Educational trip at the US Consulate, Mumbai - 2023

Students at Podar International School attended an educational trip at the US Consulate General, Mumbai. The visit facilitated a workshop on “Building Climate Warriors for a Sustainable Future.”

The program began with a welcome note by their Deputy Cultural Attaché, followed by an interactive workshop led by scientist Dr. Megha Bhatt which included a thought provoking research about the climate changes across the globe over decades. The workshop also included a DIY activity on solar energy. The students were encouraged to implement the learnings and share their innovative renewable energy projects which they might do in their home or school.

The U.S Consulate was highly supportive and appreciative to share the future success stories of our young climate warriors.

Fusion Power Play Talent Show - 2023

We are excited to share with you the amazing success of the Podar International School Nerul Cambridge House Wise Talent Show Fusion Power Play, which was held on April 28, 2023. This event was a unique and special occasion that aimed to recognize and celebrate the exceptional talents of our students, providing them with a platform to showcase their skills.

The event was a resounding success, and students from all grades participated in the event, displaying their talents in a wide range of areas, including drama, art, music, sports, and other exciting performances. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to explore their passions and showcase their creativity and originality.

The atmosphere was electric as the students performed with great enthusiasm and energy, captivating the audience and leaving them in awe. The judges were highly impressed with the quality of performances, and it was a difficult task for them to select the winners.

The talent show was an excellent platform for students to build their confidence and develop their public speaking skills. It taught them the importance of working hard, taking risks, and never giving up. The event was a perfect way to encourage and support our students, as they gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed both in school and beyond.

We are incredibly proud of our students and would like to congratulate all of them on their outstanding performances. We believe that this event will motivate them to continue to explore their talents and showcase their skills with pride and confidence. Thank you to all the participants and organizers who made this event a huge success. We look forward to seeing the many great things our students will achieve in the future.

Graffiti Competition Higher Secondary - 2023

The last day of school couldn't be more exciting for higher secondary students at Podar International School Nerul Cambridge as they participated in a house wise Graffiti Competition. We appreciate the efforts of all the participants who worked tirelessly to create amazing artworks on the designated walls. Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

We hope this competition has been a platform for all art enthusiasts to showcase their skills and creativity. We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future.

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this event. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Podar International School Nerul Cambridge!

International Mother Earth Day - 2023

Podar International School Nerul Cambridge recently celebrated International Mother Earth Day by organizing an Art Activity for students across the grades. The activity aimed to help students connect with nature and express their appreciation for our planet.

Here, the students used a variety of materials such as colored paper, glue, paint, and natural materials to create beautiful artworks. They depicted scenes of nature and wrote heartwarming messages about the importance of taking care of our planet. The activity was a success, and it served as an opportunity for students to learn about protecting the environment and appreciating nature. The school is proud of the students' effort and creativity in producing such wonderful artwork.

Eid Assembly - 2023

We are thrilled to share with you about the special Eid assembly celebration that took place today at Podar International School Nerul Cambridge. Our students put together a remarkable program that allowed everyone to learn about the significance of Ramadan and the festival of Eid.

The assembly began with special prayers by our students followed by an incredible skit that highlighted the meaning and importance of Ramadan. The skit was performed by our talented students from across the grades and was enjoyed by everyone in the audience. This assembly was a great way to signify that at Podar International School Nerul Cambridge, we may come from different backgrounds but we learn about everything together. It was truly inspiring to see our students come together to celebrate the diversity of our school.

We would like to thank our students and faculty for their dedication and hard work in making this assembly such a success. It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to more such events in the future.Thank you for being a part of this special celebration with us. Eid Mubarak to all!

English Activity 'Show and Tell Day' - 2023

Show and Tell Day: Fostering Public Speaking, Creativity, and Community Building Skills in Grade 2 Students

Show and Tell Day was a huge success for our Grade 2 students! Our little ones had the chance to showcase their creativity, develop public speaking and vocabulary skills, and learn from each other during this activity held on April 18th.

Through Show and Tell, our students learned to celebrate their unique perspectives and experiences while fostering a sense of community and connection. We are proud of our students' growth and development, and we can't wait to see them flourish even more!

Experiential Learning through Model Making - 2023

'Experiential Learning through Model Making: Enhancing Scientific Understanding.'

Models are representations of scientific ideas that can make them more understandable to learners. They are routinely used in science classes, but did you know that when you contribute to making models or charts yourself, the learning becomes permanent?

Students at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE made models of human organs to learn about them in their science class. This is what experiential learning is all about - learning by doing! So, let's innovate our learning experience by making our own models and charts!

Engage and Learn 'The Power of Interactive Learning' - 2023

'Engage and Learn: The Power of Interactive Learning.'

Can learning Math be fun? The students of grade 8 at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE will surely agree. In a fun activity, the students were asked to solve various sums and pick a number from a list. Each number had a phrase behind it, and students were awarded marks according to the phrases they picked.

This activity not only made learning Math fun, but also helped our students improve their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

Science Activity Geology and Earth Science - 2023

Podar International School, Nerul Cambridge believes that learning goes beyond conventional classroom lectures and textbooks. We employ an experiential learning approach that engages students in practical, hands-on activities to enhance their understanding of concepts. This approach not only helps students understand subjects better but also fosters an appreciation for the environment and develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

One such activity that stands out is the Grade VII geology and earth science lesson, where students go on a nature walk to observe and document rock formations, soil structures, plants, and animals. This activity provides a real-life experience that helps students relate to the subject and encourages them to explore further. The hands-on approach also helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for their overall development.

The school's teaching methodology is not limited to this one activity but extends to other subjects and topics as well. Through practical, hands-on activities, students are encouraged to explore, learn and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for their future success. Podar International School, Nerul Cambridge's experiential learning approach is an innovative teaching methodology that provides students with a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

Save soil initiative - 2023

On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, Podar International School Nerul Cambridge organized a special assembly to pay tribute to the great social reformer and the architect of Indian Constitution, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

The students of the school commemorated the life and works of Dr. Ambedkar through various presentations and performances. The assembly began with a brief introduction about the life of Dr. Ambedkar. The students shed light on the significant contribution made by Dr. Ambedkar to the nation, especially his efforts towards the upliftment of the oppressed and marginalized sections of society. They also spoke about his contribution in drafting the Indian Constitution, which is one of the most significant documents in the history of India.

To pay homage to Dr. Ambedkar, the students sang a melodious song "Hind desh ke nivasi", which left everyone spellbound. The song perfectly captured the essence of Dr. Ambedkar's message of unity and equality. The celebration of Ambedkar Jayanti at Podar International School Nerul Cambridge was a perfect tribute to the man who dedicated his entire life to the cause of social justice and equality. The students' performance was a reminder that Dr. Ambedkar's teachings and values are still relevant today and continue to inspire us to build a better and more equitable society.

Career Counselling Day - 2023

On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, Podar International School Nerul Cambridge organized a special assembly to pay tribute to the great social reformer and the architect of Indian Constitution, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

The students of the school commemorated the life and works of Dr. Ambedkar through various presentations and performances. The assembly began with a brief introduction about the life of Dr. Ambedkar. The students shed light on the significant contribution made by Dr. Ambedkar to the nation, especially his efforts towards the upliftment of the oppressed and marginalized sections of society. They also spoke about his contribution in drafting the Indian Constitution, which is one of the most significant documents in the history of India.

To pay homage to Dr. Ambedkar, the students sang a melodious song "Hind desh ke nivasi", which left everyone spellbound. The song perfectly captured the essence of Dr. Ambedkar's message of unity and equality. The celebration of Ambedkar Jayanti at Podar International School Nerul Cambridge was a perfect tribute to the man who dedicated his entire life to the cause of social justice and equality. The students' performance was a reminder that Dr. Ambedkar's teachings and values are still relevant today and continue to inspire us to build a better and more equitable society.

Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration - 2023

On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, Podar International School Nerul Cambridge organized a special assembly to pay tribute to the great social reformer and the architect of Indian Constitution, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

The students of the school commemorated the life and works of Dr. Ambedkar through various presentations and performances. The assembly began with a brief introduction about the life of Dr. Ambedkar. The students shed light on the significant contribution made by Dr. Ambedkar to the nation, especially his efforts towards the upliftment of the oppressed and marginalized sections of society. They also spoke about his contribution in drafting the Indian Constitution, which is one of the most significant documents in the history of India.

To pay homage to Dr. Ambedkar, the students sang a melodious song "Hind desh ke nivasi", which left everyone spellbound. The song perfectly captured the essence of Dr. Ambedkar's message of unity and equality. The celebration of Ambedkar Jayanti at Podar International School Nerul Cambridge was a perfect tribute to the man who dedicated his entire life to the cause of social justice and equality. The students' performance was a reminder that Dr. Ambedkar's teachings and values are still relevant today and continue to inspire us to build a better and more equitable society.

