School Events at Amravati

Competitions and exhibition by Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority - 2021

Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority conducted drawing, essay and slogan competitions in the school. Topics for the competitions were -

Essay Competition
(1) Save girl child
(2) Indian Fundamental Rights
(3) Lok Aadalat and mediation.

Slogan Competition -
(1) Importance of law education
(2) Child Labour
(3) Right to education

Drawing Competition -
(1) Protection of women against harassment
(2) Child Labour
(3) Right to Education

The program included an on the spot exhibition of all entries by the students. The program was presided over by Honorable Principal District Judge Shri R.M. Joshi. Other dignitaries to grace the occasion were 6th Joint CJJD and JMFC Amravati Smt. S.V.Charde and 13th Joint CJJD and JMFC Amravati Smt. F.F. Irani and Principal PIS Amravati, Mr.Sudhir Mahajan. The program was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all present.

Webinar by Counselor - 2020

PIS Amravati in 3rd week of May 2020 conducted Webinar for all the faculty members of PIS and PJK along with Admin staff (Including Morning and Afternoon shift) on the topic "Mental Hygine during Lock down". and resource person was PIS Amravati Conselor Dr. Aashish Khule. After successful conduction of this webinar we organised same for the senior class parents and there was a great response from the parents side. PIS Amravati Counselor Dr. Aashish Khule also conducted National webinar on the same topic for the College faculty of Arts, Commerce and Science College, Palghar, Mumbai also.

Women's Day Celebration - 2020

District Legal Services Authority,Amravati and family court Amravati jointly organized a legal awareness programme on International Women's Day (8th March 2020) at Podar International School Amravati for the Staff including teaching and non teaching female faculty. The staff was addressed by Hon. Smt. I.J. Nanda (Principal Judge Family Court Amravati), Hon'ble Smt. V.K. Deshmukh (Civil Judge Sr. Division), Hon'ble Shri. V.D. Deshmukh (3rd Jt. Civil Judge Sr. Division, Amravati) and Hon'ble Shri R.D. Bhuyarkar (8th Jt. Civil Judge Jr. Division Amravati). The Hon'ble Judges discussed and informed the female faculty of laws related to females for their welfare and safety. In the same programme female faculty members who have undergone rigorous struggle in their personal life and have made a place for themselves within the organization were felicitated with the "Inspiring Women Award". This award was given on the behalf of Podar International School by the esteemed Judges present on the occasion. All faculty members greatly appreciated and found the programme extremely fruitful for them.

Annual Day Celebration 2019-2020

Annual Function of PIS Amravati (3 Days with 5 Events) was conducted with great joy and enthusiasm. All the parents and elite citizens as well as attending guests greatly appreciated the events.

(1) First event conducted on 1/3/2020, time : 9am to 12pm.Chief guest Mr. Omprakash Kadu (Bachhubhau Kadu) State Minister for School Education greatly appreciated the planning and conduction of the programme and the efforts put in by the students and the faculty. He commended the System of Podar Education Network.

(2) Second event conducted on 1/3/2020, time:3:30 pm to 6:30pm. Chief Guest Primary Education officer Ms. Priya Deshmukh was very happy by seeing the performance of the students. She said that Podar International School Amravati has worked really well in the field of Education in Amravati.

(3) Third event conducted on 2/3/2020, time:3:30pm to 6:30pm, Chief guest Additional Collector Mr. Sanjay Pawar was spell bound on seeing the performance of the students, he greatly appreciated the motivating and Educational Environment at PIS Amravati.

(4) Fourth Event conducted on 3/3/2020, Time :9am to 12pm. Chief guest Mr. Sharad Maind, Director Pusad Co.Operation bank Ltd. and Chairman Vidyalankar's PLS Pusad was overjoyed by the response of the audience and their appreciation of the programme. He thanked the regular guidance and help that PLS Pusad receives from PIS Amravati.

(5) Fifth Event conducted on 3/3/2020 of PJK,Amravati, time:4pm to 6:30pm. Chief guest Dr. Manjusha Wath, Associate professor, V.M.V. College Amravati applauded the hard work of tiny tots of PJK.

Annual Sports Meet 2019-2020

PFP 'Podar Fitness Programme' - 2019

A unique initiative called Podar Fitness Programme (PFP) was undertaken by Podar International School Amravati for the parents. First session conducted on Sunday 1/12/2019 for the parents of Std. VII and VIII. The session was a combination of Pranayama and zumba.

(1) Session of Pranayama conducted by School Principal Mr. Sudhir Mahajan.
(2) Zumba session conducted by School Counselor Ms. Renuka Dasiyani.
(3) Prayers and Bhajans by School Music Dept. H.O.D. Ms. Roshni Darji.

PFP programme (Free of cost) was highly appreciated by the attending parents. This initiative started to strengthen the "Fit India Movement" and to create awareness about health among the public.

The effort received great accolades from the people and the media of Amravati city.

Stardust Carnival - 2019

The Culminating Event for the theme Space Troopers - Star Dust " to infinity and beyond " was celebrated in a grandiose manner at Podar International School, Amravati. The program was formally inaugurated by P.T.A. members and graced with the presence of General Manager Mr Aman Temurde. The program included theme-wise exquisite decorations in various classrooms apart from games and food stalls. The theme of the program was duly conveyed through each and every activity apart from the overall decorations of the entire school. The program was attended by a record number of parents and students who greatly enjoyed the program and were overwhelmed by the efforts of the students and staff members.

Food and Nutrition Initiative - 2019

As a part of the Food and Nutrition Department's initiative to conduct a fortnight of awareness drive in various educational institutions for raising consciousness towards healthy eating habits among the upcoming generation, the students were addressed by the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Food and Nutrition. The awareness drive is scheduled from the 2nd of October, the birth anniversary of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi to the16th of October 2019, World Food Day. The students were cautioned to have healthy eating habits. Students also solved their curiosity on the topic in the interactive session.

Podar Volunteer Program - 2019

As a part of the Podar Volunteer Program stationery items and toys were donated by students of grades first to fourth to Aadhar foundation who are known for their social work in the Melghat tribal area. The donated items collected by representatives of Aadhar foundation.

Trip to to Raman Science Center, Nagpur - 2019

Smart Tours trip was organised from Podar International School, Amravati to Raman Science Center, Nagpur. A record number of five hundred and sixty students and members of staff were a part of the trip. The trip was greatly enjoyed by the students.

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