Art Exhibition - 2024
Podar International School #KALYAN, CISCE witnessed a remarkable Art Exhibition, showcasing the talents of students from various grades. The event was a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing creativity and critical thinking among its students.The Art Exhibition celebrated the students' artistic achievements and showcased their wonderful artwork, 3D designing and Project Synthesis models. The event included a Java and coding competition for Grade IX students and an art competition for the parents.The Exhibition was a landmark success as it was the validation to the collaborative efforts of students, parents and educators in cultivating a love for art and learning and nurturing well rounded individuals.
Parivartan Drive - 2024
With the motive to spread the message of self-love, kindness, acceptance, and seeking support, the students of Podar International School CISCE organised a walkathon, Parivartan Drive- A drive for change and action. Students took a rally and presented Nukkad Natak on the Kalyan streets. The lezim dance accompanied by the drums, posters, and slogans, created a vibrant atmosphere. Parivartan Drive was a call for societal transformation and a step towards a more compassionate world. Together, let's embrace change for a brighter tomorrow.
Annual Day Celebration 2023-2024
Podar International School (CISCE) Kalyan’s 14th Annual Concert, Navras added a vibrant touch to the event, symbolizing the nine emotions of life. The celebration was a super success captivating and mesmerizing everyone with energetic performances and artistic displays. A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to make this mega event memorable.
Republic Day Celebration - 2024
At Podar International School, the Republic Day celebration echoed with profound pride and patriotic spirit. The event shimmered with the vibrant performances of our talented students, featuring enchanting songs and exhilarating Lezim dances. Principal Ms. Sanjivani Bose’s impassioned address on the Indian constitution fueled a sense of purpose and commitment among the students, urging them to embrace the values of our nation. Step into the world of Podar’s dynamic young talents and witness their boundless energy!
Culminating Event 'Project Synthesis' - 2024

Project Synthesis' Culminative Event was organized by Podar International School, CISCE Kalyan for the students of grades I to V.

Each grade worked on various topics to present the journey of the entire Project Synthesis. The students made grade wise projects by applying their logical thinking and reasoning skills.

Grade wise topics were presented through the class room presentations and models.
Std I - Toy trunk
Std II - Wipe and shine
Std III - Step into joy.
Std IV - Beckoning bus stop
Std V - Fruitful feat.

The students through their efforts were able to make models in groups and enhance their leadership and collaborative skills.

The students' work was appreciated by the Guest of Honors, Principal, Vice principal, Coordinators and other members of the school.

Fancy Dress Competition - 2024
As part of the Integrated English curriculum, students explored the theme of ‘Significant People.’ Stepping into history’s shoes, the students brought legends to life! Students from Standard I to IV participated in a fancy dress competition where they showcased their talents in speaking, gaining confidence in the process. Take a peek at the competition – they enjoyed it and learned about the historical heroes of our country.
Music World - 2023
Dive into the world of music with us! Check out these snapshots from our vibrant music classes for grades 1-5 at Podar International School. #MusicalVibes #Grades1to5
Educational Journey - 2024

"Enriching Educational Journey: Exploring Diversity at the Brick Kiln Factory, Shiv Mandir, and Birla Temple" "Brick by brick, we built bridges between textbooks and real-world applications!" Our school recently took students to three fascinating destinations – the Brick Kiln Factory, Shiv Mandir, and Birla Temple. This unique journey aimed to broaden the horizons of our students, providing them with firsthand experiences that go beyond classroom learning.

This immersive field trip wasn't just a physical excursion but a voyage into knowledge, culture, and heritage.Such experiences are the keystones of holistic education, moulding students into informed and culturally aware individuals.

Happy Street Day - 2024
Witness the incredible performance by Podar International School CISCE students! They rocked Happy Street in Vasant Valley with their amazing Lezim, spreading pure joy and making everyone groove with happiness. Don’t miss the electrifying moments captured on camera! #PodarInternationalSchool #HappyStreet #VasantValley #LezimPerformance
Eye Checkup Session - 2023
Podar International School CISCE #KALYAN conducted an eye checkup session for students in Grades 1 to 9, recognizing the crucial role of good vision in achieving academic success and shaping future prospects. Here are the glimpses and insights from the eye checkup session!
Pre Christmas celebration - 2023
On the eve of Christmas, the lively Class V students from Podar International School CISCE had an exciting field trip to Monginis, the cake shop. During the visit, the students had a blast decorating cakes, using colorful icing, edible decorations, and creating their own unique designs.
Joy of giving - 2023
The Class Prefects of Podar International School CISCE Kalyan brought some joy to the students of Shikshan Parsark Mandal’s school in Kalyan by distributing the stationery and toys that our school students had collected during the Joy of giving week. The Principal, Ms. Sanjivani Bose, motivated the students of Shikshan Prasark Mandal School to pursue higher studies and encouraged them to strive towards achieving their goals. The Class Prefects had a delightful and positive experience meeting the students and sharing their own goals. Here is a glimpse of our students in action during this event.
Trip to Biscuit Company - 2023
Podar International School CISCE #KALYAN had organised an Educational field trip for the Grade I to IV students to a Parle G biscuit factory. Students visited the processing and packaging plant of biscuits, where they got a chance to see the inside view of factory where right from the dough to the last stage of packaging and how each step is performed mechanically was witnessed by them.
Annual Sports Day Celebration 2023-2024

Podar International School ICSE, Kalyan held its Sports Day on the Union Ground, Kalyan West on the 5th of December, 2023. The Chief Guest was Shri Dilip Bhoir, a highly decorated sportsman who has won many awards in the field of swimming and leads many sports organisations. The Principal Ms Sanjeevani Bose declared the meet open.

The march past was followed by the pyramid formations where the students displayed their acrobatic skills. Students performed the Zumba dance, the waka waka dance, ribbon drill dance, smiley drill, ending with a flourish with the Invigorating traditional dance of Maharashtra, the lezim.

The parents too participated whole heartedly in the event and came out in great numbers for the parents race. Prizes were distributed to students as well as parents. The Sports meet was a grand success.

Marble painting workshop - 2023
Along with studies, it is necessary to engage students in creative activities as well. Podar International School CISCE Kalyan makes sure that the creative activities organised for kids should be both enjoyable and beneficial. So, we organised a 3 days marble painting workshop for students wherein the students not only enjoyed the creative activity but also acquired a new skill, enhancing their overall talent.
Children's Day Celebration - 2023
On the special occasion of Children's Day, Podar International School CISCE celebrated the innocence and purity of children by organising a surprise magic show for the student. Here are a few snippets from the wonderful session.
Annual Skit Competition - 2023

Dramatic play helps in the development of life skills in children to set them on a path for a successful and confident life!

With this thought in mind, Podar International School , CISCE,Kalyan conducted the Annual Skit Competition for the students of grades 5 to 9.The skit competition was based on the famous tales from 'Malgudi Days' written by R K Narayan.

Our talented Podarites proactively participated in this enjoyable competition and delivered several stirring performances on various stories from the Malgudi Days. It was a visual bliss to see the young leaders performing confidently and also learning numerous things through dramatics.