Maths Activity 'Integrating arts with maths' - 2023

At Podar International School Nerul Cambridge, our Maths teachers have found a fun and creative way to help our grade 1 and 2 students revise addition – by integrating art with Maths!

Using colorful and engaging art materials, such as crayons, markers, and paint, our teachers have designed a series of interactive activities that help our young students understand addition in a visual way. By incorporating art into Maths, we aim to make learning more enjoyable and engaging for our students. Through these activities, our students are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to solve addition problems.

We believe that by integrating art with Maths, our students will develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, and will also have fun while doing it. At Podar International School Nerul Cambridge, we are committed to providing our students with innovative and creative ways of learning, and we look forward to continuing to explore new and exciting teaching methods in the future.

Hindi Activity - 2023

Let's take a moment to appreciate the amazing grade 1 and 2 students at Podar International School Nerul Cambridge for embarking on their journey to learn Hindi and for successfully completing their recent activity where they learned the first letter of their names.

It's incredible to see such young learners putting in the effort to learn a new language and taking their first steps towards mastering it. We applaud their enthusiasm and determination, and we are proud of them for their hard work and dedication.

Let's all give a big round of applause to these wonderful students and wish them all the best for their future endeavors! Keep up the great work, and keep learning with a smile!

World Health Day Celebration - 2023

Podar International School - Nerul CAIE wishes everyone a great World health day. To celebrate this day, our dedicated teachers conducted a special session on personal hygiene and precautions to be taken in our day-to-day lives, which was informative and engaging. They shared practical tips and strategies to help us stay healthy and safe.

In addition, we were lucky to have Nutritionist, Ms. Cheema, who conducted a workshop with the children on nutrition. She provided valuable insights into the importance of a balanced diet and how it can positively impact our health and wellbeing.

Moreover, mental health was also an integral part of the session. The teachers emphasized the importance of taking care of our mental health and shared tips on how to manage stress and anxiety. The session was interactive and engaging, and we learned a lot.

Overall, it was a fantastic event, and we thank our teachers and Ms. Cheema for their dedication and commitment to promoting health and wellbeing among our students.

First PE session of the new academic year 2023-2024

Podar International School Cambridge Nerul is excited to share with you that, the very first day of Physical Education activity with Grade 1 students was full of fun, games and lots of excitement!

The students started their PE Activity with a warm-up session where they were taught some basic stretches and exercises to get their bodies ready for the activities that were to follow. They were also given some safety tips to keep in mind while participating in the activities.

After the warm-up, the students were divided into teams and were given different challenges to complete. They had to run, jump, crawl and balance their way through different obstacles to reach the finish line. The students showed great teamwork and sportsmanship, encouraging and cheering on their teammates as they completed the challenges.

The highlight of the activity was the obstacle course that the students had to navigate through. They had to climb, crawl, jump and balance through various obstacles. The students were so excited and motivated that they finished each task on time, making it a memorable moment for everyone involved.

The activity ended with the students cooling down and stretching their bodies once again. They were all smiles, feeling proud of their achievements and looking forward to their next PE activity.

Welcome back to school 'Secondary Section' 2023-2024

We are thrilled to welcome back our secondary section students to Podar International School Nerul Cambridge after the term break. To kick off the new academic year on a positive note, our teachers organized a special welcome back to school assembly for our students.

The assembly was designed to set the right tone for the rest of the year and motivate our students to make the most of their academic pursuits. The highlight of the assembly was the special performances put together by our talented teachers. The teachers' welcome presentation, choir and dance were a delightful treat that left our students in high spirits.

Principal Ms. Anjna Sahi also delivered an inspiring speech, urging our students to embrace the challenges that come with a new academic year and strive for excellence in all their endeavors. Her words of wisdom were truly inspiring, and we are confident that our students will be motivated to give their best this year.

We believe that a positive start to the academic year is crucial for our students' success, and the welcome back to school assembly was just the right way to achieve this. We wish all our students the very best for the upcoming year and look forward to seeing them excel in their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Welcome back to school 'Primary Section' 2023-2024

As we usher in a new academic year, Podar International School Nerul Cambridge recently organized a grand welcome back to school assembly for the primary section, celebrating new beginnings and fresh starts.

The assembly started on a positive note with the lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the light of knowledge that illuminates the path towards a bright future. The teachers' choir sang the melodious Maharashtra geet and a special prayer song, invoking blessings and good wishes for all the students and teachers. The teachers also showcased their creative side by presenting a beautiful dance performance, which was followed by an inspiring skit.

Furthermore, the students were treated to yet another thrilling dance performance, which left everyone in high spirits. Adding to the excitement, the music teacher gave a mesmerizing solo performance that captivated the audience.

The primary coordinator and principal gave an encouraging speech, emphasizing the importance of seizing new opportunities and making the most of the academic year ahead.

The welcome back to school assembly was a perfect start to the new academic year, and it left everyone feeling energized and motivated. We wish all our students a successful academic year filled with new experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. Let's embrace new beginnings and make this year a memorable one!

English Instruction Writing Activity - 2023

Engaging Grade 3 English Instruction Writing Activity.

Our Grade 3 students had a blast as they practiced their instruction writing skills in English class! Using Oreo Pops as their subject matter, the students created step-by-step recipes to guide others in making this delicious treat. By writing clear and concise instructions, the students were able to showcase their understanding of sequencing and organization in their writing.

This activity was not only a fun way to learn, but also provided the opportunity for the students to develop their creativity and collaboration skills. We are proud of our students' hard work and look forward to seeing the delicious Oreo Pops they will be making at home!

Teacher Training Program - 2023

A huge round of applause to all the Cambridge Teachers who participated in our Teachers Training Program held on Saturday, 1st April 2023 at Podar International School Nerul Cambridge. We would like to thank Ms. Sabiha and Dr. Bhushan Bonde and extend our gratitude to our Principal Ms. Anjna Sahi and her core team for enabling this workshop. Their support and guidance have been instrumental in making this event a success.

It was an inspiring session, designed to equip teachers with the latest teaching techniques and best practices of Cambridge. Our expert educators led the program with a wealth of experience and knowledge, helping the teachers to enhance their skills and create a positive impact in the classroom. We firmly believe that investing in a teacher's professional development is crucial to the success of our students.

At Podar International School Nerul Cambridge, we're committed to providing the highest quality education to our students, and we understand the pivotal role that teachers play in achieving that goal. We're immensely proud of our team of dedicated and passionate educators who are always eager to learn and grow. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this training on our students' academic and personal growth.

World Sparrow Day - 2023

Sparrows: The Fading Ubiquitous Birds of India

Students of Grade 1 presented an assembly on the World Sparrow Day. The students highlighted the importance of the well being of sparrows and how it has been affected by the environment. Learners showcased their fondness by dressing up as birds and spread awareness through various activities like, dance, drama and the most awaited fashion show. Learners were appreciated for their confidence, presentation and awareness.

"May our hearts always be open to the little birds who are the secrets of living."

Connect Circles with PIS Nerul CIE teachers - 2023

At Podar International School Nerul Cambridge, we recently had a wonderful experience exploring problem-solving and togetherness with our school counselor. The session was engaging and interactive, with activities like the "Cloud of Concerns" and creating collages using quotes and newspaper cuttings.

Through these activities, we learned about the importance of identifying and addressing our concerns in a constructive way, and also gained valuable insight into problem-solving techniques that we can use in our everyday lives.

Additionally, we had a "Connect Circle" with our teachers where we discussed what togetherness means to each of us. It was heartening to see everyone coming together to support each other, and we even had a fun time singing and dancing, which helped lighten up the mood and foster a sense of community.

Overall, it was a great experience that reminded us that problem-solving and togetherness truly make a great team. We are fortunate to have a school that places such emphasis on building strong team players, and we look forward to continuing to grow and learn together as a community.

Primary Summer Camp - 2023

The summer camp for grades 1 and 2 began with some exhilarating and captive activities. Students experienced the delicate craft of Pottery and the humbleness that connects you to mother earth. Students were introduced to the hardworking and highly skilled potters who helped them learn Pottery.

Adding on to learners' world of imagination, an engaging story telling session enlightened learners with a thought provoking story. Learners were thrilled to have a treasure hunt based on the story. The storyteller brought in beautiful props for the story which helped the learners to connect with the story and dive into the dramatic and impressive aspects of the story.

