Established in 2005, Podar International School, Pimpri, Pune stands tall today in tutelage - educating its pupils under its guardianship with endearment, protection and precision.

When we were told to go to school, one of the reasons put forward was that education is the key to success, and that it broadens one’s horizon. Further to this, we were told that education sharpens one’s thinking and reasoning abilities and improves general comprehension, more so of complex and complicated issues.

Post thirty years of my operation in this domain, as compared, there is a colossal paradigm shift in the philosophy of education. It does not halt with the knowledge from text books but without choice has to go beyond it.

In our campus KNOWLEDGE is imparted. However we do not neglect the ‘WISDOM’ aspect of life. We all are aware that knowledge is in the text books, the resources we use - it is about knowing facts about things. But wisdom is not only having knowledge about facts and things but also about understanding it and applying it in our lives.

Wisdom is more than just following ‘the rules’ or looking at the loopholes; it is about making better rules and finding solutions: with wisdom comes a will and courage to live the life right!

Teaching good discernment along with imparting knowledge is the need of today. We nurture our pupils to be global citizens with power in words and deeds, who choose dwell in peaceful co-existence, who can make the right choices, who have an optimistic mindset, who are merciful and righteous in their ways.

When it is time for our pupils to graduate and debouch into the world, they have gained expertise to metamorphose and contest with the summons of life. Our alumni are prospering in life as professionals and humans.

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Dr. Smita Patterson
Principal, Podar International School - Pune (Pimpri - ISC)