Podar Prep Events

Bye-Bye Kindergarten celebration - 2023

Bye Bye Kindergarten was celebrated at Podar Prep, Katol road as “Bye Bye Kindergarten, Hello Primary” with fun filled activities on 18th March 2023.

Christmas Celebration - 2022

Christmas was celebrated as “Christmas season is lots of fun , spread joy with everyone”. Children did various activities, danced and had lots of fun.

Winter Wonderland - 2022

Thank you dear Parents for your presence and enthusiastic participation in the Winter Wonderland Program. Here are glimpses of the same.

Sports Day Celebration 2022-2023

Podar Jumbo Kids, Katol Road, Nagpur celebrated sports day. A sports day helps children develop an interest in different sports which nurtures development. So this year, our theme for the sports day was “JUMBO ON WHEELS.”

Nursery field trip - 2022

The Nursery children were taken for the field trip to show different types of transport. The children also meet the bus driver who showed them his uniform and badge. The children also saw many other means of transport like A model aircraft, bicycle, tractor, motorcycle, van, car etc during their visit.

Sr KG field trip to sports ground - 2022

Children saw various Sports items on the sports ground and this has given them first-hand experiential learning.

Mock Fire Drill - 2022

A mock Fire drill was conducted to train the children for emergency evacuation of the building in case it catches Fire. Such training is the need of the hour.The students were made aware of the different types of Fire extinguishers, it's uses and Fire equipment by Administrative officer Mr. Rakesh Baisware.

Drama enactment - 2022

Drama Enactment helps in building confidence, Teamwork, and Collaboration. It helps in building Verbal as well as non- verbal communication. Podar Jumbokids, Nagpur Katol is happy to share a glimpse of Jr. KG children performing a Drama Enactment on Hic Hic Hiccups

Pencil ceremony and Garba celebration - 2022

Navratri was celebrated at Podar Jumbo Kids through a puppet show. Our children watched and participated in the show 'Mr. Pencil and Friends. They did pencil art and took home their decorated pencils. These activities helped to develop their spiritual intelligence as they made them aware of their responsibility towards the material they use.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration - 2022

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated at Podar Jumbo Kids as “Bapu and Shastriji ki Kahani Jumbo Ki Zubani”. Our children and their families participated with the full ethos and we all had lots of fun together doing all the activities.

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