Science Day Celebration - 2024
Our students bringing science to life with hands-on experiments, making learning an adventure
Innocence in Action - 2024
Witness the magic of these heartfelt moments, where small gestures create big smiles.
Sports Day Celebration 2023-2024
Sports teaches us many life lessons: cooperation, team work, perseverance, risk taking and many more. The 14th Sports Day of Podar International School, Chakan was celebrated on Saturday, 10/02/2024 in the school ground where the captivating displays of Grades 1 to 8 fascinated one and all. The special attraction was the segment of Scouts and Guides by Grade V students. The Investiture Ceremony and distribution of scarves was done by Sri.Dilip Nevase and Sri. John Swamy who were the Guests of Honour. Sri. Jivan Dhiwar graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and imparted words of wisdom and inspiration to the assembled students and Parents. It was an occasion to enjoy, cherish and learn from.
75th Republic Day Celebration - 2024
75th Republic Day of our motherland was celebrated in its true spirit at PIS Chakan. A graceful flag unfurling, March past by our Grade V Scouts and Guides cadets followed by inspiring speeches, patriotic songs, aesthetic dances and skit marked the celebration. Our esteemed PTA members were the Guests of Honour. The event spread the message of patriotism, responsibity and accountability to our great motherland.
The welfare of students - 2024
The welfare of students is at the centre of all the efforts of the school. Ms. Shruti from Whisper India conducted a session for girls of Middle and Secondary school. The physiological and psychological changes during teenage, personal hygiene and self protection were discussed.
G20 exhibition - 2023
The students of PIS Chakan visited *G20 exhibition* organized by the CBSE at Savitribhai Phile University. It was a great experience, seeing our world getting developed. There were AI robots welcoming and VR headset for students to learn in fun and creative way and many more new technologies!!!!!
International Yoga Day - 2023
Yoga Is The True Path To Connect With Our Inner Selves.. International Day of Yoga was celebrated at PIS-Chakan on 21st June. Students of Grades 1-10 and the teachers also performed various asanas and enjoyed the bliss of yoga and peace.
National Technology Day - 2023
The Special Assembly for the theme 'Tech It Up' was held on National Technology Day, 15/06/2023. The students presented an interactive assembly with relevant thought, information and quiz. The advantages and drawbacks of technology were discussed and the importance of optimum use of technology was highlighted.
Father's Day Celebration - 2023
Father is a child's first hero.. Fathers are the backbone of the family and play an invaluable role in shaping the life of a child.. This Father's Day, we wish to showcase glimpses of our students sharing this very special, wonderful bond with their Dads, their role models.
Tree Plantation Drive - 2023
Planting trees is the only solution to combating global warming. As a part of Work Education module, students of Grade IX took part in the Tree Plantation Drive to reduce the carbon footprints and to make the students more responsible towards environment.
The results of Student Council Election 2023-24
The results of Student Council Election 2023-24 were announced by Respected Principal Ma'am in the school assembly amidst a lot of anticipation and excitement. The newly elected council members had the golden opportunity to participate in the First Official Meeting with Principal Ma'am and getting their photographs clicked.. Wow.. What an exhilarating day!
The Democratic Election for Student Council 2023-24
The Democratic Election for Student Council 2023-24 was held at PIS- Chakan on 15/06/2023. Campaigning by the nominees for the various coveted posts was done with full vigour and enthusiasm on 13/06/2023. Students of Grades 5-10 cast their invaluable votes during the Online Election.
Anti Child Labour Day - 2023
Special Assembly on 'Anti Child Labor Day' was organized on 14/06/2023. Students of Grade 9 presented an appreciable assembly with thought, information and a small skit depicting the problem of forced child labour and the solution to this social menace.
The reopening day 2023-2024
The First Day after vacations ia always special as teachers and students are eager to meet, greet and share their holiday experiences. PIS Chakan welcomed students with joy and enthusiasm on the reopening day. Special assembly planned by the teachers that included welcome dance, skit, standup comedy session and inspirational thoughts was a beautiful bouquet presented to the students. New admission students were welcomed and a positive, vibrant atmosphere for a successful year ahead was seen.
Mentor-Mentee session for Grade X students - 2023
Mentors are guides who help students see the correct path and help them tread on it to achieve their goals. The first Mentor-Mentee session for Grade X students was conducted where they interacted on a positive and constructive manner.
World Environment Day - 2023
World Environment Day, celebrated on 5th June every year is an opportune occasion to thank Mother Earth for her endless, bountiful blessings and to renew our pledge to work for conservation of environment. Special Assembly was conducted by Grade X where valuable information about the day was shared. Poems, Quiz and talks added value to the assembly.
World Bicycle Day - 2023
Cycling is a cleaner, greener way to good health.. On the occasion of World Bicycle Day on 03rd June, our students spent quality time cycling with their friends / family. The smile on the faces of the children is testimony to the fact that cycling is an enjoyable way to health.
International Mothers' Day - 2023

Mother is our lifelong companion, guide, guru and friend.. International Mothers' Day was celebrated by the students of PIS- Chakan at home with their lovely mothers in its true spirit. Here are some glimpses of such precious moments.