On Day 2 of Summer Camp, students of grade 1 and 2 were amazed at the fun-filled Drama and Speech Workshop. Learners inculcated various skills of public speaking, expressions, voice modulation, gestures and emotions. The session polished the natural abilities of learners to be expressive in every situation. Students continued their Summer Camp Activities perplexed with creativity at its best. Learners created a rooster with a cup that enlarges itself when it's blown. Utmost joy and confidence could be observed on our learners’ smiling faces when they could play with their own creation. The activity was none less than a feast for Learners’ creativity.

Learners had an amazing session with the PE teachers, where they participated in various activities at each station. From obstacle courses to team-building exercises, they had a blast while building skills such as thinking, creativity, flexibility, empathy, and many more that will serve them well throughout their lives!

Later in the day, learners had a great time with their music activity, where they participated in music and movement activities, rhythm activities, and even learned how to play a steady beat on percussion instruments!

It was so much fun to see the learners tapping their feet, clapping along to the beat, and experiencing the joy of music!

We believe that playing and learning is the best form of fun, and we're excited to continue providing our learners with engaging and enriching activities that promote learning and fun throughout the summer camp!

Summer Camp for grade 1 and 2 came to a close on Saturday, March 18th, 2023 with an unforgettable day trip to the Yusuf Meherally Centre Panvel. This volunteering and learning center gave our young learners hands-on experience with a range of activities, including pottery-making, carpentry, soap-making, and learning about various species of plants and flowers in a nursery.

The students were also exposed to the fascinating process of making fertilizer from organic matter and the use of biogas, as well as learning how edible oil is extracted from coconuts. In addition, they had the privilege of touring a replica of Gandhiji's kothi in Nagpur, further deepening their understanding of India's rich cultural heritage.

The visit to the Yusuf Meherally Centre provided a unique and enriching opportunity for our students to experience and learn about the importance of volunteerism, sustainable development and cultural heritage. It was a fitting conclusion to an exciting and educational summer camp experience.

Video Link
Workshop on Developmental Drama for Grade 1 & 2 at Podar International School, CIE, Nerul by HOGI

Expressions 'Helen O'Grady' - 2023

We are proud to announce that Podar International School Nerul Cambridge is associated with Helen O'Grady, a world-renowned creative education academy for children! Our school offers the Helen O'Grady developmental drama program to our students, which helps them build confidence, communication skills, and creativity through fun and engaging activities.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Helen O'Grady, we recently organized EXPRESSIONS, a special program for parents to see the amazing progress our students have made in the developmental drama program. The program showcased the students' creativity and confidence through a range of fun activities and performances. We were thrilled to see so many parents attend and witness the positive impact of the developmental drama program on their children.

We believe that providing our students with opportunities to develop their skills and creativity through programs like Helen O'Grady is essential for their holistic growth and success. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Helen O'Grady and providing our students with the best possible education and enrichment.

English Extended Activity 'Fables' - 2023

Today, we want to take a moment to appreciate the power of words and the impact they have on us. Writers have the unique ability to move and inspire us with their words, That's why we want to give a special shout out to the Grade 6 students of Podar International School Cambridge.

These young writers have gone above and beyond their English language syllabus by creating beautiful fables and compiling them into books as an extended activity with the help of their subject teachers. They have gifted their creations to the school library for the younger students to enjoy. We have no doubt that the younger students will be enchanted by these magical tales.

So let's take a moment to appreciate the hard work and passion of these young writers. Congratulations dear students for this incredible achievement!

Social Emotional Learning Sessions - 2023
On 17th February 2023, the counselor at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE facilitated engaging and thought-provoking social emotional learning sessions that encouraged our students to reflect on the importance of showing respect to those around them and practicing discipline. Through a variety of enjoyable activities, students learned the value of embracing diversity and accepting others for who they are. As a result, they collaborated to create a comprehensive list of personal rules they are committed to following. Our students are now better equipped with the emotional intelligence and social skills needed to thrive in all areas of their lives.
Science Activity 'Periscopes' - 2023
We often hear the phrase 'knowledge is power,' but we believe that practical knowledge is the true power. Our grade V learners have taken this to heart and have shown us just how powerful practical knowledge can be. By building their own periscopes, they have not only learned the science behind the device but have also gained a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their ability to learn through hands-on experiences.
Sports Day 'Primary' 2022-2023

We are excited to share with you the highlights of our Primary Section Sports Day 2023, which was held at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE.

The event was a grand success, and our young athletes put up a fantastic show with their energy and enthusiasm. The event started with a beautiful choir performance and oath-taking ceremony, followed by the lighting of the lamp, which added to the auspiciousness of the event.

The exercise drill by grade 1 and 2 showcased the coordination and teamwork skills of our little ones, while the aerobics performed by grades 3 to 5 were breathtaking and showcased their stamina and flexibility. The special gymnastics formations by students from across the primary section were awe-inspiring, and the students' hard work and dedication were evident in their performances.

The fencing session was insightful, and the students had a lot of fun learning new skills and techniques. All students of the primary section got to participate in many fun races, including the sack race, hurdles, and relay race, among others. These races were a great way to encourage healthy competition and sportsmanship among the students. At the end of the event, there was a parent tug of war and teacher's tug of war as a fun activity. These events added to the excitement and helped bring everyone together in the spirit of camaraderie.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the parents, students, teachers, and staff members who made this event a memorable one.

National Science Day Celebration - 2023
We celebrated National Science Day on 28th February 2023 at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE with great enthusiasm. The students showcased their creative ideas by dressing up as different scientists and presenting experiments across different grades. As we know, science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. We were proud of our students for embracing this spirit and showcasing their love for science. The event was a huge success, inspiring curiosity and innovation in our next generation of scientists.
Marathi Diwas Celebration - 2023
Activity 'Temperature' - 2023
The grade 3 students had a great time learning about temperature! They conducted a hands-on activity that involved using a thermometer to measure the temperature of hot and cold water. Through the experiment, the students discovered that the temperature of the hot water was much higher than the temperature of the cold water. They also learned how to read the thermometer correctly and about the different temperature scales. The students were excited to see their thermometers change as they added hot and cold water, and the activity helped them better understand how temperature works in the real world.
Science Exhibition 'Exposera' - 2023

The "Exposera" art exhibition, held at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE on 7th January 2023, was a vibrant display of creativity and talent. The event showcased a diverse range of works by students and teachers from the school. The theme of the exhibition was "Expressions of the Human Experience," and the works on display explored a variety of emotions, experiences, and perspectives. Visitors were struck by the energy and originality of the pieces, which demonstrated the students' passion for the arts and their ability to express themselves through a wide range of media.

In conclusion, the "Exposera" art exhibition was a testament to the talent and creativity of the students at Podar International School Nerul CAIE. The event was a celebration of the arts and a demonstration of the power of self-expression. The works on display were thought-provoking and engaging, and the exhibition as a whole was a true testament to the students' passion and commitment to the arts.

Humanities Exhibition 'The Ignited Minds' - 2023

The 'Ignited Minds' Humanities Exhibition at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE was an exciting and educational event that showcased the diverse range of projects and accomplishments of the students. The exhibition was held on the school ground on 26th January and was open to students, staff, and parents.

The main objective of the Humanities Exhibition was to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of the various subjects within the Humanities subject. The exhibition consisted of a series of interactive displays, presentations, and hands-on activities that allowed visitors to engage with the students and their work.

The Humanities Exhibition was a great success and received positive feedback from all who attended. The students demonstrated a deep understanding of the subjects they studied and showed a high level of creativity and originality in their presentations.

Sports Day 'Secondary' 2022-2023

We had an amazing time at Podar International Nerul CAIE Secondary Section Sports Day 2023, which took place on 28th January 2023 on our school ground! The atmosphere was electric as students from different grades came together to showcase their talents and sportsmanship.

The event began with the arrival of our honorable principal Ms. Anjna Sahi and GM Colonel Ajay Kotwal and lighting of the Lamp. The 4 houses in the school commenced the event with March Past and the council members conducted the Oath. The school choir charged up the audience with their power packed performance of renowned classic rock songs. There were several exciting events, including track and field races, relays, tug of war and more. The participants put in their best efforts and competed fiercely, making the day even more thrilling.

The event was a huge success thanks to the hard work of our dedicated staff, sports department, teachers and the enthusiastic participation of our students and the support from the parents.

We are proud of each and every one of them, and we hope that they continue to develop their athletic abilities and teamwork skills. Congratulations to all the winners and participants of Podar International Nerul CAIE Secondary Section Sports Day 2023! We can't wait to see what the future holds for our young athletes.

Republic Day Celebration - 2023

'On 26th January 1950, the constitution of India came into effect. Republic Day celebration is marked with great passion in our nation. It commemorates the spirit of independent India.'

