School Events at Beed

Inter-School Spell Bee competition Grade 1 & 2 - 2021

Students of Podar International School Beed participated in the Inter-School Virtual Spell Bee Competition, held on Tuesday 05th January 2021. The Competition was organized by PIS Waluj for the students of Grade 1 and Grade 2. Apurva Jadhav , Yogeshwari Dhurandhare ,Utkarsha Raut and Arush Misal were the team members of PIS Beed. Children participated earnestly in the competition. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all. The competition made students aware of spellings and the usage of many unfamiliar words and served to enrich the vocabulary bank of the students.

Inter-School Eureka Science quiz competition Grade IX & X - 2020

Students of Podar International School, #Beed participated in the Inter-School Virtual Eureka Science Quiz Competition, held on Tuesday 29th December 2020 for the students of grade IX & X. The Competition was organized by PIS Aurangabad where all the schools from PIS Aurangabad hub participated. Abhiruchi Talatkar of Grade X, Vedika Dubale of grade X and Riddhi Kinhikar of Grade IX were the team members of PIS Beed who represented the school in this competition. All these students performed very enthusiastically in the Competition. Principal Mr. B.D.Kotwani sir appreciated the performances by the participants.

Virtual Christmas Celebration - 2020

Christmas is the festival, which inspires the spirit of love, joy, sharing and caring. Podar International School, #Beed celebrated the Virtual Christmas event on December 24th, 2020. The day was celebrated virtually with great pomp and show. Students dressed up as Fairies, Elves, Red Riding Hood and Santas. The celebration kick started with the melodious Christmas carols and a short audio video clipping which depicted the whole story of the Jesus Christ this was followed by dance and fun games. The event was filled with lots of fun and excitements for our Students. The teachers put in a lot of effort to make this day a memorable one. The celebration ended on a happy note with Children imbibing the true message of Christmas - love, joy and goodwill to all. Principal Mr.B.D.Kotwani wished children a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Merry Christmas.

Fit India School Week 'Day 6 - Family Fitness Session' - 2020

Podar International School, #Beed conducted "Family Fitness Session" for students, parents and school staff under the Fit India School Week celebration, Day-6 activity on 19/12/2020.

The weeklong Fit India School Week event culminated with the "Family Fitness" session, designed to raise awareness and build excitement about the joy of fitness. Students, Parents and teachers participated in a large number and enjoyed the session.

Podar International School, Beed celebrated the “Fit India School Week” from December 14th to 19th December 2020.

Various activities were organized for the students, parents and staff. On the occasion of the concluding ceremony, Principal Mr. B.D.Kotwani sir congratulates the students, staff and parents for the successful completion of the Fit India School week and asked them to realize the importance of fitness in their life.

The Fit India School Week celebration was indeed a great experience for the students of Podar International School, Beed and it highlighted the need to be physically fit and mentally sharp both for academic excellence as well as for a happy life.

Here are the glimpses of the Day-6 session.

Fit India School Week 'Day 5 - Expert Talk' - 2020

Podar International School, #Beed organised "EXPERT TALK", an online Session by the motivational speaker for students, parents and school staff under the Fit India School Week celebration on 18/12/2020. The resource person was Mr. D.R.Jadhav Sir, International Volleyball Coach, an eminent personality in the field of sports, apprised the students on the importance of physical health. The session was conducted on a virtual platform. There was very good interaction between the speaker and participants. Students asked many questions related to fitness and exercise which made it quite an interactive and interesting session. Principal, Mr. B.D.Kotwani sir thanked Mr. Jadhav sir, for such an edifying and inclusive session and reiterated the importance of good health to cope with the current crisis.

Fit India School Week 'Day 4 - Essay Writing Competition' - 2020

Fourth day of FIT INDIA SCHOOL WEEK 2020 was marked by conducting Essay Writing competition. The children wrote thought-provoking essays on the theme- "Fitness beats Pandemic". They expressed their thoughts on the importance of being fit during pandemic.

Fit India School Week 'Day 3 - Poster making Activity' - 2020

Podar International School, #Beed started the 3rd day of FIT INDIA SCHOOL WEEK passionately. On the third day of the Fitness Week, a Poster Making Competition was organised for the students. The topic of the activity was: Hum Fit to India Fit and New India Fit India. This competition aimed to encourage children to inculcate physical activity and sports in their lives. The students enthusiastically participated in the activity and portrayed their reflections on Fit India by making creative posters on the same.

Fit India School Week 'Day 2 Activities' - 2020

After the successful complition of 1st day of Fit India School Week, Podar International School, #Beed observed it's 2nd day on 15th December2020 with great fervour.

Day-2 of the Fit India School Week was Yoga Session. The yoga session began inviting the positive rays with the‘Om Shanthi’chant. This was followed by warm up exercises. Ms. Sheetal, Yoga Teacher, demonstrated various asanas such as Surya Namaskar, Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Trikonasana and many more fitness activities.

The students were made aware of various benefits of these asanas for both mind and body which include flexibility, strength, stress relief and cure of many life style diseases. Students ,parents and Teachers enthusiastically participated in this session.

Fit India School Week 'Day 1 Activities' - 2020

“Success and fitness are closely connected. All successful people are fit. Body fit hai toh mind hit hai,” Narendra Modi.

Podar International School, #Beed, in compliance with the CBSE initiated FIT INDIA MOVEMENT conducted several activities to celebrate the ‘Fit India School Week ' in the school from 14th to19th December, 2020.

The week long fitness program commenced with saraswati pujan followed by a motivating speech by our Principal, Mr. B. D. Kotwani. He addressed the students on this occasion and urged them to make exercise a daily habit.

The Day-1 session was Free Hand Exercises and Aerobics, it was conducted on 14th December 2020. After a brief warming up session the students were taught a few free hand exercises and advised to follow these sets of exercises daily to achieve a fit and healthy body. Students, parents and staff participated in the event with great fervor, vitality and team spirit.

Inter-School Virtual Quiz Competition 'Grade 6,7 and 8' - 2020

Heartiest Congratulations !!!

It gives us immense pride and honor to share that three of our students, namely Sanvi Sarda of Class 6, Bhakti Zaware of Class 7 and Piyush Potharkar of Class 8 of Podar International School #Beed bagged third prize in the Inter- school Virtual Quiz Competition organized by PIS Waluj for the students of Grades 6, 7 & 8. The competition was held on 11th December 2020 total 8 Podar Schools of Aurangabad hub participated in this Quiz Competition. Principal Mr. B.D.Kotwani sir Congratulated the winners for their achievement.

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