School Events at Powai

Inter-school Science Competition 'Scienamite' 2021

<>Podar International School #Powai, CAIE participated in Inter-school Science Competition- Scienamite 2021, organised by G.D.Goenka World School and secured 2 nd Position in E-Poster competition. Our Grade 8 students AgneyaHuddar and Dev Balchandani showcased their E-Poster Presentation on Topic “SPACE JUNK – THE FLIP SIDE OF THE RACE TO SPACE” for the theme “The race of humans where? To space for? Business, exploration or junk?

The students displayed their posters and explained the importance of cleaning up the space junk using recent technological advances. The presentation was well appreciated by all judges and earned great accolades.

Congratulations to all our Winners!!!

E-Newsletter 'The Bulletin' - 2021

Podar International School CAIE, #Powai encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities which impart social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and build a positive character in the students besides mere academics. As a part of the STEAM PROJECT, the students of Grade 10A took an initiative and came up with an E- Newsletter called “THE BULLETIN” wherein they invited short articles or essays in a word format on the following topics such as Wellness/sports, Interesting facts (Subject related), Kindness/Art Corner, Current affairs/general news (India), current affairs/general news (worldwide) Entertainment (funny story, jokes, puzzles, latest movies/shows).

Students of Grade 8 also contributed to the newsletter by sending the articles on Forensic science, Digital technology, digital art and current affairs. The newsletter was edited and published by Grade 10 A students Ridhima and Tanishka. The newsletter was informative, educational, and an amusing read for all the students.

This newsletter activity provided an exciting opportunity for students to to write their thoughts and share their ideas and views regarding different subjects including forensics, cyber safety, and different types of art, and so much more!