Tasty Treat 3.0 'Good food = Great Mood' - 2024
Teachers at Podar International School, #Parbhani had a great time before breaking for winter vacation by participating and savoring various delicacies in the STAFF WELFARE PROGRAM organised at school. Teachers prepared various dishes and served each other. It was a joyful and refreshing time by the teachers for the teachers.
Hindi diwas celebration - 2023
Biz Kids Bazaar - 2023
“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.” As this thought our podar BIZKIDS organise the #BIZKIDS #BAZAAR and acquire skills to be a successful #entrepreneur.
International Sports Day - 2023
“You have to have a real love of your sport to carry you through all the bad times.” – Nancy Greene. Podar International School, #Parbhani celebrated National Sports Day on the occasion of the Birth anniversary of Major Dhyanchand, a Special assembly conducted by Sports department of PIS, Parbhani. Aerobics, Karate and Gymnastics demonstration shown by the students.
Independence Day Celebration - 2023
Freedom is our legacy, and Independence is our pride! Celebrating freedom and embracing unity! United we stand for the greatness of our Independence! Saffron, White and Green, and Freedom Forever!
Investiture Ceremony 2023-2024

Podar International School #Parbhani noticed the hidden leaders and motivated the elected students.

#INVESTITURE #CEREMONY was conducted very joyfully and all the council members were congratulated and felicitated by Ms. Tripti Sandbhor ( DC Parbhani) and School Principal Mr Sudarshan Khanage.

All the required arrangements were provided by AO Mr. Nanasaheb Kulkarni.

Head Boy- Master Rishikesh Karle
Head Girl- Miss Anushka Karajgikar gave their winning speeches.

All the students accepted their posts positively and took an Oath to fulfill their duties effectively.

Abacus Competition Winners Felicitation - 2023
First PTA Meet 2023-24
Parent-Teachers Association provides valuable support to parents in various ways. PTA encourages parents to be actively engaged in their children's education. It creates a platform for parents to connect and build a relationship with other parents who share common interests and concerns. The first #PTA Meet for 2023-24 is held Podar International School - Parbhani , under the guidance of the Respected Principal, Mr. Sudarshan Khanage Sir. Admin Officer Mr. Nanasaheb Kulkarni, Coordinators, Teachers, and Parent members attended the meeting.
Girls Welfare Program - 2023
*Personal #hygiene is essential for maintaining good relationships with others.* With the same view to create awareness about the importance of health and hygiene amongst the girls at Podar International School, Parbhani organized a Girls' Welfare Program under the guidance of the Respected Principal Mr. Sudarshan Khanage Sir along with the #Girls' welfare committee# on the topic Health and Hygiene. The key speaker was a renowned gynecologist of #Parbhani Dr. Arpita Patil. Very effectively she guided and communicated with girls and answered their queries very positively and effectively. Senior coordinator Ms. Savita Rajguru was present for the session. Primary coordinator Ms. Vinaya Kandharkar and Committee head Ms. Manorama Mawade shared their views about the session. Among the students, Ms. Anushka Karajgijar and Ms. Momina Padela shared their feedback about the session.
House Captain and Vice Captain - 2023
“Every ship needs a captain, The crew is important but the captain steers everything, you need to have a clear vision to lead." Podar International School, #Parbhani designated the students as house captains and Vice-Captain with great zeal.
Tech-O-Mania Culminating Event 2023-2024
“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” – Daniel Bell Able to explore new technologies and skills PIC introduced various co-curricular subject for our students development. For 2023-24 PIC selected four Theme, Tech-it-Up was first theme students learn many new things related to Technology, Today @Podar International School, #Parbhani organised culminating event of #Tech-it-Up.
Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration - 2023

