Podar International School,Vapi is affiliated with CBSE (New Delhi). The school is a stepping-stone for the students who wish to go for higher education abroad and get a cutting edge in the era of Globalization. Education doesn’t mean acquiring knowledge about the 3R’s only. It goes beyond that. What children learn today, determine their tomorrow and consequently the future of the nation? Children are like clay, tender and most importantly malleable. And when you plan to take them on real early in their lives, every bit of knowledge imparted by their ‘gurus’ is comparable to the masterful touches of a skilled potter. Hence, every deft touch expression the child is subjected to, is imbibed as permanent impression on the child’s being and strengthens over the years to make the character of the person.

Podar International School holds the firm conviction that knowledge is not only a necessity but it is desirable as well. Learning skills are important, but each individual shall be encouraged to develop a mind with such knowledge that is a pre-requisite for civilized life. The school will promote a philosophy of education, which holds that knowledge must be acquired and rigorously tested.

Our School places particular emphasis on excellence. It is an excellence, which comes not from being at the top of the class or an athletic champion. Rather, it is realization and motivation that comes from within. At PIS we strive to inculcate a spirit of rationalization, learning through observation and experimentation among the students. Our school strives to give every child a blend of values and skills required for advancement in an increasingly competitive world. That is ,a sterling character, a balanced dispassion and confidence. Children are taught the values of hard work and board-mindedness and encouraged to cultivate qualities needed to be successful in life for a spiritually satisfying career.

Mr. Anupam Upadhyay
Principal, Podar International School - Vapi