We welcome you all at Podar International School, Dhule.

It is indeed a great pleasure,great feeling and a matter of pride that we are associated with one of the best educational organization which was started in 1927 with a main purpose of service to mankind i,e. Education and who’s first President of management committee was our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhiji.

We at the Podar have unique and firm belief in nurturing the future generation then in moulding them in set/fixed structure, that’s why we emphasis on nurturing our children instead of moulding them. Moulding a child is old concept which is now out dated because moulding equips a child with skills and qualities which he/she does not like or interested and it compels them to acquire these skills. But nurturing is completely opposite, where child’s in born skills, talents, interests are recognized and then sharpened and flourished. The role of teacher in this is like a gardener (facilitator) who just provides correct quantity of manure, water, sunlight and other ingredients time to time for a proper and all- round growth of plant. Gardener also chops up unnecessary growth of any part of plant to grow properly and to improve its strength. This process of learning helps student to grow as an unique individual as we all know that by birth we all are unique creation of God.

To take up this new and unique concept for our children, we have experienced and dedicated teaching faculty powered by lot many resources from PIC (a team of dedicated resourceful people). Teaching faculty not only focuses but also emphasis on practical based teaching learning processes which enables our students to enjoy learning and apply their knowledge in real life situations. Our classes and laboratories are equipped with modern and latest technologies to make learning easy and fun with PC, visualizers, LCD projectors, practical apparatus,equipment’s and instruments.Library contains large quantities of books which includes fiction, nonfiction, reference books and various magazines.To impart application based knowledge our teachers are well equipped with almost all the resources for teaching learning processes and are trained on regular basis to sharpen their teaching skills by in-house as well as outside agencies.

We are catering to take care and include each and every child, as everyone has right to education. With the strong support and help of IEC team (Inclusive Education Cell)we have included and admitted children with low IQ, slow learner, ADHD and dyslexic. Faculty members and IEC team are working together hand in hand to bring all such students in the main stream of education.

We not only give importance to academics but also to sports and other co-curricular activities like Thematic learning,IE Integrated learning, Life skills, Special Podar campaigns, social awareness activities, volunteer programs on social responsibilities, MUN program, hobby and sports , various cultural events etc and many more programs to develop social awareness, life skills and sense of responsibility among themselves.

In this world of competition there is cut throat competition among students and students fall prey of comparisons but We do not compare our students on the basis of academic or non-academic performances as each individual is different and unique , rather we compare his or her own performance with himself or herself just to make improvement in true sense.

We at Podar focus on to make human being rather than a robot because robot has no feelings and emotions at all.Our aim is to help children to become a global citizens with Indian values and modern thoughts, to develop problem solving skills in our children, to make children aware of their own that what is correct and what is incorrect, to know their strengths, capabilities as well as their weaknesses.

Safety and security of our children is our first priority where we do not compromise and take all issues related to it very seriously. To ensure safety and security we have installed CCTV cameras at almost all locations of school with 24X7 specially trained security personals’ who are vigilant. In case of any injury or medical emergency we have in- house infirmary with trained nurse and a tie up with near by hospital. School buses are also fitted with CCTV cameras and two lady attendants are deployed to take care of children in buses.

We seriously consider and give due importance to valuable feedback and suggestions from our parents. We have PTA meetings with PTA executive committee members which is conducted four times in a year. Apart from these PTA meetings, we have open door policy for our parents where parents can meet school authorities during school hours as each parent is important for us. We welcome their suggestions, ideas and feedbacks for the betterment of school.

Recognizing all above genuine efforts and other services rendered by Podar group, Hon’ble Shri Vinod Tawadeji minister of Education Maharashtra state presented prestigious award of ‘Outstanding Educational Network in India’ by Economic Times to Podar Education Network on 24th March 2018.

With our efforts, your support, cooperation and above all the blind faith in us, we assure you that Podar International School will be a hub of knowledge, skills, fun, achievements and a home away from home.

Looking forward for continual support and cooperation from you all.

Mr. Bhushan Upasani
Principal, Podar International School, Dhule