Jumpstart Event for Grade 1 & 2 'Marvelous Me & In My Town' - 2023
As a part of the Thematic Learning on the theme – ‘Marvelous Me’ for Grade 1 and ‘In My Town’ for Grade 2, jump-start activities were conducted in the school. Grade 1 students were engaged in a ‘Circle Time Activity’ where each one answered one question about themselves. Grade 2 students were engaged in a fun activity of creating an 'Around the Town Photo Wall' and later shared their understanding and experiences of living in their town.
Mock Fire Drill I - 2023
A mock fire drill was conducted in school on 7 July 2023. This exercise is designed to prepare students and staff for potential fire emergencies and it plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone within the school premises. The drill began with the activation of the fire alarm signaling the start of the exercise. All the students were safely brought to the school playground and the headcount was taken by the principal. The evacuation time was recorded and informed to the staff and students in order to have an improvement in the next mock fire drill. At Podar this essential practice is done regularly so that they become ingrained in everyone's minds, enabling a swift and efficient response during an actual emergency.
Jump Start on 'YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS – Discovering the Businessman in You’ - 2023
Jump start activities across grades were conducted on 5 July 2023 under the Integrated English Theme ‘YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS – Discovering the Businessman in You’ which encouraged the students to become more business minded while understanding how the business process works. The main objectives of the theme was to create excitement among the students about the theme, ‘YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS’ and to get the students to experience different business related activities in their school routines for the coming weeks through various activities and events.
Dos and Don'ts in the School 'Empowering the Students' Mind' - 2023
The new ideas set the creative and emerging society well. The students of Grade X organised the informative session on the topic 'Dos and Don'ts in the School- Empowering the Students' Mind' on 5 July 2023 for all the students of Podar International School, Mysore from grade 1 to 10. The students of grade 10 came together with many ideas and inputs on the above topic. The principal, school leadership team and the class teachers of grade X oriented the students on how to execute the presentation. This interactive discussion aimed to empower the students to create a positive and conducive learning environment for themselves and their peers. By establishing guidelines and fostering a sense of responsibility, the session sought to cultivate a respectful and productive school community.
Culminating Event 'Tech It Up' - 2023
Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. Podar International School, Mysuru, conducted the Culminating Event, Tech-O-Mania under the Integrated English theme, 'TECH-IT-UP! A World of Gadgets and Gizmos' on 30 June 2023. The students participated in different activities excitedly. The objective of the activities was to make the students aware of the technology we use every day and encourage them to appreciate how it influences our lives. The students were enthusiastic to express their views and thoughts creatively.
Express Yourself 'Tech It Up' - 2023
Express yourself activity was conducted on 28 June 2023 under the Integrated English theme 'Tech-it -up' across the grades. The students of grades 3 to 9 participated in it and discussed the smart devices that are used in day today life. This event helped students to gain knowledge and develop interest in smart technology.
Investiture Ceremony 2023-2024

Investiture ceremony is an important occasion where a school entrusts its upcoming leaders with certain roles and responsibilities. Delegation of responsibility and giving authority to children is important as it teaches them lifelong skills of being powerful and caring at the same time. At Podar International School, Mysore, the newly nominated members of the school’s prefectorial team was inducted on 24th June 2023. The Chief Guest Col. Ashutosh Devrani graced the occasion and enlightened the students by emphasizing them to carry the duty with the sense of responsibility and dignity. The zeal of the council was reflected in their confidence and dedication to execute their work. The students amused the spectators with their outstanding performance of zumba dance, dumbbells drill and yoga display. The captains and the house members performed the march past spectacularly; the school band leading them. The principal Mr. Krishna Bangera appreciated and encouraged the students for their outstanding performance. He also stressed that at Podar we provide the platform for the students to explore the talents and pursue the career as per their interest.