God made mothers as He could not be present at every home. International Mother's Day is a momentous occasion for the children to express their affection and gratitude towards their mothers who constantly make uncountable sacrifices for them.

Mothers are angels in disguise. They think about the welfare of their children day in and day out. The unspoken sacrifices they make for their children are not even mentioned many a time. This International Mother's Day, the children of PIS-Chakan made their mothers feel special and thanked for in their own way.

Last working day before summer vacation - 2023
Special Assembly on the last working day before Summer Vacation was held at PIS Chakan. The Best Behaved Students- 1 boy and 1 girl from each section were honoured with Merit Certificates. Grades V-B and X-A won the Rolling Trophy for the Best Behaved Class in the Primary and Secondary Section for the month of April 2023. The assembly came to a close with Principal Ma'am blessing and wishing all the students and staff a very enjoyable and safe vacation.
World Earth Day Celebration - 2023
World Earth Day was celebrated at PIS-Chakan by means of special assembly. Students of Grade VI presented a mime show and dance along with presentation of facts and information about the importance of respecting and conserving Mother Earth.
Ramzaan Eid and Akshay Tritiya Celebration - 2023
Ramzan Eid and Akshaya Tritiya are two major Indian festivals that fall on 22nd April 2023. Ramzan signifies the spirit of prayerfulness and caring for fellow humans. Akshaya Tritiya symbolises bounty, happiness and prosperity. PIS Chakan special assembly on Friday, 21/04/2023, was a celebration of these two festivals in the form of information nuggets, poems and presentations.
Jumpstart Activity 'Tech It Up' - 2023
The JumpStart Activity for the theme 'Tech-It-Up' was conducted for Grades 1-8 on 06/04/2023. Interesting and engaging activities that were informative as well were eagerly done by the students.
Ambedkar Jayanti - 2023
Sir Bhimrao Ambedkar was not only the sculptor of Indian Constitution, but also the architect of millions of lives that were harrassed by the evils of prejudice and caste system. Ambedkar Jayanti special assembly was conducted in a sober and thoughtful manner at PIS-CHAKAN where the life and invaluable contributions of this great personality were discussed.
Baisakhi Celebration - 2023
Baisakhi, the joyful harvest festival of Punjab was celebrated in all it's beautiful hues, colours and rhythm at PIS-CHAKAN. Short speeches in Punjabi, skit and cheerful dances heralded the arrival of the harvest season and made it seem as though we were having a 'piece of Punjab' in our midst.
Staff Health Checkup - 2023
Healthy Staff Build A Healthy Organization.. Health of the staff is of prime importance if we want to nurture healthy future citizens. Staff Health Checkup was organized at PIS-Chakan to monitor the fitness and health of staff and to detect any anomaly in the early stages. Health tips were also shared by Principal Ma'am and Staff Nurse to provide support and guidance to the staff.
World Health Day - 2023
*Investment in Health is the best investment*.. World Health Day Special Assembly was conducted at PIS-CHAKAN ON 10/04/2023. Students dressed as doctors, nutritionists and health care professionals threw light upon the importance of health, disadvantages of junk food and healthy living. Principal Ma'am imparted words of wisdom while she spoke to the students and motivated them to adopt healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.
World Sibling Day - 2023
*Siblings are lifelong friends* World Sibling Day was marked by capturing beautiful frames of siblings at PIS-CHAKAN. The siblings were very thrilled and happy to pose for the shutterbug and frame the happy moment.
The First Day of a New Academic Year 2023-24
The First Day of a New Academic Year is exciting and thrilling for students and school staff. The first day of the A.Y 2023-24 started off with happiness and excitement as the teachers hosted a special assembly for the students. The special assembly was an amalgam of fun, information and positive thoughts. Each child was given a personalized book mark handmade by the staff to welcome them.
Orientation for new parents 2023-2024
A synchronous understanding between the parents and the school will lead to confident, grounded and humane future citizens. Orientation for new parents of Grade 1 was conducted at PIS- Chakan where Principal Ma'am and the teachers interacted with the parents. An overview about the school, school schedule and expectations from the parents were discussed at length. It was a fulfilling session with the parents being very receptive and enthusiastic.