Excursion to Mahabaleshwar - 2023
A 3 days excursion to Mahabaleshwar was organised for the students of Grades VIII to X. The students visited the scenic locales of Mahabaleshwar. The students trekked to Pratapgad fort, visited the Mapro garden and experienced thrill at the On Wheel adventure park. The students enjoyed games, dance and music in the evenings. It was an enriching experience wherein the students learnt the concept of sharing and team work.
Halloween party - 2023
Halloween is such an exciting holiday!!! On this day you can make a Jack-o-Lantern. This is a pumpkin with a silly or scary face.There are other decorations like bats, black cats and skeletons too!!! On this occasion Podar International School Kalyan CISCE had organised "UNHALLOWEEN" having various stations like Creepy Crawlies, Tic-tac- toe, Spider walk, Guess the shadows ( birds and animals), Knock down your bad habits, Making of bat with geometrical shapes, Move and Freeze for kids to enjoy themselves and get over their fears. The children made up for the best make up and costumes.
Solo singing competition - 2023
It was a day filled with melody and rhythm as Podar International School hosted the solo singing competition on the 23rd and 25th of October, showcasing the musical talent of students from various Grades I to V. Take a moment to catch a glimpse of the talented singers
Educational Trip 'Saguna Baug' - 2023
Embracing the magic of learning outside the classroom, our students had a blast during their educational field trip to Saguna Baug. Nature’s classroom provided the backdrop for exploration, discovery, and unforgettable bonding. The blend of nature, adventure, and unforgettable moments created cherished memories. Enjoy these snapshots of pure joy!
Educational Field trip 'Rocksport, Thane' - 2023
Students from Podar International School CISCE Kalyan grade 5 -7 had a blast on their educational field trip to Rocksport, Thane. They participated in a variety of adventure activities, including rock and wall climbing, rope courses, Zipline and team-building games. The students learnt important life skills such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. The hands-on experience in a natural setting allowed them to appreciate nature Overall, the students had a positive, exhilarating educational experience at Rocksport, Thane.
Educational Trip 'Bollywood Theme Park' - 2023
PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, ICSE, KALYAN arranged an Educational Fun Trip to ' Bollywood Theme Park' for the students of eighth and ninth standard. The field trip allowed the students to experience different environments inspired by the greatest Bollywood Blockbusters. The students experienced an explosion of colours, music and dance through various shows. The students returned with fond memories which they will cherish forever.
Tie and dye 'Block print workshop' - 2023
Students of Podar International school got an opportunity to explore their creativity by learning the art of block printing and tie-dye. The workshop helped them to make attractive personalised prints on their T Shirts. Snapshots of the students’ wonderful creations.
Visit to NGO 'Shanti Bhavan - Home to Aged' - 2023
Chessmate Tournament - 2023
Shree Ganesh Podar Memorial offline Chessmate Tournament in association with Kindersports was organised at Podar International School CISCE Kalyan. There were three categories: Under 9, Under 11 and Under 14. Students competed in these 3 categories and the 1st three winners were felicitated from each group. We congratulate the winners of the Shree Ganesh Podar Memorial offline Chessmate Tournament. Here are a few glimpses of the event.
Dussehra Celebration - 2023
The school assembly today was filled with festive spirit as our students celebrated Dussehra, highlighting the triumph of good over evil. Vibrant performances and a great show of talent made it a memorable day!
Navratri Celebration - 2023
On Friday, festive Garba tunes filled to the brim of the Podar International School premises as the students of Grade I to X rung in Navratri celebrations.
Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi - 2023
Podar International School CISCE, KALYAN conducted a special assembly on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Our talented Grade VIII Podarites spoke about the festival and its significance. A melodious group song in the praise of Lord Ganesha was sung by the students. The celebration infused devotion, understanding and learning in the learners.
House Meeting - 2023
School had a fantastic House Meeting where our Student Council members took the stage to share their invaluable insights and motivation with all house members. House Meeting served as a reminder of the power of collaboration and the strength of our school community.
Inter House Chess Tournament - 2023
Inter house chess tournament for Grade III - X was conducted in the school. The students participated in the event and showcased their love for the game of Chess. Here are a few glimpses of the competition.
Homage paid to the teachers at Podar - 2023

Teaching is the mother of all professions and a teacher is the fountainhead of all learning.

Inorder to honour our beloved teachers, Teachers' day was celebrated with great pomp and show at Podar International School, Kalyan , ICSE.

The day started with a great buzz and excitement as students donned the teachers' role for a day. A very enjoyable programme was presented by the students for their lovely teachers. Students serenaded and honoured the teachers with a melodious song and dance. Student teachers shared their experience as mock teachers and acknowledged the effort the teachers put in to educate a generation.

Teachers who had served for 5 and 10 years in the institution were honoured with Loyalty certificates from the Management.

The programme ended with attractive gifts for the teachers and a hearty lunch. The Teacher's Day celebrations were indeed a huge success.

Awareness about Surya namaskar - 2023
The students of Podar International School, ICSE, Kalyan, contributed in small amounts towards completion of 1 crore Surya Namaskars which had to be performed on the occasion of the centenary celebration of Namaskar Mandal , Kalyan. The responsibility of this activity was shared by everyone's beloved Ex MLA, Honourable Shri Narendraji Pawar and he himself was present at the school when the students performed the Surya Namaskar.
National Sports Day Celebration - 2023

The school was filled with fervor and enthusiasm as students and faculty came together to celebrate National Sports Day. This special occasion, which marks the birth anniversary of the legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand, was commemorated with a series of energetic activities and a memorable assembly organized by the dedicated Physical Education (PE) department.

The day kicked off with an array of engaging sports activities, meticulously planned and supervised by the PE teachers. These activities not only promoted physical fitness but also emphasized the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

The highlight of the celebration was the special assembly that commenced with inspiring speeches by the students of class 8D, highlighting the significance of National Sports Day and the legacy of Major Dhyan Chand.

The event was a true testament to the school's commitment to promoting physical well-being and fostering a culture of sports within the student community.

Eco Brick Collection - 2023

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' Protecting our dear planet is one of our first and foremost duties. And for that we need to banish the Enemy no. one which is plastic.Saying no to plastic is easier said than done. But we can still do something about it.

Towards the fulfillment of this goal, Podar International School Kalyan ( ICSE) In collaboration with the Kalyan Dombivili Municipal Corporation collected more than 100 kgs of plastic since 2022 in many forms.

We are grateful to be given this opportunity to contribute to our mother Earth. We are grateful to our dear Principal Ms Sanjeevani Bose who took this initiative. We are thankful to all the teachers and students without whose active participation,This would not have been possible.

The project was fulfilling. fruitful and a grand success.