At Podar International school, Republic Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The event began with the Arrival of guests who were escorted by the members of the student council. The flag hoisting was perfectly supported by the National Anthem and Jhanda Geet by the School Choir. The program continued with several speeches, dance performances and skits based on the theme 'Unity in diversity.' These performances were highly appreciated by everyone.

It was an important celebration and helped the students understand the significance of Republic Day, learn more about the constitution of India and filled their hearts with a deep feeling of patriotism for their country.

Life cycle of a plant - 2023
'the life cycle of flowering plant' Experiential education teaches students to examine their thought process, actions and emotional response. Here, grade 4 students learnt about 'the life cycle of flowering plant' right from the dissection of the flower and the seed to seeing the embryo and waiting for the seeds to germinate into a plant.
Visit of Jamie Knight at PIS Nerul CIE - 2023
'A moment spent with someone you look upto can inspire you to achieve great things in life. ' Such was the environment at Podar International School Nerul CAIE as the students got a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet their favorite football freestyler Jamie Knight

Jamie Knight is a professional footballer freestyle Athlete & founder of the UK's top rated school workshop company - Freestyle Football Workshops. Jamie is currently ranked top 10 in the world for Freestyle Football and is also a two-time Guinness World Record Holder. Jamie visited the campus of Podar International School Nerul CAIE on 7th January 2023. It was an extremely electrifying experience for the students and the teachers alike, as Jamie conducted a workshop and shared the secrets behind his most mind bending freestyling tricks on football.

Inter School Competition - 2023
Interschool competitions teach children the importance of taking a healthy risk. It teaches kids to step out of their comfort zone. Enrolling yourself for new activities also helps build the self-confidence of children. This confidence will go a long way in helping them as adults navigating a fiercely competitive adult world. The students of Podar International School - Nerul CAIE participated in the inter school competition at Universal School, Tardeo. They took part in the Events Trundle Way and Lego.
Grade 4 assembly 'One global family' - 2023

Grade 4B of Podar International School - Nerul CAIE had an assembly for Uniting and spreading peace by promoting the idea of One Global Family. Global Family Day encourages the importance of spending time with family.

Students dressed up as members of the global community and shared self-researched facts. The students belted out inspirational songs like We are the world by Michael Jackson and Imagine by John Lennon to further strengthen the idea that celebrated the creation of one single society.

Farewell 'Grade 10 & A levels' - 2023

A school farewell is not just about saying goodbye to the final year students but also about reinforcing their purpose and larger connection with the institution and their teachers. It's about wishing them the best for the outer world and recognizing all that they have overcome and accomplished. It's about reminding them of their strengths and their ability to influence change in the world.'

Podar International School - Nerul CAIE hosted a farewell function for the students of grade 10 and A levels. The respective juniors in grade 9 and AS levels were an active part in the organisation of this event along with the teachers and school management.

The function saw a wide range of performances such as Ramp walk, skit, dance, and singing. The students were given special badges highlighting the most positive side of their tenure and personality. The students were inspired by wise words from Principal Ms. Anjna Sahi and Podar GM Colonel Ajay Kotwal. The event concluded with a powerful DJ Set to which the students danced their hearts out. After a perfect farewell party, students were encouraged to prepare for their board exams.

Maths Exhibition 'Exponents' - 2023

'EXPONENTS' Maths Exhibition at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE was held on 26th January 2023. The purpose of the exhibition was to showcase the students' understanding and application of mathematical concepts, as well as to increase their interest in mathematics.

The exhibition featured a variety of interactive activities and games designed to reinforce mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. These hands-on activities helped students to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as their confidence in mathematics.

The 'Exponents' Maths Exhibition was well-received by visitors, who praised the variety of activities and how well the students presented their work. The success of the exhibition demonstrates the dedication of the mathematics faculty at Podar International School Nerul CIE.

Science Exhibition 'CIENCIA' - 2023

Podar International School - Nerul CAIE science exhibition CIENCIA was held on 7th January 2023 and was a great success, attracting a large number of visitors. The exhibition was organized to encourage students to showcase their scientific skills and creativity, and to educate the public about various scientific concepts and technologies.

The exhibition showcased various projects related to different scientific fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and technology. The students also demonstrated various experiments and hands-on activities to help visitors understand scientific concepts in a fun and interactive way.

The school science exhibition was a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their scientific knowledge and skills, and to educate the public about the importance of science in our daily lives. The exhibits were innovative and interactive, providing a fun and engaging experience for visitors of all ages. The exhibition was a true celebration of science and technology, and the students should be commended for their hard work and dedication.

Bloom 'A mental health awareness initiative' - 2022

BLOOM was a mental health week initiative brought up by our student, Disha Nischal (Head girl) and supported by the student council, under the wing of Principal ma'am, Ms. Anjna Sahi and the Welfare department with the support from the school counsellor.

Its motive was to ignite discussions of mental health awareness and guide the students towards coping and acceptance. It started off with a sharing activity where students anonymously confessed their problems. Further, the students created art works and designed a photo wall. The art works displayed the transformation from the dark to the bright side of the mind.

In this initiative, a listening circle called 'Claim it' was also organized. Finally, a solution oriented webinar was conducted by special guest Ms. Suchetha Kutty, a psychologist and the founder of COPE CULTURE. This session ended the initiative successfully.

Children's Day Celebration - 2022

"Every child is a gift in the world wrapped with a bundle of joy."

Children's day was celebrated at Podar International School with utmost enthusiasm. A cheerful atmosphere was created for the students with a plethora of activities. The PTA organized a Bubble show, magic show and science show for the students. They also brought cakes and gifts for the students.

The school also organized joyous activities for the students including puppet shows, games and art and craft activities. Students received a token of appreciation as a card and handmade roses.

The students were on cloud nine to come across a day filled with surprises for them. It was delightful to see them full of joy and content.

School Picnic 'Grade 1 to 9' - 2022

The most awaited day at Podar International School CAIE Nerul arrived on 12th November 2022 as the students had an exhilarating school picnic. The school organized a full day out with different venues for different sections. Grades 1 to 4 visited the global indoor theme park KidZania where they jumped and hopped their way through various entertainment centers to enjoy and enhance their social and cognitive skills.

Grades 5 and 6 went to Bollywood Park, a place full of fascinating zones that allow visitors to experience different environments inspired by the greatest Bollywood blockbusters. It gives an alley of diverse cultures from all corners of India to have an explosion of colors, music, and dance styles. The park provides various aspects of the film industry. Grades 7, 8, and 9 had an exciting trip to Imagicaa. An amusement park with all kinds of rollercoasters, outdoor and indoor games. The students started from the school early in the morning with smiles and lots of excitement. They had snacks, played games and sang songs on their journey. Students were accompanied by their favorite teachers who ensured their safety while they enjoyed. After a day of unlimited enjoyment, students comfortably retuned by dusk and were received by the school principal herself. All the students and teachers alike, had immense fun and garnered the experience of school time in a whole new way.

Respiration 'Project-based learning' - 2022
Project-based learning is a powerful teaching method that has extensive benefits for students, ranging from critical thinking to project involvement and group base learning. Here the learners of Grade VI from Podar CAIE worked in a group to develop the skill of self-learning on the topic Respiration.
Grade 3B Class Assembly - 2022
Grade 3B presented their class assembly on the topic "Students - Our future of tomorrow" on 9th November 2022 during school hours. Some students dressed up as their idols like whom they aspire to be in the future. Students performed songs and gave speeches. The audience consisted of students from Grade 3A. The sincere audience enjoyed all the performances and pondered upon the thought of what they want to be in the future.
Literary Week - 2022

Podar International School Cambridge Nerul organized the Literary Week from the 7th November to 11th November, with an array of activities that catered to nurture love and appreciation for literature, boost creativity, and inculcate a reading habit among students.

The students were divided into many sections and each section performed in their grade appropriate events like Bringing characters to life, Writing shape poems, Becoming young editors, Story in the bag, Ad mad show etc. From day 1 to Day 4.All the events gave a creative platform to the students to explore their latent talent and also gave wings to their imagination.

The last day, 11th November was the Grand finale of the celebration, in which students had a NO BAG day, where no subjects were taught, instead, students were engaged in participating, competing and becoming audience to various occasions.

The events were enriching and eye opening, which exposed the beauty of English Literature to students and it was a great opportunity for them to dive into the depth of the ocean of literature and to enjoy wonders.