Motivational speech on the importance of mother in a child's life - 2023
Students of Grade 7 presented a cultural fiesta that included dances, song and a motivational speech on the importance of mother in a child's life.
Shiv Jayanti Celebration 'Special Assembly - Grade 5' - 2023
The students of Grades 5 presented a colourful assembly that was punctuated by speeches, dances and motivational quotes to mark the birth anniversary of the indomitable Shivaji Maharaj.
Shiv Jayanti Celebration 'Special Assembly - Grade 3 and 4' - 2023
Fourth Day of Shivjayanti Special Assembly- mesmerizing performances by Grade 3 & 4. The students enlivened the stage with their articulate speeches and enthralling dances.
Shiv Jayanti Celebration 'Special Assembly - Grade 1 and 2' - 2023
Shivjayanthi assembly by Grade 1 & 2 was a gala event with so many young Shivaji Maharajas and Jijaamataas. The wonderful, power-packed assembly was a visual treat and enthusiasm was at an all time high as cries of "Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji" echoed in the clear morning air.
Shiv Jayanti Celebration - 2023
Shivjayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of one of the greatest leaders ever born - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. PIS Chakan celebrated this auspicious event with a special assembly that was a colourful bouquet of song, dance, pawwada and speeches.
Grade 10th Farewell 2022-2023
Farewell is not about goodbyes, It is about reminiscing the memories and beautiful time gone by... The Farewell for the Outgoing Batch of Grade X (2022-23) was organized at PIS Chakan on 11/02/2023. The students of Grade IX organized a program that transformed a regular evening to one filled with smiles, laughs and happy tears. Principal Ma'am blessed all the Grade X students appearing for their Board Exams.
Inter house competition 'Poetry on the spot' - 2022
The Inter House Competition for the theme Kaleidoscope, titled "Poetry On The Spot" was conducted at PIS - Chakan. The budding poets from all the four houses impressed everyone with their vocabulary, understanding of the topic and flair for language. Terra House won the competition with Aqua coming in Second and Ignis and Ventus finishing Third and Fourth respectively.
Children's Day Celebration - 2022
Children are the most beautiful flowers in the garden of life.. Children's Day was celebrated at PIS-Chakan with splendor and pomp with a special assembly presented by the teachers for their dear students. Funny, yet value-centric dramas , flute recital and dance performance kept the children involved and energized. Pearls of wisdom shared by Honourable Principal Ma'am added grace to the august occasion
Musical Special Assembly - 2022
Music is the language of the soul. The Music Club activity for Grades 1-8 was learning Christmas Carol to welcome the season of joy and sharing. The student’s enthusiasm echoed in their voices and rendered a positive vibe to the clear, crisp morning air.
Healthy Eating - 2022
Healthy Eating was the focus of our Gourmet Club Activity for Grades 1-8 at PIS-Chakan. The students had a fun learning experience as they made fruit and healthy salads in their classrooms with their teachers. The nutrient value of every ingredient was explained followed by a yummy tasting session.
The Reopening day special assembly - 2022
The Reopening Day at PIS Chakan was flagged off by a wonderful Assembly presentation by the Student Council Members. The importance of 31/10 was discussed and valuable information about the specialty of the day was shared.
Diwali Celebration - 2022
Deepawali is the most awaited festival across our nation. Exchanging sweets and gifts symbolise the spread of cheer, goodwill and affection among people. At PIS-Chakan, Deepawali was celebrated by class parties that were organized and potluck was organized.
Jumpstart Activity 'Kaleidoscope' - 2022
The Jumpstart Activity for the Integrated English Theme Kaleidoscope, was conducted in ll Grades 1-8 where the students participated with full interest and enthusiasm.
Culminating Event 'The Sci-Hi Museum' - 2022

Good preparation is the key to great success. Literally, living upto this saying, the students and teachers of PIS Chakan put in their heart and soul to craft beautiful models, informative charts and impressive displays for the culminating event "SCI-HI MUSEUM"

The parents and guests who visited PIS-Chakan to witness the culminating event SCI-HI MUSEUM, were awed by the wonder, beauty, grandeur and perfection of preparation and display.