House Competition: Tech-it-Up – ‘Tech Revolution 2050’ - 2023
House competition on the topic: ‘Tech Revolution 2050’ was conducted in our school on 22nd June 2023. The students of each house collected material on new research, tech trends and upcoming technology, innovation news, predictions, recent Science breakthroughs and near future outlooks and created a magazine on innovative technological ideas for the future. The competition helped students to look for and become aware of predictions about the future in various fields like artificial intelligence, communication & computing. All the teams did a brilliant work making it a tough call for the judges.
International Yoga Day Celebration - 2023
"International Yoga Day was celebrated in our school with a special morning assembly. The activities carried out during the assembly included an explanation of the importance of yoga, a yoga dance performance, and warm-up exercises led by our yoga instructor, Ms. Satyavati. The school principal, Mr. Krishna Bangera, addressed the gathering, and the assembly concluded with the presentation of medals to yoga achievers, which were provided by Kreeda Bharathi."
Teacher Training Programme: Road Ahead - 2023
In-house training programs lay the foundation for building a skilled and adaptable workforce that is equipped to tackle future challenges. By embracing personalized learning paths, leveraging technology, tapping into internal expertise and implementing robust evaluation processes, organizations can chart a successful road ahead. The commitment to continuous learning and development not only benefits individual employees but also drives organizational growth, innovation, and competitive advantage in an ever-evolving business landscape. In view of the above mentioned constructive development of the school and wellness the in-house training was conducted on the topic ‘Road Ahead’ on 18&20May2023 by the principal Mr.Krishna Bangera, Podar International School Mysore.
Guru Manthan 'Motivated Teachers Motivate Students' - 2023
Motivation plays a pivotal role in the learning process, and teachers serve as key influencers in cultivating motivation among their students. A motivated teacher brings enthusiasm, passion and a genuine desire to inspire and engage students. To enhance and motivate the federation of teachers, Podar International School, Hebbal, Mysore organized an in-house training program on the topic ‘Guru Manthan- Motivated Teachers Motivate Students’ by Group Captain Shivaraja on 19 May 2023.
CBSE Training Programme 'Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies' - 2023
A robust training program for teachers is crucial for their professional growth and for providing high-quality education to students. By enhancing teaching skills, addressing diverse learner needs, and promoting student engagement, such programs empower educators to create meaningful and impactful learning experiences. Investing in teacher training demonstrates a commitment to educational excellence and ensures that teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of education. In the focus of an equipped and well-trained teaching community Podar International School, Hebbal, Mysore organized a COE Training 'Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies' on 10 June 2023.
Talent Show - 2023
“Talent is given to us by our nature. Greatness, by our efforts.” Talent show was organized in the school on 17 June 2023 for the new students who joined in the academic year 2023-24. All the participants enthralled the audience with their mesmerizing performance. Students showcased various skills like singing, dance, speech, martial arts, mimicry and many more. It was a visual treat for the assembled spectators.
National Technology Day - 2023
India observes National Technology Day every year on May 11 to remember the successful nuclear test in Pokhran, Rajasthan in 1998. The successful testing of the nuclear bomb, code-named Operation Shakti, made India the sixth country in the world to possess nuclear technology.From sending Aryabhata satellite in 1975 to Chandrayaan-2 in 2019, India has achieved remarkable success in technology since Independence. The day is celebrated not only to honor India's accomplishments in nuclear technology but also recognises the nation's advancements in numerous other technological fields.The students in our school threw more light on this by depicting the importance of this day with a skit that mesmerized the audience and held an enthralling Quiz session for the entire school.
World Environment Day Celebration - 2023
On account of World Environment day, a special assembly was conducted in our school on 5 June 2023. Mr.Surya Keerthi wildlife conservationist and animal rescuer was invited as the Chief guest. The program began with the introduction of the Chief guest which was persuaded by elucidating the significance of the day. As a symbolic representation of enriching our environment a sapling was watered by the guest and principal. A wrap and a song was sung by Grade 5, 8 & 9 to embrace nature to bring awareness among students followed by the dance drama depicting environmental protection and conservation. The Chief guest addressed the gathering and inspired the students with his motivational talk and created an awareness regarding wildlife protection .The students took a pledge that they will sustain nature for the future generation.
A special assembly on 'G20' Summit - 2023
A special assembly on 'G20' was conducted in the school on 2nd June 2023 in order to bring awareness to the whole school. Students of Grade 10 presented the significance of G20 and India’s participation in it. The School troupe presented a group song along with a dance by Grade 10 A to emphasize its importance. The principal, Mr. Krishna Bangera addressed the students and highlighted the importance of celebrating the great opportunity that India has got in organising it in India for this year.
Parent Orientation Program 2023-2024
The parent induction program for grade 1 and parent orientation program for grade 2 to 10 were organised on 27th May 2023. A detailed explanation of the yearly activities, achievements, curriculum, introduction of subject teachers were done. The parents' concerns and doubts were addressed by the class teacher and the leadership team.
Welcome back to school 2023-2024
The teaching faculties gave a warm welcome to all the students of grade 2 to 10 for the new academic year 2023-24. It was a great start as most of the students bounced with lots of joy and grin on their faces which rejuvenated all the teachers to celebrate the physical opening of the school after their summer vacation. In school assembly the new students and the new teachers were introduced to the school by the Principal & Vice Principal.
Podar Volunteer Program 2 'Visit to Chayadevi Anathalaya' - 2023
On 10 March 2023 the students visited Chayadevi Anathalaya, which is located at Ashokapuram, Mysuru. As part of the Podar Volunteer Program they donated stationeries, provisions, used toys and clothes etc. The main objective of the Podar volunteer Program is to develop and inculcate service mindedness among the students wherein they learn to help the needy in the society and provide a helping hand to those who are deprived of basic necessities. Our students enthusiastically participated in the event.
Podar Volunteer Program 1 'Visit to People for Animals' - 2023