Fifi bag donation drive - 2022
November 5th 2022 was a day filled with smiles, dedication and enthusiasm. Fifi bag day, a donation drive was organised by our teachers and student volunteers to utilise the PTM in a revolutionary way. With immense gratitude and pleasure, we assure all the contributors that Fifi donations have been given to the right hands. Thank you for adding a smile to this world! We appreciate the time of parents, students, volunteers and teachers who have made this joyful and impactful event possible.
The microbial process of fermentation - 2022
The grade 6 students at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE learnt the microbial process of fermentation. Saccharomyces cerevisiae commonly known as Yeasts are truly fascinating microorganisms, due to their diverse and dynamic activities, they have been used for the production of many interesting products, such as Beverages, bread, biofuels and biopharmaceutical. The students learnt through the experiential learning, the cornerstone process of Baker's yeast by preparing the inoculum for rising the dough.
Halloween - 2022

The last day of October was made spectacular with today’s Halloween celebrations at Podar, CIE. Students wore creative outfits after a brief assembly to understand Halloween and its traditions.

Excitement was high as students got together on the very first day after their Diwali holidays to celebrate Halloween festivities. The little goons and goblins at Podar CIE played dress-up and participated in an assembly celebrating scary beings such as ghosts, witches, vampires, skeletons, and black cats.

Middle school and older students dressed up elegantly in black robes, eye patches, face paints, hoods, and wings and celebrated this worldwide festival with Jack-o-lanterns, and witch’s cauldrons.

Students of Grades 1 & 2 created spectral skeletons and ethereal bats. Grade 3 & 4 designed witch hats and charmed cauldrons. Spooky cards, Jack-O-lanterns and Halloween wreaths were made by students of grades 5, 6, & 7.

Grades 8, 9, 10 students took it upon themselves to get creative making uncanny spiders, petrifying puppets, and Halloween tombstones.

Diwali Potluck party - 2022
Food and festivals are two things that bring people together. On the occasion of festival of lights, students of Podar International School, CIE came together for a potluck to enjoy the last day of term 1 to the fullest. Students were dressed in festive attire keeping the spirit of Diwali. Students brought delicious snacks for each other. It was intriguing to see children enjoying varied snacks from all Indian and international cuisines. The students played music, danced, sang songs and clicked a lot of pictures. All in all, they had a whole experience of getting together and making memories over good food while enjoying the festivities at the same time.
Learn US currency and trade math activity - 2022
Experiential [learning] is a philosophy and methodology in which educators purposefully engage with students in direct experience and focused reflection to increase knowledge and develop skills. The students of grade 2 organized a shopping mall set up to learn the use of US currency for their maths subject. The objective was to give the learners a hand on experience so they learn the trade using US currency in real life. The entire set of the mall, the selling products, and the play money in the form of US dollar bills were all prepared by students for this activity. The learners achieved the true goal of this activity and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Mental Health Week 'Grade 1-2' - 2022

Podar International School - Nerul CAIE celebrated its first day of Mental Health Week. The week is to bring in an array of thought-provoking activities, especially for grades 1 and 2. They were explained the importance of emotional well-being. The theme for day one was, Accepting Imperfections through a Moon mask-making activity. Students made a moon mask and wrote one thing they like about themselves and one thing that they don't like about themselves. Students came up with utmost intriguing thoughts about themselves. The activity allowed students to introspect and reflect upon their habits and attributes. It imbibed a feeling of accepting their flaws and differences. They could feel comfortable in communicating with each other and feel more confident in expressing themselves. Mental health is an intrinsic part of our individual and collective health and well-being.

Continuing with the goal to achieve these objectives, Day 2 of the Mental health week started with “Feel the music” The theme for day 2 was Empathy where students drew their feelings on a paper while listening to music, the idea was to enable the learners to grasp the moods of different musical pieces and resonate it with their own emotions. Also to arouse a sense of empathy amongst the learners of Grade 1 and 2, the “Feel-Good Mirror” activity was conducted. The teacher displayed an emotion and the students observed her from the other side of the mirror. Students were encouraged to respond with a positive emotion. The objective of the activity was to empathize with the person standing on the other side of the mirror. At the end of the session, the students took responsibility for their behavior and looked more mindful about the way they feel about things around them.

Being both physically and emotionally fit as it is the key to success in all aspects of life. To instill this thought in the young minds, learners of grades 1 and 2 started off day 3 of Mental Health Week by displaying kindness at the playground and participating in Save Your Friend PE activity. They bravely passed all the hurdles to convey their classmates on the opposite side back to safety.“The greatest good is what we do for one another.” In continuation to the theme “Kindness”, learners were given heart shapes that had their classmate's name on them. Learners preserved the hearts till the end of the day so that they could get chocolates for their classmates. Learners also decorated the hearts and wrote kind words on them. It was fascinating to observe how kind they were in taking care of their hearts. Learners reflected on the idea that kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give.

On day 4 of mental health week, the students of grades 1 and 2 carried on with the theme 'Gratitude.' With a will to express their love and gratitude, the young learners made thank you cards for the admin and the sub-staff of the school. They thanked them for their hard work, for looking after the school, for taking care of all the young learners, and for showing unconditional love and selfless support all the time. In this activity, students learned how important it is to be humble, have gratitude, and remain thankful.

"Reflection is looking back, so that the view looking forward can be even clearer." Bringing an end to the mental health week, the learners concluded the week with their thought provoking reflections. The students could be seen practicing their inferences at home. They could reflect on the values of gratitude, empathy, acceptance and kindness by retelling their observations around them and making a drawing about the same. Learners could also enlighten each other about how they would apply these values in real life. Learners felt more confident about their personal and public approaches.

Teachers’ mental health session - 2022
As a part of mental health week, the students engaged in various fun activities. Simultaneously, the teachers attended a mental health session on 10th October at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE. In this session, they participated in activities focused on mental health and were encouraged to be themselves. The teachers also played games that helped them bond well, understand each other more efficiently and get to know one another better. The teachers enjoyed the session and took home valuable lessons.
Gourmet Club Activity - 2022
Garba Raas 'Primary & Secondary' - 2022
At Podar International School - Nerul CAIE we believe that it is essential to keep our minds and bodies fresh for the holistic development of our students. Keeping the same thought in mind, the students from grade 3 to A Levels started their day with an hour of playing Garba on 3rd October. This session enabled the students to experience the festivities in the best way. The students were dressed beautifully and had a gala time at different venues around the school. They danced and clicked pictures with their classmates and teachers. The true goal of this session was to help the students break out of routine and motivate them to dig deeper into how celebrations bring people together.
Grade 1 & 2 Navratri Special Thursday Activity - 2022

Thursday 29th of September was an exhilarating day for the students of the primary section at Podar International school Nerul CAIE. The students were involved in various Navratri-themed activities. These activities spread an atmosphere of celebration and enabled a sense of learning with fun among the students. All the activities captured the essence of the Navratri festival as students wore beautiful dresses and carried colorful Dandiyas. They participated in an Art Attack session. In this activity, all the students channelled their inner artists and unleashed their creativity to create beautiful Navratri-themed art. They also had a Music Mania session, a music activity in which they learned how to identify the sound of different musical instruments by listening to Garba-oriented songs. They also understood rhythm by playing instruments like drums & tambourine to the beats of Garba music. The students explored their ability to dance and had maximum fun as they played Dandiya and performed the Garba dance in Move and Groove Dance activity. These activities enhanced the social-emotional learning of the students. They learned the importance of bonding and friendships. They also understood the significance of the festivities around them and had a merry time throughout the session.

Grade 3 Morning Assembly 'Theme - Teachers Day Celebration' - 2022
On 7th September 2022, the students of Grade 3A conducted the morning assembly. The theme for the assembly was Teachers' Day. Students exhibited various performances to show their love, respect, and gratitude for the teachers. These performances included dances, skits, live instrumentals, and speeches. The students successfully conveyed their best regards to the teachers. The harmonious morning assembly by Grade 3A filled everyone's hearts with joy, making it a perfect start for the day.
Hindi Vad-Vivad Pratiyogita - 2022

Garde 6C morning assembly 'Theme - Sports Legend' - 2022

On Wednesday 21st September, the students of Grade 6 C conducted the morning assembly. The theme of the assembly was 'Sports Legends.' All the students from the class participated in this assembly.

The students showcased their talents through speeches, skits, and dance performances. In this assembly, the students understood the importance of sports in day-to-day life. They also became familiar with the various awards given in the sporting field. The students highlighted the performances of many sports legends in this assembly.

Our honorable Principal motivated and encouraged the students to participate in various sporting activities to stay mentally and physically fit. It was a very informative and fun-filled assembly.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2022

Model of Fermenters - 2022
Active learning promotes critical thinking, confidence and innovativeness. On September 6th, Grade 10 students of Podar International School - Nerul CAIE worked in groups to present working models of fermenters. These models were exact replicas of the fermenters showing different inlet & outlet pipes, paddles and motors. Various types of fermenters used in ethanol, wine, and antibiotic products were displayed in the session. Students discussed scientific theories and explained their models with great enthusiasm.
Diplomathon 2022

Diplomathon Global a Registered Trademark of Apogeeo Education held the MUN conference on the 27th and 28th of August 2022 at Nahar International School, Powai for students of grades 6 to 12.

