School Events at Pathardi

Virtual open House - 2021

In this session The virtual open house for PT -2 Exam was conducted on 9th January 2021. The parents appreciated the way of teaching and were satisfied with the result and overall growth of the students.

Health drink 'Lemon Juice' - 2021

In this session nowadays children are more attracted to junk food. So in this session, an activity was organized for grade 1 from the environmental studies food lesson of making a healthy juice using basic ingredients. This activity teaches students the benefits of lemon. Lemons are packed with nutrients including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. One simple step towards health. Students enjoyed the juice and also shared it with family members.

Christmas Celebration - 2020

In this session Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration. School also celebrated Christmas virtually. Different activities were performed by Students of different grades which included storytelling, craft activity; dress up party, Christmas's scavenger hunt. Fun games were also played like Simon says, musical statues, Charades etc.

Virtual Annual Sports Day - 2020

In this session Podar International School, Pathardi Organized 2nd Annual Virtual Sports Day 2020.The event was unique in its own kind and PIS-Pathardi is Thankful to all the parents, students and staff for their effortless contribution. The chief guest was Mr. Ramesh Chandra Panda, Principal (Davangere).

Sports activities like drills, high intensity interval Training program were the major highlights of the event. The sports activities were unique in this pandemic period. The program was conducted by Awards presented by wing commander Sameer Wagle (GM Nashik Region).

My Shadow Activity - 2020

In this session Grade IV students made shapes of shadow on A4 size paper.

Clock Making Activity - 2020

In this session an activity was organized for grade 1 of making beautiful clocks using simple papers. This activity enhances their ability to create something new and to see an opportunity to make something beautiful out of waste. It helps them to tell time. Mastering this skill can seem hard at first but with hands-on practice, students strengthen their understanding of how clock works. Students also learn the importance of time in real world events.

Parts of Flower Activity - 2020

In this activity students prepared charts and model to demonstrate the various parts of flower like carpel, pistil, sepals, petals, etc. The activity helped the students to understand the parts of flower and their role in pollination.

Understanding Plants Activity - 2020

In this session Grade 2 students demonstrated the Parts of the Plants, by showing the real plants at their home garden. It helped the students to identify, remember and describe basic parts of the plants. This also encouraged them to build up confidence, grow plants by their own, nurture the plants and be friendly with Mother Nature.

Diwali loaded with Fun and Goodies - 2020

In this session to make the festival of Diwali, an unforgettable experience, Students of Grade 2 were, engaged in making beautiful and easy Rangoli and no fire sweet dish. This made the students to experience, the importance of involvement in celebration.

Light Up Diwali by decorating Earthen Diyas - 2020

In this season of festivity an activity was organized for grade 1 and 2 of making beautiful Diya decoration using Earthen Diyas. This activity enhances their ability to create something new and to see an opportunity to make something beautiful.

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