I am of the opinion that the 'Achievers' or 'successful people' of the 21st century will be those who have strong analytical skills, the ability for foresight as problem seekers, adequate creativity and most necessarily good social skills that make them humane in their thoughts and action.

At Podar International School, Mangalore we take responsibility to find what is exceptional in students very seriously. The pedagogy that we have for our learners here gives every learner an all-round education built on a foundation of building innovative thought process, commitment to the task they get involved, to think with an open mind and to sustain with long term achievement.

To prepare students to enter a competitive and interconnected world we build their capacity to collaborate, take intellectual risks and turn their ideas and passions into something original and valuable. We want them to leave School ready to engage with and contribute to any team or situations they find themselves a member of. If you would like to know more about Podar International School, Mangalore or would like to see what we do to transform students into educated men; inspire them to be an ethical citizen; train them to be wise and principled leaders and prepare them to enter one of the strongest fraternities for life, please visit us and discuss with our team of dedicated staff.

Mr. Girish Kumar
Principal, Podar International School - Mangalore