Maharashtra Day and Labor day Celebration - 2024

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur, embraced Maharashtra Day with fervor, commemorating the state's formation on May 1, 1960, following its division from Bombay State.

The celebrations commenced with the ceremonial hoisting of the National Flag, accompanied by the stirring strains of the National Anthem. The event was further enriched by the soulful rendition of 'Himalaya shi sangati naate' by the teachers, coupled with a captivating traditional dance performance that encapsulated the essence of Maharashtra's rich cultural heritage.

In recognition of Labor Day, the school took the opportunity to express gratitude to its dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff members, acknowledging their unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions to the school community. This heartfelt gesture underscored the collective spirit of teamwork and camaraderie that is integral to the school's ethos.

Special Screening of the Movie 'Swatantryaveer Savarkar' - 2024

As part of an activity recommended by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Podar International School, Kolhapur organized a special screening of the movie 'Swatantryaveer Savarkar' at INOX, Kolhapur. The event aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of India's freedom struggle while fostering an appreciation for historical figures like Swatantryaveer Savarkar.

The movie screening began promptly, showcasing the life and contributions of Swatantryaveer Savarkar. The narrative unfolded various aspects of his journey, including his activism, sacrifices and ideology, offering students a profound insight into the historical significance of his endeavours.

During the intermission, students were served with popcorn, enhancing their cinematic experience and providing a moment for relaxation and camaraderie among peers. The students exhibited keen interest and enthusiasm throughout the screening, actively engaging with the storyline and characters depicted in the movie. Many expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn about Swatantryaveer Savarkar's role in India's struggle for independence, enriching their understanding of history beyond textbooks.

Following the screening, students were encouraged to write individual movie reviews as part of the CBSE activity. Their reviews reflected a keen interest and engagement with the movie, with many expressing appreciation for the opportunity to learn about Savarkar's pivotal role in India's struggle for independence. The students' reviews highlighted their newfound understanding of historical events and the significance of individuals like Savarkar in shaping India's trajectory towards freedom.

Student Council Election 2024-2025

The Student Council Election for the Academic Year 2024-25 at Podar International School, Kolhapur marked a significant event showcasing the democratic spirit and leadership qualities among the student body. The election process was meticulously organized, adhering to established rules and regulations, ensuring fairness and transparency throughout.

Students enthusiastically nominated themselves for various positions, including Senior Head Boy, Senior Head Girl, Junior Head Boy, Junior Head Girl, Cultural Captain & Vice Captain, Sports Captain & Vice Captain, House Captains & Vice Captains etc. Each nominee underwent a comprehensive interview process, wherein their leadership abilities, vision for the school and commitment to service were evaluated.

To provide candidates with a platform to articulate their vision and engage with the student body, campaigning sessions were arranged during regular assemblies and breaks. Contestants actively promoted themselves, presenting their manifestos and addressing the concerns and aspirations of their peers. These sessions fostered a sense of community involvement and encouraged informed decision-making among the student electorate.

The election day proceeded smoothly, with meticulous arrangements made to ensure a fair and orderly voting process. Students casted their votes responsibly, exercising their right to elect representatives who would effectively voice their interests and concerns. The entire process was conducted under the supervision of faculty members, maintaining the integrity of the election.

Student Welfare Committee Meet 1 - 2024

The first session of the Student Welfare Committee of Podar International School Kolhapur, held on April 5, 2024, witnessed the esteemed presence of Dr. Girish Madhale, BHMS, as a special guest. Dr. Madhale, a distinguished expert in the field of healthcare, delivered an insightful discourse on various aspects of health and hygiene, specifically tailoring his advice to suit the impending summer season.

During the session, Dr. Madhale emphasized the importance of cultivating healthy habits to ensure physical well-being amidst rising temperatures. He underscored the significance of maintaining adequate hydration levels by consuming ample water throughout the day. Dr. Madhale cautioned against the perils of dehydration, particularly during scorching heat, and encouraged students to prioritize water intake as a preventive measure.

Furthermore, Dr. Madhale enlightened the attendees on the significance of prudent precautions during the summer months. He advised against prolonged exposure to extreme heat and recommended minimizing outdoor activities during peak sun hours. Emphasizing the value of protective measures, Dr. Madhale elucidated strategies to safeguard against heat-related ailments, thereby fostering a culture of proactive health consciousness among the student body.

In addition to addressing seasonal health concerns, Dr. Madhale elucidated the broader spectrum of healthcare habits essential for holistic well-being. He elucidated upon the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, dietary discipline and regular exercise routines to fortify the body's natural defenses against ailments.

Gudi Padwa Celebration - 2024

Podar International School, Kolhapur organized a special assembly on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa, the traditional Marathi New Year. The event was a vibrant celebration of culture, tradition and knowledge, featuring various presentations by the students.

The assembly commenced with a soul-stirring song performed by the talented students, encapsulating the essence of Gudi Padwa. The melodious rendition set the perfect tone for the event, invoking the spirit of festivity and unity. Following the musical tribute, the audience was treated to an enthralling dance performance by the students. Their graceful movements and synchronized choreography mesmerized everyone present, adding a dynamic flair to the celebration.

Students took the stage to present insightful information about the significance, objectives, and scientific reasoning behind the celebration of Gudi Padwa. Their presentation offered a blend of cultural insights and scientific understanding, enriching the audience's knowledge about the festival.

The special assembly celebrating Gudi Padwa encapsulated the essence of tradition, knowledge and community spirit.

Benediction Ceremony 2023-24

In a poignant culmination of their academic journey, Podar International School Kolhapur bid adieu to its Grade X and Grade XII students of the illustrious Batch 2023-24, enveloping them in a tapestry of heartfelt memories and warm wishes through the sacred rite of the 'Benediction Ceremony'.

The solemnity of the occasion was accentuated by the gentle glow of earthen lamps, lovingly kindled by the departing students in homage to the divine grace of Goddess Saraswati, patroness of wisdom and learning. Each flickering flame bore witness to the enlightenment gained and the paths yet to be trodden by these young minds. Grade IX students took the stage, dedicating a dance performance to their seniors, expressing admiration and bidding them farewell with grace and camaraderie. A beautiful mashup song was presented, evoking memories of school days, laughter and shared experiences. It was a touching reminder of the times they had spent together, bringing smiles and tears alike.

