Meet our Golden Rule Followers 2023-2024

02 Apr 2024

At Podar School, we believe in nurturing self-discipline from a young age.Self-discipline is a vital skill, shaping young minds to become independent and organized individuals. We're committed to fostering these qualities in our students.

Meet our Golden Rule Followers.

1st Daisy - Ms. Jisha Akre
2nd Ivy - Aaradhy Munche
3rd Fern - Reet Mantri
4th Hibiscus - Manvith Kankati
5th Lotus - Mast. Akshit Khobragade
6th Orchid - Ms. Palak Tumsare
6th Olivia - Mast. Samyak Gajbhije
7th Sprinkle - Miss. Kaushiki Gupta
7th Splash - Harshada kumbhare
8th Droplet - Avanti Singh
8th Drizzle - Ranvir Uikey
9th Rainbow - Mast Vigyan Bundele
10th Spectrum - Miss Sanj kone

Congratulations to these remarkable students for setting an inspiring example!