School Events at Kanakapura

Experiences 'A Talk by Yoga Expert' - 2020

The students of Grade IV and V visited Patanjali Yoga Samiti , Kanakapura in order to extend the exposure in Meditate and Concentrate. Through these experiences, the students received a widened, practical view on how what they are learning connects with real-life situations

71st Republic Day Celebration - 2020

3D Printing Showcase 'Prototyping the Future' - 2020

The students of PIS, Kanakapura participated in Prototyping The Future: 3D showcase competition held at PIS, Bangalore 1 on 24.01.2020. In this competition, the Grade V students prepared the model named "Extinct or Endangered Animal Park"

3rd Open House - 2020

3rd PTA Meeting - 2020

Makar Sankranti Celebration - 2020

The Harvest festival of India "Makara Sankranti" is Celebrated by the students of PIS, Kanakapura

Special Assembly 'National Youth Day' - 2020

Special Assembly " National Youth Day' is celebrated by the students of PIS, Kanakapura to commemorate the birthday of Swami Vivekananda.

Volunteer Program 'Donation drive' - 2020

Students of PIS,Kanakapura participated in Donation drive a Volunteer programme. Visited the nearest school to Donate Books, clothes, Stationary students

Jumpstart Activity 'Theme - Pursuit of Happiness' - 2020

The focus of the theme ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ has been designed for the students to help them cultivate the propensity to ask questions related to life, self, personal well-being as well as to inquire about the nature of existence.

Christmas Celebration - 2019

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