The students impressed one and all with their enthusiasm and confidence. The positive and encouraging feedback of the parents and visitors endorsed the success of the event. The parents and guests who visited PIS-Chakan to witness the culminating event SCI-HI MUSEUM, were awed by the wonder, beauty, grandeur and perfection of preparation and display. The students impressed one and all with their enthusiasm and confidence. The positive and encouraging feedback of the parents and visitors endorsed the success of the event.

Alumni Session - 2022
Alumni are the pillars of an institution. An informative, interactive session with our alumni was organized for Grade X students at PIS Chakan. The students and alumni had a fun-filled, interactive session which both enjoyed.
Dussehra Celebration - 2022
Dusshera symbolises the victory of good over evil and is a reminder that we must also obtain victory over the negativity in our lives. The in-house production of PIS Chakan, Ramleela, was staged on the auspicious occasion of Dusshera. With the input of talented teachers and enthusiastic students with supportive parents, the event was a feast to the eyes and food for the soul.
Dandiya Raas Celebration - 2022
Navratri symbolises devotion, joy and celebration. Dandiya Ras was celebrated at PIS-Chakan with full energy, fervor and enthusiasm. Students and staff in gaily clad attire with dandiya in their hands celebrated dandiya and the atmosphere reverberated with happiness and positivity.
Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2022
Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September every year to celebrate our National Language Hindi, which is also the third most widely spoken language in the world, Hindi Diwas celebrations at PIS Chakan were spread over 3 days with special assemblies presented by the Primary, Middle and Secondary sections.
Ganpati Visarjan - 2022
Ganpati Visarjan is a bitter sweet moment that marks the culmination of the 10day Ganesh Utsav where we bid adieu to Bappa and pray for him to return soon the next year. The ceremonial procession of Bappa where all the students of Grades 1-10 participated took place with full fervour and devotion after which the Visarjan was done.
Ganpati Utsav - 2022
*Ganpati Utsav is the hallmark of devotion, happiness and communal harmony Special assemblies based on Ashtavinayak were organized at PIS Chakan thought the week to make the students aware about the various forms of Lord Ganesha. Grade wise special assemblies highlighted the 8 divine forms and holy places of pilgrimage of Lord Vinayaka. All the grades from 1-10 presented their own assemblies that were a visual and audio treat. The students of all the grades participated enthusiastically in the class assemblies where maximum participation from all the students was witnessed. The teachers also went all-out to train their students in skits, dances and presentations that were value based and relatable.
Teacher's Day Celebration - 2022

Dear Colleagues,
Happy Teachers’ Day! I would like to thank you warmly and with appreciation for all your efforts and hard work over the past years, through the many troubles, difficulties, which we have faced. You have continued to give your best for the students, and made personal sacrifices often to do so. Many of you have gone the extra mile to ensure that the students’ needs are fully addressed, that their difficulties are understood, and that they can still accomplish as if they had been on the school campus all along! It has been tough, but you have kept going as we must all continue to do. I salute you and hope and pray that the year ahead will be a better one for us all.
I am continuously impressed with the amount of time and energy the staff puts into making sure all students at PIS Chakan are successful! You infuse warmth, life and trust in the bond between students and teachers which will last a lifetime. You are an incredibly talented group of teachers who want nothing but the best for our students. Thank you for everything you do each and every day that makes PIS Chakan such a "Great Place To Grow!" May God bless you with the health, energy and spirit to contribute the maximum for the holistic growth of our students.
My tribute to the professionals and to the teaching profession more largely. In the meantime, enjoy the day of rest. It is well deserved.
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Warm regards
Mrs. Simran S. Kaur
Principal - Podar International School, CBSE Chakan.

A teacher holds the hand and opens the heart.. A great teacher is rare to get and impossible to forget.. 5th September is indeed a special day for all the teachers as the students make them feel ultra special and revered. Teachers Day at PIS - Chakan was celebrated in its true sense with the morning special assembly by the Student Council Members and the afternoon special celebration organized by students of Grade X.

Teachers Day is an opportune occasion for every student to express his/her gratitude and affection towards their teachers. The students of PIS-Chakan expressed their sentiments by gifting their teachers with beautiful, handmade cards and bouquets and obtained the blessings of their teachers.

