School Events at Powai

Podar Interschool 3D Printing Exhibition - 2020

Podar International School Powai 3D printing is one of the most interesting and happening technology which integrates and enhances subject learning and also add on a skill of the future which will lead the next technological revolution.

To prepare the future generation for this revolutionary technology, Podar International school ICSE/ISC Nerul conducted 3D Printing Exhibition on 6 January 2020 to display student’s creativity of grade 5,6 & 7.

Grade 5 students created “Gignetia Parcum” an expansive heritage preserving and displaying species that are extinct and endangered.

Grade 6 students created a replica of “Sindhudurg fort” in Maharashtra, also known as A floating giant!

Grade 7 students attempted to create a miniature replica of the botanical garden named as “Octo - van”- a floating garden.

“We are happy to announce that we bagged 1st position in all the three categories.”

Transdisciplinary show 2019-2020

Podar International School, Cambridge Powai organized a transdisciplinary show, for the first to fifth graders encompassing various eras and time periods. The first graders travelled back in time through the prehistoric era of stone-age; grade 2A brilliantly represented Harappan civilization; grade 2B chose the Aryan civilisation; Grade 2 Afternoon presented the Gupta dynasty; grade 3A depicted the Mauryan Empire; grade 3B compared the advancements in inventions of the past to the present ones; Grade 3 and 4 afternoon mesmerised the audience by taking them back to the Mughal era; grade 4A espoused Buddhism; grade 4B symbolised Jainism; grade 5 hand-picked the concept of modern history.

Investiture Ceremony 2019-2020

After the entire nation participating in the elections it was time to elect the school Student Council for the academic year 2019-20 at Podar International, CAMBRIDGE Powai. On 15 June 2019, Saturday, the school adorned the students for a position of authority and responsibility.

The student council for the academic year 2019-20 was elected by the students and the teachers through a just voting system. Grade I to X participated in the elections and voted for their desired candidate. The votes were given digitally thus ensuring a fair result.

The elections of the student council aimed at educating students about their voting rights and responsibilities and to inculcate in them the values of ‘democracy’.

The elected student council were given badges and were handed over the flags of the respective houses. The Head Boy and Head Girl along with the other council members pledged to take the responsibility of the delegated position sincerely and with integrity.

It was a privilege to have Mr Steve Warburton a Cambridge expert on this occasion to give a gist of how unique Cambridge curriculum is.

Ms Suchita Malakar, Principal Cambridge , addressed the parents about the Emerging Trends in 21st Century in education. She emphasized on the importance of: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical thinking for a child in the classroom. Also the importance of creating SOLE: Self- Organized Learning Environment with a blend of Mindfulness is the need to make the global learner a global leader.

The day was eventful as the school acknowledged and complimented the star performers of the maiden IGCSE exam. The school felicitated the A* performers and conferred the certificate of appreciation. Winners of the Cambridge Upper Secondary Science were also felicitated for winning in Gold and Silver category.

The elections of the student council aimed at educating students about their voting rights and responsibilities and to inculcate in them the values of ‘democracy’.

A true leader works for a cause in the spirit of selfless service and not for applause.

Beach Cleanup Drive with Mr. Afroz Shah 2019

Transition from ‘Life of convenience to the Life of existence‘

Afroz Shah, who hails as a man who successfully initiated the world’s largest beach clean –-had an interesting conversation with the students of Podar International School (Cambridge) Powai. He is the first Indian to be awarded as a ‘Champion of the Earth’ by United Nations and ‘Indian of the Year’ by CNN.

A lawyer by profession, he has changed the perception of ‘family ‘and ‘home’ for students and teachers. He explained how we restrict our family to our immediate relatives and our house and forget that we all are a part of an ecosystem and are expected to survive with all other living beings on earth and in oceans. He encouraged children to develop a love for nature and a desire to create pristine oceans. He motivated students to participate in the clean up drive to be held at Daana Pani beach , Malad. The young audience asked him questions like, “Where would the collected garbage and plastic go?” Instead of directly answering their questions, he insisted the students to join him on the beach to get the answers for their queries practically.

He quoted, “I am an ocean lover and feel that we owe a duty to our ocean to make it free of plastic. I just hope this is the beginning for coastal communities across India and the world.” This quote acted as a catalyst to bring a change in the attitude of our students and encouraged our students to be a part of the clean up drive the following day. Our students geared up for ‘A date with the Ocean’. They gathered at Dana Pani beach to pick up garbage as a part of a clean-up drive led by Mr. Afroz Shah. The drive also witnessed famous personalities such as Aditya Thackeray, the President of Yuva Sena and the deputy Foreign Minister of Norway.

The aim of this drive was to raise awareness about plastic ban and non-usage of single use plastic which hampers the city, its sea-line and also disturbs the marine-life in water bodies. Students and teachers enthusiastically cleaned up the stretch and tried to beautify it. And of course all the queries that our young citizens had were catered to by Mr. Afroz Shah and his team.

The initiative has inspired our students to join such groups and focus on keeping the beaches free of waste. We are enthusiastically looking forward to more such clean up drives.

Dental Check Up - 2019

At Podar International School we regard health to be of utmost importance. In light of that, Dental Health and Hygiene check-up was organised on 28th and 29th January in the school for students from grade 1 to grade 9. The medical was led by capable doctors from Hiranandani Hospital. A comprehensive dental report was given to the students at the end of the examination.

Republic Day Celebration - 2019

26th January 2019, Saturday, Podar International School (Cambridge) celebrated the 70th Republic Day with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Mrs. Suchita Malakar, Principal of Podar International School (Cambridge) and Mrs Priya Rajwade, Principal of Podar International School (CBSE) were escorted by the Student Council Members to the flag hoisting area. The tricolour fluttered in the air reminding everyone present, the hardships our freedom fighters took for us to have an Independent, Republic India.

Science Exhibition - 2019

Students of Podar International School Cambidge, Powai participated in a Science Exhibition conducted by Garodia International Centre for learning on 19th January wherein they showcased their scientific skills and creative thinking skills through self designed working models and projects. Demonstrations and explanations were given by the participants and judges were greatly impressed by their performances. This exhibition provided a platform for the budding students to express their creativity and gain confidence.

Sports Day Celebration 2018-2019

Sports build good habits, confidence and discipline....

12 January 2019, Podar International School (Cambridge International), Powai, displayed their team spirit, energy, and discipline on this extra ordinary day: ‘The Sports Day’. This was the school s’ fifth annual Sports Day. It started by the Podarites singing an euphonious welcome song.

The students welcomed the Chief Guest, Commodore Niranjan Khardenavis, with a military precision and well synchronised march past. The student’s council under the oath of displaying the true sportsmanship marked the opening of the 5th Annual Sports Day.

3D Printing Exhibition - 2019

As it is rightly said,
"Creativity takes Hard-work".

Creating and printing 3D models was a great experience for Podar Students and Teachers. Keeping the themes in mind of FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and ALIEN HABITAT various miniature models were created and placed for display using many other components like led lights , grass ,clay and mud etc. The model turned out to be a part of great amalgamation of both teachers and students creativity.

Cultural Exchange - 2018

The students of Podar, Cambridge International,took part in e-learning with their partner school named COLLÈGE VIEUX PORT situated in Marseille, France.

The activity commenced with a Cancan dance followed by preparing a Salad. The instructions for the recipe were given in French.

Their partner school really enjoyed watching the recipe. They showcased their research done on the partner school through a PPT. To end they beautifully sang a French song for their partners across.

This global cultural exchange learning with School named Vieux port has been a wonderful learning experience.

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