ATC Press Note

10 Apr 2022

Since 1927, Podar Education Network has always stood by the side of our students, parents & teachers. Today, more than 2 lakh students trust our schools to provide the best education & learning and we will continue to do so in the future.

With respect to our students admitted under the Additional Commissioner, Tribal Development program since 2015, the school continues to provide the highest quality education and support services to ensure their bright future.

With regards to the recent baseless allegations, we would like to clarify that all students, irrespective of their background, are treated equally by the school. This is evident from the fact that all our students are grouped in common classrooms with the best modern facilities and have access to the same teachers across the school.

Additionally, all online & offline classes, resources, examinations and extra-curricular activates are equally offered to all students of our school.

No student has been denied any services online or offline on the bases of their background, fee status or for any other reason.

We strongly deny any baseless allegations of discrimination against any particular group of students.

The School will prove to our PTA, the Education Department & the Tribal Development authorities that these allegations are completely baseless and made with malafide intentions. The school has also taken the decision that all students will be promoted to the new Academic Year 2022-23. We strongly deny that any students have been forced to take a TC from the school against their personal wishes.

Let us be strong and continue to pray hard and work together for the welfare of each & every child. Our collective strength lies in supporting each other as we venture to truly educate our children.