Biz Kids Bazaar - 2023
Marking the date as August 18th, 2023, we orchestrated a splendid Integrated English affair, complete with a vibrant Biz Kids Bazaar. Our students' creative works took center stage, available for purchase, and all earnings are earmarked for charitable causes. With excitement, we present glimpses of this event, a canvas where our young ones delighted in peddling their wares at food stalls and proudly exhibiting their artistic endeavour. As a bonus, our students gained practical insights into financial literacy as they managed sales and maintained meticulous records.
Independence Day Celebration - 2023
India’s 77th Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show at Podar International School ( ICSE ) on the 15th August, 2023. The programme started with a welcome speech followed by the Flag hoisting ceremony along with the national anthem.. A patriotic dance was followed by a patriotic song. The atmosphere was charged with a patriotic fervour. The Principal addressed the gathering with her motivational words.The meritorious students were felicitated. The Independence Day Celebrations concluded with the National Song and distribution of sweets The Independence Day celebrations was a grand success.
No bag day - 2023
Podar International School ICSE, Kalyan organized ‘Bagless’ days on 1st and 2nd August, 2023 for the students of *Grade I to IV.* Ministry of Education has suggested a wide variety of enriching courses and ‘Bagless’ days for students. Keeping in view the guidelines, school organized an array of activities to complement the learning experience of the pupils like Movie Time, Fun Galore, Board Games, Rhythm House, Creative Strokes, Dance – Zumba. A PowerPoint presentation on journey of CHANDRAYAAN -3 to the moon was also shown to the students.
Expertise Talk - 2023
The students of Podar International School, ICSE, Kalyan were enriched by Mr. Dinesh More, who is a successful entrepreneur and one of the prominent names in the Training Industry. He briefed the students about the business formation, things one should have to become a successful businessman and how to be the best in whatever we do. It was indeed an informative and inspiring session.
Welfare Committee Meeting - 2023
Podar International School Kalyan organized sessions on Cyber Safety and Safe/Unsafe Touch for the primary and secondary students. The Cyber Safety session titled "Being Cyber Smart!" was aimed to educate the students about cyber crimes and ways to stay protected online.
Guru Pournima Celebration - 2023

Wishing You All A Very Happy Guru Purnima!


Guru Purnima assembly was conducted today by the students of class VIII A which brightened the aura of Podar International School ICSE, Kalyan. It commenced with the soulful redention of the school prayer, invoking blessings of the Almighty.The captivating performance included thoughts and inspirational speech that acknowledged the unwavering dedication, wisdom and selfless commitment of the teachers.

Our Principal madam Ms. Sanjivani Bose enlightened the significance of Guru Purnima and stated that the success of disciple is possible by the guidance and valuable knowledge of Guru.

Investiture Ceremony 2023-2024

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

The newly formed Student Council in Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN was elected by a fair and democratic election where the whole process was fully transparent and votes were counted digitally.

The most auspicious Investiture Ceremony was celebrated on Saturday, 1st July,2023 with zeal and enthusiasm.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was very suitably, a man in uniform, Inspector, Yogesh Deore.

The Principal Ms. Sanjivani Bose administered the oath to the newly constituted Student Council.

A garland of motivational words was delivered by the Chief Guest, Inspector Yogesh Deore. In his speech, he advised the students to inculcate the values of punctuality, dedication, discipline and determination as they are the torch bearers of tomorrow. Our Principal, Ms. Sanjivani Bose addressed the august gathering and advised the students “Rest if you must, but never quit.”

International Yoga Day Celebration - 2023
Podar International school, ICSE-Kalyan organized The International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2023. Ms. Mili Gupta, a yoga sadhika guided the students of Grade I to VIII to perform extraordinary mudras and aasanas. She enlightened the students by throwing light on the Importance of Yoga. Our PE Teachers encouraged the students to practice yoga to remain fit and improve concentration.
Father's Day Celebration - 2023
“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers and singers of song.” Podar International School Kalyan ICSE celebrated Father’s Day on 16 June, 2023. The event commenced with enthralling performances by students. They sang out the father’s day song with heart- warming expressions and emerged victorious in creating an everlasting impact. The celebration ended with students expressing their heartfelt messages towards their father.
Student Council Members 2023-2024
Congratulations to the newly elected Student Council Members of AY 2023-24.We are proud of you all. It was inspiring to see such an overwhelming participation of our students. We wish the newly elected Student Council Members all the very best as they begin their journey towards making a positive contribution to the school. Let’s celebrate their success and continue encouraging them in their endeavours.
Teacher’s Training Program - 2023
Podar International School,ICSE Kalyan conducted Teacher Training Program for its staff. And the learning continues at Podar……
Magical Show - 2023
Podar International School in Kalyan hosted a captivating magical show for the students. During this delightful event, our esteemed Principal, Mrs. Sanjivani Bose imparted valuable guidance to the students. She encouraged them to make the most of their vacation by indulging in the joy of reading. Her wise counsel motivated our students to continue their reading habits even during their leisure time, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation experience for all.
Mock Fire Drill - 2023
Podar International School ICSE Kalyan conducted the fire evaluation drill to train students on the steps to take during a fire emergency. During the drill, students were taught how to quickly and safely evacuate the school building, use fire extinguishers, and call for emergency services. The students responded positively to the drill and were commended for their quick and efficient evacuation. Overall, the drill was a success and demonstrated the school's commitment to student safety.
Eid Celebration - 2023
On 21st April, 2023 students of Podar International School Kalyan, ICSE demonstrated solidarity and harmomy by presenting a special assembly on Eid - Ul - Fitr which is celebrated all over the country marking the culmination of the Holy Month of Ramadaan. The assembly began with students of Grade IX explaining the significance of Eid-Ul-Fitr. The dance performance on the tunes of Qawwali filled the environment with happiness and love. Our Principal madam Mrs. Sanjivani Bose addressed the students and apprised them about the customs and practices of Eid. Madam also gave the message of being selfless at times trying to bring cheers and happiness in the lives of others.
Self Defence Workshop - 2023
Podar International School ICSE Kalyan recently organized a Self Defense Workshop for the students. The workshop aims at providing the learners with practical training and valuable insights related to defense mechanisms techniques. Our students had the opportunity to learn basic self-defense moves and tactics, as the workshop was designed in a way that enabled them to feel more confident and secure in their daily lives. We believe that this workshop was an informative and interactive event, which not only helped our students to develop essential life skills but also empowered them to face challenging situations with confidence.
Workshop for students-Tech-it-up - 2023

Podar International School organised two fantastic workshops that left the students buzzing with excitement and learning. In the first workshop, Mr. Devesh Khemani delivered a captivating talk to our Grade 8 students about cyber safety, artificial intelligence, and the future of technology. Our students were fully engaged and enlightened about the incredible possibilities and challenges that technology brings.

In the second workshop, Dr. Rupinder Kaur Murjani provided valuable insights to our Grade 7 students about the medical profession. She highlighted the scope and prospects of the profession, helping our students understand the importance of healthcare and the opportunities available in the field.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Devesh Khemani and Dr. Rupinder Kaur Murjani for sharing their knowledge and expertise with our students.

Money cannot eradicate poverty but education can - 2023

Podar International School ICSE invited the children of migrant labourers for a day in the school to give them an experience of the formal education. In addition to the warm hospitality provided by the Grade X students, they also donned the role of teachers and taught the visiting children with the help of various activities. The first activity was a science demonstration with some magical elements, which was aimed at sparking the young visitor’s curiosity and interest in the subject. This was followed by a math activity that challenged them to use their critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. The fun games allowed the children to let loose and have some fun. Grade X students generously donated stationery and clothes for the young visitors.

Overall, it was a rewarding experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to creating more opportunities like these.

Orientation for school bus drivers - 2023
Podar International School ICSE section conducted an orientation programme for the school bus drivers, cleaners and the non-teaching staff of the school. The principal instructed the staff to take all the necessary steps for the safety of the school children. She informed them to follow all the rules and give their best at all times.
Welcome to Academic year-2023-24
Education is the most powerful weapon - 2023

Podar International School ICSE invited the children of migrant labourers for a day in the school to give them an experience of the formal education. In addition to the warm hospitality provided by the Grade X students, they also donned the role of teachers and taught the visiting children with the help of various activities.The first activity was a science demonstration with some magical elements, which was aimed at sparking the young visitor’s curiosity and interest in the subject. This was followed by a math activity that challenged them to use their critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. The fun games allowed the children to let loose and have some fun.

