School Events at Chinchwad

74th Republic Day Celebration - 2023

The 74th Republic Day was celebrated with pride and reverence at Podar International School Chinchwad. The ceremony began with the unfurling of the tricolor flag by Mr. Sangram Malkar, Police sub inspector (PSI) Wakad Pune , Principal Shehanaz Cottar.

Unfurling the Flag was followed by the National Anthem and Flag song to pay tribute to the motherland.

The cultural celebrations included, dance, music and skit by the students. Listening to and singing patriotic songs, triggered in the children , Parents and Teachers alike, many emotions; pride, love and respect for the country. All performances generated loyalty, patriotism and showcased our rich historical, traditional and cultural heritage. The Chief Guest motivated the students through his speech . Principal Mrs Shehanaz Cottar Maam made the students realize their importance in shaping the future of our country.

No celebration is complete without making us feel proud of the fact that, “Saare Jaahan se Acchha Hindustan Hamara”. Jai Hind !

Annual Sports Day Celebration 'Secondary Shift B' 2022-2023

‘Winners never quit and quitters never win. Sports do not build character, they reveal it.’

The 14th Annual Sports Day Meet was celebrated at Sant Dnyaneshwar Stadium, Indrayani Nagar, Bhosari by the Secondary Section ( Shift B ) of Podar International School,Chinchwad with great zeal and enthusiasm on 19th January, 2023. The day started off with the welcoming of the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest Mr.Vinod Jagadale and the Principal Ms.Shehanaz Cottar unveiled the theme ‘We-The Champions’ and declared the Sports Day meet open. Another highlight of the day was the lighting of the customary torch by the dignitaries further carried by our torch bearers who soared high in different State and District Sport competitions. The programme moved ahead with the synchronized Inter-House March Past. A lovely rendition was performed by the school choir to motivate our young champions. ‘A robust mind and a lively body is the fundamental requirement to live a long and happy life’, with this message the display of Classes V ,VI and VII aimed to enlighten the audience the merits of living a fit and healthy life. The audience witnessed various displays of Lezim and Dupatta Dance, Aerobics and Yoga. Different races like Relay, Hurdles race, Potato race, Passing through the ring and Running races kept the audience enthralled. The final round of Tug of War between the houses stole the show and the stadium echoed with the cheers by the students for their houses. Medals and trophies were awarded to the winners of the final races and the special achievement awards were bagged by the students who brought laurels to the school in the ZP competitions. The Ignis house House Father along with the House Captain and the Vice Captain were proud to lift the victorious house trophy for securing the highest house points followed by Aqua House House Mother and the Captain and Vice Captain as the runner ups. The Grand Finale dance and the human pyramids formed by the students stole the hearts of the audience.

The programme ended with the National Anthem. At the end of the day, the students departed with a clear smile on their faces. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to cherish.

Annual Sports Day Celebration 'Secondary Shift A' 2022-2023

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". In this era of modernization, people fail to meet work-life balance and therefore resort to the sedantary way of life. To foster and promote good health and well-being Podar International School Chinchwad observed the Annual Sports Meet-2022-23 with utmost solemnity, enthusiasm and vigour. Mr. Milind Zodage, API Railway police, first National gold medalist for Cycling in the year 1997, actively involved himself in this fun sporting event as a Chief Guest. A wide array of sports events was conducted like Running Race, Balloon Race, and Hurdle Race, commando Race etc to stimulate the sportive spirit of children. The Principal, Ms. Shehanaz Cottar along with the Vice-Principal, Mrs. Manisha Gosarwade and sports incharges of the school encouraged the sports enthusiasts to develop a spirit of true sportsmanship, fair play and discipline. The programme commenced with a musical presentation by the school choir followed by March past, drills, displays and other events to make the day worth-remembering. At the end of the event, winners and achievers other than academics were felicitated by the dignitaries. It ended with a vote of thanks.

Life is too short to fret about things. Be agile enough to build your foundation strong and see the magic flowing in. You simply become firm, confident and resilient.

