“India shifting from the burden of school bags to the boon of learning”.

Hearty Congratulations on the release of long-awaited “New Education Policy 2020”.

Hope all educationalists and parents are happy to have such dynamic Education Policy.

I was personally waiting for this to happen. My ideas about education is in tune with the policy and so is the mission and vision of Podar Education Trust which is blessed with the great visionary and educationalist, Mahatma Gandhi the first Chairperson of our trust.

At the school level, the new policy focuses on the following headings:-

  1. Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE): The Foundation of Learning.
  2. Foundational Literacy and Numeracy: An Urgent & Necessary Prerequisite to Learning.
  3. Curtailing Dropout Rates and Ensuring Universal Access to Education at All Levels.
  4. Curriculum and Pedagogy in Schools: Learning Should be Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable and Engaging.
  5. Teachers.
  6. Equitable and Inclusive Education: Learning for All.
  7. Efficient Resourcing and Effective Governance through School Complexes/Clusters.
  8. Standard-setting and Accreditation for School Education.

We at Podar International School, Gwalior are the first one to announce that Podar Education Network is all well set to get in line with new education policy.

Podar Education network is already providing universal high-quality education which is the best way forward for developing and maximizing our country's rich talents and resources for the good of the individual, the society, the country, and the world.

The new Education policy lays emphasis on Early year childhood care. Podar Education Network has already adopted the Early Years Education Childhood Care Education Program.

The new policy also underlines the importance of teacher in the following words:
The teacher must be at the center of the fundamental reforms in the education system. The new education policy must help re-establish teachers, at all levels, as the most respected and essential members of our society, because they truly shape our next generation of citizens. It must do everything to empower teachers and help them to do their job as effectively as possible. The new education policy must help recruit the very best and brightest to enter the teaching profession at all levels, by ensuring livelihood, respect, dignity, and autonomy, while also instilling in the system basic methods of quality control and accountability.

Podar Education Trust empowers its teachers through quality teacher training courses so as to enable them to take care of their students’ development. Our teachers prepare them to learn, how to learn.

This is the secret of the success of our school and our students at Gwalior location. Our board results speak, we need not advertise.

In nutshell, we consider education as fundamental, for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and just society, and promoting national development by providing universal access to quality education, and leadership on the global stage in terms of economic growth, social justice and equality, scientific advancement, national integration, and cultural preservation.

Manish R K Jain
Principal, Podar International School, Gwalior