Grade X students generously donated stationery and clothes for the young visitors.

Overall, it was a rewarding experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to creating more opportunities like these.

Orientation for Parents 2023-2024
Podar International School ICSE Kalyan organized an orientation programme for the parents to familiarize them, "as partners in progress" with the curriculum, rules, and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies, and co-scholastic activities. Welcoming parents to the new academic session 2023-24, the principal spoke at length about the benefits of effective communication between parents and teachers.
Farewell Std X - 2023
Farewells symbolise the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. An event charged with bitter sweet moments, Podar International school bid farewell to its outgoing students of Grade 10. The event was hosted by the students of Grade 9 who also garnished the event with their musical and comical talents. The Principal, Mrs. Sanjivani Bose, delivered an impactful and inspiring speech to the parting students. An emotional and heartwarming video encapsulated the journey of the pupils followed by speeches by the middle school coordinator and the school captain Ms. Durgavati in tandem with each other, which captured the attention of the parting students. Finally, the children danced together but not without their hopes and dreams intact for the future, as the evening faded into the starlit night.
Fire Evacuation Drill - 2023
Fire Evacuation Drill was held on 14th March at Podar International School(ICSE), Kalyan. Demonstration of dousing the fire was witnessed by the students. All the students were briefed by the school principal and there was a question and answer session where the students pointed out the various steps one must take at the time of an emergency.
Women's Day Celebration - 2023
International Women's Day was celebrated at Podar International School ICSE. All the teaching and the non teaching staff enjoyed the special day.
Educational Field Trip 'Raymond Shop' - 2023
Podar International School(ICSE), Kalyan students had a fantastic time learning and exploring about the fabrics and fashion at the Raymond's shop. Grade III and IV students’ field trip to the Raymond's shop gave our learners a hands-on experience in the world of fashion and textiles. From cotton to clothing! Our young learners got an inside look at the journey of fabric from the raw material to the finished product at the Raymond's shop.
National Science Day Celebration - 2023
‘Science of today is the technology of tomorrow’ National Science day was celebrated by the students of Podar International School ICSE Kalyan on 28th February 2023. This day is celebrated to remember the great invention by the Indian Physicist Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman who discovered ‘Ramans Effect’. There was a special assembly to mark this occasion. The day began with the introduction of our scientist Dr. C.V. Raman followed by speeches. Students from Std V to VIII participated in chart making activity based on topics such as sorting of waste , collection of seeds,discoveries of ISRO, information on Bio-fuels, effect of Fast Food on Health etc. It was indeed a very knowledgeable day in which the main motive was to spread a message about the importance of Science used in the daily life of the people.
Annual Day Celebration 2022-2023

Celebrating the opulent Indian tradition and magnificent culture, unification of emotions and soul, the Primary, Middle, and the Secondary School, of Podar International School ICSE Kalyan organised its Annual Day on 2nd 3rd and 4th February 2023. The entire show was based on the theme ‘Krishna Kathayein which was beautifully manifested through evocative dance drama.

The whole ambience was imbued with the hues of tradition, devotion and gaiety. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp ceremony followed by the National Anthem. The little cherubs left everyone enthralled with their stellar dance performance portraying Krishna’s childhood and maternal bond. The discourse between Lord Krishna and his mother acted like a string holding all the pearls of performances together, imparting coherence to the dance drama. ‘Natkhat dance’ beautifully depicted the innocence and liveliness of Krishna’s childhood. The ‘Govardhan Parvat’ enactment explicated a message to be sensitive towards nature and ‘Kaalia Mardhan’ showcased the Baal Leela of the Supreme Lord signifying the victory of good over evil. ‘Maharaas’, a dance performance symbolising the ecstasy of communion with the divine also left everyone entranced. ‘Aarambh Hai Prachand’ filled every one with wisdom and delight presenting ‘Gita Saar’ in a stimulating manner.

The parents were proud of the little ones and appreciated the school’s endeavour in training them exquisitely. The event concluded with a vote of thanks.