The students from Podar International School - Nerul CAIE participated with great enthusiasm in this event. They prepared well to optimize their potential & individuality through this experiential platform and successfully won many prizes. Disha from Grade 10 won the 1st position in Best Delegate, Alaakshandra from Grade 10 won the 2nd position in High Commendation, and Rayirth from Grade 7 won the 3rd position in Special Mentions.

The Students also interacted with other school students from all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. They got exposed to the current issues of the world and learned to express their opinions as well as arguments in a respectful manner in front of a large audience. A hearty congratulations to all the students and teachers who worked on this event.

Annual Day Celebration 2022-2023

The Annual Day function 2022 of Podar International School - Nerul CAIE was celebrated with high spirits and power packed performances on Friday, 26th August 2022 at Vishnudas Bhave Natyagruha, Vashi.

The distinguishing feature of the Cambridge Curriculum is the belief that every child is unique. The theme of the event, ‘The Kaleidoscope,’ aptly displayed this belief by presenting a collection of shapes through each performance, allowing the students to portray their talent. The rocking school choir, the marvelous drama group, and the electrifying dance crew gave dazzling performances, which created a plethora of colorful visuals and left the audience in awe.

The event became possible as the students, the teachers, the choreography team, and the admin staff worked tirelessly over the weeks under the guidance of Principal Ms. Anjna Sahi and her able team of coordinators. The continued cooperation & the support from the parents & the higher management also helped in organizing an event of this magnitude. After a successful Annual Day function 2022, the team at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE is looking forward to the next big event.

Grade 8 experiential learning - 2022
Learning under the microscope - Cross section of a leaf. Experiential learning opportunities exist in a variety of topics when it comes to sciences. When students participate in experiential education opportunities, they gain much more and learn better than what they can through classroom board-work and textbooks. They learnt to take out the cross section of a leaf and learnt their parts under the microscope. It was an excellent experience for all of them to revise the topic for their Checkpoint Examination.
Cascade - 2022
Grade 1 to 12 students participated in The Cascade 27– India’s largest inter school cultural and sports festival at Jamnabai Narsee School Juhu, held on 13th & 14th of August,2022. Our students competed with the participants from more than 50 of the finest educational institutions in Maharashtra and have proved as a Never Giving up Team with a fighting spirit ignited within themselves. Students from Grade 1 to 12 enthusiastically participated in an array of events like Fine arts, Performing Arts, literature, Caskids, Caspro, Sports etc. and bagged trophies and certificates. The fest continually strived to provide students with an unparalleled platform to nurture their creativity and skills. As, someone has correctly said, participation enhances courage, agility, and zeal. The more you scrub yourself on the stone of participation, the more you shine. Indeed, it was the proud moments to cherish.
Independence Day Celebration - 2022

Podar International School – Cambridge Nerul celebrated Independence Day with great fanfare. Students came dressed in colours of the tricolour to commemorate the special occasion. The school was decorated with the colours of the tri-colour and held a special assembly with all students being part of the assembly through their Google Meet links.

Priyam Sharma and Zoya Shaikh of Grade 10 compered the event. The celebration began with a choir of students singing the ‘Vande Mataram’ followed by a classical dance by Ms. Vidhitha. Kanishk Gandhi the Chairperson for the year gave an interesting speech for us ‘Bharat vaasi’s’. ‘Freedom from accidents’ speech was the next on the agenda rendered by our three elocution finalists/winners - Alakshendra of Grade 10; Laxmi of Grade 9; and Aradhya of Grade 8.

The school Principal inspired the students to celebrate Independence Day with responsibility reminding us of the adage – Great freedom with greater responsibility. Teachers were awarded ‘Certificates of Loyalty’ for their long service to the school. The celebration concluded with the teachers choir singing – ‘Ae Vatan Mere Vatan’. The students were provided with snacks to ring in the celebrations.

Interschool Elocution and drawing competition - 2022

On the occasion of 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Navi Mumbai Transportation Department organized an inter-school elocution and a drawing competition for the students (grades V to X) of Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul on 4th August 2022 in order to spread the awareness of transport safety.

Students of grades VII to X shared their views on various safety measures that could be taken for road safety.

Students of grades VII to X drew colorful pictures to depict the theme. Archit and Utkarsh Saxena of grade VII were the winners of the drawing competition and Aradhya Bhatia of Grade VIII was the winner of the Elocution competition.

MUN - 2022

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together." – James Cash Penney When bright minds come together they drive innovative ideas. On 29th and 30th of July, the motivated and talented students of Podar International School,(Cambridge)Nerul embarked on a vital journey to learn and explore topics that are relevant to the 21st century.

Invites were sent to the neighbouring schools and we saw an overwhelming response from DY Patil, Nerul, Empyrean School, Kharghar, Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel and Podar Cambridge, Thane along with Podar ICSE, Nerul.

The event opened with a welcome ceremony at Ashoka Hall after which the participants were escorted to the respective rooms for the event. On the first day there were debates where the delegates challenged each other as per the agenda given by the chair.

On the second day a crisis was initiated by the chair to which the delegates had to find an instant solution. All the working papers were submitted and the event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony held at the Ashoka Hall.

Donation Drive - 2022

Little Hands and Great Minds to help.

“Giving” a beautiful word often mistaken, was given its true meaning back, by the growing youth of Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul.

A hungry Fifi the iconic character had set its foot at our school on 23rd of July, a fine sunny Saturday, as the brand ambassador of the malnourished, starving children and needy grandparents from old age homes from around our city. As citizens we all joined our hands together and decided to donate grains, pulses, sugar, biscuits, toys books and more to quench the hunger of our underprivileged sisters, brothers and grandparents.

Along with that another initiative of distributing sanitary napkins was taken in order to make them reach to girls who are in dire need as they grow into puberty and find a more beautiful inner self, an awareness was also created for girls from families and societies where menstruation is an extremely huge taboo even when the world has modernized its ways and ideologies. When you and me and all others donated for this pious cause, we weren’t only donating objects but rather we were giving a smile, a life and most importantly courage that there are still people around the world who in times of need are ready to give out a hand to help, a mind to think about others and create happiness amidst the hardest times.

If not for our generous young minds and great parents who taught us the importance of giving, many lives out there would have been struggling and this wouldn’t have been possible. We are immensely thankful to all the parents, students and the Golden Horn Life Foundation for reaching out to us and making this possible.

Parent's Day Celebration - 2022
Parents' Love is the purest form of love in the entire world and to acknowledge this affection Podar International School Nerul celebrated Parent's day wherein students expressed their gratitude in various ways. Students portrayed their messages in the form of pictures and videos, thanking their parents for everything they have done for them. Parents were also given the opportunity to make something for their parents in order to express gratitude and affection towards them. Students could understand the importance of parents in their lives.
Investiture Ceremony 2022-2023

With opportunities, come great responsibilities.

Podar International School celebrated the Investiture Ceremony on 22nd July, 2022 to felicitate the newly elected Student Council Members for the Academic year 2022-23.

The event began with a glorious parade by the elected members and the teacher's leadership team, followed by lighting of the lamp, classical welcome dance and school song by the school choir group were performed.

The student leadership team was given their sashes, badges and scarfs. These moments were quite dignified and memorable for the students as well as their parents who accompanied them. The proud parents' happiness knew no bound, when badges and sashes were conferred. It was a reminder to all members of the Council, as that they are the torch bearers of the values that the School stands for and also a direction to take responsibility with commitment and integrity.

Kargil Diwas Activity - 2022
Students of various grades participated portraying various creative activities like a speech about our brave soldiers at the border and making a card for the soldiers with decoration and an inspiring message for them. Some students also made a Poster about our soldiers like a collage, slogan, symbol, etc. To encourage versatility and imbibe patriotic virtues among students, they wrote a Postcard to the soldiers to appreciate their sacrifice and motivate them for their efforts.
Grade 5B Assembly 'International Tiger Day Celebration' - 2022
"Where tigers thrive, it is a sign that the ecosystem is healthy". Tigers are a part of our planets’ natural heritage; they also have great cultural and historical significance. No doubt they are also crucial for the ecosystems in which they live. Grade 5B students conducted the class assembly on 27th July 2022, on the theme ‘TIGER THE TREASURE OF FOREST’ on the occasion of International Tiger’s day, with an array of activities. The assembly started with the morning prayer and school song. Students came up with amazing quotes/facts on tigers and interesting stories. They enthralled the audience by a mind blowing dance, wearing tiger masks. The assembly helped the students to get awareness on how Tigers are essential to the environment, as they play a significant role in maintaining the harmony of the ecosystem.
Grade 8A Assembly - 2022
Grade 8A students organized the class assembly on the theme THE HEROES OF INDIA on 27th July,2022. The whole assembly was conceptualised and put together by the students. They gave a tribute to the Heroes Of India like-- Journalists, doctors, nurses, hospital workers, ambulance drivers, the cleaners as well as the food delivery people. It gave them a great opportunity to understand the importance of collaboration, time management as well as self- management.
International Nelson Mandela Day - 2022

On the occasion of International Nelson Mandela Day , the students of Podar International School Cambridge Nerul, conducted various enlightening activities to understand the life values followed by Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid revolutionary and political leader, as well as a philanthropist with an abiding love for children.

