Jumbo Kids Events

Children's Day Celebration - 2021

Annual Day Celebration 2020-2021

Annual Sports Day Celebration 2020-2021

Annual Sports Day Celebration 2018-2019

THEME : THE MAGIC OF SPORTS WITH NUMBERS. A sports day helps children develop an interest in different sports to nurture development. So this year, our theme for the sports day is “The Magic of Sports with Numbers.”

Children’s Day Celebration 'Celebrating Childhood' - 2018 -

India is the proud signatory of the UN Charter of child rights and in ndia 14th November is proudly celebrated as Children’s day. On this day, we wish to help you gift your child all his/her rights to help your child be happy, healthy and develop holistically.So we are having an unusual party to celebrate Children’s Day and each child’s ‘rights’ is a part of this unique celebration.

Field Trip to Vegetable Market - 2018

Kids were taken for field trip to Vegetable Market where kids enjoyed learning about different vegetables and market process.

Papa Ko Chipko and International Mud Day - 2018

Theme : Mad over Mud. At Podar Jumbo Kids, we are celebrating ‘Mad Over Mad ,It’s time to have fun in the mud, a fun-filled event where the children experience and enjoy quality time with their families, doing various mud activities.

Independence Day Celebration - 2018

Theme - FOLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS OF OUR AND PARENTS CELEBRATING INDEPENDENCE. On Independence Day, it is the time to make our children realize that the Independence and freedom that they enjoy and take for granted has been possible because of their Grandparent’s generation. It’s time to acknoweldge that the elder generation gives us the strength to build a strong India .Grandparents are the freedom fighters of each family; thus we owe them the success, growth and the freedom that our family is enjoying today.

Bye Bye Kindergarten Hello Primary 2018-19

Podar Jumbo Kids has designed a Unique Farewell Party for Senior.KG Children called Bye Bye Kindergarten – Hello Primary. This Event helped Parents, Teachers and Children Understand and Adjust to the Big change.

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