School Events at Mangalore

Motivational Session - 2021

Podar International School, #Mangalore conducted an online Motivational Session on July 24th, 2021. The session on Meditation and moral values was conducted by Brahma Kumari Sister Sneha and Brahma Kumari Sister Ambika from Brahma Kumari centre, Mangalore.

The session was held in 3 batches - Grade I-II, Grade III-V and Grade VI to IX Students were encouraged to practice Meditation which promotes mental and emotional well-being. They were advised that when they meditate, they focus on the present moment and de-clutter their mind. This causes positive changes in their mindset. The purpose of organizing the session for the students was to impart the importance of values and practice meditation for their better future.

Inter-House Solo Singing & Dance Competition - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore conducted an Inter-House Solo Singing and Dancing Competition on 24 July, 2021 with the Theme: REMEMBERING GOLDEN ERA OF LATA MANGESHKAR AND KISHORE KUMAR’S SONGS.

The competition was held in two categories- Category A: Grade 1-5 and Category B: Grade 6-9. Students sang memorable songs of Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar and danced to retro numbers of the 90’s.

The songs brought back beautiful memories of the past. A wonderful display of talents was presented by the students.

Virtual Assembly 'Guru Purnima' - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore celebrated Guru Purnima on 24 July, 2021. Guru Purnima (Poornima) is a tradition dedicated to all the spiritual and academic Gurus, who are evolved or enlightened humans, ready to share their wisdom. It is also known as Vyasa Purnima to mark the birthday of Ved Vyasa.

A special assembly was conducted online, in the morning during which students sang a group song and performed a group dance virtually, to pay obeisance to teachers.

IE Jumpstart Activity - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore, conducted the Jumpstart Activity under the IE theme, ‘Footprints in Time’ on 19 JULY, 2021. Through the theme ‘Footprints in Time’ students will get an opportunity to relive the past and understand some of the origins of what we are experiencing today: The various incidents or events which may either be a boon or a bane, but has left an indelible mark in the history of mankind. Students were given a worksheet where they shared two things of the past and how it has been transformed today.

Inter House Solo Singing and Dance Competition - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore, conducted an Inter-House Solo Singing and Dancing Competition on 17 July, 2021 with the Theme: Indian Folk or western Song. The competition was held in two categories- Category A: Grade 1-5 and Category B: Grade 6-9. Students performed folk and western dances and sang songs in different languages. It was a treat to watch the children in colourful costumes. A wonderful display of talents was presented by the students.

World Population Day - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore, celebrated World Population Day on 11 July 2021. It is celebrated throughout the world annually on 11th of July to increase the awareness of the people towards the worldwide population issues. It was first started in the year 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme. This year the UNFPA’s goal on World Population Day 2021 is to raise awareness of women’s and girls’ needs for sexual and reproductive health and vulnerabilities during the pandemic. The theme this year is based on safeguarding the health and rights of women and girls around the world especially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students highlighted the importance of the day through various competitions like drawing, Poster Making, and Floor Art Presentations.

International Yoga Day Celebration - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore, celebrated "International Yoga Day" on 21 June, 2021. This day is being celebrated throughout the world annually since June 2015 with an objective to bring about awareness about the health benefits of yoga and its several practices.

The International Yoga Day 2021 theme is “Yoga at home and Yoga with Family” and focuses upon telling people to stay motivated at home and adopt a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise and yoga.

The day began with a message from the Principal to the students on the benefits of Yoga and the need to practise it regularly.

The school held various other programs on this special day. Live yoga sessions, a live solo yoga competition and also a google online quiz on Yoga were conducted for students online.

The live yoga sessions were held online for students in three batches from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

Specially invited resource persons shared valuable information on the “Importance of yoga in our daily life” and guided the students in performing various yoga asanas: Ms. Jayshree, who is a Physical Education Teacher at Government High School Kinnikambala and a teacher at Sri Shantivan Yoga and Value Education Trust, for GradesVI to IX; Mr. Shrinivas Joshi,working as the Project Head at Beqisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. Practicing Yoga in SPYSS (Sri Pathanjali Yoga Shikshana Sangha) for the last 6 years,for Grades III to V and Ms. Chaithanya Nayak, who is a lecturer in physics at Agnes PU college, Mangalore and Ms.Vaishnavi, a student of Holy Family English Medium School, Surathkal,for GradesI and II. They informed the students about the benefits of each of the asanas performed and the right way of doing the pranayamas.

Students enthusiastically participated in large numbers. The sessions ended with the students promising to practise yoga regularly and making it a part of their daily life.

Reading Day at PIS Mangalore - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore, celebrated Reading Day, Week & Month on June 19, 2021. The National Education Policy 2020 has placed emphasis on ‘how to read, learn to read, & read to learn’ and underscored the critical role played by Public/School/Digital libraries towards this end.

Honouring the father of the Library Movement, the late P.N. Panicker, 19th June is being celebrated as Reading Day and the following week as the Reading Week and month from 19th June to 18th July 2021.

In the Assembly, all the students took the Reading Day Pledge which was delivered by the class teacher. Students of different grades were involved in the following activities:
Grade I to II: Students read a story book of their choice for 20 mins.
Grade III to V: Students read Headlines of the day.
Grade VI to IX: Students prepared a short article on their favourite Author and read it in the class.

Students were also informed of the webinar of the Inaugural Session of 26th National Reading / Digital Reading Month Celebrations which could be attended by interested students. Details of Activities for Students held by the P.N. Panicker foundation available at the Link:, was shared with students.

World Day against child labour - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore, celebrated ‘World Day Against Child Labour’ on 12 June 2021. World Day against Child Labour was established in 2002 in order to raise public awareness of child labour and joint efforts to bring together people from around the world to highlight the plight of child labourers and what can be done to help them and fight against it. Competitions like collage making, writing short essays and an elocution competition for students of all grades was also conducted. The topics gave good scope for a lot of thinking on the day’s theme among the students.

World Environment Day - 2021

Podar International School, Mangalore, celebrated WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY – on 05 JUNE, 2021. World Environment Day (WED) is an international day of environmental awareness and action that happens on 5th June each year. World Environment Day urges all of us to protect our natural surroundings.

The day began with a special assembly, where students where shown a video on the importance and need for protecting our environment. Various competitions were conducted for students in various categories like; Thumb painting– “Let’s Plant Trees” (Grades I-II), Illustrate through a Slogan (video)– “Save our environment” (Grades III-V), Inter-House Debate da also conducted for (Grade I to V) where students dressed as different trees and spoke on the benefits of that tree. Students participated enthusiastically and in large numbers learning a lot about the environment.

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