Students of Grade 1 to 12 watched videos and documentaries on Nelson Mandela’s life and performed various activities like collage making, drawing mind map to make character portrait of Mandela, assembling jigsaw puzzle by putting together Mandela’s face, writing interesting Diary entries on imaginary meeting with Mandela, presentation on Mandela’s life and arranging question answer session, thereafter delivering reflective speech on his life and achievements.

It was a great opportunity for the students to understand the concepts of humility - selflessness - justice - equality - leadership on seeing his fight for his country. Ultimately the students could gauge the inspirational life values of Nelson Mandela and help apply them in real life situations.

Grade 2B Assembly 'Doctors Day Celebration' - 2022

Covid has further highlighted to us the role doctor’s play in our lives. Our image of doctors sitting in cozy clinics was completely shattered when we saw the selflessness with which they all stood up. Putting themselves in the line of fire, so that we could live. Countless gave their lives for us during the pandemic. We salute their sense of duty and ability to give. They are Pillars of our society and they truly deserve all the praise they can get.

The students of Grade 2B held an assembly on Doctor’s Day to highlight the importance of the day and spread awareness about the role of doctors in our lives. The assembly began with prayer followed by the thought of the day and news. A heartening speech highlighting the importance of doctors and their role in the society was delivered. The speech was followed by a melodious song cum skit which showcased the relentless service of doctors and highlighted how checkup is done. Students showcased posters and thank you cards that they had made for the Doctors. The assembly was addressed by the Principal, Ms Anjna Sahi, who appreciated the efforts put up by the students. She volunteered to be the patient herself and this got all the doctors excited to do her check up. Finally, after thorough examination by two of our ‘doctors’, she was deemed fit to work! The session concluded with the National Anthem.

Grade 2A Assembly 'Mesmerizing Oceans' - 2022
The Class Assembly was conducted by Grade 2A on the theme “Mesmerizing Oceans”. The assembly began with a lovely comparing followed by prayer. School song was sung. News report was given by the students. After that a small speech was given by a student on the Importance of World Ocean Day. A choir of singers sang a melodious song on How to keep the oceans clean followed by a thought for the day . Finally the assembly was concluded by giving the Vote of thanks . It was a short and sweet assembly. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the session. The message given through the assembly was “Importance of Ocean and why it is important to save the ocean and the creatures living in it.
Biology Activity 'Grade 8' - 2022

Students of Grade VIII conducted an investigation activity using the methodology Heuristic approach with lab technique to check the inhabiting microorganisms in their own hands.

Microorganisms are ever-present in our environment and in our bodies, and many are known to be beneficial - or even essential - for our health. However, some are pathogens and can make us very sick and can cause fatal effects.

When it comes to microorganisms in our living environments, we are hit with antibacterial and sanitizers cleaning products.

Here in to culture the microorganisms successfully, specially bacteria, the students prepared nutrient agar media using chicken broth and vegetable stock and poured the sample of their hand wash on the plates. After the required incubation the students were surprised to see the results.

Hands on learning in the biology lab that teaches a future scientist to be comfortable with experimentations, observations and investigations.

Student Council Elections 2022-2023
The students of Podar International School exercised their rights on 23rd June,2022 to elect their Student council representatives for the year 2022-23. Students from Grade 1 to AS Level recognized their responsibilities and voted to bring in a creative, vibrant, and responsible student council. The elections were held in an organized and smooth manner in the ICT room where student voters exercised their choice.The activity time was abuzz with students waiting to exercise their right.Teachers and staff saw to the smooth functioning of the activity.The Principal was at the helm of affairs looking into the smooth functioning of the event.
Father's Day Celebration - 2022
International Yoga Day Celebration - 2022
Team Building - 2022
Team building is an effective movement, which strengthens the collaboration and foster a productive work culture. In order to build strong bond among the teachers and encourage each other’s potency, Podar International School Cambridge,Nerul arranged a fun filled activity on 4th June at the school ground. Every member of the staff actively participated in an array of exercises and activities for an hour. Every one enjoyed thoroughly and it boosted the mental as well as the physical health of the teachers.
Teacher Training Workshop - 2022

The teacher training workshop was conducted at Podar International School(Cambridge), Nerul from 6th – 8th June 2022. The workshop was a collaborative effort by the faculty at PIS, Nerul with respect to a learner’s cognitive, social, and emotional learning. It was an enriching experience in relearning appropriate pedagogical skills to teach in our 21st-century classrooms. Team building activities were conducted.


DAY 1:
Motivating learners – How to stay focussed.
Unique teaching techniques with live examples of teaching topics.

DAY 2:
Understanding teaching techniques: Differential teaching techniques – learning using multiple intelligences.
Dealing with difficult students: academic, behavioural.

DAY 3:
Encouraging student retention – understanding the basic principles of memory retention.
Using questions effectively – Inquiry-based learning.
Creating an environment so that students ask probing questions.

On the first day, the workshop began with an activity on visible thinking techniques. Different articles were placed on each table and participating teachers were quizzed on them. The K-W-L chart was completed with regard to School Development Plan.

Each topic was presented by different departments viz English, Math, Science, ICT, Commerce and Humanities, Language and Art. Different strategies were discussed and class demos were conducted.

Day 1 of the workshop began with ‘How to keep the learner motivated and focussed.’ Simple ideas to improve student motivation were presented by each department.

Unique teaching techniques were discussed and presented. Relating anecdotes, convergent and divergent thinking, muddiest point thinking, teaching through flipped classrooms, dingbats, and using voice-tone and pitch, integration with art, and student-directed learning were some of the many techniques discussed and demos presented.

Day 2 of the workshop started with warm-up activities and a quiz on the learning of Day 1. Differential teaching techniques using multiple intelligences were presented. Visual stimulation, the alligator technique for math – comparing numbers, car and hill technique for rounding off numbers, compare and contrast activities, and musical and spatial techniques were presented.

The Bystander effect on ‘Diffusion of responsibility was discussed by the school counselor Ms. Alfa.

Primary coordinator Ms. Seema Raut conducted an enriching session on difficult students. Teachers got first-hand experience in handling difficult students. The importance of set expectation, modelling and being consistent with pace, tone, and language was stressed.

Handling difficult parents with patience and building trust were also brought to the attention of the teachers.

Day 3 brought into focus techniques for retention. Concrete ways for teachers and parents to help boost learning retention were discussed. Demos on Mnemonics for mass-weight conversion, repetition, peer discussion, and the K-W-R technique were conducted at the workshop.

Understanding the principle of using questions effectively for Inquiry-based learning was understood. The stages of inquiry – questions posed at the beginning and progression of the inquiry were understood. Questions to encourage further thinking and dialogue were also analyzed at the workshop.

Creating an environment for students to ask probing questions was the final leg of the workshop. A no-hands policy, introducing a wait time, planning ahead, using a mix of open and close-ended questions, and follow-up was discussed by various teachers. Using the question matrix for metacognition – a demo on cyberbullying was conducted. Using set induction for generating curiosity, jigsaw puzzles, using manipulators, and higher-order questions for building curiosity amongst learners were presented.

The workshop remained vibrant throughout the three days and concluded by equipping the teachers and strengthening them in planning and visualizing required pedagogic skills.