Annual Sports Day Celebration 'Primary Shift B' 2022-2023

Podar International School, Chinchwad celebrated its 14th Annual Sports Day on January17, a sunny winter day, a day filled with fervour and excitement experienced amidst thrills, shrills and cheers The field was decorated with flags, festoons and buntings. A large comfortable sitting arena was constructed for the parents and students to sit and enjoy the day.

All the students and teachers were very energetic that day; enthusiasm could be easily seen in their eyes. The chief guest for the day was Dnyaneshwar Chimate. The day started off with the lovely rendition by the choir to pay salutations to the Lord Almighty. Our chief guest inaugurated our Sports Meet by lighting the lamp. This was followed by the walkathon by all the four Houses of school. Another highlight of the day was the lighting of the Torch which was carried by the state and national level champions of our school. The audience next witnessed various displays symbolizing alternative sources of energy which kept the audience enthralled. The displays made way for the highly awaited sports events like spoon race, book balancing, backward racing etc. where competitiveness among the students soared through the roof. Points were given to the four houses depending on the performance of their representatives in the event. Apart from the non-participating students, the parents too cheered for their children. The games organized for the parents attracted much applause. After all the games were over, there was a prize distribution ceremony in which all the winners were given prizes from the hands of our chief guest. The winners were photographed. And in the end, our chief guest also gave a motivational speech, in which he advised everyone to participate in the field of sports and also talked about the benefits of doing sports activities. At the end of the day, students departed with a clear smile on their faces as the Aqua House emerged as House Champion. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to cherish. The principal of this esteemed institution, Ms Shehanaz Cottar thanked all the teachers for their cooperation and support and advised children to keep up their sportsman spirit.

Annual Sports Day Celebration 'Primary Shift A' 2022-2023

“Sports day brings new energy in the hearts and minds of everyone. Sports play a vital role in our lives as it keeps us healthy, wealthy and active.”

The Annual Sports Day of Podar International School, Chinchwad 2022-23 for Grades I to IV was held on 17th January 2023, with great zeal and excitement.

The programme began with a melodious welcome song sung by the school choir. The Chief guest Mr.Bhagwath Nagnath Kolhe sir,along with the Principal Mrs. Shehanaz Cottar Ma’am and the Vice Principal Mrs. Manisha Ghosarwade Ma'am lit the ceremonial torch which was then carried by our young podarites who were district and state level champions in various fields of sports. The impressive walkathon by the students of grade IV along with the oath taking ceremony brought grandeur to the occasion.

It was a delight to see the cherubs performing displays depicting the theme ‘SYMMETRIO: Maintaining a balanced life’ for the sports day. The mesmerising display of Yoga asanas by the students symbolised the importance of yoga in one's life.

The little ones participated in various fun races like Stacking the rings, Pick the peas race, Potato race, Shoe hunt race, Bursting the balloon race, Passing through ring race. Medals were awarded to the winners and Aqua House was declared as the leading house. The children enjoyed a lot and the air was filled with cheering for the young athletes.

The chief guest addressed the gathering. He emphasized the importance of sports in a child’s life. He also applauded the School Principal and the teachers, for the school’s outstanding achievements and the efforts taken by all. The Sports Day ended with the National Anthem.

Thinker Tank Workshop - 2022

The development of Entrepreneurship mindset is the call for the day due to the plethora of innovative start – ups and novel enterprises. To keep the students updated with the challenges with the ever modifying world, the students of Std XI and XII were taken for a workshop called “Thinker Tank 2022” to the Kalyani School, Manjri, Pune. The discussion revolved around the various facets of innovative careers in the field of Entrepreneurship and the altering positions of this field in the day of augmented reality (AR). The students were exposed to a series of career opportunities which are likely to give them a clear perspective about their future career prospects.

The workshop spanned over 2 days and the team from Podar International School, Chinchwad made a valuable contribution in it. The interaction was followed by an activity in which the students reached the Semi – Final level. It was an enjoyable experience for the students and the faculty members alike who attended the workshop.

