What Kind Of A Learner Is Your Child & How You Can Help Them Excel

16 March 2021
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Every child is unique, so when we say this, we truly mean it. They’re all different kinds of learners meaning that each child has a learning pattern different from the other. Among the many varieties, there are three main types of learners: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. And while in most cases children find a balance between all three and are able to pull through by picking bits of learning styles from each kind, some children- naturally- are more inclined towards one style over another.

At Podar International School, we embrace all kids and help them own their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Here's how you can identify what kind of a learner your kid is and what you can do to help them.

Visual Learners

Kids who are more observant of their surroundings, people and all that’s around them are more likely to be visual learners. For example, if your child is naturally drawn towards books, art, craft, photography, videography and such, then you have a visual learner at home. Pictures and visuals tell them stories and help them remember things better. Visual learners more easily remember names, people, faces and places.

What are the signs of a visual learner?

Here are some common traits of this kind of a learner:

  • Extremely imaginative
  • Keen interest in art, craft, painting, photography
  • Observant of their surroundings and people
  • Drawn towards screens
  • Keen interest in books
  • Easily remembers faces, places and people
  • Good sense of direction
  • Remembers study chapters through visuals and pages in the book

Kinesthetic Learners

This variety of kids is naturally drawn towards physical tasks. Got a runner/ cricketer/ footballers/ basketballer in your family? Or have a dancer? Then you’ve got a kinesthetic learner around you. Not to say that they’re only inclined towards physical exertion, but that’s definitely one major giveaway. And that’s simply because these types of learners take joy and pride in doing things themselves via some physical activity. For example, a lot of these kids are good painters/artists, are very good at handwriting tasks and so on. They find an immense sense of joy in it and also find the balance easily.

What are the signs of a kinesthetic learner?

Here are some common traits of this kind of a learner:

  • Love indulging in dance, sports and physical activities.
  • Restless and fidgety- always up to doing something with their hands or moving.
  • Inclined towards drawing, painting or handwriting-driven tasks
  • Always interested in physical activities and start showing these signs from an early age
  • Very good hand-eye coordination

Auditory Learners

As you may have already understood, these kinds of kids are drawn towards sound. So if you’ve got a child who takes active interest in music or verbal communication, you know what they like. These kids understand things told to them faster than more...to put it simply, their brain computes oral directions much better. So if you’ve got a kid who loves to partake in music competitions, elocutions, recitals and so on, encourage them.

What are the signs of an auditory learner?

Here are some common traits of this kind of a learner:

  • Drawn towards music- singing or even playing instruments.
  • Understand oral communication better.
  • Good communicators and take active interest in communication-driven activities.
  • Read out loud to themselves.
  • Understand and recognise different sounds better.

Now that you know all different kinds of learners, keep an eye out for what type of a learner your kid is and motivate them to do better every day. And as far as school is concerned, know that a space like Podar International School only encourages and embraces its children. You can read more about why parents prefer this school over others.

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