As part of Podar Volunteer Program, the students of grade 4B were taken to PFA- People for Animals, on 13 March 2023. Students visited the animal shelter and spent time with the animals and helped in feeding and caring for the animals. The students donated pet supplies and a little money to the shelter authorities. The students were briefed about the various Animal Rescue Shelters, Animal Care Center and Animal Adoption that PFA is involved with. The main aim of the Podar Volunteer Program is to encourage students to give back to their communities. Giving back instills in the students the idea that they can make the world a better place, one small project at a time. Volunteer opportunities for children teach important social-emotional skills such as compassion, social awareness, relationship skills, leadership, and more. When students participate in a service project, it provides them with a sense of purpose and helps them strengthen their social-emotional core.

Field Trips 2022-2023
The classroom is an effective simulation of the real world however experiential learning argues that when learning is shifted into a real-life situation it becomes more powerful in individuals. This supports the idea that in order to prepare students effectively for life we need to give them memorable experiences like School Field Trips. In view of learning beyond the classroom, our students visited several places such as the Regional Museum, Zoo, Shuka Vana, Karanji Lake, Planet Earth, Silk Factory and Infosys. All the students were excited to explore the places.
Parivartan Drive 'Eco Warriors' - 2023
An awareness march as part of ‘PRIVARTAN DRIVE on the theme ‘Eco-warriors’ was organized on 25 February 2023. As a kick start on 23 February 2023 the student representatives and the principal participated in a press meet at Mysore District Journalists Association. The theme for the year revolved around clothing and its impact on the environment. The drive urged the students to rethink before purchasing clothes because buying too many clothes can cause a detrimental cost to the environment. The students participated in various activities and acted as agents of change. The students interacted with the people in and around and created awareness in the form of walkathons and by selling reused products and most importantly shared the message through the medium of Social Media, placards and banners. The principal, teachers and around 600 students from grade 5 to 9 took part in the rally which was flagged off at Mathrumandali Circle and culminated at B.M. Habitat Mall, Mysore.
Field Trip of Grade X Students - 2022-23

Memories of school Educational trips are among the most prominent of the formative years, largely because they are a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. While their purpose is essentially to educate, they can also be a fun bonding experience for everyone involved. Going on an educational trip means more than simply leaving the school grounds. Educational trips always have a major educational element but the impact of educational trips can extend much further. In order to achieve the above said purpose Podar International School, Hebbal arranged a field trip for the students of class X on 16 January 2023. The students were taken to Sri Venkataramana Swamy Botanical Garden, Karigatta. All the students were excited to explore the place and have a new experiential learning.