House Competition 'Poetry on the Spot - Shift B' - 2022

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”, rightly said by Robert Frost.

To kindle poetic flair among the Podarites, The House Competition - ‘Poetry on the Spot’ was conducted in Podar International School, Chinchwad on Monday, 21 November, 2022 to encourage the students to dive into their imagination and jot down their beautiful thoughts on a piece of paper that would lead to beautiful poems. Students went through three rounds Guess the Poem, Word Prompts and Picture Poetry wherein they showcased their esthetic ability on the piece of paper when they attempted to write their poems.

Round one started with Guess the Poem, the students were able to interpret the information and recollect the name of the poem when a few sentences were shown to them. In Word Prompts round students wrote a rhyming poem from the word given and were tested for their vocabulary ability and artistic expression. Round three was a Picture Poetry round where the participants wrote a poem based on the picture that was displayed during the competition and the winning team of this round was crowned as ‘King/Queen of Poetry. Their poem included a few figures of speech like alliteration, personification, hyperbole, and so on. Children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Taking all these facts into consideration, the participants exhibited their talent and confidence with great vigor. The participants from all the respective four houses –Aqua, Ignis, Ventus and Terra left no stone unturned to win for their house.

Ventus House bagged the first position. The judges appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants.

House Competition 'Poetry on the Spot - Shift A' - 2022

The students of the secondary grades participated in the House Competition called ‘Poetry on the Spot’. The purpose of the contest was to test the artistic expression and the vocabulary of the students. The main objective of the competition was to encourage the students to dive into their imagination and jot down their beautiful thoughts on a piece of paper that would lead to beautiful poems. The platform of the ‘House Competition’ provided them with opportunities to showcase their creative abilities through their writing piece. This encouraged the students to discover the poets hiding within themselves by exploring different genres, styles, of poetry and attempting to compose poems on their own. The aim of the competition was also to acknowledge the efforts proposed by the students in writing poems.

The first position was backed by Aqua house with an amazing score of 80 points followed by Ventus house who backed the second position with 70 points, followed by Ignis house who backed the third position with 60 points and the fourth position was backed by the Terra house with 40 points.

Educational Fun Fair - 2022

It is an accepted fact that the world of entertainment and recreation has changed to a great extent, it keeps on changing at a greater speed, Having that fact in point, “Fair” is still, and will always be close to young souls hearts. It is not just a place of recreation and entertainment, rather it is considered a traditional occasion that takes us to the roots of our culture in a fun and loving manner.

It was an enthralling experience for the students of Sr. Secondary to have attended the Educational Fun Fair hosted by the Symbiosis Skills and Professional University. Not only it was fun, but also involved inculcating of educational ethics among students. The occasion began with the instructive conclave in which unique career prospects were discussed. The students were allowed in the live workshop where they witnessed the working of an entire mechanical setup which included assembling of a car, computer etc. The learners were exposed to the practical set up and to the students delight, they themselves tried their hands in experiencing it, which added to their enthusiasm.

The event continued with a bouquet of games, music, dance, food and fun. The students from Std XI and Std XII visited the various stalls put up in the campus, played games, sung songs with the participants. The students got an opportunity to de – stress from their overwhelming academic priorities and indulge in some fun filled activities. It was an enjoyable experience for all the students.

Children's Day Celebration 'Shift B' - 2022

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility - Kate Douglas Wiggin.

Children's day is celebrated across India on 14th November every year on the account of the Birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was fond of children.

On this occasion, Children's day was celebrated with extreme pride and vigor at Podar International School, Chinchwad on 14.11.2022

At the beginning of the celebration the teachers performed a melodious choir followed by a skit with a message on how mobile phones are controlling our lives and how children should minimize their use.

Games were also organized for the students which was a pleasant surprise for them and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The celebration ended with the address of our beloved Principal Shehanaz Cottar Ma’am.

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