Training Session: Implementing and Delivering Outstanding Lesson - 2023
To teach is to learn twice over – Joseph Joubert. To enhance the knowledge And implementation of various types of teaching techniques and methods while delivering the topic in classrooms at Podar International School, #Parbhani organized a teacher training, Resource person was Mrs. Archana Awade (Deputy Manager of Internal Development PIC) Mr. Sudarshan Khange sir (Principal, PIS, Parbhani) along with all the teachers enhanced his proficiency in *Implementing and delivering the outstanding lesson*.
International Yoga Day Celebration - 2023
“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self and for the self." #International #Yoga Day is celebrated with great zeal @Podar International School #Parbhani. Under the guidance of Ayurvedacharya Dr. Dipak Karjgikar Sir Mr.Sudarshan Khange sir (Principal), and Mr.Nanasaheb Kulkarni (AO) were present over their program, a program led and Controlled by Mr.Narendra Joshi Sir and Mr. Pravin Chalak Sir along with all the teachers.
National Technology Day - 2023
"Technology is the best, when it brings people together " A special assembly was organized by Grade 7 students on the occasion of "National Technology Day" , @ Podar International School #Parbhani , Students were happy to answer the quizitory and gained knowledge about latest technologies.
Maharashtra Din - 2023
Fire Drill 2023-23
#FireDrill was planned and executed at Podar International School, #Parbhani Municipal corporation Parbhani Mr. Dipak Sir, Mr. Kamtikar and Mr. Gondhalkar demonstrated the ways to handle and deal with the situation in case the students confront fire.
Eid Ul Fitr - 2023
#eidmubarak May Allah place the mercy upon all the people, all around the world on this happy occasion of Eid! On the occasion of Ramadan Eid students performed melodious song and Ms. Amreen Hashmi mam gave informatic speech in special assembly @ Podar International school, #Parbhani under the guidance of Respected Principal Mr. Sudarshan Khanage Sir, Students enjoyed celebration of Ramdan Eid.
Micro teaching Sessions 2023-24
Teaching is only demonstrating, it makes it easy to learn new things. Micro-teaching_ Demonstration_skill explained by Mrs. Komal Lavhande and Mrs. Varsha Mule at Podar International School, #Parbhani
Teachers Training Session - 2023
Micro-teaching is an innovative program for teachers, which enhances their classroom attitude and behavior. Podar International School, #Parbhani organized training regarding micro-teaching, Resouce Person was Mr. Vilas Narwade Sir (HOD of the English Department) Education Institutes have taken up micro-teaching practices to equip teachers with an effective method of teaching.
Teachers Training Session - 2023
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Teachers training conducted by Respected Principal Mr. Sudarshan Khanage sir on the topic #questionsmatrix in Podar International School, #parbhani.Teachers got new ideas about questions framing while teaching.
3D Printing at PIS Parbhani - 2023
Technology doesn't determine what you can do, it merely creates a platform for the imagination. #3d printing Students of Podar International School, #parbhani experienced 3d printing at the lab, Students enjoyed and almost learned 3dprinting. #MoreThanGrades
Grand welcome of Students - 2023
Students at Podar International School #Parbhani received Grand Welcome on Inception of New Academic Year 2023-24. The first day of School is better than the last day of School, the first is the best because it is the beginning Students were heartily welcomed at Podar International School, #Parbhani with a new resolution for the academic year 2023-2024.
Adhaar Updation Program - 2023
Rendering service to society is always our motto. To continue with this, we, Podar International School, #Parbhani had arranged Adhaar Updation Program on 31st March and 1st April 2023 to facilitate the students and parents to update their adhaar, an important document.
Parent Orientation Program 2023-2024
Welcoming and Orientation of new parents was conducted at Podar International School #Parbhani. Parents are glad to be a part a Podar organization and looking forward for great output. All their doubts and queries were resolved by Honorable Principal Sir Mr. Sudarshan Khanage Sir, Co. Ordinators and teachers.
Science Station 2022-23
“Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done.” - Robert A. Heinlein. Students of Grades I to IX participated and showcased their innovative ideas in the Science Exhibition conducted on the event of National Science Day at Podar International School, #Parbhani.
Annual Day Celebration 'Nritya Tarang - The Incredible India' 2022-2023
PIS PBN celebrated the completion of their Cardinal journey with great joy and enthusiasm, The Annual Day event 2022-23 "Nritya Tarang - The Incredible India" was showcased with great pomp and joy. The students presented various dance forms of India with great excitement. The Occasion was graced by Dr. RAMESHWAR NAIK as Chief Guest and Mr. YASHWANT KALE (ASP) as Guest of Honor. Principal of PIS Parbhani Mr. Sudarshan Khange sir and Admin Officer Mr. Nanasaheb Kulkarni sir were overwhelmed with the presence of Dr. Malini Sen ma'am- Principal, PIS, Nanded ; Mr. Vinaykumar Upadhyaya, Principal of PIS Hingoli; Mr. Kirtikumar Deshmukh, Principal of Ambejogai and Mr. Nitin Naner, AO Hingoli. Mr. N. G. Kamble sir and Mr. Satbeer singh RTM.
Republic Day Celebration - 2023
Let us make a pledge to our motherland that we will do everything that we can to rid it of all the evils. Happy Republic Day! Republic day is celebrated at Podar International School, Parbhani with great pomp and joy in the presence of Mr.Ranjit Patil as Chief Guest, (Who is the additional Commissioner at Municipal corporation Parbhani), Respected Principal Sir Mr. Sudarshan Khange and Admin Officer Mr. Nanasaheb Kulkarni Sir along with Students and Teachers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Podar Education Network, as the pioneer in the field of education, offers the best CBSE board school in Parbhani, that instructs its students in the English language. Being the most advanced schools in Parbhani, we not only tend to academic excellence but the holistic development of your child. Thus, Podar CBSE School in Parbhani is considered one of the best English medium schools in Parbhani, Maharashtra.

