School Events at Chinchwad

Janmashtami Celebration 'Shift A' - 2022

I Have A Purpose For Your Pain,
A Reason For Your Struggle And
A Reward for Your Faithfulness,
Trust Me and Dont Forgive Up. - Lord Krishna

As we all know that Lord Krishna is the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu and Janmashtami is the celebration of his birth. According to the Hindu calendar, it is marked on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada in India. On this special day, thoughts related to Janmashtami are shared with our loved ones in form of greetings, text messages, quotes and best wishes. In Podar International School, Chinchwad it was celebrated on 22nd August 2022 by Grade 3 students with enthusiasm and dedication. Students were dressed in colourful and traditional dresses as Gopis and Krishnas and performed energetically on a mashup. Few of them shared information about Janmashtami. They also enjoyed playing Dahi Handi. Festivals are celebrated irrespective of religion or caste in the school, bringing students closer and creating a strong bond of humanity.

Inter Podar Pune Hub Football Tournament 'Thunder 10' - 2022

‘In Life, as in Football you won’t go far unless you know where the Goalposts are’

Football is much more than just a game where you score a goal or win a match. It’s about teamwork, it’s about persevering through pain and setbacks, it’s about showing sportsmanship whether you win or lose, it’s about never ever giving up. No wonder it’s the most popular sport in the world.

The Inter Podar Pune Hub Football Tournament ‘Thunder 10‘ was hosted by Podar International School, Chinchwad on the 20th and 21st of August, 2022. Mr. Zuber Desai a renowned professional footballer was the Special Guest for the day. Honourable Mr. Franklin Sir GM Pune Region, Esteemed Principal Ms Shehanaz Cottar, Respected Principals of Podar Pune Hub graced the inauguration ceremony with their benign presence.

The ceremony commenced with the felicitation of the dignitaries followed by the Official Coaches and Sports Heads of Pune Hub Schools. The event gathered fervor and momentum by the lighting of the lamp, Guard of honour – Walkathon of all the 14 participating Teams and the solemn Oath Taking Ceremony by the Sports Captain of Chinchwad Master Pranav Bharadwaj.

The Chief Guest addressed the gathering emphasizing on the life lessons learnt on the ground as life is full of ups and downs and the importance of making quick decisions in micro seconds. Mr. Franklin Sir in his address said,‘The Sports activities are Back on track after a long break’. He further appreciated Principal Ms Shehnaz Cottar for conducting the tournament efficaciously. Principal Ms Shehanaz Cottar addressed the gathering by welcoming all the Podar Pune Hub Teams and wishing them all the best.

The essence of the Tournament and Sportsmanship was marked by releasing the balloons to uphold the zeal and enthusiasm of Podar Pune Hub Schools.

Librarian’s Day Celebration - 2022

Podar International School, Chinchwad celebrated National Librarians' Day on Friday, 12th August 2022. The occasion was graced by our honorable Vice Principals, Mrs. Manisha Ghosarwade and Mrs. Vaishali Ranasubay, of morning and afternoon shifts respectively. The program began with the traditional lighting of the lamp and paying homage and floral tribute to commemorate the birth anniversary of Padma Shree Dr. Sriyali Ramamrita Ranganathan (1892-1972) who is considered as the father of library and information science in India.

Ms. Aditi Dharmadhikari of Grade 8th I also enlightened all the students about the importance of this day and gave an insight of the great works of Dr. S R Ranganathan. He also gave the five laws of library science

  1. Books are for use.
  2. Every reader his/her book.
  3. Every book, its reader.
  4. Save the time of the reader.
  5. A Library is a growing organism.

On this day we excercised tree plantation drive by our Vice Principals to pay homage to Dr. Ranganathan for dedicating his entire life to library profession in India and leaving behind a rich legacy.

Children took pledge to read books daily and also joined hands in keeping up the enthusiasm alive.

Independence Day Celebration - 2022

It was a red letter day in the history of India when the country got her freedom on August 15, 1947. It took hundreds of years for the freedom fighters to break the shackles of slavery. Freedom is something which the national heroes had to fight for. They have fought hard to earn it, so let's celebrate our freedom. Never let go of it and always carry it in our hearts. With this wonderful message reminiscing our glorious past, pondering about the present and weaving dreams for the future, India’s 76th Independence Day was celebrated at Podar International School, #Chinchwad with great pomp and patriotic fervour.

The Principal, Vice-Principal hoisted the flag with great pride and honour. All the students and teachers saluted the flag and then sang the National Anthem, thus promising to be a responsible citizen. Then it was followed by the Cultural Programme. The programme comprised of patriotic skit representing Shaniwarwada and our Tricolor - A masterpiece. The school choir presented different patriotic songs glorifying the relentless sacrifice and struggles of the brave hearts of our nation. Students also presented a group dance showcasing religious unity and street play demonstrated the need of keeping the river water clean.

In the end, the principal also addressed the spectators and inspired them to work for the betterment of the country. She also said that freedom is very precious and it is very necessary to preserve it. The programme ended with a vote of thanks.

Workshop on Sustainability - 2022

A workshop was arranged for the students of PIS, Chinchwad to understand the importance of getting a work place cleaned up, organized, standardized, create efficiency rather than waste and sustaining improvements made.

They were introduced to 5S management techniques which are a culmination of 5 Japanese words which includes - Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

The 5S management techniques are one of the preliminary steps for an organization to practice Just In Time (JIT), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Total Quality Management (TQM) to meet the high- standards of customer expectations.