Republic Day Celebration - 2023

Podar International School, Hebbal, Mysuru celebrated the 74th Republic Day with immense patriotic fervour and zeal. The celebration was presided by the principal, Mr.Krishna Bangera. The event began with the flag hoist followed by the national anthem and a wonderful march past by the students. Then the flower tribute was given to Dr. B.R Ambedkar by the dignitaries and coordinators of Podar as an honour to this great personality who chaired the team to form the constitution of India. The students came up on stage and mesmerized the audience with their speeches in Kannada, Hindi and English. There were eye catching dance performances by the students wherein they aroused the patriotic spirit and fervor of the audience.

World Mental Health Day - 2022
On the occasion of World Mental Health Day a Special Assembly and various activities were conducted. There was an affirmative activity to motivate, inspire and encourage the students to take actions and realize their goals. Grade wise activities were carried out; grade 1 & 2 -teaching the ABC's of coping skills and explaining about mental health, grade 3 to 7 - Mandala art therapy & healing, grade 8 to 10 debate on the importance of Mental Health. A house competition was organized on poster making. Classroom Gardens were created by the students; each class was asked to get 3-5 indoor plants and the pots were decorated by the students and kept in the class to take care of the plants for a year.
Christmas Celebration - 2022
Christmas was celebrated on 23rd December 2022 to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Students came to school wearing beautiful dresses on Christmas themes. The school was decorated beautifully with glitters, cribs and lights. One could easily notice the excitement of Christmas in the students’ eyes. There were cultural programme wherein the students danced, sang carols and played a short skit on the nativity of Jesus.
Mock Fire Drill - 2022
To create awareness on evacuating a building in the event of fire or other emergencies, 2nd mock Fire Drill was conducted on 22nd November 2022; four mock fire drills are conducted in a year. The principal, Mr. Krishna Bangera explained the purpose of the mock fire drill. The evacuation time was recorded and the headcount of all the students were taken to ensure the safety of students at school.
Annual Sports Meet 'Grade 1 to 4' 2022-2023
Annual sports meet for the primary classes from grade 1 to 4 was held on 19th November 2022. The event was flagged off by the chief guest Mr. Sandeep Kumar S. The celebration was presided over by the Vice Principal Mr. Martin and administrative officer Mr.Sivaswami. The students performed aerobics, drill and zumba dance which mesmerized the audience. Various sport events were conducted and prizes were distributed to the winners. At the end sports and games were held for the parents and teachers who sportingly participated and showed their athletic spirit.
Children's Day Celebration - 2022
On 14 November 2022 the Children's Day was celebrated at school. All the students came to school in colour dresses. The event began by honouring 'Jawaharlal Nehru' and emphasized on the significance of children's day celebration. The teachers dressed up as students to lead the assembly and conducted various events for the students to mark this day as one of the memorable ones. The students were enthusiastic and were enthralled by the various performances of the teachers.
Kannada Rajyothsava Celebration - 2022
This year marked a grand ‘Kannada Rajyothsava’ celebration at school. The program was presided over by the chief guest Dr. Jayappa Honnali a writer, poet and a great Kannada scholar along with the Principal Mr. Krishna Bangera, vice principal, Mr.Martin & A.O Mr.Sivaswami. The audience were enthralled by the various amazing, colourful and mind blowing performances by students; dances, songs and skits. The chief guest addressed the gathering and shared valuable information about the importance of Kannada language and the heritage of the land of Karnataka. 
Dasara Celebration - 2022
A special assembly was conducted to bring awareness on the significance of Dasara. The secondary students performed a skit and a dance on this occasion. ‘Dandiya Raas’ event was organised for students and parents on 24 September 2022 where all the parents, students and teachers danced to the beats of Dandiya and Garba. It was a spectacular evening with lots of colour and festive spirit. Rangoli competition was organized for the parents wherein more than 50 parents took part in it. Everyone was dressed up in traditional attire which added colours to the celebration and lit up the evening brightly. 