To add to the joyous atmosphere, various fun activities and games were organized, bringing laughter and cheer to all who attended. It was a time for bonding and making lasting memories.

A heartfelt video showcased moments from their time at school, eliciting emotions and tears from the departing students as they reminisced about their journey.

Students took the opportunity to share their fondest memories, laughter, and tears, cherishing the time they had spent together.

As a token of remembrance, the school presented each student with a class photograph, a tangible reminder of their shared experiences and friendships that would last a lifetime.

As the ceremony came to a close, there was a sense of nostalgia and gratitude in the air, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for Batch 2023-24.

Educational Tour to Mahabaleshwar - 2024

Podar International School Kolhapur embarked on an exhilarating overnight Educational Tour to the picturesque realm of Mahabaleshwar, providing an enriching experience for students of Grades V to IX. Over the course of two days, the journey was laden with adventure, exploration and learning, creating lasting memories for all involved.

The expedition commenced with zeal as the students embarked on their voyage to Mahabaleshwar. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement as they traversed towards their destination. Upon arrival, the first destination on our itinerary awaited - the majestic Pratapgarh Fort. Nestled amidst the verdant hills, the fort stood as a testament to the rich history and valour of the region. The students delved into the annals of time, absorbing the tales of bravery and gallantry that echoed within the walls of this ancient citadel.

As the sun descended, casting its golden hue upon the landscape, the evening unfolded into a magical Musical Night. Laughter and melodies filled the air as students revelled in the harmonious blend of music and camaraderie. Joyous memories were etched into the hearts of all, creating a bond that transcended time and space.

The dawn of a new day heralded fresh adventures as the students set forth to explore the renowned Mapro Gardens. Amidst lush orchards and vibrant blooms, they embarked on a sensory journey, indulging in the tantalizing aromas and flavors of fresh produce.

As the day drew to a close, hearts brimmed with contentment and gratitude for the enriching experiences shared. The journey back home was adorned with echoes of laughter and chatter, reminiscent of the bonds forged amidst the scenic landscapes of Mahabaleshwar.

The overnight Educational Tour to Mahabaleshwar proved to be a resounding success, fostering a spirit of curiosity, exploration, and camaraderie among the students of Podar International School Kolhapur.

Educational Tour to Ranvara Agro Farm & Resort - 2024

Podar International School, Kolhapur recently organized an educational tour to Ranvara Agro Farm & Resort, Kerle aimed at providing students from Grade I to IX with a holistic blend of fun and educational experiences. The tour proved to be an enriching journey, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of all students.

The excursion encompassed a plethora of activities meticulously designed to foster both enjoyment and learning. Students enthusiastically engaged in various recreational pursuits including the ring game, archery and bowling, which not only provided amusement but also honed their motor skills and strategic thinking. Students revelled in the exhilaration of trampoline jumping, the thrill of soft sliding and the joyous abandon of rain dance. The refreshing respite offered by the swimming pool served as a delightful escape from the summer heat, much to the delight of the participants. The quaint charm of a horse cart ride added an awesome touch to the tour, eliciting smiles and laughter all around.

In alignment with the educational ethos of the institution, the tour also provided valuable insights into agriculture and horticulture. A visit to the nursery facilitated an informative discourse on various plants and the intricacies of newly introduced cultivation processes, thereby fostering an appreciation for nature's bounty and sustainable practices among the students.

The cultural tapestry of the tour was interwoven with captivating performances, including a mesmerizing magic show and a riveting presentation of the traditional martial art form, Mardani Khel. These cultural vignettes not only entertained but also served as windows into diverse cultural traditions, fostering cultural sensitivity and understanding among the students.

The educational tour to Ranvara Agro Farm & Resort, Kerle, orchestrated by Podar International School, Kolhapur epitomized the perfect fusion of learning and leisure. It provided students with a comprehensive experiential learning platform, where they could imbibe knowledge, cultivate skills and forge lasting memories. Such initiatives underscore the school's commitment to holistic education, nurturing well-rounded individuals poised to excel in both academic and extracurricular domains.

Annual Art Exhibition 'Art in Focus' - 2024

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur hosted its Annual Art Exhibition - 'Art in Focus', a splendid showcase embodying the Seven Elements of Art: Line, Colour, Values, Shapes, Forms, Texture and Space. The event provided a platform for students to display their artistic prowess through diverse mediums, including drawing books, paintings, craftwork, pot painting, canvas painting and more.

The exhibition garnered attention from parents who, in large numbers, visited the venue to appreciate the creative endeavours of their children. Mr. Sanjay Joshi graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, adding prestige to the event. His address to the gathering resonated with the significance of core values and the paramount role of Art in holistic education.

The focal point of the exhibition was the meticulous representation of the Seven Elements of Art by the students, showcasing a nuanced understanding of artistic principles. The diverse range of artworks on display highlighted the students' proficiency and creativity across various artistic mediums.

In a moment of recognition, students who excelled in their Elementary and Intermediate Examinations securing an 'A' Grade, were honoured during the event. Esteemed dignitaries felicitated these students, acknowledging their academic achievements and dedication to their studies.

The Annual Art Exhibition not only celebrated artistic expression but also served as a platform for the school community to come together and appreciate the significance of Art in shaping well-rounded individuals. The event was a testament to the commitment of Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur, towards fostering creativity, academic excellence and values among its students.

Annual Sports Day Celebration 2023-2024

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur, exuberantly celebrated its 12th Annual Sports Meet, 'Lakshya,' on February 4, 2024, at the esteemed Police Ground. The day unfolded with a diverse array of activities, encompassing dynamic displays, yoga sessions, physical fitness engagements, and track events. The highly anticipated occasion commenced with the distinguished presence of Mr. Pravin Patil, Deputy Superintendent of Police, CID, Pune, as the Chief Guest, and Ms. Arati Patil, an esteemed International Paralympic Player, gracing the event as the Guest of Honour.

