Jumbo Kids Events

Transition Sr.KG to Grade 1 - 2022

Transitions are always challenging. Thus to make the transition easy from Kindergarten to Primary, students of Sr.KG children attended the assembly of Grade 1 and had a glimpse of classrooms & teachers.

Virtual Holi Celebration 2021-2022

Holi was virtually celebrated at Podar Jumbo Kids as “Let’s enjoy the festival of colors” with fun-filled activities.

Annual Day Celebration 2021-2022

Here is a glimpse of Virtual Annual Concert 2021 “Growing up with Jumbo! Celebrating 20 years of Kiducation”!!. We are thankful to children and parents for their valuable support and for making the event a huge success.

Christmas Fun - 2021

The best way to see Christmas is through the eyes of a child” with fun-filled activities

Treasure Hunt Project - 2021

Yes, it’s fun to find a treasure. Treasure can be found in the flora and fauna around us or in the relationships that we have with each other, so let us treasure everything around us. Here is a glimpse of activities performed by children at home along with parents.

Kiducation Huddle 2.0 - 2021

Here is a glimpse of parents and children performing activities and daily routines to know about the flow of curriculum and why it is done at PJK...

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2021

We are immensely grateful to all parents and dear children for showing their gratitude towards their teacher and making Teachers' Day so special with their token of love through handmade cards, and lovely wishes. Let's have a sneak peek of today's celebration.

Janmashtami Celebration - 2021

Janmashtami was celebrated as ‘Milk and Milk products make me Mighty!!!’ at Podar Jumbo Kids. Here are some pictures of our children learning the importance of milk and milk products through games and activities.

Independence Day Celebration - 2021

At Podar Jumbo Kids , we celebrated 75th year of our country’s Independence Day as "Freedom-a gift from our grandparents" virtually with children, parents, and grandparents to acknowledge the contribution of grandparents in making and keeping this generation independent.

International Left Handers Day - 2021

Left-handers day was virtually celebrated as “Your right to be a Lefty” on International Left-Handers day at Podar Jumbo Kids. Here is a glimpse of our children experiencing the theme through fun-filled games and activities.

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