School Events at Pathardi

Happy Holi Celebrate - 2021

In this session Holi festival celebration starts at the last day of Phalgun by the Holika Dahan in the evening and colour play in the next morning. Children wait for this festival with lots of courage and happiness and start collecting colours, balloons, buckets filled with colored water, pichkari, etc. to play Holi. Here are a few glimpses of Holi celebration by the Management, Staff and teachers.

Best out of waste - 2021

In this session I took a life skill topic. I can handle money. For the same students had made a piggy bank out of a bottle and also narrated the value of money in everyone's life. They enjoyed the session with the help of teachers' guidance.

Fruity Solar System Activity - 2021

In this session grade 2 students enjoyed doing the activity using real colorful fruits, which go with the sun and 8 heavenly planets of the solar system. This added to their knowledge by understanding about each and every planet thoroughly.

Components of electric circuit - 2021

In this session the students of Grade VII have drawn the components of the electric circuit on a chart paper. The aim of the activity was to make them aware of the symbols and function of basic components of electric circuits. The students use creative ways to learn the uses of components of electric circuits.

EVS Assignment - 2021

In this session an activity was performed by Grade- 1 students of making beautiful charts including all the important information about different animals. This activity teaches students about different types of animals, their way of living and about different types of houses they live in.

Zest Fest - 2021

In this session Science Day Celebration and Science, Mathematics and Art exhibition was conducted by Management, Staff, Parents and Teachers along with Students in school premises. Students presented innovative projects in this exhibition and performed accordingly as per guided by the respective teacher. The school corridors were decorated with creative art work of students.

Surya Namaskar Day Celebration - 2021

In this session the students, teachers and staff of school performed 21 Suryanamaskar on the school playground. The Suryanamaskar contains a total number of 8 asanas woven into a sequence of 12 steps for each side, right and left. Ms. Archana Dighe was invited as guest for the event. As suryanamaskars benefits body with mental and physical health, this activity was a beneficial one.

Marathi Bhasha Diwas Celebration - 2021

In this session management, staff, parents and teachers along with students celebrated Marathi Bhasha Diwas on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar in school premises. Students voluntarily participated in this celebration and performed accordingly as per guided by the respective teacher. Ganesh Vandana, Speech on Kusumagraj, Poem, Slogan, Powada, Abhanga, and Dance etc were being presented by the students.

aking care of Body Girls and boys welfare committee session - 2021

In this session grade 1 and 2 had a brief discussion about taking care of body. Students were encouraged about the good and the bad habits to be followed in day to day life. It helped them to understand the importance of it in every individual's life.

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