The Podarites showcased awe-inspiring presentations of Mallakhamb, Gymnastics, and Yoga. Grade VIII set the stage with an inaugural dance, while subsequent grades presented a variety of drill performances, including Pom-Pom, Fan Drill, Dumbells, Ball Drill, Drill with Wand, Bamboo Drill, and Lazim. The Chief Guest and Guest of Honour, through the sharing of personal anecdotes, delivered impactful messages urging resilience and perseverance. Ms. Arati Patil, in her role as the Guest of Honour, imparted insights into positive parenting and strategies for nurturing young minds.

Students exhibited unwavering zeal and enthusiasm, evident not only in the precision of drills but also in spirited participation in track events, including relays and races ranging from 50 meters to 400 meters. Post-track events, the commendable determination and competitive spirit of students were acknowledged. The accolade for The Best Drill was conferred upon Mallakhamb, Gymnastics & Yoga. Terra House clinched awards for The Best Troop and Best House in Basketball, while Ventus House secured the title of Best House in Football. Recognitions for Best Athlete - Boy and Best Athlete - Girl were bestowed upon Mst. Sarthak Petkar and Ms. Samruddhi Potdar for the Secondary Section, and Mst. Rehan Mulla and Ms. Ketaki Dhokare for the Primary Section. Notably, Terra House emerged as the Best House in Sports for the academic year 2023-24.

The festivities concluded with the formation of PISK by the four houses and the entire school team. The event's success was attributed to meticulous planning, timely execution, and the collective efforts of the Podar team, fostering a harmonious amalgamation of teamwork and collaboration.

Visit to the Radio City 95 FM Studio - 2024

The ongoing program, 'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp,' took a significant stride on February 13, 2024, as 15 students from Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur, selected through auditions of little RJs, had an opportunity to explore the world of Radio City 95 FM. The visit aimed to provide them with a firsthand understanding of the radio broadcasting industry.

The students had a comprehensive tour of the Radio City 95 FM studio, providing them with insights into the technical aspects of broadcasting. They observed various control rooms, editing suites, and production areas, gaining a holistic view of the entire radio broadcasting process. Students engaged in insightful conversations with Radio City authorities, learning about the management, planning, and execution involved in running a radio station. Questions were posed, and valuable advice and experiences were shared, contributing to the student's understanding of the radio industry.

A highlight of the visit was the opportunity for the students to interact with Radio Jockeys (RJs) during their live broadcasting sessions. This interactive session allowed the students to witness the on-air dynamics, understand the nuances of hosting, and gain practical knowledge about the intricacies of live radio broadcasting.

In the Radio City 95 FM studio, the students were provided a platform to express their views on various topics, sharing their thoughts and experiences. Alongside the educational aspects, the students had a delightful and fun-filled experience in the studio.

The live sessions, featuring the perspectives and expressions of the young participants, were an engaging and entertaining addition to the radio station's programming. The exciting moments and interactions captured during the visit are set to be broadcast soon on Radio City.

Annual Day Celebration 'Primary Section - Nritya Tarang' 2023-2024

Podar International School & Jpr. College, Kolhapur joyously celebrated its 12th Annual Day 'Nritya Tarang' on Saturday, January 20, 2024 with fervor and exuberance. Brig. Abhijeet S. Valimbe graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, accompanied by Dr. S. M. Kubal, Deputy Registrar of Shivaji University Kolhapur, Mr. Nikhil V. Bhagat, Head of the Music Department at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Col. Shirish Kulkarni, the General Manager of Podar Kolhapur Hub, as the Guests of Honour & Mr. Rakesh Chavan, the Principal of Podar International School, Ratnagiri as the Special Guest for the event.

The esteemed Chief Guest and Guests of Honour addressed the assembly, underscoring the significance of positive parenting and commending the school's endeavors in providing a diverse range of opportunities to its students. They also extended their heartfelt wishes for the success of the programme. The orchestra showcased the students' musical talents, skillfully presenting a variety of instruments.

Podarites who excelled in various competitions such as the Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Examination, Maharashtra State Scholarship Examination, Inter-School Academic Competitions and Sports were honoured by the distinguished dignitaries. The students captivated the audience with performances showcasing various dance forms of India, portraying the rich cultural diversities.

The highlight of the event was the live singing by the school choir, accompanied by enthusiastic student dancers. The programme also featured the presentation of the Annual School report by the emerging leaders of the Student Council, serving as unequivocal evidence of the school's commitment to providing education beyond conventional textbooks to shape the future of its students.

The event reached its pinnacle as all the students united in the grand finale dance, adding glamour and splendor to the overall celebration.

Annual Day Celebration 'Navras' 2023-2024

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur marked its 12th Annual Day on Friday, January 19, 2024, with the thematic focus on 'Navras'. Prof. Shrikrishna Mahajan, the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce & Management at Shivaji University, Kolhapur graced the occasion as the Chief Guest & Mr. Sachin Kachote, Asst. Professor in the Music Department of Shivaji University, Kolhapur held the esteemed position of the Guest of Honour. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering, emphasizing the significance of positive parenting and lauding the school's initiatives in providing diverse opportunities to its students, while also extending best wishes for the programme. The orchestra showcased the students' musical prowess as they adeptly performed an array of instruments. Distinguished students, excelling in competitions such as Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Examination, Maharashtra State Scholarship Examination, various Inter-School Academic Competitions & Sports were honoured by the esteemed dignitaries. The students presented performances encompassing all nine rasas including Adbhut Rasa, Roudra Rasa, Bhayanak Rasa, Vibhatsa Rasa, Veer Rasa, Shant Rasa etc. The choir's rendition displayed exceptional melodiousness. The event also included the presentation of the Annual School report by the emerging leaders of the Student Council, serving as unequivocal evidence of the school's commitment to extending education beyond traditional textbooks to shape the future of its students. A noteworthy feature of the event was the captivating presentation of 'Bhakti Rasa', delving into various devotional aspects and Dindi, receiving high acclaim from the audience.

