School Events at Kanakapura

Parivartan Drive - 2023

On 25th February, 2023, the theme – ‘Pleat by Pleat – Traversing the World of Sustainable Development’ was culminated with Parivarthan Drive. Students of Grade 5 to 8 went Walkathon on the main streets of Kanakapura to create an awareness to save our Environment.

Annual Day Celebration 2022-2023

On 11th February, 2023, Annual day was celebrated on the theme- ‘NirtyaTarang’. Students from Grade 1 to 8 performed dance on the various dance forms of India.

Republic Day Celebration - 2023

On 26th January, 2023, 74th Republic Day was celebrated with great pride and patriotism.

Express Yourself 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2022

On 24th January, 2023, Express Yourself Activities were conducted from Grade 1 to 8 under the Theme ‘Pleat by Pleat – Traversing the world of Sustainable Fabrics’

Special Assembly 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2022

On 18th January, 2023, Special Assembly conducted by Grade 5 students under the Theme ‘Pleat by Pleat – Traversing the world of Sustainable Frabrics’ to narrate the story of Suriya Aapa.

Volunteer Programme 'Plantation Drive' 2022-2023

As a part of Volunteer Program ‘Plantation Drive’ was held for the Students of Grade 1 to 3 on 12th January,2023. Students donated the plants to the public places like Rural Police station and Fire Station.

Volunteer Programme 2022-2023

Under Volunteer Program students of Grade 1 to 8 had involved themselves in the Donation drive. Around 212 students from the above mentioned classes had brought stationary items, old clothes and other basic needs had been donated to the students in “Degula mata” on Jan 5th 2023.

Jumpstart Activity 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2023

A Jumpstart event was scheduled on 2nd January,2023.It had activities that are supposed to be carried out before the theme "Pleat by Pleat". It also provides a common platform so that every student has some experience to draw from, as he/she progresses through the unit.

Culminating Event 'Kavishala' - 2022

Podar International School #Kanakapura culminated with the Theme – ‘Kalaiedoscope – Gazing at The Magical Prism of Poetry’. On 7th December, 2022, the teachers and the students of different Grades carried out different activities such as Poets coming Alive, Poetry Slam, Illustrate the poem, Stalls on Poetry-Gallery, writing Acrostic poem, on-spot poem and so on.

Experiences 'Meet a poet' - 2022

‘Experiences’ Under the experiences students from Grades 6 to 8 got an opportunity to meet a poet and interact with him face-to-face. Students got to know about the work and knowledge in the field of literature, and listened to ‘poetry performances’, activities/projects directly related to poetry and so on.

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