Educational Field Trip - 2023
An educational field trip unlocked the latest approach of learning. It was an initiative taken by our school for the children to observe,inquire and learn. A field trip to 'Pathare Nursery ' on 16th February 2023 had thrown the light on a unique system of learning for the primary students. The students were provided an opportunity to increase their knowledge through acute observation. Preference was given to raise awareness with the help of practical experience. The excitement of observing various types of plants was witnessed on the young learners' faces.
Parivartan Drive 'Eco warriors - A Sustainable you and I'
Keeping in mind our duty as responsible citizens of the planet, on 17th February 2023 a ' 'Parivartan Drive ' with the motto 'Fight Fashion', students from Grade V-VIII accompanied by their teachers and the PTA Executive members came out in procession along with Lezim dancers dancing to the beats of drums. They held banners and placards declaring their resolve to reduce, recycle and reuse their clothing. It was quite a fruitful walk of around 2.5 kms imbibing a spirit of responsible citizens. The Parivartan drive was a grand success.
3D Designing and Printing Competition - 2023
Podar International School, ICSE, Kalyan took the honours to be the host of a 3D Designing and Printing Competition on 28th January 2023. In all seven schools competed in this event. There was an amalgamation of singing and displaying of 3D models, toy arena as well as working models. The four distinguished guests judged all the models as the participants explained their uniqueness and workings.The event witnessed the Principal's speech followed by the Guest's inspirational thoughts and the prize distribution ceremony. The program ended with a vote of thanks.
Republic Day Celebration - 2023
Podar International School celebrated India's 74th Republic Day with style and panache. The celebration began with the Flag Hoisting Ceremony. A synchronous March Past parade was followed by a patriotic and inspiring speech. Innovative combination of dance and skating, Karate and Taekwondo left the spectators spellbound. The sound of lezim wrung through the audience, escalating the patriotic fervor. The program ended with the students singing the national song.
Pre-Republic Day Celebration - 2023
On the eve of the 74th Republic Day, Podar International School, ICSE Kalyan had organised a traditional day to celebrate India- 'Unity in Diversity', Students from Grade I-VIII actively participated and represented the different states which were alloted to their respective classes. The learners shared the facts about the rich Indian states, wore the traditional garments, shared their food and sang and danced to the folk music of different states of India.
Food Without Fire - 2023
Students of Podar International School ICSE Kalyan donned their ‘Chef Caps’ to exhibit their culinary skills in ‘Cooking Without Fire’ on 20th January 2023. Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they doled out nutritious yet delectable delicacies selected post exhaustive research on the cultural backgrounds of the relevant recipes chosen from the allotted country . Artefacts and food items displayed were a visual treat and were presented in an artistic and aesthetic style. Dishes were judged on nutrition and taste by the judges.
Christmas Celebration - 2022
Workshop on Road Safety - 2022
A workshop on Road Safety was conducted by Mr. Mahesh Tarade, the Senior Police Inspector of Kalyan Traffic for the students of Podar International School. He enlightened them with the rules which one needs to follow while driving and also dissuaded the students from driving before they reach the age of eighteen.
GrabCAD model making competition - 2022
A "GrabCAD" Model making competition was organised for Grades V- VIII. Podar International School (ICSE), Kalyan kindled the spirit of inculcating a scientific temper and research so that students develop the qualities of analytical and critical thinking. The students presented various innovative still as well as working models. Ms. Tua Sharma and Ms. Smita Dhokale the judges appreciated the students for the spectacular show.
Annual Skit Competition - 2022
An English Skit Competition based on social message was conducted by Podar International School ICSE, KALYAN on 12th January, 2023.There were two groups from Grades V- IX. All the students exhibited great theatrical skills. They put in tremendous hard work to showcase their hidden talent.
Mural art by students - 2022
Mural Painting workshop was conducted for the students of Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN of grade VI to IX. We are very happy to present the spectacular Mural painted by our Students under the guidance of their respective art teachers.
Educational Field Trip - 2022
Educational Field Trips are a part of the curriculum and are meant to educate students outside the four walls of the classroom. Students of PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, ICSE, KALYAN, went on a fun filled and exciting educational field trip. The students from Grade 1 to 4 visited KIDZANIA where they had the feel and first hand experiences of various careers. Students of Grade 5 to 9 visited the Juice Adventure in Bhayander where the students enjoyed the adventure filled activities. All the students had a great time.
Dental Checkup - 2022
A regular dental checkup is an integral part of prevention in dental care. Podar International School ICSE Kalyan organized a free dental check up from Grade I-X on 15,16 and 19th December 2022. Dr. Hemant More and his team from Shree Dental Speciality Hospital contributed whole heartedly to this drive to make it a memorable experience for the students. The school devotedly thanks Dr. More for this commendable service.
E-waste collection drive - 2022
Learning to take care of the environment starts at an early age! Podar International School, ICSE # Kalyan initiated a week long E-Waste collection drive for students of Grade I to X in the school. The school collaborated with Threco, recycling LLP and the arrangement was supported by Rotary Club of New Kalyan. The students whole heartedly contributed to this drive.
Evacuation Drill - 2022
Mock Bus Drill - 2022
There was a Mock Bus Drill organized at Podar International School ICSE Kalyan to create awareness in the children of the safety measures to be taken while travelling by the school bus. The use of emergency exit was exhibited in front of the children by the bus attendant ( didi) and first aid kit was also shown . The Principal asked a few students to perform the same.
Sports Day Celebration 2022-2023
November 26th, 2022 dawned the glory of the great day for Podar International School ICSE Kalyan to buckle down their shoes and move hand in gloves with the entire team for the 13th Annual Sports Day. It was a day of excitement and competition for the students. The event was witnessed by the Founder of Aims Sports Foundation-Dr. Ajit Kulkarni as the honourable Chief Guest for the occasion. The Principal Ms. Sanjivani Bose warmly welcomed the Chief Guest with a floral bouquet and a sapling as a token of love and appreciation.
Kaleidoscope - 2022
"Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive and widely effective mode of saying things'. Recitation activities help students to build confidence as they learn to speak more accurately and persuasively about any piece of writing, keeping this in mind a poetry Competition was organised. on the 14th and 15th of November 2022. at Podar International School(ICSE), Kalyan. The students actively participated in the Competition. as they got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The Competition inspired the young poets to come forward and recite. The students came up with different poems on the theme' Kaleidoscope' and recited them with great fondness and zeal.
Children's Day Celebration - 2022
"It is said that every child is a different kind of flower, and all together they make the world a beautiful garden". Podar International School ICSE Kalyan celebrated Children's Day by arranging a professional juggler and football freestyler, who not only gave jaw-dropping performances but also taught the children tricks and techniques on how to juggle and freestyle with a football. That wasn't enough, the school also arranged a magician, as a special treat for the occasion, who mesmerised the children with his spellbinding magical tricks. The students enjoyed their day.
Felicitation of Winners - 2022
Each student is special and deserves appreciation for what he/she is good at. Appreciating all such students, Podar International School ( ICSE) Kalyan motivated the winners of Inter- House Art Competition, Rakhi Making and Elocution Competition by honouring them with a Certificate as a token of appreciation. The Competitions paved a way and prepared a platform to showcase the creative skills of the students. The Principal Ms. Sanjivani Bose and Vice Principal Ms. Effie Ferrao together felicitated the winners and praised the efforts of the students for their respective houses.
House Meeting - 2022
It was an exciting week, that encompassed a lot of planning and contemplation, here at Podar International school, ICSE, Kalyan. The school captain, Ms. Durgavati, addressed the pupils regarding the upcoming annual sports day which will commence shortly. The House captains informed and instructed the members of their respective houses about games and heats which will be conducted the week after. The Principal was also a part of this meeting, who inspired and motivated the captains and their team members to participate and give their best, as the best house will be awarded with a rolling trophy this year.
Diwali Celebration - 2022
Celebrating a festival in school with the friends is an occasion all the students look forward to. PISK is believed to be one of the most reliable institutions which has always been keen to provide the best education as well as the moments of enjoyment to its learners. Thinking about the festival of lights, the school had planned 'Diwali Celebration ' for the children to break the monotony of life and celebrate the best moments. Varieties of sweets and luscious food was shared amongst the students. A scintillating dance floor unveiled the splendid dance performance of the students. The joy on the faces of the learners was a sight to watch.
Yoga Session - 2022
'Fitness' defines a wide scope of a well balanced lifestyle to maintain physical, emotional and mental health. A moment of Yoga heals the monotonous stress in body and mind. With the urge to emphasize physical fitness alongwith academics, PISK endeavoured to commence a session of Yoga for the primary students. The session continued for a fortnight supported by a female instructor educating the children different postures of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. As a consequence, the children were enthusiastic to learn the effective techniques in this session boosting themselves in mental and physical well-being.
World Mental Health Day - 2022
On the occasion of Mental health day, a very informative session was arranged for the school staff by our counseling department. The session began with the resource person asking the attendees to highlight their strengths. It was a time to introspect and all spoke about their strong traits.In the group activity all the members appreciated the positive attributes of the their respective group members. The session was a highly rejuvenating experience for all the attendees as each one learnt about their positive traits from their colleagues.
Story Telling Session - 2022
An interesting storytelling session was conducted by Mr. Savio Mascarenhas on Wednesday. The session was fun filled and informative. The students were enlightened on how to construct stories on the basis of pictures. Being an animator and story developer at Amar Chitra Katha Comics, Mr. Savio shared some of his work with the pupils.
Garba Celebration - 2022
Navratri is a festival which symbolizes good over evil and spread the goodness all over. Podar International School ICSE Kalyan organized a colourful Garba and rejuvenated the vibrancy of the Navratri season. The positivity and energy exuberating out of the colourful costumes combined with the enthusiasm of dancing to the dandiya folk songs made the entire day extremely successful and fruitful. The Navrotsav event became an excellent example of celebration of tradition with joy and fervour at its fullest along with the discipline of students. Students of Grade I-X participated attired in traditional dresses added to the festive mood.
Poetry writing workshop - 2022
'Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words'; these words of Robert Frost served as inspiration for us here at Podar International School, ICSE, Kalyan to organise a two day poetry writing workshop for grades 1 to 8. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Riddhi Sharma. The workshop was very enlightening and enjoyable and the pupils were introduced to various forms of poetry such as 'Haiku' and 'Acrostic' styles of poetry, to name a few. The students were inspired to write poems of their own, which they recited in the presence of their peers.
Joy of giving 'Visit to Orphanage' - 2022
Podar International School's Student Council visited Saad Foundation's orphanage and 'KDMC School No 07' in Adharwadi. Visiting an orphanage is a life-changing experience as it evokes emotions and sentiments. Our students not only presented a wonderful session for the children but also interacted with them. They donated various useful commodities like stationery and toys.This noble cause of spreading smiles and happiness among these less privileged children, gave immense peace and happiness to our students. Our students spent some quality time with the children in the orphanage understanding their daily routine. It was truly an experience of ‘Joy of Giving’.
Teacher's Day Celebration - 2022

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge".

