Education is that which draws out the innate capacities and we know that this is done in a formal education centre –‘School’.

The earlier concept of training the students in the three Rs’ –reading, writing and arithmetic has changed; the present times demand multi faceted education making the students’ multi skilled. It is also observed that classrooms are heterogeneous in nature and providing individualized training to the student is challenging.

Podar International School, Bengaluru (CBSE) has undertaken the task of making effective, socially productive, knowledge oriented individuals out of our young students. We believe in developing the Ds’ in our students and the staff- Devotion, dedication and the determination to be focused and excel in all what they do.

At Podar the students are provided opportunities to aspire to become global citizens, develop a keen sense to differentiate between the right and the wrong, imbibe a strong character worthy of looking up to, and also inherit values of which parents will be proud of.

Technology savvy classrooms, trained and regularly updated teachers, child friendly atmosphere added to the rich and time tested experience of the Podar’s ensures full and wholesome growth of every student.

Thank you,

Gayatri V
Podar International School, Bengaluru (CBSE)