Podar CBSE school in Parbhani is considered one of the best schools in the region for students pursuing globally-acclaimed education in 11th and 12th classes. It offers an end-to-end schooling system enhanced with a globalized curriculum, sports and extracurricular development, and step-by-step guidance to enable students to pave their paths to a bright and successful future.

The detailed fee structure for Podar CBSE school in Parbhani is on our website.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Parbhani, our infrastructure has been designed to incorporate the principles of ergonomics at all levels. With spacious and comfortable classrooms, innovative well-equipped labs, a full-equipped medical centre, state-of-the-art libraries, expansive playgrounds and extra-curricular activity rooms, Podar CBSE school in Parbhani offers some of the best modern facilities at the disposal of students.

Here is a list of the documents you will require for admission to the Podar CBSE school in Parbhani:
  • Student’s Birth Certificate.
  • Student’s Aadhaar Card.
  • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
  • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
  • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
  • Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
  • Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
  • Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
  • Passport size photograph of the student.
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
Head over to our Admissions page on our Podar Parbhani CBSE school website to have a detailed view of the online and offline admission process.

To know more about the transfer process and transfer certificates for our best CBSE school in Parbhani, you can visit our Podar International School website.

Podar International CBSE school in Parbhani offers safe and secure transportation to and fro for their students. The entire school premises is fitted with CCTV cameras and trained attendants, so as to maximize the security of our students, who are regularly monitored, and safely picked up and dropped off by our bus transport facility.

The age limit for children seeking admission to Nursery in Podar CBSE school in Parbhani is set at 2 years, completed latest by 31st December 2023. The detailed eligibility criteria in terms of the age norms have been specified on the Podar CBSE board school in Parbhani Admission Page.

Podar International Schools across India are renowned not only for their excellent academic teaching but also for the holistic development of their students. Offering a vast range of traditional & new age sports and a variety of extracurricular activities for children to hone their skills, here are the extracurricular activities that our CBSE school in Parbhani offers its students:
  • Theatre
  • Indian and Western Dance
  • Classical and International Music
  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • Computer Animation

There are two easy ways you can seek admission for your child at Podar CBSE school in Parbhani - Online & Offline visit.
Online Admission Process:
  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. The following documents are to be uploaded while filling the online application form:
    • Student’s Birth Certificate.
    • Student’s Aadhaar Card.
    • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Passport size photograph of the student.
    • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  3. After submitting the online application form, if there are seats available in the standard that you have applied in, an email with a payment link for the first term fees will be sent to you. Parents are requested to make the necessary payment online.
Offline Admission Process:
  1. Complete the application form either online or collect the form from the school.
  2. Please submit the completed application form along with following documents at the School Office:
    • Photocopy of Student’s Birth Certificate.
    • Photocopy of Student’s Aadhaar Card.
    • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Photocopy of Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Photocopy of Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
    • 3 Passport size photographs of the student.
    • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  3. Please submit a Cheque with the first term fees to the School Office. All payments at the School are to be made by Cheque. Please mention the name of your ward, and contact number on the rear side of the Cheque. Fees once paid will be strictly non-refundable.

To learn more details about the admission process and confirmation, please visit the Admissions page on the Podar Parbhani CBSE School website.