School Events at Surat

Earth Day Celebration - 2021

“Save Earth, Saves Natural Resources - Save A Ray Of Life”

The spirit of life connected with nature. With the spirit of “Save Earth, Saves Natural Resources - Save A Ray Of Life” Podar International School, Surat has organized the celebration program of EARTH DAY 2021 for Grade 1st-9th by conducting different activities like Colour the picture, Best out of waste, Slogan Writing, PowerPoint Presentation or Poster Making.

Grade 1st-2nd - “Our Galaxy: Describe the Planet” - 2021

The Sun, A Star, A Center Point
It Shines Its Golden Rays Beyond.
A Place In Space, So Far Away
Nine Planets Revolving Dusk Till Dawn...

Podar International School # Surat organized an interesting, knowledge-gaining and continues development activity for Grade 1st-2nd - “Our Galaxy: Describe the Planet”

Students showcase sub-topics of the activity like “Day and Night” & “Solar System” with sky-high interest.

International Women's Day Celebration - 2021

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” - Maya Angelou. Podar International School #Surat celebrated International Women’s Day.

The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives - 2021

Engaging young students with exciting material and experiences motivates them to learn and pursue the sciences throughout their day to day life.

Podar International School #Surat has organized an interesting, knowledge-gaining “Science Demonstration” activity for Grade 3rd-9th & 11th. Students performed with sky-high interest.

Students showcased creative static models such as Human Excretory System, Water Dispenser, Water Alarm, The Human Ear-Eye, Biogas Plant, Electric Circuit, Periscope, Pinhole Camera, The Human Heart, Respiratory system, Electromagnet, Teeth Set, The Nitrogen Cycle In Nature, Electric Power Plant, Stethoscope, Windmill, Mini Projector, and many more interesting models. Students also presented their models by emphasizing the principle, functioning, and applications of the models made by them in real life. Not only this some students very amazingly performed experiments such as the electrolysis of water and analysis of liquid as an electrolyte or non-electrolyte. It was a wonderful practical learning experience for each and every participant.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul - 2021

During this Lockdown period of Global Pandemic kids have given their best as students. The children need all-round development with knowledge, joy, fun. Each person has his/her own unique talent. Podar International School # Surat organized a joyful talent activity- “Solo Dance Activity” for Grade 1st-9th & 11th. Students performed different dancing styles like BOLLYWOOD, HIP HOP, CLASSICAL and SEMI CLASSICAL. Students participated with great enthusiasm.

Activity - Concept Of Air (Grade 1-2)

PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has organized the Activity- Concept of Air for Grade 1st & 2nd. With great enthusiasm kids showcase their understanding knowledge on it.

You can't see it, you can't see it,
But it's there, everywhere.
It fills up balloons.
It takes up space.
It is air, it is air.
Air is important for living things.

Virtual Christmas Celebration - 2020

Christmas is the festival that inspires the spirit of sharing, caring, and love everyone. Podar International School, Surat celebrated Virtual Christmas spirit with the significance of Jesus Christ Birth Stories, Carols, and some interesting games and creative activities. The children exhibited their creativity by displaying their joy and happiness. Such celebrations bring happiness and togetherness among the students and also inculcate the spirit of sharing and giving in them.

Girls Welfare Committee Session - 2020

A positive step towards health With the pandemic going on and in place of other environmental changes we introduced and explained about the to manage personal hygiene, A self-care session with Girls students of Grade 6th to 8th and 9th and 12th creating awareness about girls welfare, to make them understand the development change with respect to their body, to make them capable of how to take self-care Girls were actively engaged in an activity relevant to the topic "HEALTH TREASURE HUNTS AND "PASS THE WORD WITH EMAGENRY BALL" maximum grace was seen among the participants shown the participation and share their own self-care tips.

Awakened Citizen Program 'ACP2020'

We are happy to conduct 'Awakened Citizen' Program under the guidance and leadership of Mr.Hardik Desai From Ramakrishna Mission, session is for Grade 7th Students.

The program helps student to have "Attmashraddha or self -Belief allowing them to Discover a value system for themselves stand on their own feet and enable them to face the challenge of life and awakened the citizen of the nation.

Session was successfully conducted by Ms. Namrata Grover / Ms. Meena Sharam.

Happy hours conducted for grade 6 to 10 - 2020

During this pandemic, Initiative taken by the IEC to introduced “Happy Hours classes” are being conducted for grades 6 -10 to Develop Social and Emotional Learning skills.Topics been tought through hands- on activities to the students virtually - Adapting to new life style change , understanding conflict resolving conflict ,adapting to the new normal, practicing kindness and empathy , Resilience and growth to bounce back from stress, adversity , failure, challenges or trauma, expressing gratitude guided imagery, art journaling, calm down breathing, etc are done to make students capable of emotional regulation and effectively deal with frustrations especially during such challenging times.

At PODAR, our students’ mental health has and will remain one of our top priorities!

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