The target of 5S is to improve space and time utilization, extend life of equipment's and tools, reduce search time in locating your belongings and much more.

The workshop was a great success as it was able to convey all its important aspects to the students.

Special Assembly 'Std XII' - 2022

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.’" A special assembly holds a significant position amidst the plethora of activities conducted in any school. It provides a significant platform to the young minds to polish their skills on public speaking and boost their confidence.

A special assembly commemorating the destruction caused on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on the doom’s day of 6th of August, 1945 was conducted by the Sr Secondary section on the premises of Podar International School, Chinchwad. The assembly started of with the prayer, remembering and empathizing with the victims of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which brought about a stunted end to the 2nd World War. The thought of the day was an eye opener and it emphasized on retrospection of decisions and modifying them to alter the end if not the beginning. The students received a reality check when the details of that dreadful day started unfolding. The pain, amazement and intensity were visibly evident.

The Special assembly gained some extra mileage when the Council members of the Senior Secondary section were announced. The Sports Captain, Vice-Captain followed by the Cultural Captain, Vice-Captain were accredited with badges. Further, the Class Representatives were also ascribed with their duties. The pledge of upholding the prestige and pride of the institution and the country was heard stronger and louder in comparison to other days testifying the inculcation of a sense of responsibility and energy among all. Our beloved Principal addressed the Sr Secondary section stressing on imbibing leadership skills and preparing well for the world. The assembly was concluded with the giving away of awards for the Annual Drama Competition (Std XII) and photo session.

Sanskrit Diwas 'Shift A' - 2022

Of all the languages ,the God's own language -Sanskrit is the mother ,divine and most lyrical language.

On 10th August 2022, Sanskrit Diwas and Rakshabandhan was celebrated with great pomp and show at Podar International School,Chinchwad. It was attended by Principal ma'am Mrs Shehnaz cottar, Vice Principal ma'am Mrs Manisha Ghosarwade , teaching faculty and all the Children .Students from grade VI to X participated in various activities including dance ,poem .song and skit which was a wonder to watch. It started with the prayer in Sanskrit, followed by the Pledge and news in Sanskrit.The thought and information was also told in Sanskrit. The day was energized with shlok gayan ' Aigiri nandini .'' . The Taandav Dance was captivating and demonstrated the vibe of the day. The day was further put into charm by a comedy skit on the Sanskrit Diwas which was a special must to watch by the children. At the end, the programme came to a marvelous wind up with a song in Sanskrit ‘which spoke of our strong cultural roots in India.

As Raksha bandhan celebrates as a thread which binds and bonds souls forever, it reminds of Unity in Diversity and the serene calm love of brother and sister .Celebration of both Rakshbandhan and Sanskrit Day was truly a blessing to watch.

Sanskrit Diwas 'Shift B' - 2022

"Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet."

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of love between brother and sister. It is one of the auspicious festivals in India celebrated with great fun and excitement all over the country. In this festival, a sister ties the Rakhi thread on the wrist of her dearest brother and prays to God for his protection from all the evils and to give him a long and prosperous life. Rakhi gifts also capture the essence of the festival and therefore, despite the distance between the siblings, sisters always ensure to send online Rakhi with gifts to their brothers along with some heart-touching messages to express their love and affection.

Sanskrit language is the mother of all languages. It is not only a language but a true identity of India. It’s a gift to the entire humanity…!!!

World Sanskrit Day or Sanskrit Diwas is also known as Viswa Samskrita Dinam. It is celebrated on Shraavana Poornima, which is the Poornima day that is on full moon day in the month of Shravana in the Hindu calendar. Sanskrit Day is celebrated at the national and global levels. The main premise behind celebrating it is that people understand the importance of this language and our new generation should be introduced to this language of India. The Sanskrit language is considered the first language in India and it is not just a language, but a culture that needs to be cherished. Therefore, it is very important to remind every Indian once a year that the language of his own country is being left behind somewhere.

Keeping the above thoughts in mind, Podar International School, #Chinchwad (Shift B) organized Raksha Bandhan and Sanskrit Day on 10th August,2022. On this occasion the children sang a melodious song and enchanted a prayer in Sanskrit. Different activities were organised during the celebration which were enjoyed by the students thoroughly. Students also enthralled the audience with their wonderful performances.

Social Studies Week 'Shift B' - 2022

With the aim of honing the skills of the students a SOCIAL SCIENCE WEEK was conducted from 1st August to 8th August by PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,CHINCHWAD for the classes from Grade I to VIII (afternoon shift). Motivational speech was given by the Principal. The students carried out the myriad of activities which included various topics of their syllabus. The week started with the role play of leaders and cultures.

They enjoyed making models of INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION, STONE AGE TOOLS and many more. The little ones also enjoyed making masks related to the folk culture, Time Capsules Jewellery Making and Heritage Musical Instruments. The street play or NUKKAD NATAK on WATER CONSERVATION was also played as a part of the social science activity.

Era of Independence Skit Competition Std VIII - 2022

Every citizen of India must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in this country but with certain duties-these words were quoted by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. under the social science week the students of the grade VIII showcased Era of Independence the skit competition . They showcased to make everybody recollect memories of those difficult times and struggles .The Journey began with Jallianwala Bagh massacre followed by Salt Satyagraha , Tribute to Bhagat Singh and concluded with Quit India Movement.

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