
  • Passport size photograph of the student.
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
Head over to our Admissions page on our Podar Kalkere CBSE school website to have a detailed view of the online and offline admission process.

To know more about the transfer process and transfer certificates for our best CBSE school in Kalkere, you can visit our Podar International School website.

Podar International CBSE school in Kalkere offers safe and secure transportation to and fro for their students. The entire school premises are fitted with CCTV cameras and trained attendants, ensuring the security of our students who are regularly monitored and safely picked up and dropped off by our bus transport facility.

The age limit for children seeking admission to Nursery in Podar CBSE school in Kalkere is set at 2 years, completed latest by 31st December 2023. The detailed eligibility criteria in terms of the age norms have been specified on the Podar CBSE board school in Kalkere Admission Page.

Podar International Schools across India are renowned not only for their excellent academic teaching but also for the holistic development of their students. Offering a vast range of traditional & new age sports and a variety of extracurricular activities for children to hone their skills, here are the extracurricular activities that our CBSE school in Kalkere offers its students:
  • Theatre
  • Indian and Western Dance
  • Classical and International Music
  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • Computer Animation

There are two easy ways you can seek admission for your child at Podar CBSE school in Kalkere - Online & Offline visit.
Online Admission Process:
  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. The following documents are to be uploaded while filling the online application form:
    • Student’s Birth Certificate.
    • Student’s Aadhaar Card.
    • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Passport size photograph of the student.
    • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  3. After submitting the online application form, if there are seats available in the standard that you have applied in, an email with a payment link for the first term fees will be sent to you. Parents are requested to make the necessary payment online.
Offline Admission Process:
  1. Complete the application form either online or collect the form from the school.
  2. Please submit the completed application form along with following documents at the School Office:
    • Photocopy of Student’s Birth Certificate.
    • Photocopy of Student’s Aadhaar Card.
    • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Photocopy of Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Photocopy of Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
    • 3 Passport size photographs of the student.
    • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  3. Please submit a Cheque with the first term fees to the School Office. All payments at the School are to be made by Cheque. Please mention the name of your ward, and contact number on the rear side of the Cheque. Fees once paid will be strictly non-refundable.
To learn more details about the admission process and confirmation, please visit the Admissions page on the Podar Kalkere CBSE School website.