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Culminating Event 'Stardust' - 2019

Podar International School Nanded organized the culminating event 'Stardust' under the theme Space Troopers. The event provided opportunities to the students to showcase their learning. It also intends to be a platform for sharing the experiences they have had during the course of the module.Organizing the ‘STARDUST’ event was a wonderful way of reaching out to the students, and parents to experience some fun space-themed activities. Through this event, the visitors exposed to a variety of information about the Universe. Parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives and friends were invited to participate and experience this unique event.

Podar Model United Nations (PMUN) State Level Conference - 2019

Twelve students attended the PODAR MODEL UNITED NATIONS (PMUN) STATE LEVEL CONFERENCE on 11th and 12th October 2019 at Hotel New Pride, Sangli organized by PIS,Sangli. The Students Delegates Represented Australia and Peru countries in the Model United Nations Conference.In this conference more than 200 Students delegates participated.They shared the challenges of their respective countries in Presence of Honorable Chairperson. Various Drafts were finalised with the unanimous decision. It was wonderful experience for all the students.

Navratri Celebration - 2019

Podar International School Nanded celebrated Navratri with zeal and enthusiasm . It held for five days.Everyday two grades' parents were invited.The best performances were awarded with a token of love for students and parents. Honourable Principal sir encouraged all.

Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti Celebration - 2019

Podar International School Nanded celebrated the Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti . The students marched raising slogans in favour of non-violence, truth and patriotism.They presented the song and skit to pay homage to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,Father of Nation, and Lal Bahadur Shastri,the former Prime Minister of India.

House Competition 'An Interstellar Artwork - Space Troopers' - 2019

Podar International School Nanded conducted Inter House Competition "An Interstellar Artwork " under the theme Space Troopers. The students imagined and drew their own interpretation of the 'universe'.Every grade contributed to the artwork, which at the end looked like a graffiti. They have unveiled the Space mysteries and explored our universe.

Health and Wellness Workshop - 2019

Podar International School Nanded. Health & Wellness workshop by Dr Vaishali Sanap for girl students of grade VII/VIII. It threw light on various concerns like importance of nutrition, healthy mind, handling adolescence issues etc.

Express Yourself 'Space Troopers' - 2019

Podar International School Nanded conducted EXPRESS YOURSELF activity under the theme Space Troopers. The students expressed what would they bring from the space and new planet they will discover.

Podar Volunteer Program - 'Visit to Orphanage' - 2019

Podar International School Nanded conducted Volunteer programme. Visited orphanage and donated the toys and spent the time with them, shared joys

Celebration of Reading Week - 2019

"Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.” ... Francis Bacon.

Podar International School Nanded organized Book Exhibition under the theme of " READING WEEK " between 9th to 15th September 2019. Honourable Principal, Dr.Sandeepkumar Lath inaugurated the exhibition with the leadership team and librarian.

The teachers, students and parents visited the exhibition and showed the good interest in reading. It will inculcate the habit of reading among all.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2019