Frequently Asked Questions

Podar Education Network, as the pioneer in the field of education, offers the best CBSE board school in Vapi, instructing students in the English language. Podar CBSE School in Vapi is considered one of the best English medium schools, focusing on academic excellence and holistic development.

Podar CBSE school in Vapi is considered one of the best schools for students pursuing education in 11th and 12th classes. It offers a globalized curriculum, sports, extracurricular development, and guidance for a bright future.

The detailed fee structure for Podar CBSE school in Vapi is available on our website.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Vapi, our infrastructure includes spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs, medical center, libraries, playgrounds, and activity rooms. Podar CBSE school in Vapi offers modern facilities for students.

Here is a list of documents required for admission to Podar CBSE school in Vapi: birth certificate, Aadhaar Card, school leaving certificate, UDISE Number, previous/current class report cards, address proof, parent's Pan Card, and passport-size photographs.

For information about the transfer process and transfer certificates to Podar CBSE school in Vapi, visit our Podar International School website.

Podar International CBSE school in Vapi offers safe transportation for students. CCTV cameras and attendants ensure students' security during bus transportation.

The age limit for Nursery admission at Podar CBSE school in Vapi is 2 years, completed by December 31, 2023.

Podar CBSE school in Vapi offers a range of extracurricular activities, including theatre, dance, music, public speaking, debating, and computer animation.

You can seek admission for your child at Podar CBSE school in Vapi through online or offline modes. The online process involves completing the application form, uploading documents, and making the payment. The offline process includes visiting the school, submitting the application form and documents, and making the payment by cheque.