Jumbo Kids Events

Sports Day Celebration 2019-2020

“Jumbo on wheels” a theme for the Sports day to give the children’s better understanding of different modes of understanding using different activities and races. The activities focus on using sports as a means to not only enhance the physical but also the cognitive and social development of the children. We also involved parents and grandparents activities of race. It was fun filled activities for all.

Event "Hip Hip Hurray" conducted by P.I.E. trainees at PJK, Satara - 2019

Hip Hip Hurray event was celebrated as Seussville where the trainee teachers (P.I.E.) had organized the event, where each room represents the activities from Dr.Seuss book. Activities like : Cat in the hat, Lorax, Horton here's a whooo etc in this event parents shown their great participation.

Papa Banao Dadi / Nani Ki Recipe - 2019

"Papa Banao Dadi / Nani Ki Recipe" PJK, Satara. A unique event where father, grandfather and child had came and made a recipe that Dadi / Nani makes. In this event we taught kids about healthy eating habits, nutritional values of different food items and yes it strengthens the bond between child, father and grandparents. Children’s enjoyed making Dadi / Nani's recipe along with father.

Annual Day Celebration 2018-2019

Halloween Carnival - 2018

2nd play date with parents - 2018

Master Chef - 2016