Jumbo Kids Events

Christmas Celebration - 2021

It’s a joy for us to see their children happy, healthy, and surrounded by love. Children have the power to inject happiness into gloomy days. We have the duty to nurture their happiness, feed their hopes, and unleash their creative potential. They count on us as much as we count on them. Hence, this year at Podar Jumbo Kids the Christmas celebration is based on the unique theme- “The best way to see Christmas is through the eyes of a child”. There was lots of fun, dance and activities for children to enjoy. Let’s cheer as Christmas is here and give children a rainbow of hopes for a better upcoming new year.

Learning through play - 2021

“Play is the work of childhood” - said Jean Piaget. Play helps children develop holistically. Unstructured play as in block play or flower rings helps in strengthening and increasing the neural connections in brain. It also enhances the creativity in children.

Kartavya Divas - 2020

Kartavya simply means duty dedication and determination .In Podar Jumbo Kids we take January month as Kartavya month (How can I keep myself safe and also help others).This year we celebrated this event on 11.01.2020 as an indoor event with kids and parents. There were lots of activities like puzzles, word scramble, match the sign with the meaning, traffic safety etc. all related to traffic and safety on roads.

Sports Day Celebration 'Jumbo on Wheels' 2019-2020

Annual Sports Meet 2019 with the theme Jumbo on Wheels gave an opportunity to the children to understand the various modes of transport through different races. The event also witnessed the participation of parents and grandparents. The Principal Mr. Girish Kumar and Chief Guest Dr. John Pinto handed over certificate of participation to all the children.

Unhalloween Celebration - 2019

Fear of darkness can cause a lot of trauma in children which can have a lifelong impact on the child. Hence, it’s very important to let children meet their fears, face and overcome them. Unhalloween day is one such day which is celebrated to eliminate the fear of darkness among the children with the help of various activities.

2nd play date with parents - 2019

A day where the teachers and children showcase to the parents, the curriculum of the school and their importance. It helps the parents get an overview of what his/ her child does in the school every day

Portfolio Meet - 2019

We, at Podar believe that the development of the child is a combined responsibility of the school and home. Portfolio meet are those times of the year, for the parents, to know the developments of their ward relevant to the 7 areas of development. It also forms a platform for the parents to share their views related to their ward's development.

1st Play Date with Parents - 2019

An event displaying the routine of the day and its importance with relevance to the development of the child pertaining to the seven areas of development, Play date with parents. This gave an insight to the parents as to how various activities are conducted at the school.

International Mud Day Celebration - 2019

Young children are always curious about nature. However, it is a sad reality of today that children are more and more disconnected with mother nature. This lack of interaction with nature has made children nowadays fail to benefit from such a major learning opportunity. “Mummy Aur Papa ko Chipko” is an important celebration at Podar Jumbo Kids as we attempt to connect children and adults through the Earth, by playing in the mud. There is a lot of research which states that coming into contact with a specific amount of bacteria in mud is good for us, as it helps to strengthen our immunity, as opposed to living in a sterile environment, which makes our bodies more susceptible to falling ill.

Father's Day Celebration - 2019

A rocking and fun filled celebration of Father’s Day with a theme “MY Daddy My Hero” was celebrated on 15.06.2019.The event showcased activities which included both indoor and outdoor.

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