Dear All

Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great. Mahatma Gandhi....!

It is indeed my privilege to be the Principal of PIS, Ichalkaranji one of India’s pre-eminent schools. With over 93 years of strong traditions and academic distinction.

Podar International School is a different educational experience. Podar is a world in miniature where we respect and nurture every child's individuality and provide training for life. You know your child best at home and we know them best at school. By working together, we can create the best possible environment for learning.

I strongly believe that Every Child is Unique. Our attitude determines our altitude. Each child entrusted in our care has multiple hidden sparks and the role of a school is to ensure that every moment spent in school is a valuable learning opportunity. We at PIS, Ichalkaranji hope to practice teaching as a mission, learning as a passion and excellence as a tradition. Students’ minds will be allowed to stumble upon and be surprised at everything that happens in today’s life. This type of exposure will make them creative, inventive and discoverers.

Our approach is based on the best educational practices from India and around the world. A rigorous and colourful academic curriculum by the Podar Innovation Centre and an emphasis on the formation of character is a setting that allows teachers and students to learn from each other, in unique ways. Innovative and experiential teaching methods are used to make the learning process extremely enjoyable and enlightening.

Every aspect of the school day is important and learning occurs everywhere: in the classrooms, in the corridor, on field trips, and even at lunch. By making use of the best available technologies, the best of our skills; we thrive to bring out the best of your child. As the world is fighting off a pandemic for a safe future, we at Podar are working hard to educate your child virtually on the best available teaching-learning platforms, safe and productive.

We also train our children to react to pre-existing problems and we promote reactive thinking. In this turbulent world, opportunity exists for those who can thrive in ambiguity i.e. create, innovate and handle risks. In other words, opportunities exist for the projective thinker.

The moment you walk into our school, you will be struck by the willingness to welcome you into our community by everyone you meet.

At Podar International School, we focus and channel our energies and efforts into educating children, and in honing their characters and skills, both collectively and individually, to the very highest standard.

Podar is proud of its past, enjoys its present, and is busy planning and forging its future. It is our endeavor to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience. We work hard to create projective thinkers, who will grow and become Proactive Global Citizens!

Looking forward to work together to achieve this common goal...................!

Mr. Ishwar P. Patil
Principal - Podar International School, Ichalkaranji.