National Sports Day Celebration - 2022
National Sports Day special assembly, in honour of Major Dhyan Chand was conducted at PIS- Chakan on 29/08/2022. Interesting speeches, trivia and knowledge sharing marked the session in which students came in sports costumes representing various games. An Inter-House Sports Quiz was conducted for Grades 8-10. Ventus House won the quiz and added another feather to their cap.
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration - 2022
Ganesha or Bappa as He is fondly called was welcomed at PIS-Chakan with a lot of love and joy. We pray to our Lord Ganesha to bless all our students and their families with great happiness, health and joy Ganpati Bappa Morya
House Competition 'Footprints in Time' - 2022
House competitions are a creative way to inculcate healthy competitive spirit among students. The Inter House Quiz Competition on the theme Footprints In Time was conducted at PIS-Chakan. The energy and enthusiasm of the participants and the audience was commendable. Ventus House won the Quiz with Ignis, Terra and Aqua houses performing appreciably.
Appreciation of Student Council Members and Volunteers - 2022

Responsibilities are taken, not given... With the sole intention of recognizing and appreciating the earnest efforts of our Student Council Members and Student Volunteers, Appreciation Badges were distributed by our Respected Principal Ma'am and the Leadership Team.. Kudos.. Young leaders. Keep up the good work.

Janmashtami Celebration - 2022

Janmashtami, the birthday of the Universal favourite, Lord Krishna was celebrated in pomp and splendor at PIS-Chakan. Our students from Grades 1-5 came all dressed up as Kanhas and Radhas in festive colours. Special Assembly on the occasion of Janmashtami was presented by our students of Grade 8 and our multi-talented teachers. The special assembly was followed by the much-awaited Dahi Handi celebration.

Independence Day Celebration - 2022

Independence is not a feeling, it is life itself.. Azaadi ka amrut mahotsav, the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence was celebrated in its true spirit at PIS Chakan.

Many students attended the function at school where our tricolour was hoisted by Respected Principal Ma'am.

Speeches by students, inspiring dance and mellifluous patriotic songs helped all of us soak in the spirit of patriotism and gratitude towards the innumerable freedom fighters who are the sole reason for our enjoying our independence today. Our wonderful supportive parents and alumni added essence to the celebration. The audience was mesmerized by the performances and steeped in the feelings of patriotism and dedication towards our wonderful motherland.

Rakshabandhan Celebration - 2022

Rakshabandhan is the bond of care, concern and love between brothers and sisters. Rakshabandhan was celebrated at PIS Chakan in q sublime and lovely manner. Starting with the special assembly, the girls tied rakhis on the wrists of their brothers, praying for their long life and happiness.

Rakhi making competition for Grades 4-8 was an event which all the students participated in with a lot of enthusiasm and interest. Amazing works of art surfaced as the students came up with innovative and unique designs for rakhis that they created from recyclable materials.

Grades 1-3 created class rakhi with the help of their class teachers. This activity brought together all the students of the class and the small kids had a great time, learning and working together.

Investiture Ceremony 2022-2023

With great power comes great responsibility...
The Investiture Ceremony of the Student Council body 2022-23 was held in an august function at PIS Chakan today, 30/07/2022. With the active involvement of the staff, students and parents, the function was a grand success. The whole atmosphere reverberated with excitement, happiness and expectation.

The Student Council body was elected by means of democratic elections held in the school.
As the first step, nominations were invited from students of grades 8-10 for various posts.
The Election Commission of the school shortlisted candidates and they were allowed to campaign for two days. As the last step, democratic elections were held and winners were declared based on the counting of votes.

Ms. Sangita Bhandarwad, PSI, Mhalunge Police Station was the Chief Guest for this solemn Investiture Ceremony.
Mr. Datta Patil, PSI, Mhalunge Police Station, Police Naik Mr. Tilekar, Police Naik Mr. Lokhande were the Guests Of Honour.
The guests shared enlightening information on safety and latest updates on the prompt assistance rendered by the Maharashtra Police.
The parents and students were greatly benefitted by the information.

The only way to progress in life is to keep raising our own bar every time we achieve a goal.
Our Student Council body has its heart in the right place and with the best wishes and blessings of Respected Principal Ma'am and all the staff, we are sure they will scale new heights and bring laurels to our school.

