School Events at Mysuru - Hebbal

Annual Sports Meet of Grade 5 to 10 - 2022

The annual sports event for grade 5 to 10 was held on 10th Nov. 2022 at Mysore University Oval Ground. The event kick started with the sports leader, school head boy and the head girl leading the troupes with the Sports Torch. It was followed by a synchronous march past by all contingents of the 4 houses. Aerobic dance, yoga display and pyramid formation enthralled the audience. After the formal programme various sports events were conducted for the students, parents and teachers. All the winners were honoured with medals and certificates; the winners standing on the victory stand marked the success of the sports stars of the future. The champions were given the trophies under various categories and the overall championship trophy was bagged by Ventus House.

Campus Visit to Infosys - 2022

We are happy that Podar International School, Mysore has been chosen to be part of the Infosys Springboard. Learners can benefit from the knowledgebase and experience of 4 decades of Infosys as an enterprise. Infosys also brings quality content from their partners and leading universities across the world which will be shared with the students of Podar International School, Mysore as part of the springboard activity. As a continuation of the springboard programme the students of grade 6 to 10 were taken to the Infosys Campus for a campus visit where the sessions were taken for the students and teachers on the Springboard content and the usage of the same on 7th November 2022. It also included the campus tour for the students and teachers wherein they witnessed the internationally recognized Infosys campus.

Infosys Springboard 'Orientation to Students of Grade 6 to 10' - 2022

We are pleased to state that the Podar International School, Mysore has been chosen to be part of the Infosys Springboard. The programme was initiated by the Infosys staff with the orientation for the students of grade 6 to 10 on 8th September 2022. The students participated with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. Infosys has launched this springboard initiative to accelerate progress on its ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) goal to expand digital re-skilling initiatives to 10 million plus people by 2025. Infosys springboard provides a curriculum- rich virtual platform that delivers corporate-grade learning experiences, on any device, with closer educator-learner collaboration for students from class 6 to 10.

Special Assembly on Krishna Janmashtami 2022

Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated on 18 August 2022 with lots of colour and vibrancy. There was a skit by grade 10 students on the significance of the day which enlightened the students about the purpose of the celebration. The little ones from grade 1 and 2 made the celebration of Janmashtami a splendid one as all were dressed up as Radhas and Krishnas beautifully. The ramp walk by these cute Radhas and Krishnas made the celebration more elegant.

Independence Day Celebration - 2022

Independence Day is a national festival and is an opportunity for us to renew our resolution to rebuild and refine our national character. This day reminds us of all the sacrifices that were made by our freedom fighters in order to set India free from British rule. The nation is celebrating its 76th Independence Day this year. To commemorate the victory of our freedom struggle the school celebrated the glorious day by unfurling the flag and the whole school singing the National Anthem with pride followed by patriotic songs, dances, speeches in different languages and a skit. Mr. Shekhar H.T, the Superintendent of Police, Principal, Police Training School, Mysuru and the principal of the school, Mr.Krishna Bangera enlightened the gathering with their words of wisdom.

Special Assembly 'Rakshabandhan' - 2022

A special assembly was held on 11 August 2022, to celebrate the festival of 'Raksha Bandhan' and emphasize on the blessings and love of a sister towards her brother. A student spoke about the significance of the day and the students of grade 10 tied the rakhis to their classmates as a symbolic expression of the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. The principal, Mr. Krishna Bangera appreciated all the teachers for inculcating the brotherhood and sisterhood in every student and making this campus as a family. And he continued to appreciate all the students for their lovely and respectful attitude towards their classmates and schoolmates as brothers and sisters. This has brought in a respectful culture in our school wherein we notice a harmonious environment in the school campus; a special appreciation to the students of grade 8, 9 & 10 for their dignified behavior and conduct.

Special Assembly on Mr. Arsh Ali - 2022

As a tribute to the youngest archaeologist in India – Arsh Ali, the students conducted a special assembly on 12 August 2022. A student represented as Mr.Arsh Ali & another as a journalist having an interview. The interview threw insights on excavation and in turn it broadened the students’ knowledge on excavation. The students came to know a few things about Arsh Ali and his achievements and they were inspired to read and know more about such archaeologists. Arsh’s sense of curiosity and his earnestness towards his work would motivate the pupils to be like him.

International Yoga Day - 2022

Yoga is a systematic practice of breathing control, physical exercise, positive thinking, relaxation and meditation. This ensures the harmony of mind, body and environment. We, at Podar nurture the benefit of this beautiful heritage of Indian origin. All the students at our school participated in various yoga exercises on 21 June 2022 to commemorate the International Yoga Day. An aesthetic yoga display by the selected group of students added colours to the celebration.

Investiture Ceremony 2022-2023

The Investiture Ceremony is a platform to showcase the leadership skills and abilities of our student leaders and it is one of the most prestigious ceremonies in the schedule of school events. The eleventh Investiture of Prefect Council 2022-23 took place on 25 June 2022 in the school premises. The event began with an elegant march-past led by the newly elected head boy and head girl along with the house-masters and prefects. Col. V Srinivas Admin Officer, NCC Mysore Group, Head Quarters inspected the parade along with the principal, Mr.Krishna Bangera, vice principal Mr.Martin, and admin officers Mr.Augustin Pinto & Mr.Shivaswami. All the student leaders were invested with the responsibilities by the dignitaries to carry forward the rich legacy of the values of Podar International School. The hoops display and aerobic dance by the students made the day more colourful and spectacular.

Express yourself 'Theme - Changemakers' - 2022

‘Express Yourself’ activity for Grade 1- 8 was conducted on 13 June 2022 under the theme ‘Change Makers’; ‘Me & My Responsibilities’ (Grade 1&2), Collaborative Activity - A Perfect World (Grade 3&4), Creative Expression ‘Picture Talk – What does it mean to us?’(Grade 5-6), and Champions of Social Justice (Grade 7&8). Through these activities students got an opportunity to understand their ‘Responsibilities’ towards themselves and others, express their outlook of a perfect world, share opinions about real-world issues, discuss ‘Human Rights’ violations and how they are deeply embedded in our society and its effect on our way of living peacefully. Students actively participated and shared their opinions and views.

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