Result of Grade X Board Examination 2022-23

16 May 2023

Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in and day out.

The Podarites of Grade X of Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur showcased a remarkable execution of hard work and perseverance with laudable 100% result in the CBSE Board Examination 2022-23. A total number of 83 students appeared for the examinations out of which Ms. Shreya Chougule (Topper with 95%), Mst. Om Patil (2nd Rank with 94.8%) Mst. Anshul Tembe & Mst. Samarth Shendarkar (3rd Rank with 94.4%) followed by 14 students attaining more than 90% marks, 27 students scoring in the range of 81% to 90%, 30 students achieving the range of 71% to 80% and 11 students scoring between 61% to 70% marked overwhelming success to the school.

Following the league and striving towards excellence, Ms. Khushmeen Shaikh topped in English with 98 marks, Mst. Pratham Patil scoring a perfect 100 in Hindi, Ms. Prarabdha Patil & Ms. Pradnyesha Bakare with an outstanding score of 100 in Marathi, Ms. Shreya Chougule with 100 score in Sanskrit, Ms. Khushmeen Shaikh with 97 marks in German, Mst. Samarth Shendarkar with the score of 97 in Mathematics, five students - Mst. Anshul Tembe, Mst. Rajvardhan Patil, Ms. Shreya Chougule, Ms. Gandhali Kamble & Ms. Arya Patil being topper in Science with 95 marks and Mst. Shrivardhan Patil, being top scorer in Social Science with 99 marks added coulourful feathers in the cap of achievements.

The school acknowledges every student and teacher for their commendable endeavours, and intense conviction to endure meritorious result for the school. Each and every student is declared successful in their attempt to perform phenomenally well in the Grade X Board Examination. The school congratulates every student for their praiseworthy accomplishments, and extreme passion to score creditable result.