School Events at Nerul

Ignis house talent show - 2022

The Talent show of the Ignis House of Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul was conducted on 28th April,2022 with a display of an array of activities by students across grades 1-9. The students portrayed their talents through amazing activities like singing, dance, playing instruments, display of their drawings, magic shows, skits and speeches that captivated the audience. The students had decorated the venue with beautiful posters and balloons to create a festive atmosphere. All the students not only showed their creative sides but also enjoyed the show thoroughly.

Ventus house talent show - 2022

Podar International school Cambridge, Nerul, Ventus house organized a talent show named ‘Stars of Ventus’ to showcase the talents of the house students across Grades 1 to 9. The venue was beautifully decorated in yellow. The students performed various activities like solving the Rubik’s cube, Puppet show, Singing, dancing, story telling, speech, mimicry etc. The art works of various students were also displayed for everyone to see. Overall, the event happened to be a great opportunity to identify the students' Forte and talents.

Terra house talent show - 2022

Students of Terra House at Podar International School participated in a Talent Show across Grade 1 to 10. From singing Raag Bhopali to grooving to 'dance monkey', the students enjoyed an array of performances put up by their house mates. The hoopla, Rubik's cube, sketches and paintings done by students, song and dance performances, stand-up comedy by senior students, guitar and key board performances were displayed at the talent show. It was Terra-terrain all the way. The event brought Terra House members together and it was an electric show of skills by our performing artists. It was a day before school closes for summer and students gathered together to take home a cheerful, vivacious memory of school.

Aqua house talent show - 2022

The Talent show of the Aqua House of Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul was conducted on 28th April 2022 with the display of an array of activities by students across grades 1-9. Young children have lots of hidden talents amongst them. The students were full of confidence and enthusiasm for the competition. They showcased their talents in various areas like song, playing instruments, painting , storytelling and many more. The purpose behind the competition was to bring the hidden talents of students and remove the stage fear, which will in turn help them to build up confidence. The competition ended with teachers' speeches and selection of House captain, Vice-captain and Prefects. Overall it was a good experience after two years of children staying at home.

Joy of Giving 'Anandit Daan Divas' - 2022

Workshop on puberty and adolescence for grade 6 and 7 - 2022

Puberty is a very challenging time for teenagers as their bodies, emotions and relationships start to change in multiple ways.

Students can feel awkward, afraid and confused at times, as chemical and social factors combine to cause unpredictable mood swings that can affect family and peer relationships.

Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul conducted an informative workshop of different age learners from Grade VI and VII on three basic points:
Learn, how their body is beginning to change as they enter puberty.
Gain, confidence in their bodies and themselves
Join, a “safe place” to ask questions and learn from each other.

II A Assembly report - 2022

Podar International School(Cambridge),Nerul conducted Grade II A assembly. The theme was Time and tide waits for none. The morning assembly began with a welcome dance by our students followed by prayer, school song, news report (national, international sports bulletin) with weather forecast, thought of the day. One of our young learners presented asong with her melodious voice. Students enlighten us about the importance of time in our daily life. Our cute young magician put up a wonderful magic show in front of us. We also witnessed a mesmerizing dance performance. Master Sivom narrates a wonderful story following the theme. The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem. This assembly was undoubtedly a result of the efforts put together by students and their teachers. It was once again proved that when students and teachers work together, they surely create masterpieces.

Marathi Diwas Celebration - 2022

Podar International School (Cambridge), Nerul celebrated the ‘The Marathi Rajabhasha Divas’ on 28th February with a range of colorful activities by students and teachers. The Program began with Lighting the Lamp by the Principal and coordinators. All the performers and teachers were dressed in traditional Marathi costumes. The students sang ‘Marathi Balgeet’ which revived the childhood memories of the audience. Students recited beautiful Marathi poems and performed a Marathi Skit which captivated the audience. The Teachers sang melodious a Marathi song and performed the traditional ‘Lezhim’ dance which enthralled everyone.

Grade 7 Cultural Carnival - 2022

Podar International school Cambridge,Nerul organised a Cultural Carnival event for Grade 7 on a virtual platform. Their theme for the Cultural Carnival was ‘Guilt and Forgiveness’,which the students beautifully portrayed through their events. Before starting the event, a welcome song was sung by students to lamp the audience’s mood for the carnival performances. The event was commenced by Ms. Anjna Sahi, giving an opening speech .Students enthralled the audience by various activities like dance, skit,riddles,musical instruments etc.This celebration was a platform for all the students of 7A to showcase their talents and creativity through enacting different roles, singing, dancing, penning down the scripts and even organizing the function. They also conveyed a meaningful message that, ‘asking for forgiveness neither harms the other person nor does it hurt your ego. The wind around you that was once a tornado to snatch things away from you will return to you like a breeze when you ask for forgiveness.’ The event was then concluded by the hosts where they thanked all the students for their participation in making the journey successful, Ms. Shaheen Syed, the parent for her time and co-operation throughout this journey, Principal, Coordinator and class teacher for their support and all the other parents for their time and patience for the cultural carnival.

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