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Dental Check Up Camp - 2020

Jump Start Activity - 2020

Theme - Pursuit of Happiness

Christmas Celebration - 2019

House Competition 'A Doodle Contest - Design a Way' - 2019

Culminating Event 'Design Bootcamp' - 2019

Special Assembly 'David M. Kelly- A Master of Design Thinking' - 2019

ScreenFreeHour Initiative - 2019

PIS Ahemdnagar took a new initiative of appealing parents and society to be away from the screen like mobile, TV, tabs, etc. for at least one hour a day. We have launched #ScreenFreeHour campaign in front of all parents on Sports Day in the presence of Mr. Kathmode, Education Officer ZP, Ahmednagar. Parents keep complaining children always watch TV and play on mobile, so we have tried to convince them that we have to start from our self first to be away completely from the screen at least one hour and automatically students will learn from it. It will help to maintain emotional bonding also if everyone invest one hour with family without screen. The tagline was Disconnect to Reconnect.

Annual Sports Day Celebration 2019-2020

Discussion on School Behaviour Policy with Student Council - 2019

Children's Day Celebration - 2019