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Greetings! Welcome to the official website of Podar International School, Howrah. We believe that schools should prepare a child for life, and not just for exams. Taking interest in doing one’s assigned tasks, the enthusiasm to learn, the zeal to excel, and the tenacity to be disciplined without supervision are qualities that we aim to instill in our students. Being self-motivated to study is just one of the consequences of education we impart at Podar International.

At Podar International we strive to deliver an exemplary learning experience by prioritizing to SOAR for our students. This means, we focus on Students’ Safety, Overall personality development, Advanced curriculum and Reinventing the art of teaching, constantly, for effective learning.

The result? Parents of many of our students tell us with a sense of pride and gratitude, “It is so surprising that we do not have to push our children to do homework”. The more things change, the more they remain the same- this adage perhaps applies more to the profession of education than any other. Learning the ropes of life from our elders is what set us on the course of civilization, making the profession of imparting education as old as human civilization itself. However, the tools and methods of teaching need to be evolved up to the needs of every new generation. Which is why, for today’s world, where distraction and entertainment is available on a child’s fingertips, education needs to be interesting and immersive enough for a child to desire the experience of learning.

Our adaptive learning curriculum that allows every student to learn at their own pace, in their preferred mode, is delivered through cutting-edge digital technology. At the same time, we ensure that our students also experience the world beyond academics and their digital screens.

Learning how to grow food in our organically nurtured kitchen-gardens connects our students intimately with nature and rejuvenates their mind and bodies. Programmes encouraging Competitive Sports, Performing and Fine-arts, Intercultural Experiences, and Community Service, are especially designed to polish the different facets of a child’s personality. These programmes facilitate students to explore their various talents, learn and appreciate teamwork, enrich one’s social skills, and assimilate the spirit of sportsmanship that prepares one to be humble in victory and resilient when facing failure. We strive to create great global citizens out of our students, not mere cogs in the wheels of the future society.

Podar International School, Howrah takes pride in being not just a school but an institution that gives our students a sense of belonging to a strong community. We believe in creating a safe haven, a home away from home for students in our verdant and picturesque campus, where their curiosity is celebrated, talents are nurtured, and shortcomings are lovingly honed into strengths.

Best wishes

Shabnam Bhowmick
B.Sc (Chem), M.A, BMC, B.Ed
Principal, Podar International School - Howrah