Bloom 'A mental health awareness initiative' - 2022

BLOOM was a mental health week initiative brought up by our student, Disha Nischal (Head girl) and supported by the student council, under the wing of Principal ma'am, Ms. Anjna Sahi and the Welfare department with the support from the school counsellor.

Its motive was to ignite discussions of mental health awareness and guide the students towards coping and acceptance. It started off with a sharing activity where students anonymously confessed their problems. Further, the students created art works and designed a photo wall. The art works displayed the transformation from the dark to the bright side of the mind.

In this initiative, a listening circle called 'Claim it' was also organized. Finally, a solution oriented webinar was conducted by special guest Ms. Suchetha Kutty, a psychologist and the founder of COPE CULTURE. This session ended the initiative successfully.

Children's Day Celebration - 2022

"Every child is a gift in the world wrapped with a bundle of joy."

Children's day was celebrated at Podar International School with utmost enthusiasm. A cheerful atmosphere was created for the students with a plethora of activities. The PTA organized a Bubble show, magic show and science show for the students. They also brought cakes and gifts for the students.

The school also organized joyous activities for the students including puppet shows, games and art and craft activities. Students received a token of appreciation as a card and handmade roses.

The students were on cloud nine to come across a day filled with surprises for them. It was delightful to see them full of joy and content.

School Picnic 'Grade 1 to 9' - 2022

The most awaited day at Podar International School CAIE Nerul arrived on 12th November 2022 as the students had an exhilarating school picnic. The school organized a full day out with different venues for different sections. Grades 1 to 4 visited the global indoor theme park KidZania where they jumped and hopped their way through various entertainment centers to enjoy and enhance their social and cognitive skills.

Grades 5 and 6 went to Bollywood Park, a place full of fascinating zones that allow visitors to experience different environments inspired by the greatest Bollywood blockbusters. It gives an alley of diverse cultures from all corners of India to have an explosion of colors, music, and dance styles. The park provides various aspects of the film industry. Grades 7, 8, and 9 had an exciting trip to Imagicaa. An amusement park with all kinds of rollercoasters, outdoor and indoor games. The students started from the school early in the morning with smiles and lots of excitement. They had snacks, played games and sang songs on their journey. Students were accompanied by their favorite teachers who ensured their safety while they enjoyed. After a day of unlimited enjoyment, students comfortably retuned by dusk and were received by the school principal herself. All the students and teachers alike, had immense fun and garnered the experience of school time in a whole new way.

Respiration 'Project-based learning' - 2022
Project-based learning is a powerful teaching method that has extensive benefits for students, ranging from critical thinking to project involvement and group base learning. Here the learners of Grade VI from Podar CAIE worked in a group to develop the skill of self-learning on the topic Respiration.
Grade 3B Class Assembly - 2022
Grade 3B presented their class assembly on the topic "Students - Our future of tomorrow" on 9th November 2022 during school hours. Some students dressed up as their idols like whom they aspire to be in the future. Students performed songs and gave speeches. The audience consisted of students from Grade 3A. The sincere audience enjoyed all the performances and pondered upon the thought of what they want to be in the future.
Literary Week - 2022

Podar International School Cambridge Nerul organized the Literary Week from the 7th November to 11th November, with an array of activities that catered to nurture love and appreciation for literature, boost creativity, and inculcate a reading habit among students.

The students were divided into many sections and each section performed in their grade appropriate events like Bringing characters to life, Writing shape poems, Becoming young editors, Story in the bag, Ad mad show etc. From day 1 to Day 4.All the events gave a creative platform to the students to explore their latent talent and also gave wings to their imagination.

The last day, 11th November was the Grand finale of the celebration, in which students had a NO BAG day, where no subjects were taught, instead, students were engaged in participating, competing and becoming audience to various occasions.

The events were enriching and eye opening, which exposed the beauty of English Literature to students and it was a great opportunity for them to dive into the depth of the ocean of literature and to enjoy wonders.

Fifi bag donation drive - 2022
November 5th 2022 was a day filled with smiles, dedication and enthusiasm. Fifi bag day, a donation drive was organised by our teachers and student volunteers to utilise the PTM in a revolutionary way. With immense gratitude and pleasure, we assure all the contributors that Fifi donations have been given to the right hands. Thank you for adding a smile to this world! We appreciate the time of parents, students, volunteers and teachers who have made this joyful and impactful event possible.
The microbial process of fermentation - 2022
The grade 6 students at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE learnt the microbial process of fermentation. Saccharomyces cerevisiae commonly known as Yeasts are truly fascinating microorganisms, due to their diverse and dynamic activities, they have been used for the production of many interesting products, such as Beverages, bread, biofuels and biopharmaceutical. The students learnt through the experiential learning, the cornerstone process of Baker's yeast by preparing the inoculum for rising the dough.
Halloween - 2022

The last day of October was made spectacular with today’s Halloween celebrations at Podar, CIE. Students wore creative outfits after a brief assembly to understand Halloween and its traditions.

