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5th Annual Sports Day Celebration 2019-2020

Podar International School Katol Road Nagpur conducted its 5th Annual Sports Meet 2019-20 on 9th November. Mr Piyush Ambulkar Sports Officer of Nagpur Munical Corporation was the Chief Guest of the event who was accompanied by the School’s General Manager Mr Yogesh Mhatre. The event started with releasing of Balloons and Torch Run followed by March past which was conducted by the School’s Head Boy Mst Maneesh Manoj of Grade 10 and an Opening Dance. School’s Extra Curriculum Sports like Fencing,Gymnastic,Karate,Basketball,Yoga,Archery and Cricket were Demonstrated in a special event called 'Khelo Podar'. The event was also filled with many Fun Races like Balance Challenge, Drag the ball with Hula Hoop and many more including Class wise Drills, and Fun Games for Parents. Principal Lucky Sadrani motivated and appreciated the students and parents for their active participation and enthusiasm. The program was compeered by Ms Tanushree Chatterjee.

Podar Model United Nations State Level Conference - 2019

Podar Model United Nations State Level Conference was held on 11th and 12th October 2019 at Hotel New Pride,Sangli organized by PIS,Sangli. Our students participated in the Conference and bagged trophies and certificates. Mst.Maneesh Manoj of Grade X- (Delegate of Sweden) won BEST DELEGATE AWARD in the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Mst.Aryan Mishra of Grade X (Delegate of Bangladesh) won HONORABLE MENTION FOR POSITION PAPER in the International Monetary Fund. Ku.Tithi Gohil of Grade IX (Delegate of France) won as an OUTSTANDING POSITION PAPER in the World Health Organization. Other students Aryan Sharma,Nakul Yaolkar,Shrishti Thakre, Ira Ishita, Prashanti Masti,Atreya Mahajan,Harshvardhan Talokar and Kishlaya Sharma also received participation certificates.

Giving Back 'A Podar Volunteer Program Visit To Homeless Shelter Mentally Disabled Home & School' - 2019

Students of Grade X visited 'Sai Guru Matimand Vidhyalaya' Nagpur to mark 'MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY' as they donated Care Packages to the underprivileged students, together they took part in drawing and colouring danced with each other and spent some quality time. World Mental Health Day (10 October) is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. It was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more than 150 countries. This day, each October, thousands of supporters come to celebrate this annual awareness program to bring attention to mental illness and its major effects on peoples' life worldwide.

Culminating Event 'Stardust' - 2019

CULMINATING EVENT for the on going theme 'SPACE TROOPERS' 'STARDUST-TO INFINITY & BEYOND' As our Chief Guest we invited Mr G.Sreedhar I.P.S Officer-SRPF Commandant who graced the occasion with his presence. As the current theme comes to an end, our students and staff organized a grand event STARDUST-TO INFINITY & BEYOND where students of Grades I & II came dressed up as Sun,Moon,Star, Planets, etc and students of Grades III & IV enacted as famous space personalities like Sunita Williams,Neil Armstrong etc. Students of Grades V-X participated in Food Stalls, and displayed their 3D space models in the Space Model Stalls that they had prepared during previous House Competitions.

Giving Back 'A Podar Volunteer Program - Wall Painting Social Awareness' - 2019

GIVING BACK-A PODAR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM 'WALL PAINTING- SOCIAL AWARENESS' Students of Grade IX went for Wall Painting in Nagpur City to express their feelings and expression about 'SOCIAL AWARENESS' through Painting in the walls. Students painted beautifully with the help of our art teacher Mr Kameshwar Patle and displayed pictures which will spread Social Awareness like child abuse, child labour, smoking, social media etc.

Giving Back 'A Podar Volunteer Program Visit to Homeless Shelter' - 2019

GIVING BACK- A PODAR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM 'VISIT TO ORPHANAGE/HOMELESS SHELTER' Students of Grade IV visited Jeevan Ashram & Child Care Centre Nagpur to donate Care Packages like Clothes,Snacks,Chocolates etc. Students were happy to help and donate the Orphanage children as they learned about caring and sharing.

Talk with a Meteorologist - 2019

Podar International School Nagpur Katol conducted Interview under the theme SPACE TROOPERS 'A TALK WITH A METEOROLOGIST' Students of Grades 6 to 8 went to Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Center, Department of Planning, and Government of Maharashtra VNIT Campus Nagpur to have a Talk with Mr Sanjay M Apturkar- Associate Scientist. Students were shown a Power Point Presentation and had a face to face conversation with Mr Sanjay. It was a great and knowledgeable experience for the students.

A Visit to Meteorological Department - 2019

Podar International School Nagpur Katol conducted Field Trip under the theme SPACE TROOPERS 'A VISIT TO A METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT' Students of Grades 6 to 8 visited Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre, Department of Planning, Government of Maharashtra VNIT Campus Nagpur to experience Meteorological Services and Planning. Students were able to see and explore how a Meteorological Department looks like.

Giving Back 'A Podar Volunteer Program - Thank you letter to Traffi Police' - 2019

Students of Grade 5 visited the Nagpur Traffic Police to give them 'THANK YOU LETTERS' as part of the Podar Volunteer Program. The Traffic Police officers appreciated the student’s kindness and were very happy to show the students their office and how they work with traffic safety, signals, traffic jam, accidents, electronic devices, systems etc. Students were very happy and had a learning experience through this activity.

Giving Back 'A Podar Volunteer Program - Bird Feeders' - 2019

Podar International School #NagpurKatol conducted an activity under 'GIVING BACK-A PODAR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM' Students of Grade VII went to Seminary Hills Nagpur for Placing 'BIRD FEEDERS' as part of the Podar Volunteer Program. Students made and decorated the Bird Feeders on their own and enjoyed doing this activity as they learned about kindness and doing something special for Birds. As they came back they discussed about their experience and shared their thoughts with each other.