School Events at Nagpur Katol Road

Culminating Event 'The Sci-Hi Museum' - 2022


Culminating Event - "The Sci Hi Museum"

The culminating event was organised in the school to focus on presenting various discoveries/ excavation/monuments with a scientific element in it and the history behind it. The event helped students to learn about archaeology and examine historical facts in the most interesting ways possible.

The students made Models, Monuments, Artifacts, major discoveries and inventions, Historical figures, Tools, Photo booth, Games stalls like archaeological dig, Coin designing, The pottery village, Pictographs, archaeological snacks, ancient tools etc. Role play by grade 1 and 2 students who dressed up as Archaeologist and Historian was the major attraction.

It was a wonderful way of reaching out to parents to experience some fun archaeological themed activities.

Thematic Week 'Culminating Event - My School' - 2022

My School culminated with the event 'Let's Tour the School "organized by the students of grade 1 within the school premises. The student guides conducted a special tour of the school campus and visited different locations in the school like Art room, Accounts room, Admin office, Principal cabin, Dance room, Playground etc etc. After the school campus tour, students had a dance sequences to the song learnt by them. The classroom was decorated with the worksheets and art work done during the thematic week.

House Competition- 'History's Mysteries': A Historical Trivia Challenge for All - 2022

Footprints in Time - An Archaeological Expedition

House Competition - "History's Mysteries:A Historical Trivia Challenge for All

A Quiz Competition was conducted today to develop student's critical thinking and Competition. The Competition was won by Aqua House.

The winners were
1.Mohit Pawar
2.Trishla Choube
3.Shlok Kurhade
4.Vaishnavi Bedwal

Congratulations to Aqua House!!!

Special Assembly 'The youngest archaeologist in India - Arsh Ali' - 2022

Footprints in Time 'Special Assembly - Arsh Ali - The Youngest Archaeologist in India

Today's Assembly was a tribute to the youngest archaeologist in India- Arsh Ali. He was born on 18th August 2000 and has worked on numerous excavation sites and is currently working on several interesting archaeological projects. He is primarily fascinated by Indian and Egyptian archaeology. Along with mastering hieroglyphs, Arsh knows 10 languages which include the basic knowledge in Arabic and Latin. He is also well versed in 18 scripts, a few of which are extinct already.

Tree Plantation Drive - 2022

"Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky". Tree Plantation Drive by the hands of General Manager Mr Yogesh Mhatre sir, Owner Mr Hitesh Waswani, Principal Ms Lucky Sadrani, Head Boy and Head Girl, Teaching staff and Gardner.

Expert talk with an Archaeologist - 2022

Footprints in Time - An Archaeological Expedition. Under experiences, the students got an opportunity to have face to face interaction with the city famous Archaeologist G.S.Khwaja, Former Director(Epigraphy),Nagpur Archaeological Survey of India,Ministry of Culture, Govt of India. He is a member of Board of Studies, Institute of Archaeology ASI Delhi, Historical Archaeology Institute of Arch, Delhi, Academic committee Rampur Raza Library, Rampart. He enlightened the students with his experiences from his career. We extend our gratitude to Mr G S. Khwaja for sparing his valuable time.

Visit to Museum - 2022

Footprints in Time-An Archaeological Expedition Under this theme, students of Grade 5 to 8 got an opportunity to Visit a Central Museum of Nagpur. Established in 1863,this museum houses historical Coins, Sculptures, Artifacts such as dinosaurs fossils, ancient inscriptions ,mineral stones ,antlers, invertebrates specimen and more. This place is quite popularly known as Ajab Bangla, one of the oldest museums in India.

Visit to Historical Monument - 2022

Footprints in Time-An Archaeological Expedition Under this theme, students of Grade 1 to 4 got an opportunity to Visit a Historical Monument "Deeksabhoomi" which is a sacred Monument of Navayana Buddhism located at Nagpur where Dr B.R.Ambedkar ,embraced Buddhism with approximately 600,000 of his followers on Ashoka Vijaya Dashami on 14th Oct. Unlike the Stupa of Sanchi, Deekshabhoomi stupa is completely hollow inside. It is the largest hollow stupa among all Buddhists stupa in the world. The inner circular hall is spread across 4000 square feet with granite, marble and Dholpur sandstone used in its construction.

Transport Committee Meeting - 2021

Podar International School #NagpurKatol conducted Transport Committee Meeting on 31st December 2021 in the school premises. The meeting was attended and conducted by the Podar Nagpur Hub School's Regional Transport Manager Mr Rahat Hasan & Admin Officer Mr Rakesh Baisware. The meeting was attended by Parent Members, Headmistress PJK, Member of the Local Education Department, Local Gram Panchayat Sarpanch, and RTO Police Officers as well.

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