Christmas Celebration - 2023

Podar International School & Jr. College in Kolhapur celebrated Christmas with immense joy and enthusiasm. The festive occasion was marked by a special assembly that brought together students, teachers, and staff in a celebration of love, joy and unity.

The event commenced with a soulful Christmas prayer sung by the entire school community, creating a serene and uplifting atmosphere. Students showcased their musical talents by presenting various carols. The melodious performances resonated throughout the campus, spreading the spirit of Christmas. The celebration took on an extra layer of glamour with captivating dance performances by the students. Each dance added vibrancy and energy to the event, creating a visual spectacle for the audience.

A special skit was performed, narrating the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The students' theatrical skills brought the narrative to life, conveying the significance of Christmas in a memorable and engaging manner. The celebration was not only limited to students but also involved the active participation of teachers, staff, and parents. The sense of community spirit was evident as everyone came together to celebrate the joyous occasion.

The Christmas celebration at Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur, was a resounding success, leaving everyone with cherished memories of unity, joy, and the true spirit of Christmas. The event not only showcased the talent and creativity of the students but also fostered a sense of togetherness within the school community.

'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp' Session 4 - 2023

The fourth session of 'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp'-the Radio Jockey Training Session, took place at Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur on Thursday, December 21, 2023.

The authorities from Radio City 95 FM interacted with the students, providing insights into the world of radio jockeying. Students actively participated in the session, showcasing their skills and potential as future RJs. Each student had the opportunity to represent themselves as RJs during the training. Students delivered independent talks as part of the training, demonstrating their abilities to engage an audience. The Radio City 95 FM authorities evaluated the students based on set rubrics such as presentation skills, content quality, voice modulation and overall appeal.

The top 15 students, based on the judging criteria, will have an opportunity to go live on Radio City 95 FM shortly.

This opportunity is a significant acknowledgment of their talent and potential in the field of radio jockeying.

The fourth session of 'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp' was a successful and engaging event, offering students a valuable opportunity to learn from Radio City 95 FM authorities and showcase their skills as budding radio jockeys. The prospect of going live on Radio City 95 FM adds an exciting and real-world dimension to their training.

'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp' Session 3 - 2023

The third session of ‘Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp’ aimed to provide students with practical insights into vocal training for radio jockeying. Mr. Badruddin Khan, the Audio Production Manager of Radio City, Kolhapur, conducted the session, focusing on voice modulation and presentation skills on radio.

The core of the session revolved around the importance of vocal training in radio jockeying. Mr. Khan explained the nuances of voice modulation and how it can enhance the presentation on radio. Practical demonstrations were provided to help students understand the impact of modulation on communication.

The session encouraged active participation from students. Mr. Khan engaged with them by discussing various aspects of radio jockeying, sharing anecdotes from his own experiences, and answering questions. This interactive approach helped students grasp the practical aspects of the profession.

To apply the knowledge gained, students were given the opportunity to present themselves as radio jockeys. Mr. Khan provided constructive feedback, focusing on areas such as tone, pace, and expression. Students showcased creativity and enthusiasm, presenting themselves confidently on the given topics.

The session brought out the creative side of the students, as they presented their ideas with flair and originality. Mr. Khan motivated the students by appreciating their efforts and highlighting the potential he observed in their presentations. Encouraging a positive and supportive environment, he emphasized that every student has a unique style that can be developed over time.

The session successfully enriched students' understanding of vocal training and presentation skills in radio jockeying. The practical insights provided by Mr. Badruddin Khan inspired students to pursue their interest in this dynamic field.

Educational Field Trip for students of Grades III to V to Kumbhi Kasari Cooperative Sugar Factory - 2023

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur organized an enriching Educational Field Trip for students of Grades III to V to Kumbhi Kasari Cooperative Sugar Factory. The purpose of the trip was to provide students with practical insights into the fascinating process of sugar production.

The students were given a warm welcome by the staff of Kumbhi Kasari Cooperative Sugar Factory. The trip began with an informative session where students learned about the history of the sugar factory and its significance in the region. The highlight of the day was a guided tour through the various sections of the sugar factory. Students observed the step-by-step process of sugar production, from the arrival of sugarcane to the final packaging of sugar.

The factory personnel explained each stage, providing valuable insights into the technology and machinery involved. The most delightful part of the trip was when students got the opportunity to taste fresh sugar produced in the factory. This hands-on experience allowed them to appreciate the connection between the raw sugarcane and the sweet crystals they consume every day.

The Educational Field Trip to Kumbhi Kasari Cooperative Sugar Factory proved to be a resounding success, achieving its objective of providing students with a real-world perspective on the sugar-making process. The school remains committed to organizing such experiential learning opportunities, fostering a holistic approach to education.

'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp' Session 2 - 2023

As the part of ongoing initiative of Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur 'Champ with Radio Wala Ramp', the second session of Radio Jockey Training was conducted on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. RJ Sheetal from Radio City was the esteemed guest speaker. The session began with a warm introduction of RJ Sheetal who engaged in a lively interaction with the students, setting a positive and engaging tone.

RJ Sheetal addressed the students' curiosity about the field of Radio Jockeying. She shared her personal journey and experiences, inspiring the young minds and encouraging them to explore their passion for communication and entertainment. The discussion revolved around the essential qualities needed to become a successful Radio Jockey.

RJ Sheetal emphasized the importance of good communication skills, creativity, quick thinking, and a vibrant personality. She provided practical tips on how students can nurture these qualities. She also shared anecdotes from her career, highlighting the significance of self-confidence in the field of radio broadcasting.

The session delved into the significance of radio as a medium of communication. RJ Sheetal explained the unique role that radio plays in connecting communities, providing information, and entertaining diverse audiences.

She emphasized the authenticity and personal touch that radio brings to storytelling. Students actively participated in a question-and-answer session. RJ Sheetal patiently addressed their queries, providing valuable insights into the industry and sharing advice on pursuing a career in radio.

