We are all facing challenges in our own way both personally and officially to come to terms with the normal life again. If we fail to do so it will affect our efficiency at the work place. The situation in the last 18 months has indeed pushed everyone back in efficiency and quality of work. To restart our schools back in the way it needs to be is a challenge, educators are facing.

But life has to go on. Risk has to be taken. What we can’t overcome, we should undergo. Though, children need to be sensitized about the need to be cautious until normalcy prevails. We are already watching with horror employers highlighting ‘2020-21 batch of candidates need not apply!’ There definitely are a few gaps to be bridged before we embark on bringing all students on board to efficiency and quality in their missed schooling and socializing. Students tend to enjoy the missing watchful observation of teachers in classroom attention, submission of assignments and other responsibilities which were otherwise mandatory. They are seen lacking even in age appropriate basic knowledge, which is shocking. They seem not ready to come out of the slumber and love continuing being lazy and enjoy the slumber. We can’t ignore these as childish pranks and need to ‘whip’ them up to make them aware by pressing the onus on them. Students particularly in high school level can definitely be pressurized to do so though our task is cut out.

The NEP 2021 may infuse new blood into the system with systemic changes to our education system. All stakeholders need to understand its parameters to make it achieve its goals for a transformation in the youth. They are naive either to know its efficacy or impact on quality, but we are mature to implement it, though debates keep raging in democracy. But an overhauling of the system is the need of the hour.

Everyone needs to tighten one’s belt to fight the negative impact and fill the system with positivity. Crying over past failures and blaming pandemic for every failure is not the solution. Moving ahead with our head held high is the key to success of our students as they look up to us to guide them.

Our acceptance towards offline schooling holds the key to our children’s future since online schooling is no substitute as it is tested and proven. While one section of parents has accepted the reality and is ready to send children to school, another section is mulling under the garb of children not having been vaccinated. Under the circumstances the govt. authorities have taken bold steps to recommend opening even pre schools. This decision is vindicated by the fact that child mortality is virtually non existent due to covid. Stray news items of infection here and there should not deter us from starting off to make headway in the new beginning of regular schooling.

Mr. Narayana Joisa
Principal, Podar International School, ICSE - Bengaluru