School Events at Kalyan

After School Clubs 'Gourmet Club Activity' - 2022

"After School Club" held on 18th & 19th April,2022 at Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN. There was lot of excitement and fun doing activity such as "Create a Me Tree in the "Happy Me Club" explored into "Easy Bird Feeders". "Art 4 All Club" turned shapes into Art and "The Gourmet Club had a good feed on "Mixed Sprouts Chaat".This was all for the Primary students. The Secondary students were focusing on 5-4-3-2-1 in their "Happy Me Club". "Green Wizard Club" trashed on to DIY Games on Waste materials. "Art 4 All Club" designed "Split Face Art" into decorative Art leaving everyone with an 'aw' expression. "The Gourmet Club" had a wonderful day with "Marie Biscuit Roll" all the way.

Integrated English Session 1 'Grade V - VIII' 2022

Theme: Changemakers Human Rights In this session,students of Grade V-VIII understood that people must not be deprived of their rights on the basis of age, gender, nationality, race or disability. They also reflected on the wide disparities that exist in the world, despite the identification and acknowledgment of such natural rights on a global level. The students learnt that everyone has the right to live and grow with dignity.

Integrated English Session 1 'Grade I - IV' 2022

Theme: Changemakers Human Rights(Integrated English) The Students of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN of Grade I-IV were taken through the rights that we all have as human being. They learnt and understood the relationship between rights and responsibilities and were introduced to the concept of basic needs that we all have as human beings. Students were made aware that some rights protect the basic needs that every human should have for them to lead a happy, safe and healthy life.

After School Club Activities - 2022

It was a great pleasure and enthusiasm to once again gear into the same energy to commence the "After Club" activities on 11th April 2022. The students of Primary and Secondary bounced back to give the same tempo to the new academic year 2022-23 and participated enthusiastically in the four Clubs. Primary as well as Secondary Students whole heartedly participated in "Happy Me Club" with activities like Sensory Diet & Reflective Art. For Green Wizard Club the topic given "Minimize Your Waste". With regard to "Art 4 All Club" the students came up with "Mural Art" and Lentangle,"The Gourmet Club" had delicious delicacies prepared like "Salad on a Stick" and "Sweet Poha". The students are full of zeal and energy creating a world of their own mingling with students and coming up with team work.

Teachers sports 2021-2022

"A healthy mind in a healthy body" With an aim to promote healthy living Podar International School ICSE #KALYAN planned a sports day for the teaching and non teaching staff. The school believes in the fitness of the teachers as well. It builds team spirit provides the necessary boost for mind activation, and competitive spirit. It was a refreshing experience and an air of excitement all around.

Explore and Experiment Competition - 2022

Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN organized Inter House Literary Fest "Narrative Arena" on 24th February, 2022. Students from Grade V - VIII participated in the unique event EXPLORE and EXPERIMENT. They had to show the experiment using materials available at home. Students performed various science experiments based on different concepts such as miscible and immiscible liquids, properties of air, float and sink, etc. The objective was to nurture students’ intellectual ability, critical thinking skills, and to boost their confidence.

Fire Mock Drill - 2022

Podar International School,ICSE #KALYAN witnessed the Fire Drill for the students of all three boards on 28th February,2022. Under the vigilant guidance of all the authorities, the drill began with the evacuation of the entire building in the assembly point which was the basketball court. The students assembled there along with the teaching and non - teaching staff after the power cut and ringing of the emergency bell. Mr. Santosh Parab, Proprietor of FIRE CONTROL ENGINEERS who is a very knowledgeable and experienced person, explained and demonstrated how to extinguish the fire. The students were engrossed in the information given and left the assembly point after being enriched. Mr. Santosh Parab, also demonstrated to the teaching and non- teaching staff separately how to be prepared during fire emergency by handling the fire extinguisher in the correct posture. Over all it was an absolute enriching experience for everyone.

Math - Hand Span' and Science -Common Insects activities - 2022

"When Learning Is Purposeful, Creativity Blossoms. When Creativity Blossoms, Thinking Emanates. When Thinking Emanates, Knowledge is fully Lit."- By APJ Abdul Kalam In the recent days the high quality talent of the Students of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN primary grade has fascinated everyone with the couple of activities. The learning served the purpose of gaining exquisite understanding with the intense of creative thinking. The Math activity 'Hand Span' of Grade I helped the children to grasp the procedure of measurement with the hand fully extended. The eminent researchers of Grade IV advanced by researching 'Common Insects' and learning about their body parts in Science activity.

After school club activities 'Week 5' - 2022

We 'The Podarites' have come to the fifth week of the activity session , our students are participating with great excitement by showing their creativity in planning their club activities.

Art for all
Mural art which gives abstract design of imagination.

Happy me club
Focused meditation with pattern style.

Gourmet club
Healthy meal with nuts and cool banana smoothie to lead a healthy life. They'll also enjoy making cake out of biscuits.

Green wizard
Organic colors to enjoy festive season and how to create a waste fabric into a new innovative object.

The students involved themselves with great enthusiasm in making the activity a great success.

Hindi, Math and Science activities - 2022

The years of uninterrupted advancement in Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN is the result of the successful teamwork of efficient teachers and expert students. Gradually the increasing number of activities led to creativity through inventing and experimenting. The experience of yesteryear brought about continual growth and progress. The spontaneous growth of the primary students has begun with the formation of words in Hindi activity using a vowel symbol in Grade 1and discovering Hindi synonyms in Grade 3. Moving ahead, the achievement of Grade 4 could be seen experimenting the solubility of the solution in Science activity and researching various relevant instances to estimate the unit of measurement in Math activity.

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