Culminating Event 'Footprints in time' - 2022
The Culminating event for the theme 'FOOTPRINTS IN TIME' - An Archaeological Expedition' was held on 3rd September 2022. As part of the program, 'The Sci-Hi Museum' was spot on as the students and parents reveled at the event with great enthusiasm. This event focused on presenting various inventions, discoveries, excavations, monuments, lifestyle etc. It emphasized on the scientific element and the history behind it. The event aimed at providing opportunities to the students to showcase their learning and their talent. It also intended to be a platform for sharing the experience that they had during the course of the module. 
Visit to Vidwi’s Tinkering Lab 'Practical Science Education' - 2022
Vidwi’s Tinkering Lab, a practical science education centre in association with mica collage conducted a tinkering challenge under the title name ‘We Innovate’. The students of grade IX from Podar International School, Mysuru, actively participated in the event on 23 November 2022. The competition is intended to ignite a spark of curiosity in the young minds. The benefits of this challenge include increased problem-solving skills, acceptance of failure, development of a never give up attitude, innovative spirit, entrepreneurial skills and an appreciation of what scientists do.
National Unity Day - 2022
National Unity Day is celebrated in India on 31 October. It was introduced by the Government of India in 2014. The day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who had a major role in the political integration of India. Podar International School celebrated this day by conducting a special assembly which included, taking the pledge for unity, unity marathon run and significance of the day. 
Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2022
"Hindi Ka Sammaan Kare, Aao Hum Us Mridu Bhasha Ka Gungaan Kare." Being one of the most diverse nations in the world, India is a place where numerous traditions, customs, religions and languages flourish. Among all the languages, Hindi is one of the beautiful one which is spoken by many in India. To commemorate and celebrate the language a special assembly was organized which included presentations, songs, dances and speeches reflecting the importance of the language Hindi.
Onam Celebration - 2022
Onam festival was celebrated in the school on 8 September 2022. Students enthusiastically participated in making ‘Pookalam’ the flower carpet.
Teacher's Day Celebration - 2022
Teachers’ Day was celebrated on 5th September 2022 which was organized by the students. The students planned a fun filled cultural programme and games for the teachers. All the students expressed their gratitude and appreciated the initiatives taken by the school for the all round development of the students. All the teachers participated in the fun filled activities which motivated the students and gave a chance for them to be good organizers of events. 
Annual Sports Meet of Grade 5 to 10 - 2022
The annual sports event for grade 5 to 10 was held on 10th Nov. 2022 at Mysore University Oval Ground. The event kick started with the sports leader, school head boy and the head girl leading the troupes with the Sports Torch. It was followed by a synchronous march past by all contingents of the 4 houses. Aerobic dance, yoga display and pyramid formation enthralled the audience. After the formal programme various sports events were conducted for the students, parents and teachers. All the winners were honoured with medals and certificates; the winners standing on the victory stand marked the success of the sports stars of the future. The champions were given the trophies under various categories and the overall championship trophy was bagged by Ventus House.
Campus Visit to Infosys - 2022
We are happy that Podar International School, Mysore has been chosen to be part of the Infosys Springboard. Learners can benefit from the knowledgebase and experience of 4 decades of Infosys as an enterprise. Infosys also brings quality content from their partners and leading universities across the world which will be shared with the students of Podar International School, Mysore as part of the springboard activity. As a continuation of the springboard programme the students of grade 6 to 10 were taken to the Infosys Campus for a campus visit where the sessions were taken for the students and teachers on the Springboard content and the usage of the same on 7th November 2022. It also included the campus tour for the students and teachers wherein they witnessed the internationally recognized Infosys campus.

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