A teacher is the eternal guru and guide whose firm and loving grooming has shaped generations from times immemorial. She can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instil love for learning.

Podar International School celebrated Teachers' Day with great gusto and gaiety. The assembly was led by a prayer followed by a peek into Dr. Radhakrishnan's life and why Teachers' Day is celebrated throughout India. The students of Grade X dressed up as teachers and conducted classes to denote their love, respect, acknowledgement and gratitude. The School Captain thanked everyone for giving them the opportunity to make the day memorable for their teachers.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2022

Ganesh festival and Onam celebration - 2022
Podar International School Kalyan, ICSE conducted a special assembly on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam. Our talented Podarites spoke about the festival and its significance. A devotional group dance in the praise of Lord Ganesha was performed by the students. A melodious Ganesh vandana was sung by the students. An informative power point presentation on Onam enlightened the students on the significance of Onam.The celebration infused devotion, understanding and learning in the learners. Our Principal Ms. Sanjivani Bose wished and blessed all the students on this auspicious day.
Mock Fire Drill - 2022
Mock Fire Drill was scheduled for Podar International School ICSE Kalyan on 29th August 2022 for the students from Grade V-X at 10:00 am in the morning who were assembled in the assembly point area.The disaster focal person explained the relevance of the Mock fire drill and it's relevance. There was a demo given to the students to understand its consequences.This evacuation was for the entire school to create awareness and preparedness during a calamity. The students from Grade I-IV assembled in the stilt area at 3:30 pm in the afternoon along with the Jumbo kids.Immediately after the ringing of the bell ,the students and all the staff members were evacuated from their classrooms. Guided by the teachers the students were assembled in the stilt area. The mock drill was designed to help students understand an emergency situation to be handled tactfully.
Inter house Competition 'Historic Mysteries - A Historical Trivia Challenge' - 2022
In keeping with the aim of empowering our students with good oratory skills, the Inter-House Competition was organized for our ICSE Podarites of Kalyan on 20th August,2022. Grade I - II had a Masquerade : (Fancy Dress) Competition. Grade III-IV had the Declamation: (Speech) on "The Most Powerful Person in Indian History". Grade V-VI had the Grandiloquence: (Elocution )“The Heroes of Indian Independence”. Grade VII-VIII had the Elocution Competition on the topic "Leaders who changed the World". The competition was enjoyed thoroughly. The event was a grand success.
Museum on wheels 'A virtual visit to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalay' - 2022
Museum on Wheels, named Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya visited our school on 22nd August. Our students welcomed the Museum on Wheels with a thundering applause. The excited students toured around the museum . They were briefed with a help of slideshow presentation and the display of the artefacts displayed on the bus. The rich and beautiful replicas, manuscripts, sculpture, Indian textile, jewellery, currency and costumes won the hearts of the enthusiastic learners. It was indeed an enriching and fun filled experience for all the students.
Krishna Janmashtami Celebration - 2022
Podar International School Kalyan, ICSE conducted special assembly on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. Our very talented Podarites expressed their oratory, dancing and singing skills with great zeal and enthusiasm. The students dressed up as Lord Krishna, complete with flutes and peacock feathers. Our Principal Ms. Sanjivani Bose blessed all the students on this auspicious day.
Independence Day Celebration - 2022
The 75th Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp at Podar International School, Kalyan. The student of Grade II from the CIE hosted the auspicious event. Mrs. Sanjeevani Bose, ICSE Principal along with the Principals of the CIE, CBSE, PJK and the G.M. hoisted the flag. The event was a culmination of songs and dance, the students from all the boards gave a rendition of melodious, patriotic songs and dances to honour the nation. Ms. Sanjeevani Bose, Principal ICSE addressed the pupils with an inspiring speech. The school toppers from ICSE, CBSE and CIE were felicitated by the Principals for their hard work and determination. The teachers from ICSE, CBSE and CIE, who completed their tenures of 5 and 10 years, were felicitated too. Just like the tricoloured flag, all the three boards came together in perfect union to glorify the nation on it's 75th year of independence.
Independence Day activity 'Primary section' - 2022
'The Wonder Kids'. Unlike each year, Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN came ahead with the thought to respect the patriotic feeling. The idea of making the 'Tiranga' had been initiated by the school. The Independence Day activity was the focus of attention of the Primary students to honour the National Flag of India. It was truly good to see the awareness of the students about the three colours of the flag. The students' ingenuity to use the pulses and rice horizontally in proper sequence proved their expertise to make the flag of India. With this effort and a mark of respect, the Primary Section wishes everyone A Happy Independence Day.
Investiture Ceremony 2022-2023

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”.

The newly formed Student Council in Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN was elected by a fair and democratic election where the whole process was fully transparent and votes were counted digitally.

The most auspicious Investiture Ceremony was celebrated on Saturday, 29th July,2022 with zeal and enthusiasm. The Chief Guest for the occasion was very suitably, a man in uniform, Inspector Umesh Gitte.

The Student Council marched on to the stage to the beat of the drums and thumping music as and when their portfolios were called out. Badges, sashes and flags were invested on the leaders by the Chief Guest.

The Principal Ms. Sanjivani Bose administered the oath to the newly constituted Student Council.

A garland of motivational words was delivered by the Chief Guest, Inspector Umesh Gitte. In his speech, he advised the students to inculcate the values of punctuality, dedication, discipline and determination as they are the torch bearers of tomorrow.

Our Principal, Ms. Sanjivani Bose addressed the audience and stressed on the need to surmount all obstacles and win the seemingly impossible goal. “ Rest if you must, but never quit” should be the mantra for Podarites.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks.

Pre Independence Day Celebration - 2022

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.”
We as Podarites performed on the occasion of Pre- Independence day celebration during the Assembly.

Our very talented Podarites expressed their impressive oratory, dancing and singing skills with zeal and enthusiasm. Our budding artists performed the interview skit on India’s youngest archaeologist Arsh Ali where students learnt about his achievements, hardwork and how to be passionate about what you do.

Rakshabandhan Competition - 2022
Raksha Bandhan' or 'Rakhi' is a special occasion to celebrate the virtuous bond of love between a brother and a sister which is one of the deepest and noblest ofall human emotions. To commemorate this festival, a Rakhi Making competition was organized for the students of the Podar International School ICSE Kalyan on 10th August 2022. Students made beautiful Rakhis using different articles like silken thread, ribbon, decorative materials, colourful stones and beads etc. Their artisanship was quite fascinating and children thoroughly enjoyed this activity.
Investing badges and felicitation - 2022
Podar International School ICSE Kalyan honoured Miss Yashoda Dornal from Grade IX who won 2 Silver Medals at the State Level in Karate. Flavia Desai from Grade IX and Saarah Mascarenhas from Grade VIII received Participation Certificates for Drawing and Painting Competition(AISM) which was held on the 6th of August at Lilavati Podar School, Santacruz. The Principal Ms. Sanjeevani Bose invested badges to the Discipline and Floor Prefects of the School.
Pottery workshop - 2022

"Pottery, one of the oldest and most widespread decorative art "

Clay gives children wings to let their imagination soar. The students of Podar International School, ICSE Kalyan very keenly and energetically loved to engage themselves in such a creative and exploring art of Pottery by working with their hands.