The second session of 'Champ with Radio Wala Ramp' proved to be an enlightening and motivational experience for the students. RJ Sheetal's expertise and engaging communication style left a lasting impression, inspiring students to consider a career in radio broadcasting. The event successfully fulfilled its objective of providing valuable insights and guidance to the budding radio enthusiasts.

'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp' Session 1 - 2023

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur, in collaboration with Radio City, initiated an exciting opportunity for its students from Grades VI to VIII. The special Radio Jockey training session, titled 'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp', aimed to provide insights into the world of radio and develop the skills needed to become a radio jockey. The inaugural session took place on Monday, December 18, 2023.

The session commenced with a comprehensive exploration of the history of radio, shedding light on its evolution and significance in the world of communication. Students were given a glimpse into the journey of radio from its inception to its present-day role in entertainment, information dissemination, and community building.

The importance of radio as a powerful medium for connecting with audiences and conveying messages was emphasized during the session. Students learned about the unique impact that radio has had on society and culture throughout the years.

Mr. Omkar Thorat, the Associate Programming Head of Radio City, Kolhapur shared valuable insights into the qualities and skills required to excel as a radio jockey. Students gained knowledge about the art of effective communication, voice modulation, and the ability to engage listeners through captivating content.

One of the key highlights of the training was Mr. Omkar Thorat's explanation of how a radio broadcasting system works. Students received a detailed overview of the technical aspects involved in radio production, including studio operations, equipment usage, and the coordination required for a seamless broadcast.

The interactive nature of the session allowed students to actively engage with Mr. Omkar Thorat. They had the opportunity to pose questions, seek clarification, and interact with a seasoned professional in the field of radio. This direct interaction not only enhanced their understanding but also provided inspiration for aspiring radio jockeys.

The collaborative effort between Podar International School & Jr. College and Radio City provided students with a unique and hands-on learning experience. The 'Champ on the Radio Wala Ramp' Session 1 not only expanded their understanding of the radio industry but also inspired them to explore and develop their communication skills.

Mr. Jamie Knight's Visit to Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur - 2023

Podar International School & Jr. College in Kolhapur had the privilege of hosting a distinguished guest, Mr. Jamie Knight, an accomplished International Professional Freestyle Footballer Athlete, on Friday, November 3, 2023. Mr. Knight conducted exhilarating sessions for students from Grades I to XII, both indoors and outdoors, in various batches.

The students of Podar International School & Jr. College were not only treated to a display of Mr. Knight's extraordinary football skills but were also given the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, receiving valuable tips and advice from the maestro himself.

In the press conference that followed, Mr. Knight candidly answered questions from both students and journalists, offering invaluable insights into the world of professional freestyle football. He stressed the significance of hard work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude in achieving success, both on and off the field.

During his interactive sessions, Mr. Knight emphasized the values of determination and perseverance, highlighting how they played pivotal roles in his own development as an athlete. He shared personal anecdotes and imparted valuable lessons on discipline, practice, and the importance of a positive mindset.

His visit has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our school community, motivating our students to strive for excellence in their chosen pursuits.

The event was a resounding success, leaving the students and faculty of Podar International School & Jr. College in awe of Mr. Knight's talent, dedication, and down-to-earth nature.

Educational Field Trip to Chakote Group of Industries - 2023

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur, organized an enriching Educational Field Trip for Grades I & II to Chakote Group of Industries. The purpose of the trip was to provide students with a practical and hands-on learning experience, allowing them to witness the real-world application of concepts studied in the classroom.

The trip commenced with the departure of students from Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur. Teachers and support staff accompanied the students to ensure their safety and well-being. Upon reaching the industrial facility, students were welcomed by the staff and guided to the designated areas for different activities. A brief introduction to Chakote Group of Industries and an orientation session were conducted to provide students with background information on the industry and its operations.

Students were taken on a guided tour of the various units within the industrial complex. They had the opportunity to observe the production processes, machinery, and equipment used in the manufacturing of different products. Industry experts conducted interactive sessions, explaining the science and technology behind the manufacturing processes. Students were encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in discussions.

The Educational Field Trip to Chakote Group of Industries was a resounding success, providing students with valuable insights into the world of manufacturing and industry. The hands-on experience and interactive sessions contributed significantly to their academic learning, fostering a spirit of curiosity and inquiry.

Navratri Celebration - 2023

Navratri celebration at Podar International School & Jr. College in Kolhapur was a resounding success with active participation from parents, students, and alumni. The highlight of the event was the display of millets, which received positive feedback and appreciation.

The event featured various cultural activities, performances and traditional Garba and Dandiya dance. It provided a platform for the school community to come together and celebrate the festival in a vibrant and festive atmosphere. The inclusion of millets in the display emphasized on promoting traditional and healthy food choices as millets are known for their nutritional value and sustainability.

The active participation of parents, students, and alumni indicated a strong sense of community and a shared enthusiasm for cultural celebrations. It was a testament to the school's ability to foster a sense of belonging and engagement among its stakeholders.

It was indeed a memorable and enjoyable event, creating cherished memories for all involved. It also reflected positively on the school's commitment to holistic education and community-building.

