It gives me an immense pleasure and honour to be a part of an Podar Education Network which believes in traditional values with modern thought. The journey of providing quality education started in 1927 and transformed lives of millons. With inclusive, global, holistic and child centred pedagogy Podar Education Network is witnessing rapid growth and expansion. I feel proud to mention that I am a part of it at Podar International School, Karad.

We know that world is changing at a rapid pace hence the current and future world needs adults who can sustain in 21st century with determination. The key skills which the world expects from a young kid are learning and innovation skills, digital literacy, Career and Life Skills. Here at Podar International School, Karad our well trained, qualified and dedicated teachers are striving higher and higher to come to the expectation of society. They know that ‘Learning is learner centric’ hence they are using wide variety of sources of Podar Network and shaping the new generation learners at Podar International School, Karad to do, to undo, to redo, to learn, to unlearn , to relearn, to research, to synthesize, to evaluate and to create information for a better quality education.

The ideology of father of nation to develop head, hand and heart i.e. to develop knowledge, skills and behaviour is followed here. Every child is special here because I believe every child has immense potential and in school environment we can channelize their energy.

We aim to empower our students to grow as an individual with a sense of responsibility towards nation and global citizens in present era.

I am looking forward for your support and faith in our education system at Podar International School, Karad for a future ready individual .

Thank you.

Anway Arun Chikate
Principal, Podar International School - Karad