The Pottery workshop was conducted on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August 2022 with active participation of each and every student of our school who felt close to nature.

Prize Distribution Ceremony - 2022
A prize distribution ceremony was held on 17th June 2022.The Principal Ms. Sanjivani Bose felicitated the winners during the Assembly by giving away the trophies,certificates and medals.She praised all the winners and gave an inspirational message to dream higher to win accolades as they move ahead in their journey.
IE Activity 'Theme: Change makers Human Rights' - 2022
Session 2- Balancing Human Rights & Environmental causes and consequences. In this activity students of Grade V to VIII gained knowledge that some 'Human Rights' may conflict with another person's 'Human Rights'. They learnt that 'Human Rights' need to be balanced so that overall peace and harmony is maintained. Students also learnt about some of the major environmental disasters. They were made aware about the ways to protect and preserve one's environment and how to signify it in their actions.
After School Clubs 'Gourmet Club Activity' - 2022
"After School Club" held on 18th & 19th April,2022 at Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN. There was lot of excitement and fun doing activity such as "Create a Me Tree in the "Happy Me Club" explored into "Easy Bird Feeders". "Art 4 All Club" turned shapes into Art and "The Gourmet Club had a good feed on "Mixed Sprouts Chaat".This was all for the Primary students. The Secondary students were focusing on 5-4-3-2-1 in their "Happy Me Club". "Green Wizard Club" trashed on to DIY Games on Waste materials. "Art 4 All Club" designed "Split Face Art" into decorative Art leaving everyone with an 'aw' expression. "The Gourmet Club" had a wonderful day with "Marie Biscuit Roll" all the way.
Integrated English Session 1 'Grade V - VIII' 2022
Theme: Changemakers Human Rights In this session,students of Grade V-VIII understood that people must not be deprived of their rights on the basis of age, gender, nationality, race or disability. They also reflected on the wide disparities that exist in the world, despite the identification and acknowledgment of such natural rights on a global level. The students learnt that everyone has the right to live and grow with dignity.
Integrated English Session 1 'Grade I - IV' 2022
Theme: Changemakers Human Rights(Integrated English) The Students of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN of Grade I-IV were taken through the rights that we all have as human being. They learnt and understood the relationship between rights and responsibilities and were introduced to the concept of basic needs that we all have as human beings. Students were made aware that some rights protect the basic needs that every human should have for them to lead a happy, safe and healthy life.
After School Club Activities - 2022
It was a great pleasure and enthusiasm to once again gear into the same energy to commence the "After Club" activities on 11th April 2022. The students of Primary and Secondary bounced back to give the same tempo to the new academic year 2022-23 and participated enthusiastically in the four Clubs. Primary as well as Secondary Students whole heartedly participated in "Happy Me Club" with activities like Sensory Diet & Reflective Art. For Green Wizard Club the topic given "Minimize Your Waste". With regard to "Art 4 All Club" the students came up with "Mural Art" and Lentangle,"The Gourmet Club" had delicious delicacies prepared like "Salad on a Stick" and "Sweet Poha". The students are full of zeal and energy creating a world of their own mingling with students and coming up with team work.
Teachers sports 2021-2022
"A healthy mind in a healthy body" With an aim to promote healthy living Podar International School ICSE #KALYAN planned a sports day for the teaching and non teaching staff. The school believes in the fitness of the teachers as well. It builds team spirit provides the necessary boost for mind activation, and competitive spirit. It was a refreshing experience and an air of excitement all around.
Explore and Experiment Competition - 2022
Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN organized Inter House Literary Fest "Narrative Arena" on 24th February, 2022. Students from Grade V - VIII participated in the unique event EXPLORE and EXPERIMENT. They had to show the experiment using materials available at home. Students performed various science experiments based on different concepts such as miscible and immiscible liquids, properties of air, float and sink, etc. The objective was to nurture students’ intellectual ability, critical thinking skills, and to boost their confidence.
Fire Mock Drill - 2022
Podar International School,ICSE #KALYAN witnessed the Fire Drill for the students of all three boards on 28th February,2022. Under the vigilant guidance of all the authorities, the drill began with the evacuation of the entire building in the assembly point which was the basketball court. The students assembled there along with the teaching and non - teaching staff after the power cut and ringing of the emergency bell. Mr. Santosh Parab, Proprietor of FIRE CONTROL ENGINEERS who is a very knowledgeable and experienced person, explained and demonstrated how to extinguish the fire. The students were engrossed in the information given and left the assembly point after being enriched. Mr. Santosh Parab, also demonstrated to the teaching and non- teaching staff separately how to be prepared during fire emergency by handling the fire extinguisher in the correct posture. Over all it was an absolute enriching experience for everyone.
Math - Hand Span' and Science -Common Insects activities - 2022
"When Learning Is Purposeful, Creativity Blossoms. When Creativity Blossoms, Thinking Emanates. When Thinking Emanates, Knowledge is fully Lit."- By APJ Abdul Kalam In the recent days the high quality talent of the Students of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN primary grade has fascinated everyone with the couple of activities. The learning served the purpose of gaining exquisite understanding with the intense of creative thinking. The Math activity 'Hand Span' of Grade I helped the children to grasp the procedure of measurement with the hand fully extended. The eminent researchers of Grade IV advanced by researching 'Common Insects' and learning about their body parts in Science activity.
After school club activities 'Week 5' - 2022

We 'The Podarites' have come to the fifth week of the activity session , our students are participating with great excitement by showing their creativity in planning their club activities.

Art for all
Mural art which gives abstract design of imagination.

Happy me club
Focused meditation with pattern style.

Gourmet club
Healthy meal with nuts and cool banana smoothie to lead a healthy life. They'll also enjoy making cake out of biscuits.

Green wizard
Organic colors to enjoy festive season and how to create a waste fabric into a new innovative object.

The students involved themselves with great enthusiasm in making the activity a great success.

Hindi, Math and Science activities - 2022
The years of uninterrupted advancement in Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN is the result of the successful teamwork of efficient teachers and expert students. Gradually the increasing number of activities led to creativity through inventing and experimenting. The experience of yesteryear brought about continual growth and progress. The spontaneous growth of the primary students has begun with the formation of words in Hindi activity using a vowel symbol in Grade 1and discovering Hindi synonyms in Grade 3. Moving ahead, the achievement of Grade 4 could be seen experimenting the solubility of the solution in Science activity and researching various relevant instances to estimate the unit of measurement in Math activity.
EVS and Hindi activities - 2022
Inventive minds' legendary pursuit "Time is a brisk mind for each hour it brings something new." Innumerable miscellaneous activities enabled the children to update their knowledge by mastering new skills and unfolding their hard work. To begin with Grade I EVS activity, various models of transport by using craft paper and clay captured everyone's observance. Learning with art developed a forum with experimental perspective. However Grade III valued English activity through the articulacy of writing the essay organized in logical and effective manner. Grade IV made others see their art in Hindi activity through the beautiful floral presentation. The ingenuity and marvellous collage led to competent learning.
After School Club Activities - 2022

Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN successfully completed a spell of extracurricular activity sessions for its primary and secondary sections under the banner of 'The After School Club'. The amalgam of activities conducted was designed to stimulate the students artistically, to make them more sensitive towards conserving the environment, to independently venture into culinary endeavors, to be self aware and to be aware of one's thoughts and emotions.