Kargil Vijay Diwas Celebration - 2022
The tricolur is our prideand identity. Kargil Vijay Diwas special assembly was celebrated on 26 July 2022 at PIS-Chakan to pay respectful homage to the brave Indian soldiers who took part in the conquest of Kargil. Patriotic songs, speeches, dance and an inspirational speech by Principal Ma'am kindled the patriotic spirit in the minds of all the students and staff.
National Reading Day - 2022
Reading id the gateway skill to learning many other skills... National Reading Day was celebrated at PIS-Chakan by students reading and enjoying books outside the curriculum. Presentations and discussions on the value of reading took place and students enjoyed the loud reading sessions.
Guru Purnima Celebration - 2022
Guru lights up lives by enlightening the minds.. Guru Poornima is the most auspicious occasion to express our gratitude and devotion to our gUrus who shape our lives... Parents, teachers, friends are all our Gurus who teach us life lessons.. Guru Poornima was celebrated at PIS-Chakan in its true spirit and fervor. Students paid their respects to their Gurus on this august day.
Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration - 2022
Ashadi Ekadashi is an auspicious occasion for us to learn control of sensory pleasures and the art of devoting our time and thoughts to the Almighty. Our little varkaris and Vittoba and Rukmayi added the fervor of the spirit of Ashadi Ekadashi at PIS- Chakan campus. It gladdens our hearts and touches our souls to see our tiny tots and students revel in the devotion of the Almighty.
National Doctor's Day - 2022
National Doctor's Day, National Day of Chartered Accountants, National Day of Postal Workers was celebrated on 01/07/2022 at PIS- Chakan, marked by a special assembly presented by the Student Council Members. Valuable information regarding the importance of these days was shared along with interactive puzzles and quiz.
School Stage Bhumi Poojan - 2022
A dias is a platform for the performer to leave his mark behind on the hearts of the audience.. The auspicious Bhumi Poojan and pooja marking the inauguration of the newly constructed stage was done at PIS - Chakan on 30/06/2022. We pray for our students to be blessed with numerous opportunities to showcase their talents on this beautiful dias.
International Yoga Day Celebration - 2022
Yoga Is The Union Of Body And Soul International Day of Yoga with the theme " Yoga for Humanity " was celebrated at PIS Chakan with enthusiasm and fervour, Students of all the grades performed yoga asanas and did meditation in batches under the expert guidance of our Physical Education teachers and respected Principal Ma'am
Palkhi Sohla Activity - 2022
God is our only refuge, our only hope and our only destination.. Palkhi Sohla was celebrated at PIS-Chakan with full zeal and fervour. Students performed dance, gave special speeches and recited poems on the need and efficacy of chanting God's name.
Father's Day Celebration - 2022

1) The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.
Every father is his son's Super hero and his daughter's King.
Father's Day 2022 was celebrated by every student of PIS Chakan in their own, unique manner at home with their fathers.
The amazing, beautiful pictures that we have shared are testimony to the joy of the students.

2) For More Glimpse
The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.
Every father is his son's Super hero and his daughter's King.
Father's Day 2022 was celebrated by every student of PIS Chakan in their own, unique manner at home with their fathers.
The amazing, beautiful pictures that we have shared are testimony to the joy of the students.

Changemakers Event 'Right or Wrong' - 2022

1) Healthy competition fosters healthy minds
The first Inter House Competition based on the theme "Changemakers- Right or Wrong" was conducted at PIS Chakan campus.
The theme was Human Rights and Advocate Ms. Rekha Karande was the Guest of Honor.
Terra House won the competition in a nail-biting finish.

2) Few more glimpse
Healthy competition fosters healthy minds.
The first Inter House Competition based on the theme "Changemakers- Right or Wrong" was conducted at PIS Chakan campus.
The theme was Human Rights and Advocate Ms. Rekha Karande was the Guest of Honor.
Terra House won the competition in a nail-biting finish.

Blood Donor Day - 2022
Donating Blood Is Actually Saving Lives - Blood Donor Day was celebrated at PIS Chakan on 14/06/2022. In a special assembly by Grade IX students, the scientific facts related to blood donation, importance of blood donation and human values fostered by it were highlighted.
Anti Child Labour Day - 2022
Anti Child Labour Day Assembly was conducted on 13/06/2022 at PIS Chakan. Grade X students presented the special assembly which consisted of facts about Anti Child Labour Day, an interesting small skit, slogan presentation and Quiz. All the students were made aware of the importance of this day and our role in preventing child labour.
Staff Health Checkup - 2022
Healthy staff are the lifeline of a healthy organization. Every member of PIS Chakan family is unique and important. Basic health check up was conducted for the staff at PIS Chakan and tips about healthy living and lifestyle were shared with them by Principal Ma'am.
Reopening Orientation Celebration - 2022
A novel initiative by PIS Chakan to involve our parent community in the progress of our students is the Reopening Orientation for parents of Grades 1&2. The Mother Teachers, guided by our Respected Principal Ma'am, in an interactive session, explained to our parents what to look forward to in the upcoming academic year and what to expect in the holistic progress of their child.
Re-Opening Day Celebration 2022-2023

Re-Opening Day Assembly
Beaming smiles, unbounded enthusiasm and vibrant positivity marked the Reopening of PIS-Chakan after the summer vacation.
Special Assembly was presented by the teachers and student council members focussing on World Environment Day and the Birth Anniversary of Madam Kiran Bedi.
Principal Ma'am welcomed all our stars back to school with lots of prayers and blessings.

