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Podar International School
Karad (CBSE)

Principal's Message

Dear Parents / Guardians


You are very welcome to Podar International School, Karad. The happy and positive environment in our school ensures that all our students are cherished equally and allowed to develop their own individuality in a comfortable and safe environment. The members of our staff are experienced and focussed on assisting students to develop as secure and happy adults and reach their best potential in their chosen area of study.

Teaching and learning are at the core of what we do in our school. We are innovative and progressive, offering a comprehensive range of subjects and programmes. Modern teaching methods are explored in the school through our continuous efforts. Teachers are encouraged to explore active teaching methodologies and a large number have participated in the various workshops and trainings.

Students at PIS, Karad reach the highest standards of academic success. High academic success is furthered by the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities provided by the enthusiastic and motivated staff.

We have comprehensive Special Educational Needs and Integrated English programmes to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, soft skills and to be active participants in the life of our school.

The school’s modern sports facilities under the department of sports and hobby cater for football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, table tennis, the performing arts, subject quizzes and much more.

Should have any further questions we would be delighted to help you where we can. Contact details are available by selecting the Contact Us on the home page

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.
- Gautama Buddha

Mr. Avinash N. Lohar
Principal, PIS, Karad