There was a plethora of activities such as quick thinking hilarious word games, tracing of the students' hands on paper and then enunciating their thoughts on it, using waste material for making innovative objects of utility, using vegetable waste and converting it into compost, using colour to express emotions, utilizing natural things to make personalized art forms, using biscuits and bread to make their own unique cake recipes and using homemade rotis and transforming them into cheese veg wraps.

The fun filled and enriching activities compelled the students to use various faculties of theirs to complete them, owing to which they were thoroughly enjoyed by all the pupils.

After School Club Activities - 2022
Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN conducted the session of "After School Club " on Saturday, 5th February 2022. Our magnificent magicians demonstrated their culinary art, understanding for physical activity, impeccable artwork that conveys the skill, maturity and imaginative excellence they are endowed with. After school club activities conducted in Podar International school, ICSE,Kalyan makes our students go from yummy to greeny to happy to arty!
Online Inter House Literary Fest 'Narrative Arena' - 2022

"The pen is mightier than the sword."

Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN organized the Online Inter House Literary Fest "Narrative Arena" on 4th February, 2022.

Students from Grade V - VIII participated in the unique event.

Grade V - VI students excelled in writing beautiful poems in English.
Grade VII - VIII students displayed their creativity by writing eloquent and beautifully worded essays in English.

Students gave full expression to their creative ideas and penned them down in form of beautiful poems and essays. The competition provided an opportunity to budding authors to hone their creative skills.

After School Club Activities 'Session 3' - 2022

Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN conducted its third session of "After School Club" with great zeal and enthusiasm. The following will give you details about each activity conducted in clubs.

1. Happy Me Club
*Primary Section*
Topic- Switcheroo!
Students played quick thinking hilarious word game and enjoyed it.
*Secondary Section*
Topic- Create a 'Me Tree'
Students were asked to trace their hand on a paper and write their thoughts in each element of the tree.

2. Green Wizards Club
*Primary Section*
Topic- Waste into BEST
Children used their imagination to make innovative and attractive thing from the waste material.
*Secondary Section*
Topic- Compost it
Students were informed to keep the vegetables waste and fruit peels and use them as a fertilizer for growing plants.

3. Art 4 All Club
*Primary Section*
Abstract multi- coloured shapes
Children used different colours to draw shapes, forms to achieve its effect.
*Secondary Section*
Topic- Nature Inspired Art
Students had to utilize natural things to make different art forms.

4. The Gourmet Club
*Primary Section*
Topic- Oreo Cake!
Children had used oreo biscuits and bread to make cake.
*Secondary Section*
Topic- Cheese veg wraps
For the wrap children used homemade wheat roti and for the filling used cheese and fresh vegetables.

Republic Day Celebration - 2022
"A country's greatness lies in its undying ideals of love and sacrifice that inspire the mothers of the race" - Sarojini Naidu. We at Podar International School ICSE #KALYAN cherish and practice the ideals and values our great countrymen held during their struggle to build an independent India. While the pandemic situation may have dampened the spirit of the national holiday, there's no reason to miss out on the significance and celebrations. Podar International School ICSE, Kalyan held the virtual Republic Day 2022 celebration with much enthusiasm and gusto. The event was marked by patriotic songs, music and speeches by our energetic students. From virtual celebrations to greeting one another, here is a small wish to all our Indians: A very Happy Republic Day !!!!
After School Club Activities - 2022
Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN conducted its second session of "After School Club " with great zeal and enthusiasm shown by the students. There were opportunities given to students to explore and creatively learn by doing. The children showed their interest and enjoyed doing the exercises too which filled them with vigour and excitement to learn more.
After school club activities at PIS Kalyan ICSE - 2022

Podar International School ICSE #KALYAN is glad to introduce a new fun way based activity in form of "CLUBS"

The following will give you details about each activity conducted in respective clubs:

Happy Me club
Topic :- Dance/ Walk like an animal
The children enjoyed to the fullest to enact the action of their chosen animal.

Art 4all
Topic : Flower making ( Paper)
The children used their creativity to make a paper flower.

The Green Wizard
Topic : Nature's Face
The children expressed their imagination of human face and gave their best to make a replica of it with leaves and seeds.

The Gourmet club
Topic : Salad on a stick
The children picked healthy food items to make their salad sticks look colorful and attractive.

After School Club Activity - 2022
“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear". With an aim to promote healthy living Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN started a plethora of After School Club activities like Happy me club, Green Wizard Club, Art for all club and Gourmet Club on 7th January 2022. The School started this activities to give importance to health, mind, sports and fitness which is most essential and such an initiative provides the necessary boost for mind activation, team spirit and increases competitiveness, which is a great way to help people understand the magnitude of physical and mental health in their life course. Here are the glimpses of the After School Club Activities. It was a refreshing experience enjoyed by all the young Podarites.
Vaccination drive at PIS Kalyan ICSE - 2022

Podar International School, Kalyan took the initiative to administer the vaccination drive with the students aged 15 - 18 years with the directions given by the KDMC under the supervision of Mr. Sunil Wayale who played a prominent role in making the initiative a huge success.

A total of 165 students from the ICSE section along with their parents became a part of it on 4th January 2022, from 10.00 am - 4.00 pm adhering to the Covid 19 protocol to the fullest.

All due precautions were taken regarding sanitising the school and maintaining social distance at all times before and after the vaccination drive.

We would like to appreciate the efforts of the Hub G.M Mr. Kamath and also the A.O. Mr Amit Kulkarni along with Mr Sunil Wayale , Ex -Corporator for the timely help extended to the school.

Christmas Celebration - 2021
Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN celebrated Christmas, virtually on the 23rd of December, 2021. The festivity began on a wonderful note; the pupils from the lower grades drew Christmas trees and hats while those from the higher grades made paper stars and Christmas tree decorations. The children enjoyed the activities as a precursor to their Christmas vacation, spreading the joy of the season.
Math Activity - 2021
Fractions mastered the numerical representation. A great competence ensured a grand come back for the students of PISK Grade IV ICSE after the Diwali break. The activity 'Fractions' has lent a hand to perceive the awareness of the numerical value. The portrayal of the activity threw light upon their expertise conveying their proficiency in dividing a whole into a number of parts.
Diwali Celebration - 2021
Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN scheduled the Virtual Diwali Celebrations for the students from Grade I -X. The students were categorically trained for making greeting cards, lantern making ,diya decoration and rangoli with colours, sweets and flowers. The students poured in their enthusiastic skills and came out with wonderful displays. The students greeted each other a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year.
EVS and Math activity - 2021
"Learning is a constant process of discovery- a process without end." This constant process progressed ahead with the collaboration of teachers and students by implementing new principles of teaching and by adapting the principal trend of learning. The EVS activity 'Air takes space' of Grade I of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN enlarged the scope to understand the concept by inflating a balloon and blowing out a candle by covering it with a glass. Their knowledge advanced through the confidence developed by practical experiment. At the same time Grade II ICSE Kalyan specified the estimated proportion in the Math activity 'Measurement' with the help of remarkable portrayal of various objects.
Virtual Navratri Celebration - 2021
Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN celebrated Navratri, virtually, with it's students on Thursday, 14th of October, 2021. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the students as they danced to the 'Garba' beats with their classmates, who were garbed in rollicking apparel. Despite being virtual, the event was successful at igniting the festive spirit of the students, bringing about a sense of togetherness and fraternity.