Maharashtra State U-7 Girls & Open Chess Championship - 2023
Chess requires not just intelligence, but also the ability to pick oneself up after a setback, practice, discipline and perseverance. Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur had the honour of hosting the Maharashtra State U-7 Girls & Open Chess Championship from August 25, 2023 to August 27, 2023, wherein the young, eager tots demonstrated their talents & sportsmanship. The three-day competition provided the kids with a great opportunity to develop their analytical reasoning, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The 118 very passionate competitors were all prepared to defeat their opponents in thrilling matches as the final day of the chess tournament approached near. It was indeed heartwarming to watch the children playing their moves like stalwarts with rapt concentration and zeal.
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration - 2023
Vinayaka Chathurthi, also referred to as Ganesh Chaturthi, is dedicated to the Lord of New beginnings, Lord Ganesha. Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur greeted Lord Ganesha with utmost zeal as it does each year. Lord Ganesha was welcomed with enthusiasm, music and dance amid the positive atmosphere in the campus. The lazim performed by Grade X students enhanced the festivities. The school echoed with chantings of "Ganpati Bappa Morya" throughout its procession, installation & prayer in the campus, giving it a perfect start for the celebration.
Janmashtami Celebration - 2023
Sweeter than honey, tastier than curd, as pleasant indeed than any happiness and joy is the power of the name of Krishna. Shree Krishna Janmotsav was celebrated by Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur with great solemnity. This celebration brought devotion, recreation, entertainment and fun all together. A spectacular assembly that portrayed the real Krishna-Sudama relationship began off the celebrations for the occasion. The idol of Lord Krishna was entirely embellished with beautiful decoration around it. For the audience, watching a dance that portrayed Lord Krishna's life events was delightful. 'Dahi Handi' was the main highlight of this event wherein the students participated with great enthusiasm and radiance. The celebration was concluded by distributing prasad. The entire campus was filled with spiritual positivity signifying unity and faith.
The Culminating Event 'Biz Kids Bazaar' - 2023

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur culminated the I.E. theme ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ by organizing 'Biz Kids Bazaar' as a mega event in the campus with the motive of providing opportunities to the students to discover and explore their talents, dreams and abilities focussing on showcasing their entrepreneurial efforts to the visitors. The students depicted their creativity with the various art forms such as Manjusha Art, Gond Art, Madhubani Art and several other Indian Art Forms that helped them to apply and reinforce their procured knowledge on business and entrepreneurship while they make an effort to showcase and sell all the products that they have personally created. The students even understood the basic principles of small businesses with their food stalls, game zones & artistic stalls such as art mehandi art, tattoo making, face painting etc. around the school. The Chief Guest Mr. Dadu Salgar, Founder of Salgar Amrutatulya Tea-coffee & the special Guest Mr. Prasanna Vadgaonkar, Entrepreneur of Madhuri Bakery appreciated the efforts of the students and acquainted the spectators to their life journey of being successful entrepreneurs. The entire day aimed at entertaining everybody while providing the students an opportunity to use their business management skills.

Inauguration of the Innovation Lab - 2023

Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur takes upon itself the responsibility to develop and produce good global citizens and thus invests in research and development of effective teaching learning solutions. One such solution is the offering of STEAM as an interdisciplinary subject. Based on modern day pedagogical strategies of project-based and inquiry-based learning, STEAM curriculum provides the Podarites the opportunity to engage with concepts so as to acquire and hone the 4 C’s identified as critical skills in 21st Century education, namely Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication. These strategies and such goals require the students to possess a workspace where they have access to the necessary tools and methods to explore new and creative problem-solving techniques, and linking multiple fields and academic disciplines. The Innovation Lab at Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur is a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with Robotic Kits, AR Content and VR Glasses, provided to the students at no extra cost.

In an endeavour to inculcate and develop scientific temperament in the young learners of today & to cultivate young child innovators in the school, Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur proudly set its steps into the noble mission of knowledge enhancement by inaugurating its 'Innovation Lab'. The Chief Guest, Flt Lt Manoj Jamsandekar, an AI Expertise & the Guest of Honour Dr. Vilas Karjini, the Executive Director of KIT's College of Engineering graced the inauguration ceremony. The esteemed dignitaries were escorted to the inauguration with a bluetooth controlled navigation device. The lab was inaugurated with a curtain being rolled open using DC Motor Controlled System, Digital Unlock System, 3D Printer & MIT Software which impressed the spectators. The children added glory to the event by explaining the guests and visitors the tools and equipment with the concepts of STEM. The visitors explored the lab wherein the students explained to them some innovative models they created. The Chief Guest Flt Lt Manoj Jamsandekar, in his address, congratulated the school and encouraged the students to make the best use of hands-on experience in the Innovation Lab and enrich themselves with the lab experiences. The Guest of Honour Dr. Vilas Karjini shared his views about global development in the field of AI and guided the students about how they can explore better achievements with the help of the Innovation Lab. The Principal Ms. Shilpa Kapoor acquainted everyone with the objectives of the lab wherein the students are the resource persons who can discover themselves, innovate and execute their new ideas and work on their creativity. She even urged the students to make the best use of the lab and wished all the success for their future endeavours. The crowd was amused and carried home a delight to their five senses, carrying forth a profound zeal of true learning.

77th Independence Day Celebration - 2023

Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the words,
Pride in our soul,
Let's salute the nation on this auspicious day.

The 77th Independence Day was celebrated in Podar International School and Jr. College, Kolhapur with unprecedented patriotic fervour on August 15, 2023. The programme was graced by the Chief Guest Hon. Lf. Col. S. B. Sarnaik, PTA Members, parents and alumni. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the Chief Guest unfurled the tricolour flag and all in unison sang the national anthem expressing joy of our freedom. The melodious performances of school choir groups awakened everyone's feelings towards the motherland. The programme presented an array of spectacular events such as dance, songs & skit by the Podarites.

On this joyous occasion, the school took pride in felicitating the school toppers and achievers of Grade X CBSE Exams 2022-23. The school toppers and achievers were honoured with Academic Excellence Award by the Chief Guest and the Principal. The achievers of the inter school debate competition were awarded during the ceremony. The staff members were honoured with Certificates of Loyalty as they completed 10 years of service in Podar Education Network and appreciated their efforts and dedication towards the institution. With a sense of great pride and gratitude, Ms. Anagha Rao, the student of Grade IX shared her views on the journey of India's freedom from the past and highlighting it in the present context. The Chief Guest, in his address, appealed the gathering to their nationalistic spirit and urged them to take pride in being an Indian and fulfilling one’s duty with responsibility. He even emphasized the role of youth today as the true wealth of a country. Ms. Shilpa Kapoor, the Principal encouraged the students to be good citizens of India by showing sincerity and punctuality in the development of our nation.

The programme concluded with a dance-drama performance that aimed at sensitising the audience about the actual pain and struggles that Indian soldiers undergo and succeeded in conveying the crucial message of patriotism and national spirit. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and podarites pledged to make it a better place for Indians to live and experience peace and unity in diversity.

