Welcome you all to PIS CBSE Nerul!

As a Principal, I wish to provide a brief introduction of our school that would furnishyou with ideas and inspirations about the Institution, our vision, curriculum, practices, faculty members and an overall impression of the campus.

Students of PIS CBSE NERUL are always taught to “Look up” and “Lift up”. “Look up” is meant for strength and reassurance in toils, trails, temptations and troubles. “Lift up” means that every PODARITE, be it students or teachers, have to set for themselves high standards, goals and ambitions in all spheres of life.

School is a place where children are encouraged to say
“I see it, I get it, I can do it.”

Our philosophy of education has always been meeting the needs of the individual child. Children acquire skills and knowledge easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful. In the 21st century, the Digital Revolution affects us all. Quite simply, it is changing everything: a brilliant barrage of information, entertainment, companionship and education are promptly available. In such a surrounding, when work and efforts are valued, the child’s self-esteem is heightened and leads to self-motivation. We try to understand and work with each child. Apart from this, wefirmly believe that it is our sole responsibility to enable the child under our care for a wholesome development.

Our School follows the CBSE curriculum and goes hand in hand with the Board updating and upgrading its standards right from teaching, training along with recruiting processes. Our goal at PIS CBSE NERUL is to provide an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that will prepare students for success at school and also in the years to follow. We believe that students themselves together with parents and teachers play a vital role in helping the young mindsto reach the pinnacle of maximumpotential. Parents are encouraged to check their ward’s progress regularly on our between us portal, which can be accessed via school website. Students are engaged to avail opportunities from numerous resources offered to them teachers, self-sufficient library,upgraded computer labs, e-books and the smart class rooms.

Inclusive Education:
Podar group of schools aim towards shaping individuals in building psychologically free and healthy nation. Physical and mental states of affairs are directly related. It critically influences the way we think, feel and act within ourselves and those around us. Healthy individuals in a healthy nation have sound mind and body to meet life’s challenges better. They tend to succeed conveniently in school, at work and in society thereby contributing to healthier Nation.
We at Podar CBSE take immense care of the children with special needs and the parents are assured ofmuch extended help provided at our premises.

Holistic Development:
In this era of cut throat competition, it is of paramount importance to impart an integrated education to the future citizens of the Nation for successfully facing multitasking circumstances.
The PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CBSE NERUL, therefore, laid special emphasis on both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities providing students an edge over others to be leaders in their respective fields of activities. This in turn would also be a true reflection of all these diverse achievements and progresses made and being made by the school in fulfilling the coveted goal of imparting disciplined and quality education.

Staff, faculty and campus:
To all the departments and concerned staff, I give a standing ovation to their efforts in working with our children, giving them an opportunity to enjoy a variety of learning experiences which they have undoubtedly and tremendously benefitted from.
Like the scaffolds that protect and provide support to enable saplings to grow, our staff guide our students in their development and act as a buttress assisting them to learn and grow in a safe, healthy environment.

Our School is the largest school in Navi Mumbai with all its safety measures in built. School is also equipped with modern amenities like Air conditioned class rooms, smart boards and full-fledged canteen facilities. Smooth running transport system also adds to one of its features.

Simultaneously, we have continued to benchmark our HR practices and processes, reshuffling and revising time and again, by the concerned department at HO Parel.

Before I conclude, I am happy to announce that we have successfully upgraded the school to Senior Secondary level. School will open its 11th grade from the session 2022-23.

Finally, I convey my best wishes to all existing parents, students along with parents of aspiring and prospective applicants for a bright future ahead!

With warm regards
Soma Chatterjee
Principal, Podar International School - Nerul CBSE