World Environment Day Celebration - 2022
The Environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. -Lady Bird Johnson World Environment Day was celebrated on the 5th of June, students were encouraged to share their consciousness and concerns about the environment in various forms. The theme for the World Environment Day this year is Only One Earth. They expressed their ideas in the form of poems, stories, articles, posters, slogans, etc.
Ignis house talent show - 2022
The Talent show of the Ignis House of Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul was conducted on 28th April,2022 with a display of an array of activities by students across grades 1-9. The students portrayed their talents through amazing activities like singing, dance, playing instruments, display of their drawings, magic shows, skits and speeches that captivated the audience. The students had decorated the venue with beautiful posters and balloons to create a festive atmosphere. All the students not only showed their creative sides but also enjoyed the show thoroughly.
Ventus house talent show - 2022
Podar International school Cambridge, Nerul, Ventus house organized a talent show named ‘Stars of Ventus’ to showcase the talents of the house students across Grades 1 to 9. The venue was beautifully decorated in yellow. The students performed various activities like solving the Rubik’s cube, Puppet show, Singing, dancing, story telling, speech, mimicry etc. The art works of various students were also displayed for everyone to see. Overall, the event happened to be a great opportunity to identify the students' Forte and talents.
Terra house talent show - 2022
Students of Terra House at Podar International School participated in a Talent Show across Grade 1 to 10. From singing Raag Bhopali to grooving to 'dance monkey', the students enjoyed an array of performances put up by their house mates. The hoopla, Rubik's cube, sketches and paintings done by students, song and dance performances, stand-up comedy by senior students, guitar and key board performances were displayed at the talent show. It was Terra-terrain all the way. The event brought Terra House members together and it was an electric show of skills by our performing artists. It was a day before school closes for summer and students gathered together to take home a cheerful, vivacious memory of school.
Aqua house talent show - 2022
The Talent show of the Aqua House of Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul was conducted on 28th April 2022 with the display of an array of activities by students across grades 1-9. Young children have lots of hidden talents amongst them. The students were full of confidence and enthusiasm for the competition. They showcased their talents in various areas like song, playing instruments, painting , storytelling and many more. The purpose behind the competition was to bring the hidden talents of students and remove the stage fear, which will in turn help them to build up confidence. The competition ended with teachers' speeches and selection of House captain, Vice-captain and Prefects. Overall it was a good experience after two years of children staying at home.
Joy of Giving 'Anandit Daan Divas' - 2022
Workshop on puberty and adolescence for grade 6 and 7 - 2022

Puberty is a very challenging time for teenagers as their bodies, emotions and relationships start to change in multiple ways.

Students can feel awkward, afraid and confused at times, as chemical and social factors combine to cause unpredictable mood swings that can affect family and peer relationships.

Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul conducted an informative workshop of different age learners from Grade VI and VII on three basic points:
Learn, how their body is beginning to change as they enter puberty.
Gain, confidence in their bodies and themselves
Join, a “safe place” to ask questions and learn from each other.

Welcome Assembly 2022-2023
II A Assembly report - 2022
Podar International School(Cambridge),Nerul conducted Grade II A assembly. The theme was Time and tide waits for none. The morning assembly began with a welcome dance by our students followed by prayer, school song, news report (national, international sports bulletin) with weather forecast, thought of the day. One of our young learners presented asong with her melodious voice. Students enlighten us about the importance of time in our daily life. Our cute young magician put up a wonderful magic show in front of us. We also witnessed a mesmerizing dance performance. Master Sivom narrates a wonderful story following the theme. The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem. This assembly was undoubtedly a result of the efforts put together by students and their teachers. It was once again proved that when students and teachers work together, they surely create masterpieces.
Marathi Diwas Celebration - 2022
Podar International School (Cambridge), Nerul celebrated the ‘The Marathi Rajabhasha Divas’ on 28th February with a range of colorful activities by students and teachers. The Program began with Lighting the Lamp by the Principal and coordinators. All the performers and teachers were dressed in traditional Marathi costumes. The students sang ‘Marathi Balgeet’ which revived the childhood memories of the audience. Students recited beautiful Marathi poems and performed a Marathi Skit which captivated the audience. The Teachers sang melodious a Marathi song and performed the traditional ‘Lezhim’ dance which enthralled everyone.
Grade 7 Cultural Carnival - 2022

Podar International school Cambridge,Nerul organised a Cultural Carnival event for Grade 7 on a virtual platform. Their theme for the Cultural Carnival was ‘Guilt and Forgiveness’,which the students beautifully portrayed through their events. Before starting the event, a welcome song was sung by students to lamp the audience’s mood for the carnival performances. The event was commenced by Ms. Anjna Sahi, giving an opening speech .Students enthralled the audience by various activities like dance, skit,riddles,musical instruments etc.This celebration was a platform for all the students of 7A to showcase their talents and creativity through enacting different roles, singing, dancing, penning down the scripts and even organizing the function. They also conveyed a meaningful message that, ‘asking for forgiveness neither harms the other person nor does it hurt your ego. The wind around you that was once a tornado to snatch things away from you will return to you like a breeze when you ask for forgiveness.’ The event was then concluded by the hosts where they thanked all the students for their participation in making the journey successful, Ms. Shaheen Syed, the parent for her time and co-operation throughout this journey, Principal, Coordinator and class teacher for their support and all the other parents for their time and patience for the cultural carnival.

Grade 6 Cultural Carnival - 2022
Grade 4 Cultural Carnival - 2022
Grade 2 Cultural Carnival - 2022
Grade 1 Cultural Carnival - 2022
Republic Day Celebration - 2022
Podar International school(Cambridge),Nerul conducted Republic day activities in classrooms virtually. As the nation celebrates 73 rd Republic day, the students from grade 1 to 7 participated in the activities of making Paper Flag collage, National Symbols, Peacock in tricolour, Tricolour badges, Warli painting, Mandala art in tricolour, Republic day Memory drawing etc. with great fervour and enthusiasm. The activity incited a sense of patriotism among students.
Grade 9 to A level student vaccination drive - 2022
Grade 9 to A level student vaccination drive in school on 6th January, 2022.
Reopening of school 2021-2022
The Principal and the staff of Podar International School Cambridge# Nerul received their students with a colorful Welcome Assembly. The students were greeted with flowers and book marks at the entrance gate. The extensive preparation and planning put into making school re-entry safe and welcoming is a testament to the care and commitment of the Podar International School team. It was quite wonderful to see shining eyes peeking over the tops of masks, when the students arrived ready for the physical school. The day began with the school song, followed by a graceful welcome dance by teachers. The teachers also put together a wonderful skit to enable the students to understand the new routines in a fun filled way. The assembly ended with the National Anthem.
Humanities Activities - 2021
Learners of Podar International School Cambridge, Nerul studying in Grade 5 learnt various sea structures formed due to the action of waves in their recent chapter 'Coasts'. To get a clear and precise understanding on how the various structures are made in the sea due to waves, they utilised clay and roti dough to make those models. This was a success as learners could relate to those shapes while showing their creative side and expressing their knowledge and understanding of the topic
Maths Activity - 2021
The talented learners of Grade 4 , Podar International School Cambridge Nerul, enthusiastically made their own money boxes using the net of cuboid during the Math class, under the title –‘Do it Yourself---Money box’. The net was made using scale and pencil with correct dimensions. The project helped the students to learn to make 3D shapes independently and to instil the habit of saving money.
Blended Learning Workshop - 2021

"Training and workshops always enhance the knowledge and skills of employees while providing information and instruction on how to perform better on specific tasks."

Podar International school Cambridge, Nerul arranged a training session for the teachers on Blended learning, a pedagogical shift from traditional classroom learning to modern, innovative platforms. The sessions were conducted on Synchronous and Asynchronous classes, classroom dynamics, station rotation, flipped class and how to use the digital tools in day to day teaching and learning, respectively.

Teachers thoroughly enjoyed the session as it improved their skills and knowledge of the modern pedagogical strategies and built up their confidence.

Diwali Activity - 2021
Diwali is a festival of new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Podar International school Cambridge, Nerul organized the Diwali activity on the virtual platform during the art periods on 26th October, 2021 with a range of activities. The avid students were well prepared for their tasks with all the requirements. Students from grade 1 to 7 displayed their skills and aptitudes by making different decorative items like Paper rangoli, Wall hanging, Paper lanterns, Paper glass toran, Diyas ,Paper flower toran, and Mirror rangoli-- using paper plates, colour papers, paper glass, hardboard sheets, paints and decorative materials. The entire environment was vibrating with colour and excitement. It was a great time and experience for the students to know and invigorate one of the biggest festivals of our country.
Art Exhibition - 2020
Children are a treasure of hidden talents and new ideas. The virtual art exhibition, 'Expressions', organized by Podar International School (Cambridge) only goes to prove this right. The exhibition is overwhelming in variety and beauty as it makes us visualize the world from different perspectives. The enthusiasm and the talent of the students is remarkable and noteworthy. The creations of students’ art work are replete with inspiration drawn from the masters of Art of all times. In the current times that are predominated with a sense limitation and somberness, these pieces of art transcend all boundaries through the creativity and imagination of our students and they infuse joy, colour and most of all hope of a better future for all of us.

Investiture Ceremony 2020-2021

Mother's Day Celebration - 2020
"The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time,you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back." With this thought our students spent a memorable time with their mothers and made this Mothers Day precious.

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    • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
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    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Photocopy of Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Photocopy of Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
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