Kargil Vijay Diwas Observance - 2023

To commemorate India's triumph in the war and to honour the Kargil Martyrs, who stand as a symbol of bravery and sacrifice for defending the nation's frontiers, Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur observed ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’ on Wednesday, July 26, 2023 planning a week-long special assembly schedule.

The children were familiarized with the Kargil War martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in the protection of our country. The event was graced by the Special Guest Lt. Col. M. C. Muthanna who is well known for his valuable contribution for Operation Vijay, Operation Hifazat & Operation Parakram and has been awarded with Videsh Seva Medal & United Nation Medal. Sharing his lively experience on the battlefield & honouring the martyrs, he addressed about their sacrifices and reaffirmed the military's pledge to safeguard the honour of our tricolour. He also spoke about the necessity for everyone to adopt discipline as a way of life. The Guest of Honour Col. Shirish Kulkarni, the General Manager of Kolhapur Hub, exhorted the students to ignite a flame of patriotism within them. He urged the students to enlist in the military after completing school and protect their country.

Everyone present became overwhelmed with admiration for our amazing heroes and affectionate recollections of the Kargil War. To honour our brave soldiers who risked their lives to fight for our homeland, the students lit the candles in front of the battlefield cross memorial. The informative assembly inspired the students to honour the contribution of Indian Army towards national defense.

Launch of Chandrayaan 3 - Live Streaming - 2023
Chandrayaan-3, the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO's) third lunar exploration mission, was scheduled for launch on Friday, July 14, 2023 at 2:35 p.m. IST. The students of Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur witnessed the live telecast of launching of 'Chandrayaan-3' through the official channel of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) during the school hours. Initially, a short informative session was conducted with a motive of acquainting students to the various space achievements and missions of ISRO that fostered curiosity among them. The students were made familiar with India's space missions through quiz and presentations including information of India's earlier missions - Chandrayaan 1 & Chandrayaan 2. The entire school campus reverberated with cries of joy and excitement as Chandrayaan 3 soared up towards the moon.
Investiture Ceremony 2023-2024

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

The Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2023-24 was held with great pomp and dignity at Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur.

The ceremony was graced with the benign presence of the Chief Guest, Mr. Omkar Navnihalkar, National Youth Award Winner Chief Trainer of the Disaster Department of Maharashtra along with the Principal Ms. Shilpa Kapoor. The ceremony commenced by an auspicious lamp lighting and offering prayers to Goddess Saraswati. Flags and badges were handed over to the young leaders along with the distinguishing sashes as a mark of handing over the responsibilities to the new Student Council.

The ceremony was formalized with the Oath Taking ceremony. The newly elected members of the student council enthusiastically swore the oath, which was administered by the Principal. The Student Council members reaffirmed their commitment to working for and alongside their peers to enhance academics and other areas of the school. Both the Senior and Junior Head Boy and Head Girl in their speeches, expressed their duties to the school.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Omkar Navnihalkar, congratulated the Student Council and advised the future leaders to carry out their responsibilities with the utmost honesty and devotion. Sharing his real life incidents, he expressed his life journey of how an auto driver child achieved recognition as a National Youth Award winner. He even added that everything can be accomplished in life with true determination & perseverance and one should always respect their parents who always strive for upliftment of their children. The Principal, Ms. Shilpa Kapoor, reminded the Student Council of their responsibility to pass on the values and ethos of the school to the next generation. She even added that receiving a badge and an office is just the beginning of a journey to give back to the school by making it a better place to study. The vote of thanks, put forth by the Cultural Captain, brought the ceremony to its conclusion.

9th International Yoga Day Celebration - 2023

Yoga is the journey that takes you through yourself, to your true self, to your soul.

9th International Yoga Day was celebrated in Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur with great zeal and enthusiasm. The day was celebrated in its true essence by performing several asanas under the guidance of Dr. Rachana Hegde Patil, a professional physiotherapist and internationally certified fitness manager.

Yoga improves concentration and increases body flexibility. Keeping this as the mantra, Podarites demonstrated several yoga asanas with their ability to balance the body well. The Yoga Pledge was administered during the session. To add more charm to the event, the Chief Guest Dr. Rachana Hegde Patil conducted some warm up exercises & asanas which helped the students, teachers and parents to feel rejuvenated. The students, parents and teachers performed various asanas like Tadasna, Vrikshasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Bhadrasana, Vakrasana, prone lying positions and seating positions. Dr. Hegde Patil added in her address, the benefits of including Yoga in our daily life and how it will be beneficial to the students to remain focussed on their road to success. The programme concluded with the Yoga mantra praying for everybody’s wellness and good luck.

Fire Mock Drill - 2023

With a motive to create awareness among the students about disaster management, fire-fighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situations, a fire mock drill was conducted by Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur.

The mock drill was carried out in the school to prepare students and teachers for any such eventuality under the fire risk reduction programme. The purpose to organize the mock drill was to check the readiness of the school to face any such fire emergency and also to make the students and staff aware about the Fire Fighting Rescue Operation.

A group of teachers and non teaching staff positioned themselves at vantage points to guide and assist the students in the mock fire and evacuation drill. The students were escorted by their subject teachers to the assembly area after the fire alarm. Once all had assembled on the ground, they were advised not to panic in case of any disaster, instructed to be with teachers at the time of disaster and follow the instructions given to them by their teachers. Keeping all the safety measures, the entire building was successfully evacuated within 3 minutes.

The authorities from the 'Classic Fire Services' explained the functioning of a fire extinguisher and laid a flash upon Do’s and Don’ts regarding possibilities of fire. Some student representatives were even given an opportunity to operate the fire-extinguishers independently. The Principal, Ms. Shilpa Kapoor addressed the assembly, interacted with students regarding their perception of this drill and certain precautions to be taken care of at the time of emergency.

The session proved to be informative and an imperative lesson on life-saving skills.

Father's Day Celebration 2023-2024

Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

A father is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and let you try again. A father is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes but instead let you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt. A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail.