Excitement was high as students got together on the very first day after their Diwali holidays to celebrate Halloween festivities. The little goons and goblins at Podar CIE played dress-up and participated in an assembly celebrating scary beings such as ghosts, witches, vampires, skeletons, and black cats.

Middle school and older students dressed up elegantly in black robes, eye patches, face paints, hoods, and wings and celebrated this worldwide festival with Jack-o-lanterns, and witch’s cauldrons.

Students of Grades 1 & 2 created spectral skeletons and ethereal bats. Grade 3 & 4 designed witch hats and charmed cauldrons. Spooky cards, Jack-O-lanterns and Halloween wreaths were made by students of grades 5, 6, & 7.

Grades 8, 9, 10 students took it upon themselves to get creative making uncanny spiders, petrifying puppets, and Halloween tombstones.

Diwali Potluck party - 2022
Food and festivals are two things that bring people together. On the occasion of festival of lights, students of Podar International School, CIE came together for a potluck to enjoy the last day of term 1 to the fullest. Students were dressed in festive attire keeping the spirit of Diwali. Students brought delicious snacks for each other. It was intriguing to see children enjoying varied snacks from all Indian and international cuisines. The students played music, danced, sang songs and clicked a lot of pictures. All in all, they had a whole experience of getting together and making memories over good food while enjoying the festivities at the same time.
Learn US currency and trade math activity - 2022
Experiential [learning] is a philosophy and methodology in which educators purposefully engage with students in direct experience and focused reflection to increase knowledge and develop skills. The students of grade 2 organized a shopping mall set up to learn the use of US currency for their maths subject. The objective was to give the learners a hand on experience so they learn the trade using US currency in real life. The entire set of the mall, the selling products, and the play money in the form of US dollar bills were all prepared by students for this activity. The learners achieved the true goal of this activity and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Mental Health Week 'Grade 1-2' - 2022

Podar International School - Nerul CAIE celebrated its first day of Mental Health Week. The week is to bring in an array of thought-provoking activities, especially for grades 1 and 2. They were explained the importance of emotional well-being. The theme for day one was, Accepting Imperfections through a Moon mask-making activity. Students made a moon mask and wrote one thing they like about themselves and one thing that they don't like about themselves. Students came up with utmost intriguing thoughts about themselves. The activity allowed students to introspect and reflect upon their habits and attributes. It imbibed a feeling of accepting their flaws and differences. They could feel comfortable in communicating with each other and feel more confident in expressing themselves. Mental health is an intrinsic part of our individual and collective health and well-being.

Continuing with the goal to achieve these objectives, Day 2 of the Mental health week started with “Feel the music” The theme for day 2 was Empathy where students drew their feelings on a paper while listening to music, the idea was to enable the learners to grasp the moods of different musical pieces and resonate it with their own emotions. Also to arouse a sense of empathy amongst the learners of Grade 1 and 2, the “Feel-Good Mirror” activity was conducted. The teacher displayed an emotion and the students observed her from the other side of the mirror. Students were encouraged to respond with a positive emotion. The objective of the activity was to empathize with the person standing on the other side of the mirror. At the end of the session, the students took responsibility for their behavior and looked more mindful about the way they feel about things around them.

Being both physically and emotionally fit as it is the key to success in all aspects of life. To instill this thought in the young minds, learners of grades 1 and 2 started off day 3 of Mental Health Week by displaying kindness at the playground and participating in Save Your Friend PE activity. They bravely passed all the hurdles to convey their classmates on the opposite side back to safety.“The greatest good is what we do for one another.” In continuation to the theme “Kindness”, learners were given heart shapes that had their classmate's name on them. Learners preserved the hearts till the end of the day so that they could get chocolates for their classmates. Learners also decorated the hearts and wrote kind words on them. It was fascinating to observe how kind they were in taking care of their hearts. Learners reflected on the idea that kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give.

On day 4 of mental health week, the students of grades 1 and 2 carried on with the theme 'Gratitude.' With a will to express their love and gratitude, the young learners made thank you cards for the admin and the sub-staff of the school. They thanked them for their hard work, for looking after the school, for taking care of all the young learners, and for showing unconditional love and selfless support all the time. In this activity, students learned how important it is to be humble, have gratitude, and remain thankful.

"Reflection is looking back, so that the view looking forward can be even clearer." Bringing an end to the mental health week, the learners concluded the week with their thought provoking reflections. The students could be seen practicing their inferences at home. They could reflect on the values of gratitude, empathy, acceptance and kindness by retelling their observations around them and making a drawing about the same. Learners could also enlighten each other about how they would apply these values in real life. Learners felt more confident about their personal and public approaches.