Welcome Back Grades 1 & 2
The campus became brighter and happier as our students of Grades 1&2 came back to school after their vacation. An interactive, fun assembly with songs and dance was followed by Principal Ma'am and the leadership team wishing all the students the very best and blessing them.

Micro Teaching Sessions - 2022
*Continuous Training Is Necessary For Upgradation And Updation* Micro Teaching Sessions were conducted at PIS-Ambethan as a part of upgradation of the holistic skills of the teachers to improve the Quality of Teaching Learning Process. Teachers participated with appreciable dedication and a lot of involvement.
World Environment Day - 2022

*Save Mother Earth For Her To Sustain You*
World Environment Day 2022 was celebrated by the students and staff of PIS Chakan with full zeal and enthusiasm. Grade wise activities were performed by students, sapling plantation was done in the school premises by the staff.

Activity - Plant Tree, Save Future.
Environment plays an important role in healthy living and the existence of life.
Little learners learning, it is important to save and protect our environment by plant a tree to mark the World Environment day celebration 2022. Save the environment, Save the earth.

Save The Earth activities - 2022
Mother Earth is generous, compassionate and patient.. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to take care of Mother Earth and nourish her with a lot of love. Save The Earth activities were conducted to cultivate responsibility and commitment in the students.
Place Value Activity - 2022
We learn the best when we do and learn.. An interesting and interactive activity for learning the concept of Place Value was conducted in Grade 6 at PIS-Chakan.
Dicot and Monocot seeds and functions of cotyledon - 2022
The students of class V They learnt about Dicot and Monocot seeds and functions of cotyledon.
International family day - 2022

"Family is the support you will never have to pay for because come rain, or shine, they will be there to cheer you on every of your life goals." On this International family day Podar family wishes your family.

Families are forever! On the International Day of Families, let's cherish the bond with the people we love and care about the most!

On this International family day Podar family wishes your family.

Onion peel cells under the microscope activity - 2022
The Microscope opens up a whole new world of cells to the students.. The students of Grade 8 explored onion peel cells under the microscope and followed it up with rounds of class discussion.
The Power Math Activity - 2022
Numbers are the foundation of strong Mathematical concepts.. The Power Math Activity using number tiles was a fun, enjoyable and knowledgeable activity for our tiny tots to place their maiden steps in the world of numbers.
Healthy Tiffin Day - 2022
We are what we eat.. Healthy Tiffin Day Celebration was celebrated at PIS-Chakan with the aim of inculcating healthy eating habits in children and guiding them to sustain them.
The flower dissection activity - 2022
The world of nature is waiting to be explored.. Our students of Grade 5 conducted the flower dissection activity to learn more about the parts of a flower and in the process, enjoyed their learning experience.
International Mother's Day - 2022

God could not be present every where, so He created Mothers..

International Mother's Day was celebrated on Sunday, 08th May 2022.

Our students of PIS-Chakan spent time with their mothers and family, engaged in fun-filled, fulfilling activities.

International Mother's Day which was celebrated on Sunday, 08th May 2022 was a wonderful opportunity for our students to express their love, concern and appreciation for their mothers who work in an uncomplaining and loving way. We love you Moms.
A little action of love and concern expresses emotions very powerfully..
Our students of PIS-Chakan, by their small acts of love and assistance expressed their love for their mothers on International Mother's Day (08/05/2022).
The smile on the faces of the mothers was the best reward the kids could have ever asked for..

