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Careerium 'Students Career Session for Grade 8 & Grade 9' - 2022

The careerium on 5th of March 2022 at Podar International School,Kalkere hosted the guest speaker, Ms Indira Upadhya who spoke about the profession of nuclear medicine. The students of Grade 8 and Grade 9,along with the teachering faculty participated in the learning journey. The speaker introduced her profession and presented a PowerPoint presentation after which there was a small question answer round. The students were open to learn and appreciated the opportunity given to them, to understand a new field of profession.

Fire Drill - 2022

On 2nd of March 2022,Podar International School, Kalkere conducted Mock Fire drill in the school premises as a part of life skill actiivities. Fire personnel from Banaswadi Fire Station conducted a demonstration on fire extinguishing. Fire official Mr.Vinod Jadav, shared the knowledge about the categories of fire and demonstrated the usage of different kinds of fire extinguisher and usage of hose pipe. Fire emergency number, 101 was reiterated to students. The students were keenly observant, enjoyed the experience and displayed utmost gratitude towards the firemen for their fierceful nature in their occupation.

Republic Day Celebration - 2022

We celebrate Republic Day on January 26th every year as on this day the constitution of India came into effect. It is a red-letter day in the history of our country. To mark this special day, Podar International School,Kalkere virtually organized various activities. The teachers and the students virtually celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Even before the commencement of the Republic Day students debated on why the Republic Day is a prestigious day of importance.

The students wrote essays on Republic day. The students from the primary grades drew , sketched and celebrated the week on the theme of Republic day. Quizzes were conducted in all the grades.

The celebrations went on with little blooming tiny tots of class 1 presenting the slogans and poetic grade 2 with their poems. III , VIII grade presented a scintillating dance on some of the patriotic songs spreading the aura of patriotism everywhere.

Grade IV and VI role played on few freedom struggle fighters such as Gandhi,Lala lajpat rai, Chandrashekar Rao and Kasturbha Gandhi. The witness of melodious songs sung by Grade 5 and the silent yet meaningful mime presented by Grade 6 was appreciated on the virtual platform. The Grade IX performed a skit to pay tribute to the unsung hero Khudiram Bose.

Careerium 'Students Career Session for Grade 8 and Grade 9' - 2022

On a bright ,shiny Saturday, we at Podar International School, Kalkere were blessed with an esteemed guest from the parent fraternity as our speaker for monthly event Careerium.

The session started with introducing the parent of Mst. Rayansh Grade 2B, Mr. Ramanujan A S a senior manager with a finance background. He presented an overview about his educational background, his profile in his current job, his company and the connection between them, stock market and clients using a well prepared ppt. He also shared his experiences as a student and now as a professional. He was very soft spoken and contributed the real life experience of a person who has a never ending process of learning,in accepting feedback and striving to be competent in the society.

The students were benefited by the speaker as they got interested in the field that the speaker was speaking about. The principal Ms.Jayalakshmi K S shared her thoughts about the need of being a lifelong learner and the meaning of being successful. Organizing the whole event was successful as the students presented a positive view in their feedback.

Inter Podar Patriotic Song Singing Competition - 2022

The Inter Podar Patriotic song Singing competition was hosted by Podar International school, Kalkere on 5th February 2022. All schools from Karnataka hub came together for this competition virtually.

The competition was categorized into 4 categories : Group A, (grade 1-4) Group B( grade 5-7) Group C(grade 8 and above) and Group D (parents and teachers).

The day was inaugurated through melodious inauguration songs and digital lamp lighting. The participants sang, joining into different links for solo and group.The judges Mr. Milind Mohan Devare,Mr.Nishad Wakurdekar, Mr.Yogesh Parmeshar Kadam, Ms.B.Glady Annie Besant Kavitha-music teachers of different branches of PIS outside Karnataka come with vast years of experience in their respective fields.

The exuberant energy while performing went through the different groups and throughout the day. There was great support from the host as well as all the other schools towards the participants.The participants winners of various competitions and schools won prizes. PIS, Kalkere went on to win 2 first prizes- group song (Cat-A and Cat-D) The overall championship was bagged by Podar International school, Belagavi.

75 Lakh Post Card Campaign - 2021

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ is an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of independence of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements. The Department of Posts (DoP), Ministry of Communication and Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education commenced the ‘75 Lakh Post Card Campaign’ from December 1. The competition is a part of the ongoing celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

The students of Podar International School, Kalkere participated in the campaign by writing letters to The Prime Minister of India. The themes for this campaign was "Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle” and “My vision for India in 2047". Students wrote about their vision for their country in their letters.

Fit India School Week - 2021

On a fine Tuesday morning of 14 Dec. 2021, during the Fit India School week the students of Podar International School practised Yogasana . The students appreciated the need for Yoga and repeated the asanas with the PE master . The session ended with Suryanamaskara. It was an enthusiastic and energetic vision to watch the students perform the asanas.

Careerium 'Students Career Session for Grade 8 and Grade 9' - 2021

Careerium is a program planned by soliciting parent volunteers who could share their experience in their professional journey and give some insights to children on grade VIII and IX to plan their further course of action after stepping out of grade X. The first edition of the same was rolled out on Saturday, 12.12.2021. The parent volunteer for the same was Mr Amin Manjrekar, F/o Hina Manjrekar from IIIA.

Having studied Hotel management, he carries experience in the textile industry. He is now working in an organic business industry Green fundas.

He began with his experiences and embedded his useful tips in his talks upon how to deal with a business in its ups and downs.

The students' questions were answered keenly with wit and a pinch of experience. The session was very well organized grasping everyone's attention throughout. Children enjoyed and appreciated the session as they carried back loads of information and guidance with them.

Introduction of Scouts and Guides at School - 2021

It was a proud moment at PIS, Kalkere on 26 Nov. 2021 when an orientation session for Scouts and Guides introduction at school was held for the children on G V-IX. The session was deliberated through a PPT for both online and offline students simultaneously. Ms. Divya Upadhya and Mr. Kasi Rao attended a 7 day training for basic guide captain and scout master as a mandatory preliminary certificate course were leading the talk. The Guide captain gave a brief introduction on Guides and represented the pictures of her experience. The scouts master elaborated with his ideas and experiences of the same. The volunteering act to be selfless towards society was invoked in the students of Grade 5-9. Student enrollment will be rolled out post collecting consent from parents.

Constitution day celebration - 2021

Our country India, on 26 November 2021 observed Constitution Day, also known as National Law Day. Podar International School, Kalkere also celebrated ‘Samvidhan Diwas’ commemorating the adoption of the Constitution in India when in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India formally adopted the Constitution of India that came into force on 26 January, 1950. A special Virtual and physical assembly was held by grade 9 students. Students took a pledge and watched related skits and presentations. New words and quiz related to the day were also presented. The day was also celebrated as a tribute to India’s first Law Minister BR Ambedkar, who played a pivotal role in drafting the Indian Constitution. Students presented their thoughts on his contribution and on the importance of the Constitution. Students of grade V to IX along with teachers read the ‘Preamble’ to the Constitution of India.

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