Teachers’ mental health session - 2022
As a part of mental health week, the students engaged in various fun activities. Simultaneously, the teachers attended a mental health session on 10th October at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE. In this session, they participated in activities focused on mental health and were encouraged to be themselves. The teachers also played games that helped them bond well, understand each other more efficiently and get to know one another better. The teachers enjoyed the session and took home valuable lessons.
Gourmet Club Activity - 2022
Garba Raas 'Primary & Secondary' - 2022
At Podar International School - Nerul CAIE we believe that it is essential to keep our minds and bodies fresh for the holistic development of our students. Keeping the same thought in mind, the students from grade 3 to A Levels started their day with an hour of playing Garba on 3rd October. This session enabled the students to experience the festivities in the best way. The students were dressed beautifully and had a gala time at different venues around the school. They danced and clicked pictures with their classmates and teachers. The true goal of this session was to help the students break out of routine and motivate them to dig deeper into how celebrations bring people together.
Grade 1 & 2 Navratri Special Thursday Activity - 2022

Thursday 29th of September was an exhilarating day for the students of the primary section at Podar International school Nerul CAIE. The students were involved in various Navratri-themed activities. These activities spread an atmosphere of celebration and enabled a sense of learning with fun among the students. All the activities captured the essence of the Navratri festival as students wore beautiful dresses and carried colorful Dandiyas. They participated in an Art Attack session. In this activity, all the students channelled their inner artists and unleashed their creativity to create beautiful Navratri-themed art. They also had a Music Mania session, a music activity in which they learned how to identify the sound of different musical instruments by listening to Garba-oriented songs. They also understood rhythm by playing instruments like drums & tambourine to the beats of Garba music. The students explored their ability to dance and had maximum fun as they played Dandiya and performed the Garba dance in Move and Groove Dance activity. These activities enhanced the social-emotional learning of the students. They learned the importance of bonding and friendships. They also understood the significance of the festivities around them and had a merry time throughout the session.

Grade 3 Morning Assembly 'Theme - Teachers Day Celebration' - 2022
On 7th September 2022, the students of Grade 3A conducted the morning assembly. The theme for the assembly was Teachers' Day. Students exhibited various performances to show their love, respect, and gratitude for the teachers. These performances included dances, skits, live instrumentals, and speeches. The students successfully conveyed their best regards to the teachers. The harmonious morning assembly by Grade 3A filled everyone's hearts with joy, making it a perfect start for the day.
Hindi Vad-Vivad Pratiyogita - 2022

Garde 6C morning assembly 'Theme - Sports Legend' - 2022

On Wednesday 21st September, the students of Grade 6 C conducted the morning assembly. The theme of the assembly was 'Sports Legends.' All the students from the class participated in this assembly.

The students showcased their talents through speeches, skits, and dance performances. In this assembly, the students understood the importance of sports in day-to-day life. They also became familiar with the various awards given in the sporting field. The students highlighted the performances of many sports legends in this assembly.

Our honorable Principal motivated and encouraged the students to participate in various sporting activities to stay mentally and physically fit. It was a very informative and fun-filled assembly.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2022

Model of Fermenters - 2022
Active learning promotes critical thinking, confidence and innovativeness. On September 6th, Grade 10 students of Podar International School - Nerul CAIE worked in groups to present working models of fermenters. These models were exact replicas of the fermenters showing different inlet & outlet pipes, paddles and motors. Various types of fermenters used in ethanol, wine, and antibiotic products were displayed in the session. Students discussed scientific theories and explained their models with great enthusiasm.
Diplomathon 2022

Diplomathon Global a Registered Trademark of Apogeeo Education held the MUN conference on the 27th and 28th of August 2022 at Nahar International School, Powai for students of grades 6 to 12.

The students from Podar International School - Nerul CAIE participated with great enthusiasm in this event. They prepared well to optimize their potential & individuality through this experiential platform and successfully won many prizes. Disha from Grade 10 won the 1st position in Best Delegate, Alaakshandra from Grade 10 won the 2nd position in High Commendation, and Rayirth from Grade 7 won the 3rd position in Special Mentions.

The Students also interacted with other school students from all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. They got exposed to the current issues of the world and learned to express their opinions as well as arguments in a respectful manner in front of a large audience. A hearty congratulations to all the students and teachers who worked on this event.

Annual Day Celebration 2022-2023

The Annual Day function 2022 of Podar International School - Nerul CAIE was celebrated with high spirits and power packed performances on Friday, 26th August 2022 at Vishnudas Bhave Natyagruha, Vashi.

The distinguishing feature of the Cambridge Curriculum is the belief that every child is unique. The theme of the event, ‘The Kaleidoscope,’ aptly displayed this belief by presenting a collection of shapes through each performance, allowing the students to portray their talent. The rocking school choir, the marvelous drama group, and the electrifying dance crew gave dazzling performances, which created a plethora of colorful visuals and left the audience in awe.

The event became possible as the students, the teachers, the choreography team, and the admin staff worked tirelessly over the weeks under the guidance of Principal Ms. Anjna Sahi and her able team of coordinators. The continued cooperation & the support from the parents & the higher management also helped in organizing an event of this magnitude. After a successful Annual Day function 2022, the team at Podar International School - Nerul CAIE is looking forward to the next big event.

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