Grade X Batch of 2020-21 visited PIS-Chakan - 2022
Coming to Alma Mater is like going back to one's roots.. A visit by alumni is always a pleasant experience. Students of our Grade X Batch of 2020-21 visited PIS-Chakan and interacted with their teachers and relived their sweet, nostalgic memories.
Maiden Assembly 'Grade 1 and 2' - 2022
A right start is a bright start.. Our stars of Grades 1&2 presented their maiden assembly at PIS-Chakan. Magic words, Class Golden Rules, Morning Prayer and Songs presented by the tiny tots cast a magical spell on the audience.. We are proud of our shining stars.
Girls Welfare Committee (GWC) and Boys Welfare Committee (BWC) - 2022
The role of Girls Welfare Committee (GWC) and Boys Welfare Committee (BWC) in a school is invaluable. The first session of GWC and BWC meetings for Grades 8-10 was conducted at PIS-Chakan. School Behavioural Policy and importance of individual health and hygiene was elaborated upon.
Ayushman Bharat - 2022
Healthy India, Progressive India... Ayushman Bharat Day was celebrated at PIS-Chakan on 30 April 2022. Information about the concept of Ayushman Bharat, its advantages and effectiveness in providing quality health services to the economically weaker section of the society was elaborated upon.
Summer Vacation - 2022
Every moment of life is a celebration. The Year End Class Bonanza was celebrated at PIS-Chakan in the form of Class Party where the students and teachers experienced the joy of preparing healthy snacks and sharing them. The students of Grades 1-8 came dressed in the shades of rainbow to signify the beauty in variety and unity in diversity. We wish all our students a very happy, healthy and safe Summer Vacation 2022
International Dance Day Celebration - 2022
Dance is an expression of the soul.. What words cannot convey, dance can.. International Dance Day was celebrated at PIS-Chakan encompassing various dance forms of India in a special assembly. Brief information about the dance forms followed by a live demonstration of that dance form kept the audience hooked onto the theme.
World Book Day - 2022
Books open up the doors to the world... It is said that one good book is equal to a hundred good friends. World Book Day was celebrated at PIS-Chakan in the form of a special assembly. Interesting information about famous books, authors, crossword marked the special assembly.
National Panchayati Raj - 2022
*India's soul resides in its villages* Empowering villagers to take powerful, positive decisions for their own progress is the mainstay of Panchayati Raj. Celebrating this concept was the theme of the special assembly on Panchayati Raj Day at PIS-Chakan. Speeches, drama and quiz were the highlights of this informative assembly.
Express Yourself 'Theme - Changemakers' - 2022
*The Express Yourself* activities, for the theme *Changemakers* for Grades 1-8 were conducted in the respective classes at PIS-Chakan, where the students participated enthusiastically. The activities, planned not only to interest the students, but also to spark logical thinking in them to initiate changes engaged them effectively.
Farewell for the Batch of Grade X 2021-22
*Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, not every man's greed*... Earth Day 2022 was celebrated at # #PIS Chakan CBSE to create awareness and increase the commitment of students towards preserving Mother Earth. Informative speeches, heart-touching poems, quiz and a compilation of amazing facts made the assembly interesting and informative.
Student Council Election 2022-2023
Election is the selection of leaders who place the welfare of others before themselves* The Election for Student Council 2022-23 created a vibrant, expectant and thrilling atmosphere at PIS-Chakan. It started with Principal Ma'am announcing invitation of nominations for various posts, students submitting their nominations, shortlisting of nominees by the Election Committee and then.. The grand Online Elections.. The Student Council of 2022-23 will be officially announced in the Assembly on Friday, 22/04/2022 where the chosen student leaders will take up the mantle of school responsibilities..
World Heritage Day - 2022

1) World Heritage Day was celebrated at PIS - Chakan in a sublime and innovative manner. Special Assembly was organized that threw light upon the importance and need for preserving our varied heritage.

2) Introduction to great Indian Monuments was organized in Grades 1-4 by means of charts and use of Google Earth technology.

Quizzes and classroom discussions marked the day in Grades 5-10.

Model United Nations (MUN) and Entrepreneurship - 2022

1) Every Opportunity To Learn must be grabbed eagerly'.. 29 student delegates from PIS-Chakan participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) and Entrepreneurship Summit organized by Global International School, Chinchwad.

2) All of them participated with full enthusiasm and Mast. Kunal Patil bagged the Best Delegate Award in his Committee.

3) Ms. Gauri Borkar from the same committee won the High Mention Award and Ms. Anagha Shelar won the mention for Verbal Proficiency.
We hope and pray all our students get such opportunities to hone their skills and personalities. Way to go children!!

Sapling Plantation - 2022
Good citizens and humans give back to nature whatever best they can... Realising the need of the hour, *Sapling Plantation* has been initiated as a Birthday Activity at PIS-Chakan. The happiness and satisfaction of giving back to Mother Earth in our little way, is immeasurable. The New Academic Year was also flagged off with the Plantation Drive
Jumpstart Activity 'Changemakers' - 2022
*Real Change Begins From Within* The theme of the month 'Changemakers' took off with a colorful start with JumpStart Activities for Grades 1-8. The students explored various aspects of change and actively participated in the activities.