The Fathers' Day was celebrated in Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur with a great pomp. The school ground thronged with dads enthusiastically involving themselves with their kids in a special drawing activity. The enthusiasm of students and exciting expressions of their fathers could be noticed in a salad decoration competition held for Grade IV. The fervour was electric when the dads got engaged with their kids in a photo frame activity to preserve the special memories with their children. The ambience was fun filled with smiles stretched wide everywhere. The fathers appreciated the efforts of school authorities for this unique idea of involving Fathers in such celebrations and said that these types of events help them to know their children better and also help them to nurture their relationship with their children. It was a memorable event for the fathers and children to cherish for their lifetime.

Parent Orientation Program 2023-2024

A Parent Orientation Programme was organised in Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur for the parents of Grades I to V on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The parents were able to acquaint themselves with the environment their child is walking into. It was a productive day for the parents and the teachers, who interacted with each other in the initial phase of the new session.

The Principal, Ms. Shilpa Kapoor, warmly welcomed the parents and assured them of the school’s commitment in ensuring their child’s holistic development. She spoke about the school rules and the assessment scheme in detail, to ensure that the parents are suitably informed. All class teachers and subject teachers of the various Grades were introduced to the parents during the sessions. An innovative concept of 'Canteen Debit Card' was launched to make the children aware about cashless transactions and to learn financial and numerical literacy.

The parents were guided during the sessions about the latest communication tool named 'Loop Learning' for hassle free communication. The schedule of the events, celebrations, co-curricular activities, school uniforms, school timings and extra sports coaching sessions were discussed in the meet.

The goal of the Orientation Programme was to ensure that the parents are at ease about the transition of the students and a healthy interaction between the parents and the school.

Installation Ceremony of Interact Club - 2023

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur always aims at holistic development of its Podarites. With a motive of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, understanding value of individual responsibilities and hard work and advancing international understanding, the school officially formed its ‘Interact Club’ in collaboration with the Rotary & the Rotaract Club of Kolhapur.

The installation ceremony was held in the school campus wherein the interactors of PIS, Kolhapur were acquainted with the objectives of the Interact Club and roles and responsibilities of each interactor as the member of the executive body. The President of Rotaract Club Mr. Atharv Dhanal addressed the gathering with an Invocation Song and Four Way Test. The newly elected President Ms. Gargi Kale was honoured with collar, gavel, bell and the club charter. Ms. Gargi Kale, in her address, expressed her gratitude and ensured devotion towards her duties. The other executive body members were handed over their official appointment letters with a warm welcome. The Chief Guest DG Elect. Rtn. Nasir Borsadwala appreciated the efforts of the school for such a great initiative that encourages and fosters advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of youth united in the ideal of service.

Within the interact programmes, the students will be undertaking activities to enhance leadership skills, serve their community and expand international understanding to provide crucial experience and opportunities for personal development of each interactor.

World Art Day Celebration - 2023

Art strengthens focus, improves hand-eye coordination, and helps teach problem-solving. It also supports emotional intelligence and helps us express complex feelings. Art reaches across racial stereotypes and religious barriers and helps to build communities. It builds self-esteem, increases motivation, and improves holistic health.

With the above objectives, World Art Day was celebrated in Podar International School and Jr. College, Kolhapur with great joy and enthusiasm. Several hands-on art activities such as colouring, clay making, pot making & T-shirt painting were the attraction of the day. These activities were all about creating new experiences for the children and designating a space for creativity and art in their hearts. It was a fun filled day stimulating creativity and imagination among the Podarites.

First Day of the Academic Year 2023-24

"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today."

Podar International School and Jr. College, Kolhapur welcomed the students from Grade I to IX with open arms and hearts full of love and affection for the new Academic Session 2023-24. The students of Grades I & II were escorted to their classes by the student volunteers. A special assembly was planned to revive the atmosphere after a long and rejuvenating session break. The prayer accelerated the whole atmosphere. The Principal, Ms. Shilpa Kapoor, in her address, interacted with students telling them about the importance of discipline & wished a very happy prosperous & successful year ahead to all. She also insisted on developing a healthy student-teacher communication to have a positive development of the students. The class teachers introduced themselves and students looked charming with their new school bags and were seen exchanging pleasantries with their classmates. They conducted several indoor games which made the classrooms lively and enthusiastic. Movie screening was also carried out to make the first day memorable.

The day brought back the charm of the school with chirpy corridors, noisy playgrounds and blasting laughs.

3D Designing and Printing Competition - 2023

Technology doesn't determine what we can do, it merely creates a platform for imagination.

Podar International School & Jr. College, Kolhapur was glad to host the '3D Designing and Printing Competition 2022-23' on Saturday, February 25, 2023 with a motive of providing a platform for young Podarites to display their creativity and become promising designers of future India! Young 3D Designers of PIS, Kolhapur, PIS, Sangli and PIS, Ichalkaranji showcased their skills through art & creativity, communication skill, time management, computer skills and ability to work as a team. The competition was conducted in four groups namely 3D Toy Arena, 3D Automotive Modelling, 3D Architectural Models and 3D Modern Farms respectively for Grades V to VIII. Mst. Varad Vibhute & Ms. Rajnandini Gavali from Grade V & Mst. Purushottam Tengshe & Ms. Prutha Ghosalkar from Grade VIII brought laurels to the school by bagging the first position in their respective groups. Adding colourful feathers in the cap, Mst. Darsheel Kayande & Ms. Sharyu Patil from Grade VI & Mst. Atharva Joshi & Mst. Rajveer Medhe from Grade VII secured the second position.

The winners and the participants were felicitated in the Valedictory Ceremony with mementos and certificates. It was a day aimed to stimulate curiosity, creativity, imagination, computational thinking, adaptive learning etc.

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Podar International Schools across India are renowned not only for their excellent academic teaching but also for the holistic development of their students. Offering a vast range of traditional & new age sports and a variety of extracurricular activities for children to hone their skills, here are the extracurricular activities that our CBSE school in Kolhapur offers its students:-
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- Computer Animation

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    • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
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    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Photocopy of Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Photocopy of Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
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