It is good to lead a school where a dedicated team of teachers gives its best and a good batch of students brings unprecedented performance in the board exams. Continued success of students year after year producing 100% first class passes has given everyone associated a reason to smile.

While the world is reeling under the impact of the pandemic, the administrative staff and teachers have stood in support to run the school virtually. Teachers have learnt a new way to give knowledge to the children, in virtual classrooms. It is not easy, rather more difficult as one is exposed to the world to face critical comments. Preparations to be made for each class are also humongous. But all are doing it smiling along all the way. The administrative staff is always in school in spite of the fear of catching the virus. But all have learnt to live with the situation with the resolve that the show must go on.

The role of parents in making virtual classes successful is also commendable. They needed to pay fees while children are learning from home. But most have stood by the school and understood the difficult times the school, the staff and the management are passing through. They have provided technology devices to the children. All have made modifications with their routine giving priority to their children’s classes. We appreciate it and hope the ordeal will end soon with students attending classes in the school itself.

Though all have found new ways of living, schooling doesn’t seem to have any alternative. The face to face learning with the adorable teacher is largely missed by students. The fun, laughter, mirth, teasing, playing and competing with friends in classrooms is awaited to be started again by every child.

The school is also just a building without the children and the teachers. Playgrounds are echoing waiting for the gregarious children to fill the air with life. We hope to see them all return to their rightful place in the school, soon, very soon.


Mr. Narayana Joisa
Principal, Podar International School, ICSE - Bengaluru