School Events at Kalyan

Diwali Celebration - 2021

Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN scheduled the Virtual Diwali Celebrations for the students from Grade I -X. The students were categorically trained for making greeting cards, lantern making ,diya decoration and rangoli with colours, sweets and flowers. The students poured in their enthusiastic skills and came out with wonderful displays. The students greeted each other a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year.

EVS and Math activity - 2021

"Learning is a constant process of discovery- a process without end." This constant process progressed ahead with the collaboration of teachers and students by implementing new principles of teaching and by adapting the principal trend of learning. The EVS activity 'Air takes space' of Grade I of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN enlarged the scope to understand the concept by inflating a balloon and blowing out a candle by covering it with a glass. Their knowledge advanced through the confidence developed by practical experiment. At the same time Grade II ICSE Kalyan specified the estimated proportion in the Math activity 'Measurement' with the help of remarkable portrayal of various objects.

Virtual Navratri Celebration - 2021

Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN celebrated Navratri, virtually, with it's students on Thursday, 14th of October, 2021. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the students as they danced to the 'Garba' beats with their classmates, who were garbed in rollicking apparel. Despite being virtual, the event was successful at igniting the festive spirit of the students, bringing about a sense of togetherness and fraternity.

Returning to School - 2021

The students of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN with their bright shining eyes and faces glancing over the top of their masks were full of energy and enthusiasm to be back on their toes. The school Principal Ms. Kshema Mohan along with the staff welcomed the students back to school. The protocol with regard to cleanliness and hygiene , social distancing, safety precautions were followed by the school very strictly. We wish our students a safe journey ahead.

Felicitation of IEO, IMO, NSO, IGKO Certificate and Medal holders - 2021

"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up."

The ultimate stepping stone of life, school is a place where every child blossoms into an individual to become an asset to society.

Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN feels happy and proud to felicitate the winners of SOF Olympiad exams.

The students have won gold medals of distinction, gold medals of excellence and International rankers in IEO, IMO, NSO, IGKO.

Honorable Vice Principal, Ms Effie Ferrao ma'am conferred students with medals and certificates.

Congratulations and Well done on making us, your parents and everyone proud!

Best out of waste 'Toy making competition' - 2021

The Students of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN are great gems who are firm to achieve their target and fame by adapting the principles of elegance. The competition of Grade 4 'Best out of Waste' - Toy making competition has reached to its height of glory. The children have learnt the importance of petty objects and reuse for a fruitful purpose. An incredible handcraft was definitely the focus of attention. What an imagination! Indeed the competition was a spontaneous performance of the students to crown them as the winner.

Computer Activity - 2021

The young, brilliant and artistic minds have made wonders with their talents. The Students of Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN of grade I have adapted themselves in the world of technology showing the usefulness of a computer.

3D model making Mathematics activity - 2021

The continuous implement of the activities of Podar International School ICSE,#KALYAN accomplish the inventive talent of the children. It prioritize their thought to bring out the best by researching and by putting together the things to form a shape. The well researched pictures and information of ancient monuments and coins had put an emphasis to the study of ancient history and the models of 3D shapes have given weightage to Mathematics by artistry. These skills mark a growth of excellence in the primary section.

EVS and English Grammar Activities - 2021

The Students of Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN of grade I had fun with the activity of English Grammar. The small children impressed everyone smartly by their thinking skills to guess the correct articles to use with the accurate and beautiful figures of the nouns beginning with a vowel and a consonant. The productive effort of the primary students for the EVS activity 'Water (Save Me)' was just unbelievable. They have made good use of time to portray their wisdom of strength, capability and maturity. The sense of artistic imagination enabled them to comprehend their work with an exquisite, pictorial presentation signifying the far-reaching use of water.

Ganpati Celebration Activity - 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival which is celebrated all over India with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Podar International School ICSE, #KALYAN celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in the most eco friendly way wherein the young and responsible future citizens of India drew beautiful Ganpati pictures and decorated it with stickers, bindis and pulses. The Podarites were also engrossed in making pretty and innovative Ganpati idols out of clay, wheat flour, vegetables, fruits, flowers, biscuits and best out of waste materials. Thus the celebration enabled the students to remain rooted with Indian culture and with full devotion and creativity they enjoyed making eco friendly Ganpati idols.

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