Podar Prep Events

Open House - 2022

Parents meeting with teachers is an opportunity to discuss child growth and development.

Diwali Mela - 2022

Children enjoy Diwali Mela at Podar Jumbo Kids, making children learn and celebrate festivals with community spirit and personal enjoyment.

Dandiya Nights - 2022

Dandiya Nights were organized in school. Children and parents danced to the beats of the song and enjoyed the evening.

Gandhiji and Shastriji Jayanti - 2022

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated at Podar Jumbo Kids as “Bapu and Shastriji ki Kahani Jumbo Ki Zubani”. Our children and their families participated with full ethos and we all had lots of fun together doing all the activities.

Pencil Ceremony - 2022

Podar Jumbo Kids celebrates 'Pencil Ceremony' , where every child witnesses a unique Muppet show that introduces them to 'Pencil and friends', and is gifted a pencil which is traditionally practiced in many parts of the country.

Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign - 2022

Campaign Aazadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav Har Ghar Tiranga, where parents, students & teachers participated by pinning a flag on govt website& flag hoisting at home.

Parsi New Year - 2022

Parsi New Year’ was celebrated as “Be a Friend To Have a Friend” at Podar Jumbo Kids. Here are some photographs of our children forming the bond of friendship.

Independence Day Celebration - 2022

Independence Day was celebrated as “Nation First, Always First” at Podar Jumbo Kids. Here are some pictures of our children celebrating the day with their grandparents.

International Left hand day - 2022

International Left Handers Day was celebrated as ‘No child 'left' behind’ at Podar Jumbo Kids. Here are some photographs of our children experiencing the theme through games and activities.

Rakshabandhan Celebration - 2022

Children tying protection bands to the plants and trees this Raksha Bandhan as “Tie a rakhi for relationships and ‘tie’ a bond with nature too” and learning to care for and protect the environment around them.

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