Achievements and Awards 2021

23 Sep 2021

inter-school literary fest

Podar International school CAIE #Powai participated in the inter-school literary fest titled "Linguist - a language extravaganza". We are highly proud to announce that our students once again brought glory and accolades to our school by bagging winning postions across various contests. Avyay Rao was awarded the first position in mono act, whereby he impersonated a character from Shakespeare's play. AgneyaHuddar secured second position in "Ad-lib" and Kabir Ahmed was conferred the third position in "Ad-zap". We highly applaud the success of our winners as well as the participitants as we can never ignore the fact that participation is more important than winning.

Certificate of Committment

The Education Excellence Awards 2021

It is rightly said that “There are no good schools without good principals. It just doesn’t exist. And where you have good principals, great teachers come, and they stay, they work hard, and they grow (Arne Duncan).”.

Podar International School Cambridge, #Powai feels proud to announce being bestowed with 'The Education Excellence Awards' in the best IGCSE schools category.


Podar International School #Powai, CAIE participated in Virtual Global Interschool competition conducted by PSQUARE INTERNATIONAL & EDUDRONE - WE CONNECT and secured 5th and 6th Position in Group A (Grade 2A & 2B) category out of 75 teams competed.

Our students Advik Puri, Aisha Vakil and Alayna Agrawal, from Grade 2A showcased their project on “Is human settlement on other planets possible?” for the theme Futuristic world. The students displayed their models and explained how technology can help us find out which planet other than Earth can possibly support human life. They concluded their project with an inference that human settlement on Mars may not happen in the near future and much more advanced technology is needed to create permanent habitation on Mars.

Our students Anaaya Ranjith, Vivaan Agarwal, Renee Vaz and Eungi lee of 2B demonstrated their creative ideas in the form of PowerPoint presentation with well displayed images and explanation. The presentation on “Space colonisation” depicted their extensive research work done on understanding the technological advancement in the field of space explorations which can make Mars a habitable planet in future.

The projects were well appreciated by all judges and earned great accolades. Congratulations to all our Winners!!!