Winter Wonderland - 2023

The air is getting cooler,
The holidays are near,
A time for celebration
With friends we hold so dear!

Santa awaits to be at Podar Prep but this time not only for our children but children with their buddies. Yes! Parents accompanied children with their buddy and motivated the participation of buddies we named this as – Winter Wonderland – My Buddy day.

Christmas Celebration - 2023
At Podar Prep, the Christmas celebration was based on the unique theme- “Spread joy and cheer, Christmas is here”. There was lots of fun, dance and games for children to enjoy. It was that time of the year when children eagerly awaited Santa’s arrival and looked forward to merry making and some fun and frolic activities.
Master Chef - 2023
We, at Podar Prep, believe that it’s not only the child who gets enrolled with us but it’s the entire family as they play a significant role in the overall development of the child. We bring you the next edition of Master Chef as The Hidden Element In My Grandma's Recipe Is Affection.
Unhalloween Celebration - 2023

During our childhood, most of us were afraid of something or the other. Some of the most common fears are fear of the dark, fear of creepy crawlies, bats, shadows, and imaginary things etc. At Podar Prep, we want to provide our children the opportunity to understand these fears in a safe environment. Podar Prep provided this wonderful opportunity to our children at our celebration - Unhalloween – Lets conquer our fears.

When children are given the opportunity to confront their fears that they have, they are able to see things in a new perspective. When we face our fears and overcome them, we feel stronger, happier, and more capable of appreciating the excitement of the moment.

Diwali Mela 2023-24
At Podar Prep we do not promote a religion or religious festivals; rather, we celebrate the spirit of the festival's celebration. Diwali , the festival of light and light signifies knowledge and understanding, where there is knowledge there will be happiness. This year our Diwali celebration was celebrated as as “Let’s spread the light of happiness " at Podar Prep. The festival was celebrated in its true spirit of lighting the mind of a child and cracking a smile on their face! Children created greeting card, made paper diya, toran and beautiful rangoli designs.
2nd Portfolio Meet & Learning Journey Assessment - 2023
We, at Podar believe that the development of the child is a combined responsibility of the people at school and home. Portfolio meet & learning journey assessment are those times of the year, for the parents, to know the developments of their ward relevant to the 7 areas of learning and development. It also forms a platform for the parents to share their views related to their ward's development.
Gandhiji and Shashtriji Jayanthi - 2023

Podar Prep is celebrating Gandhiji and Shastriji Jayanti with the theme “Homage to Bapu and Shastriji”. So come with your child to experience the life journey of Bapuji and Shastriji through various activities related to them.

Where Gandhiji promoted truth, non-violence, and equality; Shastriji promoted the White Revolution – a national campaign to increase the production and supply of milk – by supporting the Amul milk co-operative at Anand, Gujarat, and Green revolution- which led to an increase in food grain production, especially in the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

Both are heroes that our children must grow up knowing and relating to. Children need good role models during their growing years but we often limit their vision only to celluloid heroes. It’s time to give your child real life heroes, inspiring role models, so let us begin with Bapu and Shastriji as your child’s heroes.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2023
Hindi Diwas or National Hindi Day is celebrated every year on September 14 to mark the adaptation of Hindi (written in Devanagari script) as the official language by the Constituent Assembly on September 14, 1949. Podar Prep celebrated Hindi Diwas as' Hindi ke rang , Jumbo ke sang ’to make our children aware of the importance of the Hindi language. It was a joyful Hindi Diwas celebration and children learnt Hindi by playing games and doing various activities.
Onam Celebration - 2023
Onam was celebrated with the theme “Unity is our strength”. Ours is a culturally varied country. Happiness is disseminated when we, as Indians, get together, help each other, and establish comradeship. We will continue to build on this incredible history. At Podar Prep, we aim to teach our children the strength in unity and how it is important to respect and learn from each other and grow together and the importance of teamwork and the spirit of uniting together as they rowed their boat together in harmony with each other. All in all, the day and its activities taught the children that when we are together, we achieve more.
Rakshabandhan Celebration - 2023
Raksha Bandhan was celebrated with a unique theme “Let’s bond with nature and protect it”. Through this celebration, children are made aware of their relation (Bandhan) with nature and their need to protect it (Raksha). This mandates that awareness is created and instilled the practice of growing plants and trees in children for a healthy tomorrow on planet Earth.
Independence Day Celebration - 2023
Grandparents are the generation that our children must learn from…learn values; learn resilience…as they play a very pivotal role in instilling patriotism and “Atmanirbhar Bharatha”. Thus, Independence Day was celebrated as Grandparents Day and grandparents were invited along with their grandchildren for the celebration on 15th August at Podar Prep. This Independence Day we wanted to inspire children by showcasing the many achievements of India in the last 76 years, which would infuse feelings of pride in our children. We did this with various activities like quiz, games, art and craft, music, and movement for children, parents and grandparents.
International Left Handers Day - 2023
13th August is celebrated as International Left Handers Day. This day was first observed in 1976 by Dean R Campbell, founder of the Lefthanders International, Inc. We celebrate Left-Handers Day at Podar Prep as ‘Celebrate Your Right To Be a Lefty’. During this event children only use their left hand, to understand and empathies with Left Handers. This event also helped us educate about supporting left-handed children in the classrooms and community by becoming sensitive to their needs and celebration of the Left Handers Day event is a step in this direction.
1st Portfolio Meet - 2023
International Tigers Day Celebration - 2023
Podar Prep celebrated “International Tiger Day” as “Let’s all unite together to save tiger” on 29th July’23 , to sensitize the children about the need to protect our national animal through reading the book: “The Tiger, The Bee, The Sparrow” by Dr. Swati Popat Vats, to make them realize the importance of all creatures and protecting the tiger from extinction along with fun activities.
1st Kiducation Huddle with parents - 2023
An event displaying the routine of the day and its importance with relevance to the development of the child pertaining to the seven areas of learning and development and coding, Kiducation huddle with parents. This gave an insight to the parents as to how various activities are conducted at the school.
International Mud Day Celebration 'My Family, My Buddy , Let’s Get Muddy' 2023-2024

Mud play is one of the most amazing open ended nature play activity for children, that never gets old (even for older children like us).

There is a research as to why kids have an inbuilt need to play in mud.

There is evidence suggesting that mud play is a basic biological need, and this type of play has many physical, psychological and emotional benefits for children and here are the reasons:

  • Mud makes you happy
  • Mud play builds creativity
  • Key milestone development achieved through mud play
  • Foundational learning through mud play
  • Mud play can reduce childhood anxiety and stress
  • Mud play creates childhood memories
  • Mud builds a connection with nature
  • Mud is therapeutic!

We at Podar Prep believe in enhancing all the areas of development for children by using different means for learning. Play for children is a fun way of learning and exploring. At our celebration of International Mud Day, we give children the opportunity to play and have fun in mud with their parents.

Makara Sankranthi - 2023
The festival of Makar Sankranti marks the beginning of the harvest season when new crops are worshipped and shared with delight. Sankranti marks the arrival of spring, the joyful season. This festival is celebrated in every state of India. As we know that India has a very vast culture so here people celebrate this particular festival in different ways. This variation in celebration gave it many names in particular states for example Lohri in Punjab, Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra and Karnataka, Magha Saaji in Himachal Pradesh, Poush sankranti in West Bengal, Ghughuti/ Uttarayani in Uttarakhand etc. Podar Jumbo Kids celebrated this festival, with the theme as “Spreading Light, Goodness, and Cheer.”

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    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
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    • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Photocopy of Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Photocopy of Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
    • 3 Passport size photographs of the student.
    • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
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