My educational motto has always been ‘Linking Learning to Life’.

I have an idealistic and passionate view of education. I want what all parents want for their children and, indeed, what children want for themselves - that they should be inspired and motivated in an environment which is stimulating and exciting, happy and safe.

High expectations of children, passionate and enthusiastic teachers, caring and supporting Parents together can create a learning environment, strong value system, tech savvy learning environment and concern for others.

I am a strong supporter of the Podar’s motto which is Traditional Values and Modern Thoughts. I don’t believe in preparing the child for future without the component of traditional values. The child should be rooted to the values of the faith (Religion) and society in general and the family in particular. As the world is becoming the Global Village, the child should be prepared for facing all challenges with modern thoughts

I always believe that academic excellence and intellectual sophistication offer unsurpassed preparation for global citizenship. Podar International School promises to prepare children for a life of leadership, service, respect for others, creativity, personal fulfillments and a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions.

I wish all the students happy learning.

Mr. Joshua Korlapati
Principal, Podar International School - Hassan (ICSE)