Podar Prep Events

Fire Safety Demonstration - 2022

Podar Jumbo Kids Devlali has arranged a Fire Safety Demonstration in the school for the students and staff members which was organized by Principal Mrs. Bhavisha Hirani. Admin Officer Mr. Gaurav Prasad explained different types of fire and suitable fire extinguishers to everyone. Students and staff members were also instructed about the use of the fire extinguisher and different objects that can be used at the time of the fire.

Un-Halloween Carnival - 2022

At Jumbo Kids, We celebrated the Un-Halloween Carnival.Here are some photographs of our children enjoying games and activities . Thank you dear parents for your active participation and support. Here are some more glimpses of our Un-Halloween event.

Children's Day Celebration - 2022

At Podar Jumbo Kids, Children’s day was celebrated with the unique theme : “Let’s play to make the way.” Children participated in a fiesta of engaging activities. They played ,danced and truly enjoyed ‘their day’. What a wonderful way to build on the 3 prime areas which are most essential for children’s healthy development and future learning. Here are some photographs of our children enjoying the celebration.

Sports Day Celebration 2022-2023

"JUMBO ON WHEELS"-A theme chosen to give our children a better understanding of different modes of transport using different activities and children were exposed to learn all about modes of transport through various activities. This was done in order to develop interest in different skills like persistence, team spirit, etc.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration - 2022

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated at Podar Jumbo Kids as “Bapu and Shastriji ki Kahani Jumbo Ki Zubani”. Our children and their families participated with full ethos and we all had lots of fun together doing all the activities.

International Tiger's Day - 2022

Podar Jumbo Kids celebrated "International Tiger’s Day" as ‘’Don’t strip the stripes from the world” to make our children aware about the need to protect them and conserve our national animal.

Mock Fire Drill - 2022

It is very important to create awareness among the students about firefighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergencies. A fire mock drill was conducted at Podar Jumbo Kids Devlali under the direction of Principal Mrs. Bhavisha Hirani, where students and teachers were trained on how to respond to fire emergencies with ease. After the fire alarm alerted all the students were evacuated from their classrooms and asked to gather on the ground. Admin officer Mr. Gaurav Prasad explained all about the safety measures and he trained staff members and a few students on how to handle the fire extinguishers.

International Mud Day Celebration - 2022

“International Mud Day - Mad Over Mud” was a huge success! Our children and parents bonded with nature and enjoyed a day of revelry and fun together.

International Yoga Day Celebration 'Yoga for Humanity' - 2022

International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2022 as “Yoga for Humanity” at Podar Jumbo Kids Devlali. Here are some pictures of our children twisting, twirling, stretching, holding, etc. to perform different yoga asana for relaxation, rejuvenation and to calm the body and mind.

Father's Day Celebration - 2022

Father's day was celebrated as Master Chef event as “Papa Banao Dadi/Nani Ki Recipe”with enthusiasm and excitement.

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